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£1 June 2021

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David’s Deliberations Dear friends,

the local community.

One of the great privileges of my job over the years has been to be able to offer support and encouragement, to church members and non-members alike, at times of sadness and difficulty.

And so it has been my experience that people do turn to the church in times of crisis and sadness. Not only, of course, the largescale tragedies, but just as much the countless private sadnesses and struggles which are in all communities at all times.

It’s now over 30 years since the Hillsborough disaster, when 96 Liverpool football fans died at the Hillsborough football stadium in Sheffield. I was a curate in Birkenhead at the time, and had the sad duty of conducting the funeral of one of the victims. It was an extraordinary time in Merseyside. There was a palpable sense of shock and sadness, combined with a desire to do something to help. I remember being involved with community members who wanted to raise funds for the victims; but I also remember an unusually large congregation on the Sunday after the tragedy. Many slipped in and sat at the back. Even though some had never been before – or not for some time – they wanted and needed to be in church that day.

One of the cruel aspects, then, of the crisis we have all shared is that the ‘coming together’ which is instinctive in times of trouble is the very thing we have been prevented from doing. We are all aware of this when it comes to family and friends; but it has also been a real blow that the church has been impaired in its ability to welcome and to gather one and all. We have, of course, done what we could: we have had the church open for private prayer on nearly every day we were allowed to; we have made our services widely available through streaming and recording – and with a limited number also present in church; we’ve used all kinds of electronic means to keep people in touch with one another. But there is no substitute for physically gathering all who wish to come!

David Swales

Sadly, I was also a curate some years earlier in Bradford at the time of the football stadium fire there, with a similar response in

It is my earnest hope that, as restrictions ease, God willing,

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David’s Deliberations


Thy Kingdom Come Evening Prayer Walk


Calling all amateur photographers


A Welcome Opportunity


Taking the Register


Godly Play art works


Life & Times of a Foundation Governor


Pott Shrigley Church School Prayer Table


The Royal British Legion at 100


Coffee Break


Your Vote Your Council


The Ongoing Saga of the Cedar Lodge traffic lights…


Missionary Matters


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Suffering Church


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June 2021

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through and beyond June, many will take the opportunity to come to the church and to the welcome and hope it offers. For in so doing they are in truth coming to God, who alone can bring the healing, hope and peace we all so sorely need.

Your friend and vicar, David

Cover story: St Christopher’s ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Evening Prayer Walk Many of us at St Christopher’s are participating in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, a worldwide movement of prayer, with Christians praying that God will work by His Holy Spirit to bring others to believe in Jesus. As part of this, and to celebrate being able to meet outside in groups of up to 30, several of us met at St Christopher’s on the evening of 18th May to pray and to walk; many others joined the SPICE group’s WhatsApp prayer meeting, led by Lynne Bowden. Unlike the Ascension Day prayer walk of 2019, where the prayers were written beforehand, in 2021 Rev David suggested that at each stop

we let the things around us, the view, the experience of that place, prompt in our own minds what we might pray for at that moment; participants were encouraged to pray quietly or, if they wished, to speak out their prayers. It was a beautiful evening, blessed with warm sunshine and clear views across the Cheshire countryside; such a privilege to share our thoughts and prayers, to say ‘Thank You’ to God for His might, His creation and for His everlasting love and mercy, and to petition Him on issues – both personal and global – that were on our hearts.

A new use for St Christopher's Church

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HotPott - June 2021

Calling all amateur photographers… The South West Peak Landscape Partnership (SWPLP) has announced its 2022 Calendar Cover Amateur Photography Contest, a competition designed to encourage local amateur photographers. SWPLP are looking for creative shots from around the South West Peak region that showcase your favourite parts of this diverse and beautiful area. Interesting, weird, and wonderful photographs are encouraged; a unique calendar that goes beyond the usual landscape pictures is envisaged! The winning photo will be featured on the cover of the 2022 calendar; the other photographs will be provided by Alex Hyde (alexhyde.photoshelter.com). Alex will also be the official judge of the competition. Proceeds from the sale of this calendar will directly benefit the projects of the Peak District National Park Foundation. This is a great opportunity to showcase your photographic talents, so get out there with

your camera! Deadline for entries is 08.00, 1st September, 2021. View the full terms and conditions at the South West Peak website: https://www. southwestpeak.co.uk/activities/south-westpeak-calendar-photo-contest

Hymns for the Professions BUILDER: The Church's One Foundation CENSUS OFFICER: All People That On Earth Do Dwell DENTIST: Crown Him with Many Crowns DRY CLEANER: O For A Faith That Will Not Shrink ELECTRICIAN: Lead Kindly Light GOLFER: There Is A Green Hill Far Away LIBRARIAN: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence OBSTETRICIAN: Go Labour On OPTICIAN: Be Thou My Vision POLITICIAN: Tell Me The Old Old Story TAX OFFICER: We Give Thee But Thine Own Submitted by Rebecca Roth-Biester. HotPott - June 2021

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A Welcome Opportunity

St Christopher’s is now a ‘Hong Kong Ready Church’, which means we are listed as ready to welcome some of the 300,000 migrants expected from Hong Kong over the next five years.

