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Rose Queen

Fete Famously including

Come and visit the Dog Show, Punch and Judy, Beer Tent, BBQ, Cream Teas and much more..

2pm Sat 18th June

Pott Shrigley Village Green Race starts at 2pm

You can enter the fell race via this link

David’s Deliberations Dear friends, On 2nd June 1953, Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen Elizabeth II. Few would disagree, whatever their views on monarchy, that she has served our nation with faithfulness and wisdom. We will celebrate 70 years of service – on Thursday 2nd of course – but also on Sunday 5th at 10.45 at our special Platinum Jubilee Service in St Christopher’s. I do hope that, even if you aren’t a regular worshipper, you will see this service as a community event to which you are warmly invited.

of sight: hidden from view by a canopy, the regal robes were removed and she was anointed with oil: symbolically demonstrating that before God she is the same as any other Christian, without any special status. In her own prayers before the day, she anticipated this moment: ‘By anointing, God makes, blesses, and consecrates me Queen: and I am till my dying day “His anointed servant”. God creates a new relationship between Himself and me, giving me for my use in this office just those resources of His divine grace which I need.’

It’s not always fully appreciated – nor reported by our media – just how central to our Queen’s life and work is her strong Christian faith. As she said in her 2016 Christmas broadcast: ‘Jesus Christ lived obscurely for most of His life, and never travelled far. He was maligned and rejected by many, though He had done no wrong. And yet billions of people now follow His teaching and find in Him the guiding light for their lives. I am one of them.’

Of course, pomp and pageantry, wealth and splendour, are part and parcel of the monarchy; but my impression is that our Queen’s character and attitude has been shaped less by those things than by the simple message and example of the Servant King Himself. As she said in 2010 (addressing the General Synod of the Church of England): ‘At the heart of our Faith stand not a preoccupation with our own welfare and comfort, but the concepts of service and of sacrifice as shown in the life and teachings of the one who made Himself nothing, taking the very form of a servant.’

David Swales

In contrast to such very public declarations, one of the most meaningful moments in her coronation took place out

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What Kind of King is Jesus?


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Rose Queen


Recipe: Coronation Chicken



June 2022 Page 3

In the year she became Queen, Elizabeth II asked people around the Commonwealth to pray for her: ‘… that I may faithfully serve God and you, all the days of my life.’ These are prayers God has answered. Just as God has equipped the Queen for her role over the past 70 years, Christians believe that God wants to answer our prayers and equip each of us for

our roles in life too. Your friend and vicar, David PS. The above draws from a beautiful 64-page commemorative book Our Faithful Queen, 70 years of faith and service. I will be giving copies away at our June 5th service!

Festival Manchester is coming to Wythenshawe Park: Friday 1 – Sunday 3 July!

At St Christopher’s we’ve been hearing about, and preparing for, Festival Manchester for some months. But now it’s nearly upon us! Don’t worry if you are only hearing about it for the first time: here’s what you need to know.

David Swales Head to Wythenshawe Park and you’ll find a huge, free festival for the whole family. Among other things, there’ll be fairgrounds, extreme sports, a family fun zone and a main stage with live music acts performing throughout the three days, as well as the Christian message of hope and so much more. It’s going to be a massive celebration and a fun family event you won’t want to miss. And it’s all free!

Page 4

To find out more, just go to – or be in touch with me or anyone from church. (If they don’t know, they’ll know someone who does!) Have a look at the programme to see what’s happening – and come along. Some are planning to go in their cars, but we will be offering free transport on two minibuses, and hope to have places on the coaches being organised by other local churches too. If you would like to book a place, please get in touch.

HotPott - June 2022

Exercising legs & hearts: Prayer Walking in Pott Shrigley Prayer Walking is just what it sounds like: praying to God while walking around. Instead of closing our eyes and bowing our heads, we keep our eyes, ears and noses open to our surroundings and the needs we see around us, and bow our hearts to bring it all to God.

Anne Murphy On Saturday 7th May, six of us left St Christopher's in the warm sunshine to prayer walk around Pott Shrigley. We headed down Spuley Lane, turning left up towards Beristall Dale Farm where we followed the Gritstone Trail for a while before picking up a path that dropped us on Bakestonedale Road. We then headed down the road past the business units and returned to church for a closing prayer. As we walked, we prayed, staying alert for opportunities, and listening for promptings by God’s Spirit to pray for the huge variety of things we could see, smell or hear along the way. It was such a blessing to enjoy fellowship and spend time in God’s wonderful creation – from the bouncing lambs and their mums to the sunshine on the hills, to the small industrial units at Hammond’s Brickworks – so many things to pray about.

God's word in 1 Timothy says that we should ‘pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them… …This is good and pleases God our Saviour, who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.’ Prayer Walking is a simple way to obey God’s command to pray for others and is a great opportunity to pray for our community, those who live and work here and the world around us. If you want to find out more about prayer walking, please contact Yvonne Foster or Anne Murphy. We hope to have another prayer walk in June. *** The vicar had technical problems with the sound system one Sunday. Instead of starting the service as usual with ‘The Lord be with you’, he muttered: “There’s something wrong with the microphone.” Not hearing this, the congregation responded: “And also with you.”

HotPott - June 2022

Page 5

‘ …Whenever he sing Requiem that hee say De Profundis … for the founders Joan and Geoffrey.’ Last month we learned about the beneficial effects Geoffrey Downes’ chantry, and its priests, had in the local community. This month we learn how it was funded… Who was Geoffrey Downes? Where did he acquire the influence and wealth to convert the old family chapel of ease at Pott within Prestbury parish into a well-funded chantry with its own ministry team, library, school and thriving lay guild of ‘Brothern and Sistern’?

Paul Bowden We will find a clue to the answers to these questions if we go to St. Christopher’s and look at the east window. In the tracery at the very top of it there are six small stained-glass roundlets, which form most of what little remains of the original east window, installed circa 1490. The two images at the centre of this row are shields clutched by angels. The shield to our left, as we look at the window, depicts a red rearing lion; the shield to the right is the Three Lions of England. These images and heraldic figures come from coats of arms and devices associated with a family called Tiptoft, who were nationally

East window close-up Page 6

East window

prominent in the late Middle Ages; their main estates were in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire and they had nothing to do with Pott Shrigley, or with Cheshire. Dame Joan Ingoldesthorpe was born a Tiptoft in the mid-1420s. Joan’s father, Sir John Tiptoft, was, during his career, Speaker of the House of Commons, Treasurer of the Exchequer, Governor of the English possessions in Aquitaine, Steward of the Royal Household and he was ennobled in 1426. Joan’s younger brother was another John Tiptoft; he became Lord High Treasurer, Constable of England and ultimately the 1st Earl of Worcester. During the Wars of the Roses he was a constant and devoted Yorkist; in his role as Edward Plantagenet/ Edward IV’s enforcer, the atrocities he committed when dealing with Lancastrian Lady Joan Ingoldesthorpe captives HotPott - June 2022

earned him the name ‘The Butcher of England’. Thus Joan Ingoldesthorpe/Tiptoft’s family held, at certain moments, great power, making her amongst the most highly connected and privileged women in 15th century England. In her early teens, Joan was married to her first husband, Edmund, later Sir Edmund, Ingoldesthorpe. Although the Ingoldesthorpes were a significant family, rooted in East Anglia, they did not belong to the same league as that to which the Tiptofts, Joan included, came to be promoted as events of the 15th century unfolded. Joan and Edmund Ingoldesthorpe had a daughter, Isabel, who went on to marry John Neville, Earl of Northumberland and the 1st Marquess of Montagu. Isabel was the only child Joan ever had. After Edmund Ingoldesthorpe died young in 1456, leaving Joan a widow, she married Sir Thomas Grey, Lord Grey of Ruthin and Baron of Richemount. Her second marriage did not last long: when the army of Henry VI and Queen Margaret was routed at the Battle of Towton in 1461 (see first article, HotPott Feb 22), Grey, a prominent Lancastrian, was captured and executed, effectively at the hands of Joan’s brother John, ‘The Butcher of England’. (John met the same fate in 1470 when he was captured by the then ascendant Lancastrians and beheaded at the Tower of London.) In 1461, following the death of Lord Grey, Joan, now in her late 30s, reverted to her perhaps less controversial first married name of Lady Ingoldesthorpe. At this point her daughter, Isabel, had become the ward of Queen Margaret and Joan herself was a member of the Lancastrian Court, possibly a lady-in-waiting to the Queen. Joan became enormously wealthy in her own right, a rarity for a woman in this period of history. She had inherited numerous manors and estates in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire from Sir Edmund Ingoldesthorpe, and she HotPott - June 2022

held other land in Cambridgeshire, Essex, at Greenwich and on the Isle of Thanet in Kent. Additionally, Joan received a share of a royal annuity granted to her family, raised from taxes on cloth manufacturing in East Anglia, worth in total £500 a year (over £1 million in today’s money); she also seems to have used her capital shrewdly as what we would now call a private equity financier in the City of London. Joan was generous; there are records of her donations to relieve poverty in London and she made large endowments to both the main priory and the convent at Ely. She was especially active throughout her later life in the development of Queens’ College, Cambridge which was first established by Queen Margaret in 1448. Joan funded a fellowship there and made several very substantial gifts to the college of land in Cambridgeshire and in Kent. Queens’ College still commemorates Joan’s historic role as benefactor, including in recent times, by naming one of its boats The Lady Joan Ingoldesthorpe. Joan was educated and a keen patron of the arts. She commissioned The Ingoldesthorpe Psalter, an exquisite example of late 15th century South Netherlands illuminated writing and miniature pictorial art, from artists in Bruges. Inside the psalter appear the words:

Queens' College, Cambridge

continued → Page 7

‘Praye ffor the sowle of my Lady Ingoldesthorp’. Lady Ingoldesthorpe’s life was materially gilded but lived out under constant stress, beset with anxiety and by unwished for (but half-expected) death and family tragedy. First widowed in her 30s, before she was 50 years old Lady Joan had also lost her second husband and her brother, each on opposite sides of the conflicts of the 1460s and both in horrifying circumstances. Her daughter Isabel, as the young Countess of Northumberland, lost her husband, John Neville, at the Battle of Barnet in 1471 and Isabel herself died four years later, predeceasing her mother by almost twenty years. Joan’s death came in 1494 at the age of about 70. She and Geoffrey Downes died within a few months, possibly weeks, of each other. In her will Joan, the Lancastrian dowager, extraordinarily, asked to be buried, not with either of her two previous husbands or her daughter, but in the church of the Dominican monastery at Blackfriars in London alongside her brother John, Earl of Worcester – the executed Yorkist, the ‘Butcher of England’, implicated in the summary killing of her second husband and by all modern standards a war criminal. One can only wonder what conflicting thoughts of sibling ties, Tiptoft family loyalties, resentment, vengeance, forgiveness and possibly of final reconciliation were at play in Joan Ingoldesthorpe’s mind as she made her will and, as we will discuss in a later article, made Geoffrey Downes her main beneficiary. So we return to the east window at St. Christopher’s. As explained, the Tiptoft shields and the four surrounding panels in the tracery at the top of the window are, give or take some other small fragments, all that remain of the original stained glass of the 1490s. What the entire window looked like then is quite different from what we see today. Fortunately, Randle Holme the Page 8