David Gem

This is likely to be the largest immigration since Windrush, when some churches, like the population in general, failed to welcome migrants; the ‘Hong Kong Ready Churches’ movement seeks to learn from these past mistakes. 560 churches have registered so far, but we are the only one in the Macclesfield area. Around 8,000 migrants have arrived in the UK since January and being a registered church allows them to find us, knowing they will be received warmly. Most of the migrants will have some English; many will be fluent speakers. Many of the children will have gone to an English speaking school; those attending Chinese speaking schools will have learnt some English as a foreign language. The population of Hong Kong is distinct from that of mainland China. HK Island and the Kowloon Peninsula have been British since 1841, whilst the so-called New Territories was leased for 100 years from China in 1897, thereby extending the HK territory to 420 square miles. The population was small and at the end of World War Two was still only

Hong Kong 1935 Page 6

around 400,000, but as a result of famine and the Cultural Revolution in the 1950s and 60s, refugees flooded into Hong Kong to escape the new communist regime. A few were wealthy but most were from the southern provinces and penniless. A typical British rule, ‘touch base’, was adopted: if someone reached downtown Kowloon without being caught, they were granted residency. The influx resulted in a huge housing shortage and despite the British administration’s ambitious but basic housing programme, in 1970, when our family first arrived in HK, over 2,000,000 people still lived on the steep hillsides in temporary shacks of timber and corrugated iron with no proper water or electricity. In 1974 the British Government started to build five new towns in the New Territories, each with schools, hospitals, transport links etc, but it wasn’t until 1985 that most people were reasonably housed and the hillside shacks mostly disappeared. The population, now around 6,500,000, was generally very supportive of the HK Government with its common law jurisdiction and free press. By then many of the children of refugees had benefitted from a good education and were taking up senior roles in the administration and in international businesses. HK had developed its own unique culture and way of life, totally different from that of China. HotPott - June 2021

In anticipation of the New Territories’ lease expiring in 1997, the UK and China signed the Joint Declaration in 1984. This, registered at the UN as an international treaty, promised that HK would be returned to China in 1997, but that HK’s way of life, including its common law and free press, would continue for a further 50 years and that a democratically elected government would be gradually introduced, a promise that remains unfulfilled. Protests calling for democracy had occurred intermittently since 1997, but in mid 2019 they became ongoing with huge numbers of participants and, sadly, with some violence. In July 2020 China bypassed the HK Legislature and unilaterally implemented a wide-ranging law in HK to safeguard China’s national security, with heavy penalties for anyone speaking out against the Chinese government or that of Hong Kong; new police units and courts, controlled directly by China, ensure its implementation. This law is applied retrospectively and has resulted in many arrests and lengthy prison sentences.

Hong Kong protesters

in the Joint Declaration, the UK government has acted responsibility and offered visas for those in HK holding British National (Overseas) passports to enable them and their dependants to live and work in the UK together. This offer also provides a fast track towards full UK citizenship after five years. Although over 5,000,000 HK citizens may be eligible, only 300,000 are expected to take advantage of the offer. Revd. Harry Ching, Assistant Vicar for International Ministry at St Martin-inthe-Fields, London, said that up to 10 per cent of new arrivals from HK are likely to be Christians; he is working with Chinese pastors in the UK to coordinate a welcoming and supportive response. Although St Christopher’s has no Chinese members at present, we have strong connections to Hong Kong: my family lived there for 26 years, Becca Roth-Biester was there for 20 years and

With China’s long track record of silencing those who question the regime, many in HK are now worried for their and their families’ safety and are seeking to leave. The HK Christian churches are also concerned that they, like the church in China, may become the target of China’s oppression – though to date there is no such evidence. As China has broken the agreement reached HotPott - June 2021

St Martin-in-the-Fields, London

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both Audrey and Keith Meecham and Tony Close have sons living there currently. It is perhaps unlikely we will see many (if any) from Hong Kong settling in Bollington, let alone Pott Shrigley. However, St Christopher’s is ready for the opportunity to welcome and help any of them and their families seeking to settle into this wonderful area of the UK. *** In one small rural village the local vet also led the local Neighbourhood Watch group. Late one night the phone rang, and his wife answered. An agitated voice inquired, “Is your husband there?” “He is, but tell me, do you need him as the vet or the Neighbourhood Watch?” the wife asked. “Both!” was the reply. “We can’t get our dog’s mouth open, and there’s a burglar in it!” *** A minister said to a precocious sixyear-old boy, “So your mother says a prayer over you each night? That’s very commendable. What does she say?”The little boy replied, “Thank God he’s in bed!”


(Mt 26:71-75, John21:15-18) I don’t know the man. I don’t know Him. I don’t know Him. But I did. From the moment I turned to Him, That day by the Sea, I knew Him, Knew He was the Lord. I so wanted to serve Him, Speak for Him, Follow Him, Fish for Him Live and give my life for Him No matter what. He is the Lord And I let Him down Again and again and again. I go on letting Him down. But Jesus, Who knows the best and worst of me, Who knows how I rush in and blurt out, Mix and mess things, Fail and fall asleep, Who feels the agony of the denied one, Understands the agony of the one who denies. He is the Lord And He forgives Again and again and again. He goes on forgiving. Feed my lambs, Take care of my sheep Feed my sheep. By Daphne Kitching

So that’s clear, then. Page 8

Photo from Peter de Bourcier HotPott - June 2021

Taking the Register

Have you heard of the ‘Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc) Act 2019’? I can sense your eyes glazing over already! However, this piece of legislation does have a direct effect on one important aspect of our church’s life at Pott Shrigley.

David Swales For generations, Church of England clergy have had the authority, effectively, of registrar in their own parish; they have been able legally to solemnise marriages, and to issue all the relevant documents to couples. This function has now been ‘reclaimed’ by the state registrars, and, since May 4th, only they are able to register marriages. From now on, instead of signing the actual marriage register – and having a marriage certificate issued – at the service, couples and witnesses will sign a ‘marriage document’, which the church must then send to the local registrar, who will then register the marriage and, in due course, issue a certificate. As you can see, the effect on the conduct of a church wedding will be minimal: everything, including ‘the signing’, will go on just as before – as will the preliminaries (banns etc). So, thankfully, the experience and meaning of the service for our couples will not be in any way impaired. But, for me at least, it feels that something is lost: it may well be that clergy only ever had this role by a sort of historical accident, but it is such quirks that make life more interesting, and there has always been something very satisfying about the unique combination of the spiritual and the legal in a Church of England wedding service. HotPott - June 2021

One positive aspect of the legislation is that not only fathers’ but also mothers’ names can be recorded on the wedding documents – and in our new ‘Register of Marriage Services’ (pictured). And on the 28th of May the very first mother to be recorded here, alongside groom Ste’s mum, will be our very own Kath Matheson, editor of HotPott and mother of bride Laura.