The Ingoldesthorpe psalter

First (painter, surveyor, Cheshire antiquary and general local dogsbody for the Heralds and College of Arms in London) visited Pott Church in April 1589 and doodled an annotated sketch of the east window as it then was, giving us a very good idea of what the window looked like in 1490. His drawings, which are now in the British Library, show that the large, vertical panels of the east window did not display the images of Saints Peter, Paul and John as they do now. In Holme’s own words the main body of the window showed: ‘….a figure of a female kneeling before a desk, between two coats [of arms] … The first and last coats [of arms] were repeated in another part of the window’ [i.e. the small tracery roundlets]. Underneath this: ‘Orate pro bono statu d’ne Johanne Inglisthorpe, que hanc fenestram fieri fecit anno D’ni….’ These notes and the sketches tell us that much larger versions, and further elements, of the Tiptoft family heraldry had appeared in the main east window panels. The dedication in this window, as recorded by Holme, translates as ‘Pray for the wellbeing of Dame Joan HotPott - June 2022

Randle Holme's drawing of east window showing Dame Joan

Ingoldesthorpe who had this window erected in the year …’ The image at the centre of the east window of the lady in prayer at her desk is undoubtedly that of Joan Ingoldesthorpe herself. It is sad that the main part of the east window, with all its pre-Reformation craftmanship and rich historiography, as recorded and illustrated by Holme, is no more. It was almost certainly destroyed and removed around the time of the Civil War, by Thomas Jackson, the divisive, low-church Calvinist curate-in-charge of Pott Shrigley at the time. Two other stained-glass windows from the 1490s no longer remain in the chancel but were also sketched by Randal Holme. The one on the south side showed, according to Holme’s notes: ‘ …a figure (of a man) kneeling, in a gown, with these arms for Downes’ … Underneath this: ‘orate pro bono valence Galfridi Downes, que istam capellam fieri fecit’. This translates as ‘pray for the dignity of Geoffrey Downes who had this chapel built’. The kneeling man in the gown, mirroring the kneeling lady (Joan Ingoldesthorpe) in the original east window, can be no one other than Geoffrey Downes. And so, whenever the chantry priests at Pott HotPott - June 2022

came to sing a requiem mass and, as Geoffrey’s will then required of them, they recited De Profundis (Psalm 130) in memory of him and Lady Joan, they might glance across Geoffrey Downes kneeling at the chancel windows and there catch sight of the images of the two of them – Joan and Geoffrey – who Geoffrey’s will reminds us are ‘the founders of the Downes chapel in Pott Shrigley’. It’s certain, on all the evidence, that the creation of the chantry and the reconstruction and extension of the 14th century Downes family chapel of ease at this remote place of Pott Shrigley was the joint project of Geoffrey Downes and Joan Tiptoft/ Ingoldesthorpe/Grey. Geoffrey and Joan were, to say the least, ‘an odd couple’: he the younger son of a middling provincial gentry family and she, for many years and throughout feverishly dangerous political times, at the pinnacle of national social and political life; the daughter, wife, sister and mother-in-law of the oligarchs of the era. Whatever relatively modest wealth and influence Geoffrey might have needed to establish the chantry and its associated activities at Pott, it is a simple matter of fact that Geoffrey did not do it alone. The chantry and the new community created at Pott Shrigley was something he did together with Lady Ingoldesthorpe, even though Lady Joan had not the remotest previous connection with Cheshire and we will never know whether she ever visited here. What their long-lasting relationship might have been, and how that relationship formed who Geoffrey became, we will explore in the next article. Page 9

Were you there? Grey horses, coach of gold, grey skies, brollies unrolled, crowds cheering, rain pouring, Philip waving, cameras whirring. Minster Abbey we could see whilst hearing Richard Dimbleby. Trumpets blaring, organ playing. voices praising, royalty praying purple robe with ermine fur eight Ladies held and followed her to ancient throne on stone of Scone, orb and sceptre in her arms were placed, along with priest’s commands. Dress of satin, silver threaded heavy crown, bravely headed strength to wear it, faith to bear it long not short her life would be responding to ‘Your Majesty’. And though at home in comfy chair, new T.V. meant that I was there! By Audrey Bomford

Page 10

HotPott - June 2022

A truly memorable day… In 1953, I was a catering student at Brighton Technical College, and we were invited to help with the catering arrangements at the coronation. We went up to London the night before, and I remember sleeping on the floor of the hotel bedroom. Of the Brighton students, I felt extremely privileged to be the only one invited to be in the annexe, a temporary building constructed in 1953 at the west door of Westminster Abbey to provide rooms for robing and forming up the processions.

Val Beard We were there to serve refreshments to the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting, to the equerries (Peter Townsend, then unknown to the general public, made a lasting impression as he was so tall and handsome!) and to the many other dignitaries who were involved in the coronation. We had to be there very early, and there was much vacuuming of carpets and making sure everything was perfect. The butler from Mansion House was there, supervising, and a lot of champagne flowed – but not in my direction! Tea and coffee was available, and finger foods. The most important guests didn’t eat with us; Queen Sālote of Tonga, who endeared herself to the public by refusing to have her carriage

HotPott - June 2022

covered in the rain, had her own dining room. (Many of the Queen’s guests ate in the Great Hall of Westminster School, and that is where the coronation chicken was served; see page 32 Editor) We couldn’t hear the ceremony, but we could see the guardsmen lined up, and from our vantage point to one side of the annexe, we were privileged to watch as Queen Elizabeth processed into the Abbey; she turned to look at us and was obviously intent on taking the scene in. A truly memorable day. I still have my pass issued by the Earl Marshall, the Duke of Norfolk; it is a much-treasured memento.

Page 11

More royal memories… Peter Boulton recalls the Pott Shrigley 2012 Diamond Jubilee Beacon BBQ event, which was hosted by Mike & Irene North. Invitations were extended to local farmers and church congregation resulting in a good turnout. Burgers, sausages and jacket potatoes were served from the BBQ, and Lindsay Chapman baked the cake. Diamond Jubilee, Pott Shrigley; Peter Boulton Outside bar facilities were provided by the village hall and There was singing too – as seen in the photographs. Lots of patriotic songs I orange juice was free of charge! Ladies used toilet facilities in the house whilst gents made remember! Editor. use of the holly hedge, suitably screened! The In 2002, Yvonne Foster, husband Stephen and their family were living in Walshaw, near BBQ was preceded by a cheese & wine party, Bury. Yvonne remembers celebrating Queen hosted by Madeline Punch and Anne & Phil Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee: Geoghegan at the Coffee Tavern. ‘I remember it rained throughout the day, and we decided we wouldn’t go ahead with the street party, but then in the late afternoon the rain stopped and everyone spontaneously brought out their tables, chairs, food and drink and the fun and games went ahead!’ Page 12

HotPott - June 2022

What Kind of King is Jesus? Class 3 have been looking at The Parable of the Banquet (Luke 14:12-24). They studied the passage as a class and were asked to write about their understanding.

Pott Shrigley Church School What Kind of King is Jesus? Tyler Price In the New Testament Luke recorded some of the parables that Jesus told. Jesus told parables because he thought it was a fun and effective way of teaching people to do the right thing. He thought everyone should be treated the same, even if you’re rich, poor or ill. Christians believe heaven is more like a feast and everyone is welcome – the rich, the poor and even the ill. Jesus was teaching no matter who you are, you’re still welcome. When Jesus came down to earth he mixed with ordinary people because he thinks everyone should be treated the same and people shouldn’t be treated differently.

What kind of king is Jesus? Grace Paton Luke, who was thought to be a doctor, wrote down the parables that Jesus told. His stories were used as part of the New Testament which is part of the Bible. Jesus thought it was important that all people could understand his words so he told stories called parables. I think Jesus told The Parable of the Great Banquet to show that in heaven everyone is welcome. Christians believe that the story is not all about the food but about if you love and care for everyone they might not be able to repay but you will be repaid with happiness and knowing that you did the right thing.

And a good time was had by all…

The church quiz planned for March 2020 finally went ahead on 14th May 2022!

Kath Matheson And a good time was had by all, with lots of questions answered correctly… particularly by those who’d watched lots of films, musicals and TV cartoons in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. And those whose brains work better than mine these days. Ed’s Eagles triumphed, their skills being finely honed by regular practice at winning The Poacher’s quiz (and Sandy keeping her hand in at the Bondi Beach HotPott - June 2022

quiz whilst in Antipodean climes); consolation prize went to the We Forgots. Huge thanks are due to Madeline, Mary, Ros, Sandy and all those other stalwarts who worked so very hard to organise such an enjoyable evening, and to give the rest of us a delicious buffet; to Ivan for his unstinting, and largely unsung, support for so many church activities and to David G for running the bar. And, of course, not forgetting Steve, our quizmaster extraordinaire. It was wonderful to be able to spend time together again, and as a bonus £360 (so far) was made for church funds. Page 13

Your Vote Your Council Platinum Jubilee Celebrations In celebration of the Platinum Jubilee the Village Hall bar will be open from 6.30pm on Thursday 2nd June. We welcome all our parishioners to join us together to celebrate this historic occasion. Bonfires around the UK are all being lit nationally in the evening of 2nd June. Bar opening on Thursday 2nd June at 6.30pm – hope to see you there - anyone of any age is most welcome!

Appointment of Officers Cllr Basford was elected as chair, Cllr Wray as vice-chair and Joyce Burton as responsible financial officer.

Rowan Tree Cllr Basford didn’t think the tree Cllr Chong kindly offered would survive if transplanted at this time of year, so he proposes that a bare root tree is bought in autumn. The decision will be taken then.

Commemorative Mugs Commemorative jubilee mugs have been purchased by Cllr Wray. These will be

Page 14

distributed to the children who attend Pott Shrigley Church School and those who attend St Christopher’s Church. The remaining few will be given on a first come, first served basis for children in the parish.

Highways New/Updated/Completed • The unofficial lay-by on Brookledge Lane opposite the entrance to Normans Hall: the council’s decision is that the lay-by be restored to its former condition; the stones have been moved and it is agreed that some alterations will be made to the soil soon. • CEC Highways Work Programme for 2022/23: The only local reference is in the category Drainage: Shrigley Road – investigation and scheme. Clarification sought from CEC Highways. • Flooding outside Pott Hall: a Pott Hall resident has produced a diagrammatic representation of the routes taken by the water as it descends from Jumber Clough. The clerk will send a copy of the plan to CEC Highways and ask again for clarification of the programme of works entry. • Road near Cedar Lodge: new fencing and roadway repairs now completed; the traffic lights and road cones have now been removed!

Pending • Chevron bend near Shrigley Hall: repair of two large holes in the wall has started.

HotPott - June 2022

• Remedial resurfacing of Shrigley Road from Green Close to the aqueduct. •

Modifications to the chevron bend.

• Fingerpost at junction of Street Lane and London Road. • Double yellow lines on the Pott Hall and Spuley Lane bends: no proposals have yet been received from the CEC traffic engineer.