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Godly Play art works…

Most weeks at St Christopher’s Junior Church we share a Bible story, using a Godly Play approach. Once we’ve watched and

Anne Murphy listened to our story, we talk about and explore it together and then the children are encouraged to draw or make something that will remind them of the Bible passage. Over the last few months, while we’ve not been able to see each other ‘for real’ due to COVID-19, we have been meeting on Zoom. Often the children share their finished artwork on the WhatsApp group we have so that all the junior church members can appreciate it. We thought you too might enjoy seeing a small sample of the beautiful pictures created since January by junior church in response to the various Bible stories we have covered. An old Italian priest lived alone. He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but it was very difficult work, as the ground was so hard. A member of his church, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison. So the old priest wrote a letter to his parishioner and described his predicament: Dear Vincent, I am feeling pretty sad because it looks like I won’t be able to plant my tomato garden this year. I’m just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. I know if you were here my troubles would be over. I know you would be happy to dig the plot for me, like in the old days. I remember you in my prayers. Fr Louis Page 10

Grateful thanks to Rachel, Grace and Amy. Key 1, 2: An evening visitor – Nicodemus and Jesus John 3: 1-21 3, 6: Jesus is risen – Appearance to Mary Magdelene John 20: 11-18 4: Friends again

John 21: 15-19

5, 10: Jesus taught his disciples how to pray Matthew 6: 8-13 7, 9: Fish for breakfast

John 21: 1-14

8: At the wedding

John 2: 1-11

It is always a joy to see the wonderful pictures made by junior church members at our family services, and to hear what they have been studying in their sessions. We are enormously blessed by knowing our younger church members, and by having such dedicated and talented youth leaders in our midst. Editor.

A few days later he received a letter from his parishioner. Dear Fr Louis, whatever you do, don’t dig up that garden. That’s where the bodies are buried. Thanks for your prayers. Vinnie At 4 am the next morning, the local police arrived and dug up the entire area, without finding any bodies. They apologised to the old priest and left. That same day the old priest received another letter. Dear Fr Louis, You can go ahead and plant your tomatoes now. That’s the best I could do under the circumstances. Vinnie HotPott - June 2021

HotPott - June 2021

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The Life & Times of a Pott School Foundation Governor and Volunteer ‘How old are you?’ asked a small boy, once I had been introduced to the youngest class at Pott Shrigley Church School. It was my first visit, getting to know the staff, the children, and absorbing the atmosphere and ethos of the school in my role as a new governor. Well to answer his question, I asked another. Always a safe response when put on the spot. ‘How old do you think I am?’ I replied and awaited the usual unjudgmental answer of: ‘21’ or even ‘42’. However, my grey hair gave him the necessary clue: ‘87’ came the swift reply. Keeping a straight face, I responded: ‘Well, I’m not quite there yet!’ as the teacher and I hid our giggles. When you think about it, why shouldn’t children ask us how old we are? Adults often ask them: ‘…and how old are you?’ And so began the first of what are now inspiring weekly visits to work as a volunteer where needed throughout the school, but also in the monitoring role expected of a foundation governor. The nudge. It was in pre-COVID days when Reverend David announced in church that Pott Shrigley School needed a foundation governor, someone who had skills to share and time to give. I felt an uncomfortable nudge as an inner voice said: ‘You could do that!’ But as a retired teacher and headteacher I knew only too well the work that would be involved. Some weeks later, a second announcement was made. This time I offered, talked with Vicar David, and met with Headteacher Joanne Bromley to look around the school. The final formality was being accepted by the parochial church council. What is a foundation governor? The Church of England’s website states that for voluntary aided Church of England Page 12

Audrey Bomford schools like Pott: ‘Governors are volunteers who offer strategic guidance and support to their school communities. Anyone over the age of 18 can be a governor and it is a great way to give your skills back to the community.’ No upper age limit is mentioned! I started my volunteer governor role. ‘Foundation’ means a committed Christian and church member, not necessarily from the local Anglican church. Meetings of the full governing body are held once a term. Additional sub-committees are essential as many aspects of monitoring the school are involved: finance; admissions; employment; buildings; curriculum; special educational needs; health & safety; behaviour – and more – but above all, as stated by the Department for Education: ‘Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction’. Challenges for me are the technology of Zoom and Teams meetings and keeping up with, and understanding, emails and notices from Cheshire East Council and Chester Diocese. Monitoring and supporting the learning and well-being of all in school means visiting regularly is essential. During HotPott - June 2021