Planning Applications 22/0645M Shrigley Hall Hotel, Shrigley Road, Pott Shrigley SK10 5SB Retrospective application to use existing tennis courts as temporary storage facilities. The council did not support this application, requiring exemplification of the word temporary, questioning what materials were being stored and pointing out the proximity of the site to neighbouring residential properties. NP/CEC/0322/0436 Moorside Quarry, Moorside Lane, Pott Shrigley Siting of one residential caravan following removal of plant and container storage; erection of three additional stables following removal of the existing caravan. The council supported this application but requested the planning authority considers the size of the caravan and whether it is to be sited permanently or just temporarily as it has been in the past.

storey office building. 21/1283M Separate application for warehouse for MRI Polytech 21/6042M 11 Normans Hall Mews, Shrigley Road, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SE Rear extension along the party wall boundary to give a garden room to each property. 21/6312M Shrigley View, Shrigley Road, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SE Proposal: Enclosure of existing external staircase, conversion of garage to living accommodation and single storey extension. 22/0078M Woodside, Shrigley Road, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA Proposal: Two storey rear extension, new photovoltaic array on south facing roof, detached workshop/storage area and works to highway to create a dropped kerb to provide vehicular access to driveway. NP/CEC/0222/0213 Keepers Cottage, Moorside Lane, Pott Shrigley Development Description: New agricultural barn. NP/CEC/0122/0080 Keepers Cottage, Moorside Lane, Pott Shrigley Demolition of existing property and rebuild.

Date and Time of Next Meeting The next meeting will take place on 6th June at 8pm; the following meeting will take place on 4th July at 8pm.

Pending No change for any of the applications below. NP/CEC/0621/0623 Pott Mill Farm, Bakestonedale Road, Pott Shrigley. Proposal: agricultural building to store fodder and implements. Enforcement Officer is waiting to see outcome of planning application so there is no conflict. 21/1251M Nab Quarry, Long Lane, Resubmission for the regularisation of warehouse storage buildings and demolition of existing shed and replacement with two HotPott - June 2022

Page 15

Challenging words at the deanery synod… For those of our readers not familiar with the vagaries of Church of England hierarchy, a deanery synod consists of local clergy and lay representatives and acts as an intermediary between parish church councils and diocesan ones. They have some interesting speakers at their meetings…

David Garton At the Macclesfield deanery synod meeting in March, the main agenda item was a presentation by Rev Joe Kennedy who leads the Chester Diocese Environment Forum. Joe gave an interesting and challenging presentation that proposed a line of argument that, of all the world’s faiths, Christianity is primarily responsible for current environmental issues; his reasoning being that the Christian Church and the associated civic culture in the 1700s and 1800s actively championed the development of the Scientific Method, which in turn underpinned virtually all of the science and technology that led to industrialisation, and, therefore, increased use of fossil fuels, and all the subsequent consequences.

from each parish. Everyday Faith is about where and how we encounter God as we go about our lives. Where is God during our daily lives? How do we find God in the fullness of everyday life? Faith is connecting with the God who holds all things together. So, faith is found in our joys and cares, in our challenges and conflicts as we lean into God’s presence and guidance. Faith informs our thinking and our actions as we discern how God might be using us in His work. Faith is an ongoing encounter with God. Faith is our everyday existence with the God who holds all things together.

More encouragingly, Joe also argued that the Christian faith and Church also offer the best solution for environmental issues. If God is at the centre of our lives, and we are made in His image, then we should care for creation and the world in the same way that He does. ‘Subdue creation’ and ‘have dominion over it’ (Genesis:1) do not mean that we can see ourselves as slightly separate to all other animals and plants and rule over, and exploit them. God does not exploit them. There will be an Everyday Faith event for Macclesfield Deanery joint with Cheadle Deanery on Monday 17th October 2022. There will be places for up to five representatives Page 16

HotPott - June 2022

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Pott Shrigley Community Cinema

At Pott PottShrigley Shrigley At VillageHall Hall Village SK10 5RT 5RT SK10

We show proudly present : releases recent screen


On the first Wednesday of each month as follows

6th October – The Father (cert 12A) 3rd April November – Nomadland (cert 12A) 6th 1st December – Dreamhorse (cert PG) 4th May Tickets are limited to 50 as part of the covid precautions 1st June So advance booking is recommended.See website for details. Details of the films are on our website. Ticket Ticket agents: agents: -- Anthea Anthea Wilkinson Wilkinson (01625 (01625 573538) 573538) (and (andSt StOswald’s Oswald’schurch, church,Bollington) Bollington)

-- Peter Peter M M Boulton Boulton (01625 (01625 876646) 876646)

E-mail E-mail Website Website Suggested donation: in advance onthe thedoor door£5.00 £5 Tickets : in advance £4.00 : ‘chance£4 it’ :on HotPott - June 2022

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HotPott - June 2022

Coffee Break Across 1 Evil (Genesis 6:5) (10) 7 Musician called for by Elisha when he met the kings of Israel, Judah and Edom (2 Kings 3:15) (7) 8 The request that led to the institution of the Lord’s Prayer: ‘Lord, — us to pray’ (Luke 11:1) (5) 10 ‘We are hard pressed on every—’(2Corinthians4:8)(4) 11 Fraud (2Corinthians6:8)(8) 13 ‘His troops advance in force;they build a siege ramp against me and — around my tent’ (Job 19:12) (6) 15 Where Rachel hid Laban’s household gods when he searched his daughter’s tent (Genesis 31:34) (6) 17 ‘Now about spiritual gifts,brothers,I do not want you to be—’ (1 Corinthians 12:1) (8) 18 Nomadic dwelling(Genesis26:25)(4) 21 ‘As for man,his days are like—,he flourishes like a flower of the field’ (Psalm 103:15) (5) 22 Or I live (anag.)(7) 23 Those guilty of 1 Across(Romans13:4)(10) Down 1 ‘God so loved the — that he gave his one and only Son’ (John 3:16) (5) 2 ‘Away in a manger, no — for a bed’ (4) 3 Mob ten (anag.) (6) 4 ‘Each — group made its own gods in several

towns where they settled’ (2 Kings 17:29) (8) 5 Began (Luke 9:46) (7) 6 Speaking very softly (John 7:32) (10) 9 Workers Ruth joined when she arrived in Bethlehem with her mother-in-law Naomi (Ruth 2:3) (10) 12 Put in jail(Acts22:19)(8) 14 Aceturn(anag.)(7) 16 Discharge(Acts21:3)(6) 19 ‘All these—come from inside and make a man “unclean”’ (Mark 7:23) (5) 20 ‘Let us rejoice and be glad and — him glory!’(Revelation19:7)(4)

*** Sorting out books for the local fete, a parishioner came across some well-worn and dusty illustrated encyclopaedias, treasured from his childhood. Unwilling to part with them, he put them on a shelf in the garage where his small grandchildren found them and spent many happy hours looking at the pictures. These books, however, caused him great embarrassment the day the minister came to visit. One of his grandchildren suddenly said: “Grandad, can we go look at those dirty books you keep in the garage?” HotPott - June 2022

Page 19

The Suffering Church

Islamic State for West African Province; Daily Post, Nigeria Joy Bishara & Lydia Pogu from Nigeria; Barnabas

Let’s start with some good news again. You may remember that 276 Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted in 2014 by Boko Haram, an Islamist group who believe women should not attend school. Congratulations are now due to Lydia Pogu and Joy Bishara, two of the 160 girls who subsequently escaped, on completing master’s degrees in the United States. Lydia was initially fearful of re-entering education but, supported by a US-based charity, both girls achieved high school diplomas from Canyonville Christian Academy, followed by undergraduate, then master’s degrees from Southeastern University, Florida. Lydia and Joy plan to use their skills to help other victims of injustice and oppression. Their story demonstrates the importance of providing educational opportunities to the persecuted and marginalised, which include the women of Afghanistan where girls of high school age are prevented from receiving education by the Taliban. Barnabas Fund is keen to promote education; through their Living Streams school places sponsorship programme and other educational projects, the fund supports 120 schools in Pakistan, providing a Christian education for more than 11,000 Christian children there. Page 20

Back in Nigeria, repeated attacks by Boko Haram and its offshoot Islamic State for West Africa Province continue in the predominantly Christian Chibok Local Government Area, Borno State, which is where the kidnapped girls came from. In the past few months at least 12 people have been killed and many more wounded; homes have been set alight and cattle and food stocks looted. After one raid a resident lamented that the government had abandoned the people of the area. ‘The insurgents always come and do whatever they want and go back to come back another day,’ he stated. Islamic extremism extends beyond the shores of Africa. In Iran Anooshavan Avedian, an Iranian-Armenian pastor, has been imprisoned for 10 years, followed by a further 10 years of deprivation of social rights, which includes restrictions on his employment. He was convicted of: ‘establishing and leading an illegal group with the aim of disrupting Anooshavan Avedian, Iran; Barnabas the security HotPott - June 2022

of the country through educational and propaganda activities contrary to and disturbing to the holy religion of Islam’ i.e. running a house church. Two members of the church, both converts from Islam, were convicted of membership of an ‘illegal group’ and sentenced to 10 years’ deprivation of rights, plus a two-year ban on travelling abroad or joining any social group, two-year exile from Tehran province, and fines of 50 million tomans (approx. £1,400). All three have appealed against their convictions; each had experienced solitary confinement and interrogation in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison. Other church members were forced to sign official documents promising not to attend further house church meetings or to contact other Christians. The house church was started after a Farsispeaking church in Tehran was closed in 2013. Unlike the historic Armenian- and Assyrianspeaking Christian communities, Farsispeaking Christians are converts from Islam and are therefore considered apostates and punishable by Islamic law. Although, as an Armenian Christian, the pastor is permitted to worship in his own language, it is illegal for him to minister to Farsi-speaking believers or to conduct church services in Farsi, the national language of Iran. In Myanmar thousands fled to safer areas around Mandalay after at least 20 homes in

Chan Thar, Myanmar; Barnabas HotPott - June 2022

Chan Thar, a historic Christian village in the Sagaing region, were set on fire when the Tatmadaw (army) attacked it in early May; in January two villagers, including a mentally disabled resident, were killed, three people severely beaten and property was looted by the soldiers. The local church minister said: ‘It is so sad to hear the houses were burned down and destroyed with an intentional attitude.’ The village is in a region where Christians and Buddhists have co-existed peacefully for decades; the inhabitants of the so-called Bayingyi villages are descended from Christians who settled in the area in the 16th and 17th centuries. In previous months, soldiers have arrested ministers, and set fire to churches as well as homes. The military, which seized power in Buddhistmajority Myanmar in February 2021, has for many years persecuted Myanmar’s Christian minority, estimated to make up 6.2% of the population. Pray for protection and strength for our Christian brothers and sisters in Myanmar, and for an end to attacks, and for peace in this beleaguered country. In India extremist Hindu groups in Karnataka State have demanded the immediate suspension of all Christian prison chaplain visits after a Bible was found, allegedly, in a non-Christian prisoner’s cell. Seven Christians visited the prison in March to pray with prisoners and distribute copies of the New Testament; the complainants allege that