COVID restrictions headteachers and all staff carry added responsibility to maintain rigorous health and safety measures, as well as continuing the education of the children, in school or online. And governors carry this responsibility too! Vision and Ethos As a governor appointed by the church, the overarching question we are responsible for is: ‘How effective is the school’s distinctive Christian Vision… (in) enabling pupils and adults to flourish?’ The school’s mission statement from St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is: ‘Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ, God forgave you’. You only have to visit the school to hear, see, and feel this in action. A worshipping school family. From the headteacher, the staff and the (currently) 31 children there is a feeling of family. Respect, order, safety and an atmosphere of purposeful, enjoyable learning are obvious. Central to this is the daily ‘Collective Act of Worship’; we perhaps knew it as ‘Assembly’ but it is much more than that: reverence and listening; a Bible reading and stories which teach Christian values; children doing Bible readings with drama; saying spontaneous prayers; praise, reflection, discussion and related activity together. Regular worship times are held in church with Reverend David, as the vicar is fondly known. The children love to sing, are confident to pray, and enjoy the relevance of David’s talks. Being chosen to snuff out the candles is a bonus! After one worship time I had been asked to lead in school, a pupil came to me and asked: ‘Audrey, if Jesus is alive, why can’t we see him now?’ Some deep thinking had been going on. Giving him a rapid but simple explanation of the Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost was just a natural part of HotPott - June 2021

school life for us both, before he gave a quick: ‘Oh, thanks, must go’ – and he dashed off to playtime. Prayer Spaces. Prayer is important to the children, and to encourage the naturalness of this each class has a ‘Prayer Space’: a place to go alone, to sit, to write or say a prayer, draw a thank you picture or just be quiet with God. After the Ascension Day Act of Worship, I was invited to the reception class to visit the prayer den the children had decorated – as you will see in the photo. Governors also join to pray for a short time on a Sunday evening at home. Reverend David and Chair of Governors Sally Winstanley guide us with ideas on how to pray effectively. The Church of England’s small rural primary schools are so valuable, and they all need foundation governors. We still do at Pott Shrigley. I believe it can be a commitment and service for God which is part of the mission of the church. Please consider if it could be you. Driving into the village down Bakestonedale early on Fridays, I see before me two churches: St. Christopher’s in front of me and the one on the left, where praise and prayer, learning and community, have continued with the children throughout most of these COVID days. For me it is the best day of the week, with the opportunity and the privilege to help, to learn, to observe and to laugh with all at Pott Shrigley Church School. Page 13

The Pott Shrigley Church School Prayer Table Pott School recently took delivery of this beautiful prayer table. Expertly crafted by John Arrowsmith, St Christopher’s master cabinet maker, in English ash kindly donated by the Poynton Men in Sheds group, the table is used in collective worship.

David Swales The table provides a focus for worship, and a location for some helpful symbols and objects: The three candles represent God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with the children reciting those names as they are lit at the start of worship. The single candle represents the children themselves, called to shine with the light of Christ. There is always a cross on the table: our photo was taken at Easter, and so the cross includes the empty tomb; this was made for the school by David Bomford.

Other objects are added relevant to the theme of the worship that day. Incidentally, the small low chair to the left was donated by a local family – it’s a 'kneeling chair', designed as an aid to prayer.

There is always a Bible there too: and many of the acts of worship include a Bible story.

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HotPott - June 2021

The Royal British Legion at 100 At 9am on a damp 15th May, 1921 at London’s Cenotaph, veterans from four organisations of ex-servicemen laid wreaths together as a symbol of unity.

David Swales On this day the National Association of Discharged Sailors and Soldiers, the British National Federation of Discharged and Demobilized Sailors and Soldiers, the Comrades of The Great War and the Officers' Association, all of which established themselves after the First World War, amalgamated to become the new British Legion with Field Marshal Earl Haig serving as its president. Although the organisation always enjoyed royal patronage, it had to wait 50 years before receiving its royal appellation. Membership was extended to serving members of Her Majesty's Forces, as well as ex-service personnel, in 1981. 100 years later, the Royal British Legion is the UK’s largest Armed Forces charity. From supporting veterans and their families in debt

HotPott - June 2021

and emergency situations to rehabilitation and housing, it provides vital support for the Armed Forces community. In addition, every year it leads the nation in commemorating and honouring those who have served and sacrificed on active service in all conflicts, from the beginning of the First World War right up to the present day. And of course, in many people’s minds, the RBL is firmly connected to the poppy, a symbol of both remembrance and hope for the future. At 9am on 15th May this year, as chaplain to the Bollington branch of the RBL, I took part in a ceremony to mark the centenary. Our branch is one of hundreds nationwide, and these local branches are where much of the work of the RBL is carried out, including fundraising – not least through the annual poppy appeal. It was moving and a privilege to lead our branch on that day in marking this significant anniversary.

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HotPott - June 2021

Coffee Break Across 1 Military tactic used by Joshua to attack and destroy the city of Ai (Joshua 8:2) (6) 4 Place of learning (6) 8 ‘When Moses’ hands grew — , they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it’ (Exodus 17:12) (5) 9 Unpleasant auguries of the end of the age, as forecast by Jesus (Matthew 24:7) (7) 10 Stronghold to which girls in King Xerxes’ harem (including Esther) were taken (Esther 2:8) (7) 11 Where Saul went to consult a medium before fighting the Philistines (1 Samuel 28:7) (5) 12 Propitiation (Hebrews 2:17) (9) 17 Turn away (Jeremiah 11:15) (5) 19 So clear (anag.) (7) 21 ‘I have just got — , so I can’t come’: one excuse to be absent from the great banquet (Luke 14:20) (7) 22 Long weapon with a pointed head used by horsemen (Job 39:23) (5) 23 Musical beat (6) 24 What the Israelites were told to use to daub blood on their door-frames at the first Passover (Exodus 12:22) (6) Down 1 Fasten (Exodus 28:37) (6) 2 Art bite (anag.) (7) 3 ‘The people of the city were divided; some — with the Jews, others with the apostles’ (Acts 14:4) (5) HotPott - June 2021

5 Contend (Jeremiah 12:5) (7) 6 Possessed (Job 1:3) (5) 7 Sheen (Lamentations 4:1) (6) 9 ‘You love evil rather than good, — rather than speaking the truth’ (Psalm 52:3) (9) 13 Large flightless bird (Job 39:13) (7) 14 They were worth several hundred pounds each (Matthew 25:15) (7) 15 ‘A — went out to sow his seed’ (Matthew 13:3) (6) 16 How Jesus described Jairus’s daughter when he went into the room where she lay (Mark 5:39) (6) 18 The part of the day when the women went to the tomb on the first Easter morning (John 20:1) (5) 20 Narrow passageway between buildings (Luke 14:21) (5) Page 17

Spring clean

Your Vote Your Council

The village spring clean took place on Saturday 1st May. Thank you to those who joined us in keeping our village tidy: we had our regulars and some new faces; thank you to you all. Highways

exclude parts of Pott Shrigley •

Remedial resurfacing of Shrigley Road from Green Close to the aqueduct.