Clarence High School, Bengaluru, India; Barnabas Page 21

the Christians were attempting to convert prisoners. A demand that Christians should not be allowed to distribute religious texts has been rejected by Christian leaders as literature produced by other religions is often distributed in prisons. Extremists have also alleged that a Christian high school in Bengaluru (Bangalore) is forcing nonChristian pupils to read the Bible; this has resulted in the school being investigated by the Karnataka Education Department. Clarence High School denies that pupils are forced to study the Bible against their will. Consent for Bible study is gained from parents or guardians when children join the school; the principal argued that this policy is entirely legal, adding: ‘It is our affirmation that we will not break the law of the land.’ A former pupil explained: ‘This is a non-issue raked up this week when Bible studies has

been a part of the school’s activities for decades. Any student joining the school signs up with the undertaking. They are not forced to sign.’ In March 2022 the Supreme Court of India upheld India’s constitutional commitment to freedom of religion by rejecting a petition by an extremist group for the creation of a committee to monitor Indian Christian missionaries and local evangelists. Two Supreme Court Justices refused to hear the petition and admonished those presenting it for ‘disturbing the harmony’ between different religious groups. The Indian government is planning further meetings with representatives of the Christian community to discuss ongoing concerns about anti-Christian violence and misuse of anti-conversion laws. Thanks to Barnabas, the source of this article.

Missionary Matters

Just a few gleanings from Johnny and Ann McClean’s Facebook group page this month; our missionary partners in Thailand remain very busy!

John Ryley Their Afghan refugee Khaleel has arrived in Adelaide, Australia, and is being put up in the Franklin Hotel in the centre of town. Khaleel has met up with Arthur Ang who works with international arrivals at Trinity Church, and he’s been to worship at the church which is only nine minutes from where he is staying. Pray he may find much help and encouragement there and that he might find somewhere to live and get a job and/or be able to continue his education. I’m not sure how good his English is – so that’s another matter for prayer. Remember too A, S and their little one M, and pray their paperwork may reach a satisfactory conclusion soon, Page 22

enabling them to join Khaleel in Australia. Johnny now has 10 online preaching clubs with around 60 to 70 people participating each month – including a doctor, a teacher, a school chaplain and several pastors and Sunday School teachers. 40 of them join an Old Testament preaching seminar online two nights each week. Johnny is also involved with the Thai Christian Students Association, so is developing a much wider ministry outreach. Remember Ann with her teaching in

Khaleel with Arthur Ang HotPott - June 2022

school and children Bethan and Joshua who may not have yet finished their public exams. Megumi and Helen Fazakerley arrived in the UK in mid-May and survived the long immigration queue at Manchester Airport. At the time of writing, they are very happy to have two of their children, Mary and Joshua, plus their respective partners, Trevor and Nadine, with them, and are looking forward to daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Joshua Mark, arriving from Australia. This family break is mainly to attend a blessing on the marriage of Elizabeth and Joshua Mark; their wedding took place last year in Australia, but none of Elizabeth’s family were able to be present. Megumi and Helen also hope to see some of their UK friends. Just before leaving Malawi, Megumi managed to conclude the courses he was teaching during the first semester at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi; he will start teaching again the day after they return. A new missionary has arrived in Blantyre to join the SIM team. Helen says: ‘SIM Malawi is a lot like our body, constantly renewed as new cells replace old cells. As new members arrive, they need orientation, and there is a continual need for team building.’ Helen is also helping to plan SIM’s annual retreat, the Spiritual Life Conference, due to take place in July. She asks for prayer that the preparation will go well and that the team will grow stronger together.

Arriving at Manchester Airport HotPott - June 2022

Fazakerleys enjoying icecream

*** A clergyman phoned his rural dean. “I regret to have to inform you that my wife has just died. Could you please send me a substitute for the weekend?” Page 23

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“Alex and his team decorated a large area of hall, stairs and landing. They were thorough, professional and I’m delighted with the result. I would highly recommend.”

M: 07874 188 050 • T: 0161 439 9195 A: 17 Earle Road, Bramhall, SK7 3HE E: W: Spring Decorating Limited, registered in England and Wales No. 11658913

HotPott - June 2022

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HotPott - June 2022

10t h 8th June Jul y

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TO BOOK CONTACT US ON 01625 575757 or email pott Shrigley, nr Macclesfield, Cheshire, sk10 5sb

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HotPott - June 2022

From the Registers Baptisms

We welcome into our church family 1st May Arthur Robert Harrison 1st May Elsie Jean Higgins

Wedding Congratulations to: 24th April Michael Burr and Amy Bird 6th May Gareth Williams & Lucy Gait

Forthcoming Weddings We wish them joy in their preparations: 11th June Henrik Solberg & Lydia Richards

Funerals & Burial of Ashes Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of: 26th April Elsie Mavis White 27th April Jennifer Kay Lake 30th April Ann Gillian Burling 12th May Nelson Fredrick Milne

Memorial Service 14th May David Tones

Rose Queen is on…

We have our Rose Queen (Paige Price) and Rose Bud (Emily Bartle), and thanks to the village hardies and their helpers we have a fete too! On 18th June, come and admire our royalty; Rose Queen will be crowned by the lovely Kim Swales and the queen’s first job will be to crown Rose Bud. There will be lots to do, including watching the dog show, plus all the traditional stalls such as teas, barbecue, beer tent, raffle etc. But

we do need more help… so do offer your services, including acting as one of the marshals for the fell race. Raffle prizes will also be welcome to fill the foodie and beauty hampers please.

If you are able to help, please contact Pete Kennedy on 07850 740335,Kath Matheson on 07944 624832, cream tea boss Sandy Milsom 97954 344874 or fell run organiser Paul Bartle 07976 553498. *** The young minister took his wife to the Maternity Hospital and was told it would be a long labour. So, he agreed to ring at lunchtime for news. But when he phoned, he dialled the wrong number and got the County Cricket Ground. He said: “I brought my wife to your place early this morning. Is there any news?” He was surprised to be told: “Yes, there are seven out and the last two were ducks.”