Project 1421 (PACP list) Modifications to the ‘Chevron Bend’ by Shrigley Hall.

Stones are missing from the base of the wall at the side of the bridge on Bakestonedale: to be assessed in regular safety inspections.

Blocked gully at the junction of Long Lane and Shrigley Road.

Provision of double yellow lines on Pott Hall bend: deferred.

Fingerpost at junction of Street Lane and London Road. Cllr. Wray will ring Cllr. Smith from Adlington PC for an update about what is happening with this signpost.

New issues •

Accident on Shrigley Road just north of the Spuley Lane junction was reported to Highways because stones have been pushed inwards on the bridge. Photos of wall and car responsible have been sent to Highways.

Accident at the end of Spuley Lane: collision of two cars but no damage to people or property.

Notices of closure of part of Shrigley Road from the 17th May to 4th June have appeared. The clerk ascertained that this has been requested by Electricity North West and is to allow them to cut trees affecting their power lines. It is likely to occur on 26th May.

Updates •

Fly tipping behind log situated alongside Shrigley Road between Norman’s Hall and the Coffee Tavern. The material that was still in the bags has been removed. State of the road surface of Long Lane between Nab Quarry and Shrigley Road. The road has been patched on one side, but not the other. Highways will be contacted if, after a month, the other side has not been done.

Pending •

Traffic Lights near Cedar Lodge remain in situ (See page 20 Editor.)

Decision on revision of gritting routes to

Page 18

Miscellaneous Poynton Area Community Partnership (PACP) Cllr. Boulton reported that the PACP had provided the school with four laptops. The church/school have asked for a grant for the Rose Queen event. Although the event will be scaled down, the Fell Run will take place as will a BBQ with bar. It was noted that the sheep need to be removed from the village green by the first week in June and that one mowing would be necessary. Planning Pending 21/1251M Nab Quarry, Long Lane, Pott Shrigley Resubmission for the regularisation of warehouse storage buildings and demolition of existing shed and replacement with two storey office building at MRI Polytech The council is concerned that this is an HotPott - June 2021

updated retrospective planning application, the first having been refused. 21/1283M Separate application for warehouse for MRI Polytech Response: The council is very concerned about the extent and nature of the chemical activities at this site. It is not apparent that there is any increase in employment to justify this expansion. The council, therefore, cannot support the building of yet another warehouse to increase the operation. 20/4535M Nab Quarry, Long Lane Proposed extension to side elevation of existing warehouse. The council objects to this application. It would appear that work has already started on this extension prior to planning permission being granted. Update: A revised plan has been submitted. Response: The only change that appears from the original plan is that the warehouse is bigger so all the comments that the council made before, were re-submitted.

two two-storey dwellings, and increased parking to Unit 3 (Amendment to application ref. 18/4950M). The council re-affirmed its objection to this application. 20/4189M near Wood Lane, Adlington Creation of glamping site. The council objects to this application. 21/0256 Needygate, SK10 5SG Change of use of existing garage to holiday let and Inclusion of open lean-to extension and external alterations to existing garage doorway to form walling and window. The council neither supported nor objected but submitted conditions they would like to see if the applicant were successful. Next meeting The next meeting will take place at 8pm on 7th June, 2021. As the legislation stands at the moment a virtual meeting is not permissible; there is some confusion about whether it will be possible to hold it in the village hall. Cllr. Wray will investigate.

21/1309M Brookbank Farm, SK12 1UE Subdivision of existing single dwelling house to form two independent dwelling houses and associated works. Response: The council supported this application but questioned whether a shared septic tank was adequate for two properties. It also had concerns about the soakaway as there are drainage problems in this area with standing water on the road. 20/2413M Proposed Poynton Relief Road Modification of Condition 41 of the decision notice. NP/CEC/0720/0690 Pott Hall Farm, SK10 5RT Sub-division of dwelling to form two dwelling units. The council agreed to support this application. 19/3715M Normans Hall Farm, SK10 5SE Extensions to approved Units 1 and 2 to form HotPott - June 2021

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The Ongoing Saga of the Cedar Lodge traffic lights… Anyone who travels along Shrigley Road towards Higher Poynton will have noticed the persistently positioned traffic lights outside Cedar Lodge, where the roadside collapsed on March 3rd, 2020 following the heavy rains of July 2019 and February 2020. Traffic lights and their accompanying traffic cones were hoisted on March 5th, 2020 and have adorned the road ever since. Although central government has made specific financial provision to rectify flood damage, and for flood defences, no sign of any action to repair the landslip has yet been seen… despite sterling efforts by local people to spur the Cheshire East Council Highways Department into action. Denise, who lives in Cedar Lodge, keeps traffic moving by calling Amberon when the lights are not working for days on end (which causes traffic congestion, noise and pollution) and stands the bollards up on a regular basis when cyclists kick them over. Joyce, our hard-working parish clerk, has, in a bid to precipitate some action, been hassling CEC Highways Department on a regular basis

over several months, including asking the very pertinent question of why a collapsed wall on a minor road in Prestbury was sanctioned for immediate repair whilst Pott has been waiting for 14 months not to have our road repaired. Cllr Peter Boulton sits through exciting Poynton Area Highways Group meetings, and keeps officials in order when they forget to put Pott Shrigley road issues in the meeting minutes. But… the end may be in sight. Highways have now said: ‘We have received confirmation regarding funding allocations for 2021/22. The areas of embankment failure at Cedar Lodge and scour to the retaining walls are all included. Engineers will commence design in the new financial year and we will look to prioritise the repairs and removal of the traffic lights.’ Watch this space… and meanwhile let’s hope that when, finally, traffic is allowed to flow freely along that section of Shrigley Road, it isn’t stopped by visitors to Lyme Park blocking the section between Green Close and West Gate by their inconsiderate parking! Thank you to all those, whether acting in an official or a private capacity, who help the rest of the Pott Shrigley community by addressing such issues as the Cedar Lodge lights.

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HotPott - June 2021

HotPott - June 2021

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Missionary Matters A few gleanings from the Facebook page of Johnny and Ann McClean in Bangkok, Thailand, where after a time of strict rules, closed borders and low infection rates, many believed Thailand was immune to COVID. However, in recent weeks a surge in cases means the country is now looking at a serious crisis. Life is uncomfortable and a little stressful for the McCleans; they are very thankful that they are together as a family, safe and healthy, with access to health care should it prove necessary, but

John Ryley much concerned about their Thai friends at the New City Fellowship Church who work in environments which are high risk (factories, markets, slum communities) and where they are paid daily: lockdown = no work = no pay. They do not have savings and have already endured a tough year; without medical insurance they are unlikely to be able to afford proper care or the vaccine in the coming weeks.

Maclean family Page 22

Pray for wisdom for the McCleans, that they will continue to live generously and faithfully in a culture where there is much fear and uncertainty. Pray too that the Gospel will shine brightly in these days. Johnny was impressed by the book ‘A Praying Life’ by Paul Miller, and with Jon Hori of See Jesus Ministry is trying to get the book published in Thai, which would cost around £5000! He is currently joining the preaching track at the European Leadership Forum, hoping to improve his abilities as a trainer of preachers in Thailand and Vietnam. Please pray for refugees K and A, still held at the International Detention Centre; A is not in the best of health and misses his wife S and daughter M very much, so has asked Johnny to find out about getting bail, which would cost around £1,150. The UN Commissioner for Refugees has asked to speak with S; please pray the family’s case will make progress. No news about Q, but pray he may yet come to faith, and may get his hoped-for asylum in Australia. Days are a bit hectic in the McClean’s house with Ann teaching and the three children all learning online at home together! Some UK university students are back on campus, but son Matthew is not planning to return to Belfast till September, so hopefully his lectures are continuing online – probably in the middle of the night! Ann’s headmaster who left last August has just died suddenly. Pray for his wife in Thailand and his family in the UK. Megumi and Helen Fazakerley, usually in Malawi but currently on prolonged home assignment at home on the Wirral, have booked flights back to Malawi, but the airline keeps changing the dates: latest for their return is June 24th from Manchester. HotPott - June 2021

Megumi & Helen's brother

The language learning webinar Megumi ran went well, but he has the same problem as me – running over time! Apparently he has a reputation at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) of his classes always being longer than they are scheduled to be. Helen continues to serve in her roles in Malawi

through email and Zoom. Meanwhile they have enjoyed a few outdoor occasions of mixing with family and friends. Son Joshua visited before starting with the Metropolitan Police, and Helen and Megumi made a trip to the Midlands to see Helen’s sister and their 92 year old dad, who is pleased he made the move to live with his daughter’s family there. Megumi and Helen plan to visit Ivy, Helen’s step-mum, who is in a care home on the Wirral, get their second Covid jabs, visit the dentist and have a week with Joshua and Nadine in London before they go back to Malawi. Helen has had a haircut at last; it would be unkind to post a picture of her before the cut! Do pray for a safe return to Malawi, and that Megumi will be able to fit in well at EBCoM after the changes which have apparently been taking place in their absence.

Aidan's Jokes What is a sheep’s favourite sweet? A chocolate baa *** When is the moon heaviest? When it’s full *** What do children make that adults can’t see? A lot of noise *** When do rhinos have 12 legs? When there’s 3 of them *** A man walks into a health food shop. A shelf of Omega 3 oil falls on him. It’s alright though he’s just got Super Fish Oil injuries. *** Why don’t Dalmatians play hide and seek? Because they’re always spotted HotPott - June 2021

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The Suffering Church A second wave of COVID in Nepal, a Hindumajority country, has coincided with a wave of anti-Christian hostility. Barnabas’s project partner reports Christians being victimised by Hindu extremists and marginalised in their communities, even to the extent of discrimination against Christian Covid patients resulting in them receiving poorer care than others. The pandemic catastrophe in India has spread to neighbouring Nepal by means of large numbers of migrant workers and others frequently crossing the long and porous border the two countries share. This, together with a haphazard vaccination programme, has resulted in huge numbers of cases and hospitals becoming overwhelmed. Nepal has few doctors per head of population (0.7 per

Page 24

Persecuted Christians in Nepal; Barnabas

100,000) and fewer than 600 ventilators for its population of 30 million. Poor transport infrastructure makes delivering healthcare to the remote regions of this largely rural country very challenging. For poor Christians, the situation is disastrous: medical care is