HotPott - June 2022

Page 31

Recipe of the Month Coronation Chicken

It seems that catering for the coronation involved students from many quarters – not only our own Val Beard (see page 11), but also those from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in London and its sister establishment, Winkfield Place in Berkshire. Sir David Eccles, Minister of Works, asked Rosemary Hume (chef at the school) and her students, to prepare a luncheon for 350 guests of Her Majesty, to be served in the Great Hall of Westminster School.

As many guests were representatives of other countries, Rosemary invented a dish she thought would be acceptable to them; it was listed on the menu card as Poulet Reine Elizabeth, but subsequently became known throughout the world as Coronation Chicken. Rosemary Hume’s recipe bears some resemblance to Jubilee Chicken, which was created for the Silver Jubilee of George V in 1935, and was based on chicken dressed with mayonnaise and curry powder. Rosemary’s partner in the schools was flower arranger Constance Spry, who was commissioned to arrange the flowers for the coronation, both at Westminster Abbey and along the processional route from Buckingham Palace. The flowers were supplied as gifts by Commonwealth nations. The recipe was published in the Constance Spry Cookery Book in 1956, though some sources indicate it appeared at street parties in 1953. It used ingredients that were available then, for example curry powder rather than Indian curry paste made from scratch, as fresh Indian curry spices were almost unobtainable in post-war Britain. The recipe also takes account of the rationing that was still in place in 1953. Although rather simpler recipes are now available, this is the original. Page 32

I wonder if my late mother-in-law, who was a student at Winkfield Place in the early 1960s, ever cooked it… Serves 6-8 people. Ingredients: For the chicken 2 roasting chickens 1 carrot 1 bouquet garni Water White wine (a splash) Pinch of salt 4 peppercorns For the sauce 1 tablespoon oil 2oz (50g) onion, finely chopped 1 dessertspoon curry powder 1 good teaspoon tomato purée 1 wineglass red wine ¾ wineglass water A bay leaf Salt, sugar, a touch of pepper A slice or two of lemon and a squeeze of lemon juice 1-2 tablespoon apricot purée ¾ pint (450ml) mayonnaise 2-3 tablespoons lightly whipped cream, plus a little extra. HotPott - June 2022

Method: For the chicken Poach the chicken with the carrot, bouquet garni, salt and peppercorns in water and a little wine, to barely cover, for about 40 minutes or until tender. Allow to cool in the liquid. Joint the birds; carefully remove bones. For the sauce Gently fry the onion in the oil for 3-4 minutes, add curry powder. Fry for 1-2 minutes more. Add purée, wine, water, and bay leaf. Bring to boil, add pinch of salt, pepper & sugar to taste and the lemon and lemon juice. Simmer uncovered for 5-10 minutes. Strain and cool. Slowly add mayonnaise with the apricot purée to taste. Adjust seasoning, adding a little more lemon juice if necessary. Mix in the whipped cream. Mix the chicken and the sauce together with a little extra cream and seasoning if desired. Serve with a salad. At the coronation this consisted of rice, peas, diced raw cucumber and finely chopped mixed herbs, all mixed in a well-seasoned French dressing.

Website sources acknowledged with thanks: Royal Family; Wikipedia; History Extra; Le Cordon Bleu; ACE.


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Sunday, 12th June Proof reader next month is Sally Winstanley HotPott - June 2022

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Services 5th June. Platinum Jubilee 8.30am 10.45am

Morning Prayer Platinum Jubilee

Proverbs 8.1-16 Romans 13.1-10

David Swales

Holy Communion Morning Worship‡**

Romans 5.1-5 John 16.12-15

James Gibson

Morning Prayer Family Service

Luke 22.24-30

Holy Communion Morning Worship*

Galatians 5.1,13-25 Luke 9.51-62

David Swales

Luke 10.1-11,16-20

David Swales

12th. 8.30am 10.45am

19th. 8.30am 10.45am

David Swales Anne Murphy & David Swales

26th 8.30am 10.45am

3rd July. Festival Manchester 8.30am 10.45am

Morning Prayer Holy Communion‡

All 10:45am services will be streamed live and a recording of each live-streamed service will be available from the services page of the church website: ‡ Junior Church * Youth Church (during 10.45 service) ** Youth Church (at 6pm) Prayers


Sidesmen at 8.30

Sidesmen at 10.45


5th June



Keith Ardern

Anne Murphy

Liz & John


Sandy Milsom

Nikki Hughan

Gill Mosley & Sue Wardle

Simon & Lydia Potts

Frances & Elizabeth


Children and Young People

Tony Close

Mike & Sue Akerman

David & Joy


Anne Murphy

Jon Weston

Clare Chasty

Ian Malyan

Lydia & Simon

3rd July


Mike Akerman


Anne Murphy

Gill & Victoria

Church Cleaning 3rd June

Sue & Mike Akerman


David & Joy Whitehead


Shirley Plant & Christine Bowes


Sally Winstanley and Yvonne Foster

1st July

Caroline Booth and Jean Hunt

*** Notice outside a church: Worn out? Come in for a Service! This church is not just four weddings and a funeral.

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HotPott - June 2022

Jazz Evening

Louis Armstrong Tribute Pott Shrigley Church SK10 5RT Saturday July 9th 7.30pm.

Featuring five of our region’s top jazz players, Led by Darren Lloyd, Trumpet Tickets £12 from David Swales 01625 575846 Mary Currell 01625 573735 Prosecco/Wine/Soft Drink HotPott - June 2022 & Nibbles included

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