HotPott - June 2021

unaffordable and quarantining in hotels, as wealthier Covid patients are doing, totally unattainable. Thousands of pastors are struggling to feed their families: their income has disappeared as church closures mean no offerings are collected in meetings, but their church members, many of whom have lost their jobs due to lockdown or persecution, continue to look to their pastors for practical help as well as spiritual care. Christian burial is also problematic: the government has refused to give land for Christians dying of COVID to be buried in Kathmandu, so bodies must be taken 600 km to Nepalgunj, which, like the capital, is a COVID hotspot. Three Pakistani Christian nurses were accused of blasphemy after a WhatsApp post deemed critical of the government was shared. Although there was no blasphemous content in the post, a group of Muslim nurses occupied the Christian chapel at the Punjab Institute of Mental Health in Lahore on 27 April and called for it to be turned into a mosque. Naat (poems in praise of the prophet Muhammad) were recited in front of a wooden cross, significant because for many Muslims once a place has been used for Islamic worship it is considered to ‘belong’ to Islam for ever. Later, hundreds of staff demonstrated against the Christian nurses so they fled in fear of their lives. The nurses have taken extended leave from their jobs, concerned that the threat against them will persist, though Christian and Muslim religious leaders report the dispute is settled and no police complaints will be filed against anyone involved; a church minister has confirmed that Christian health workers will use the chapel for weekly worship as before. This is the third reported incident of 'blasphemy’ against Pakistani Christian nurses this year. Remember the Greek-speaking Christian widows in the Jerusalem church who were finding life hard, and the seven deacons appointed by the church to help them? HotPott - June 2021

Christian nurses arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan; UCA News

(Acts 6:1-7) In the absence of any deacons, Barnabas Fund provides monthly food parcels to 400 desperately needy Christian widows and their dependents, most of whom suffer the additional problem of persecution and discrimination in Pakistan today. ‘It felt like the end of the world when he died,’ said Salma, whose husband died two years ago. She obtained work as a domestic servant to a Muslim family, but on discovering she was a Christian they sacked her; she was subsequently fired from three consecutive factory jobs but is hoping her current post will last. Salma has to leave her three young daughters at home whilst she works and is always afraid for them. During term the older two go to school so Salma has to take her three year old to work. Another lady, Zohara, was widowed four years ago when her husband did not come home from his factory job; a few days later his body was found in a sewer. The police refused to investigate. Like

Food parcels from Barnabas, Pakistan

continued → Page 25

Salma, Zohara has three daughters to support but Zohara cannot work because she has problems with her joints. ‘The food package has been a great blessing for me,’ said Zohara. 'May God bless you a lot.’ Barnabas Fund’s monthly food parcels not only reduce hunger, but also enable the children to go to school rather than out to work, which gives hope for the future. Moreover, the children can concentrate on their studies, as they go to school after a nourishing breakfast rather than hungry.

Shafqat Emmanuel & Shagufta Kausar, Pakistan; Barnabas

The European Parliament has just adopted a resolution calling for the abolition of as being ‘incompatible with international Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. Members of the human rights laws’. Christians are especially European Parliament (MEPs) cite ‘an alarming vulnerable, as simply stating their beliefs increase in accusations of blasphemy’ adding can be construed as blasphemy and the that Pakistan’s judicial system does not deal lower courts usually favour the testimony properly with accusations due to judges’ ‘fear of Muslims, in accordance with Islamic law. of exonerating those falsely accused’. MEPs Accusations often trigger mob violence and therefore called upon 'the Government of even killings. Those acquitted of allegations Pakistan to review and ultimately abolish live in fear of attack by extremists and may be these laws and their application’, arguing unable to return to their homes. Please pray that 'people who are accused of blasphemy that the European Parliament’s resolution will have to fear for their lives regardless of the have a positive impact, and of course please outcome of judicial procedures’. MEPs are pray for all persecuted Christians, wherever also concerned that the blasphemy laws they are. are often abused, with false accusations Thanks to Barnabas, UCAnews and the Nepal being made, giving the example of Christian Red Cross for the information contained in couple Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta the above article. Kausar, who were sentenced to death for 'blasphemy’ in 2014 despite a dearth of “Your magazine evidence. MEPs also note that no appeal needs you.” has yet been allowed, and Shafqat has not received adequate medical attention for a t n’ spinal injury. The resolution also calls for Do get r review of Pakistan’s GSP+ status, which fo waives tariffs on European Union imports from Pakistan subject to it implementing Please send your contributions to international conventions relating to human rights. MEPs conclude that the magazine@pottshrigleychurch.org.uk blasphemy laws are 'exacerbating existing no later than midnight on..... religious divides and thus fomenting Sunday, 13th June a climate of religious intolerance, violence and discrimination’ as well www.pottshrigleychurch.org.uk HotPott - June 2021

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HotPott - June 2021

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Est since 1890

1 Henshall Road, Bollington. Tel: 01625 572110


TO BOOK CONTACT US ON 01625 575757 or email reservations@shrigleyhallhotelandspa.co.uk pott Shrigley, nr Macclesfield, Cheshire, sk10 5sb

- Interior Refurbishment Specialists - Plastering & Joinery - Interior & Exterior Decorating - Wallpaper Hanging - Experienced Craftsmen - Professional & Reliable Service - Insured & Accredited

“Alex and his team decorated a large area of hall, stairs and landing. They were thorough, professional and I’m delighted with the result. I would highly recommend.”

M: 07874 188 050 • T: 0161 439 9195 A: 17 Earle Road, Bramhall, SK7 3HE E: info@springdecorating.co.uk W: www.springdecorating.co.uk Spring Decorating Limited, registered in England and Wales No. 11658913

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HotPott - June 2021

Recipe of the Month Sultana Cake

Tasty and easy to make, all this delicious cake requires is the most basic of ingredients, most of which you’ll likely have lurking in your cupboards.

Anne Murphy And, like all the best cake recipes, it's very versatile. Low on Sultanas? Why not mix it up a bit with whatever else you have – cranberries, raisins, nuts or chocolate chips… Ingredients • • • • • •

140g (5oz) margarine/butter (at room temperature) 140g (5oz) caster sugar (we use golden caster sugar for a more caramel taste) 3 free-range eggs 225g (8oz) self raising flour 1/4 teaspoon lemon extract 170g (6oz) sultanas

Method • • • • • • •

Transfer the batter to the pre-lined tin and bake in the pre-heated oven for about one hour until risen, golden and a skewer inserted comes out clean. Leave to cool in the tin for a few minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

😄 Enjoy a generous slice with a cuppa before Tom & Steve find & polish it off...

Or make one to sell at the Rose Queen! Editor.

Pre-heat oven to 170°C (150°C fan/Gas Mark 4). Line a 2lb loaf tin with greaseproof paper. In a large bowl, cream together the margarine/butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at time, ensuring they are mixed through before adding the next. Add the lemon extract. Sift in the flour and gently fold to create a batter. Add the sultanas and mix to ensure they are evenly distributed.

Thinking about advertising in this magazine?

For commercial or private advertising, please contact us for free advice and very reasonable rates: magazine@pottshrigleychurch.org.uk HotPott - June 2021

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Services 6th June. 8.30am 10.45am

Morning Prayer Morning Worship

2 Corinthians 4.13 – 5.1 Mark 3.20–35

David Swales

Morning Prayer Morning Worship

Mark 5:21-43

James Gibson

Morning Prayer Morning Worship

2 Corinthians 6.1–13 Mark 4.35–41

Lynne Bowden

13th June. 8.30am 10.45am

20th June 8.30am 10.45am

27th June. Rose Queen 8.30am 10.45am

Holy Communion Family Service

Mark 5.21–43

Morning Prayer Morning Worship

2 Corinthians 12.2–10 Mark 6.1–13

David Swales Anne Murphy & David Swales

4th July. 8.30am 10.45am •

If you would like to attend any of our services in person, please let Duncan Matheson know.

All 10:45am services will be streamed live - visit our website for direct links.

A recording of each live-streamed service will be available from the services page of the church wesite: http://www.pottshrigleychurch.org.uk Prayers


6th June

Paul Bowden

Richard Chasty

13th June

Celia Fraser

Reg Ferguson

20th June


Audrey Meecham

27th June

Children & Young people

4th July

Pam Cooke

David Swales

Mike Akerman

*** Our elderly vicar was very devout, but sometimes lost his place during the service. One Sunday as we reached the Creed there was a long silence, so the curate went across to him and gently touched his arm. “I believe in God,” she whispered. The vicar smiled back happily. “Oh so do I, so do I! Page 34

HotPott - June 2021

HotPott - June 2021

Page 35

Directory Priest-in-charge:

Rev. David Swales, The Vicarage, Spuley Lane, SK10 5RS


vicar@pottshrigleychurch.org.uk Readers:

Dr John Ryley (Reader Emeritus), 2 Wych Lane, Adlington, SK10 4NB


Parish Assistant:

Gillian Mosley, 129 St Austell Avenue, Macclesfield, SK10 3NY



Andy Phillips, 26 Hurst Lane, Bollington, SK10 5LP

07881 358976

andyphillips@totalise.co.uk David Gem, Ridge Hall Farm, Ridge Hill, Sutton, Macclesfield, SK11 0LU

01260 252287

davidgem@gmail.com Verger:

Situation Vacant

PCC Secretary:

Chris Day pccsecretary@pottshrigleychurch.org.uk

PCC Treasurer:

Peter Kennedy, kennedyp@tuckerssolicitors.com

Gift Aid & Planned Giving:

Sally Winstanley, 3 Green Close Cottages, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SG

07850 740335


Mary Currell, 61 Crossfield Road, Bollington, SK10 5EA


sjwinstanley.ps@gmail.com 573735

marycurrell61@btinternet.com David Garton, davidgarton2020@gmail.com


Andy Phillips, as above

07881 358976

Weekly Bulletin:

David Gem, as above

01260 252287

Electoral Roll and Safeguarding officer:

Kath Matheson, Church View Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA

Tower Captain:

Duncan Matheson, Church View Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA


kmmpott@yahoo.co.uk 574983

dmmpott@yahoo.co.uk Pastoral Care Team:

Kim Swales, The Vicarage, Spuley Lane, SK10 5RS


Church Guild:

Georgina Wray, 14 Paladin Place, Bank Close, Macclesfield, SK11 7HE


georginawray@btinternet.com Children’s Ministry:

Anne Murphy, 14 Silver Street, Bollington, SK10 5QL


annemurphy1214@gmail.com Praise and Play:

Situation Vacant

Parish Council Clerk:

Joyce Burton, pottclerk@btinternet.com

Wedding Coordinator:

Pam Cooke, weddings@pottshrigleychurch.org.uk

Head Teacher:

Joanne Bromley, Pott Shrigley Church School, SK10 5RT


head@pottshrigley.cheshire.sch.uk Website:

Tess Phillips, 26 Hurst Lane, Bollington, SK10 5LP

PCC Members:

Dr John Ryley, Duncan Matheson, Sally Winstanley, Peter Kennedy, Jean Ferguson, Andy Phillips, Pam Cooke, Ian Clarke, Mary Currell, Mike Akerman, Rebecca Roth-Biester Sheila Garton, David Garton, David Gem, Anne Murphy, Kath Matheson, Chris Day, Reg Ferguson.


(please prefix numbers with 01625)

This directory was updated on 20th May 2021. Please give corrections and additions to magazine@pottshrigleychurch.org.uk

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HotPott June 2021  

Pott Shrigley Parish Magazine

HotPott June 2021  

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