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HotPott - July & August 2017


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HotPott - July & August 2017

David’s Deliberations Dear Friends,

that Sunday. Even though some had never been before – or not for For Kim and myself, the past month has been an enjoyable time some time – they wanted and of transition and discovery: every needed to be in church that day. day bringing new friends and new Sadly, I also remember being a knowledge of a curate some years wonderful area, earlier in Bradford at parish and church. the time of the football stadium fire In contrast that there, with a similar response in same month, for our society and the local community. nation, has been one of shock and

David Swales

dismay, fear and anxiety. Three appalling terrorist events and the dreadful disaster of Grenfell Tower have left us fearful and uncertain: traumatised by the horror, and worried about what might be next.

I feel immensely privileged that people do turn to the church in times of crisis and sadness. Not only, of course, the large scale tragedies but just as much the countless private sadnesses and struggles which are in all It reminds me of the atmosphere in Merseyside over 25 years ago at communities at all times. Or, it continued → the time of the Hillsborough disaster where 96 Liverpool football fans died. I was a curate in Birkenhead at the time and had the sad duty of conducting the funeral of one of the victims. There was a palpable sense of shock and sadness, but also a strong desire to do something to help. I remember four lads from our estate turning up at my door: I recognised them as boys whom I regularly caught throwing stones at the church windows! They declared that they wished to do something to help the victims’ families – and they wanted my support for their plans. I remember too an unusually large congregation HotPott - July & August 2017


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David’s Deliberations


Licenced to...


2017 Rose Queen.– a joyous occasion


A Day in the Life of Jessica Day


The Church Mouse


Missionary Matters


Guild Goings On

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may be truer to say, at significant times in their lives (both of sadness and joy), many people become aware of their need for God’s help and strength – even those who, like those Birkenhead lads, would not normally admit to it!

stepping stone to faith: and to a faith which then stays with them in the ‘ordinary’ times as well as in the crisis times. And it is this faith – this God – who offers us His peace in the midst of all the current change, turmoil and uncertainty.

I have seen so many people over the years find times of sorrow and crisis to be a


Licensed to... On the evening of Tuesday, May 30th, St Christopher’s Church was packed with people of all ages welcoming Revd David Swales and his wife, Kim, to Pott Shrigley. David was licensed as priest-in-charge; the Bishop of Chester, the Rt Revd Dr Peter Forster, took the service and the Archdeacon of Macclesfield, the Ven Ian Bishop, delivered the sermon. He reminded David what a privilege it was to serve in a parish where those on the church electoral roll outnumber those on the civil electoral register! David was introduced by the Rural Dean, Revd Veronica Hydon. Before coming to Pott Shrigley David had been vicar of three parishes near Stowmarket in Suffolk (Haughley, Wetherden and Stowupland) so invited guests came all the way from Suffolk as well as from places as far afield as Ilkley and Ilkeston, Croydon and Collin (Dumfries), and a host of other places similarly far flung. Friends who had taken services for us during the interregnum were welcomed back and the rest of the church was full of members of our own congregation who wanted Page 4

to see what sort of vicar God had decided to send us. Members of our church, village and local community were involved in the service, mostly by offering a welcome to David and Kim. After the service tea and a delicious selection of home-made cakes were served in the village hall.

It was agreed by those who attended that the service and the whole evening had been a great success. Many thanks to all who had helped to make it so. We wish David and Kim every happiness as they settle into our community.

HotPott - July & August 2017

2017 Rose Queen – a joyous occasion

We were blessed with wonderful sunny (and blisteringly hot!) weather for Rose Queen weekend; what a contrast to last year when we watched the rain teem down in torrents and all had to wear wellies! Rose Queen Holly Eyre, Rose Bud Nia Langdon, Rose King Jonas Simon and Rose Prince Ollie Lloyd looked resplendent in their outfits and fulfilled their roles with aplomb. The crowning took place in church. It was preceded by prayers from the vicar and remarks from the head teacher, both newcomers to their particular roles in the ceremony but done with the calmness and expertise of old hands. The Rose Queen was crowned by the retiring Rose Queen and the Rose Bud Princess by one of her attendants.

provided by the water slide, the blow-up skittles, the bouncy castle and the zorb pool – it was impossible to tell if the children or the adults were having a better time in there! The moving and highly relevant family service on Sunday was taken by Anne and Steve Murphy. We now have a guitar-playing vicar who gave presentations of books to the Rose Royalty at the service. We are looking forward to experiencing more of his expertise over the coming months.

We enjoyed all the traditional activities at the fete – barbeque, face painting, raffle, guess the name of the teddy, tea and cakes – plus the wheelbarrow race, which saw Mark and Niamh Davies triumphing this year. However, it was difficult to match the excitement and fun HotPott - July & August 2017


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As ever, the success of the Rose Queen celebrations depends not on the weather but on the hard work of all those involved in making the preparations, in giving their time on the day and, of course, to all those who

attend to enjoy this traditional village event. All those involved are determined that whatever the circumstances Pott Shrigley Rose Queen Festival should continue long into the future.

A day in the life of Jessica Day I wake up and start calling for Mummy and Daddy. I can hear them saying something about ‘turns’; eventually Daddy comes into my room and I get my bottle of milk. ‘Breakfast?’ I say, but he doesn’t seem to understand and suggests I play with my toys for a bit. After a while I climb into Mummy and Daddy’s bed and play peepo under the covers.

changes my nappy and gets me dressed. We go downstairs again and find my shoes; I love my shoes. Mummy and Daddy also put their shoes on, and Mummy waves goodbye and goes to the car. Then Daddy and I get our ‘bike hats’ on and he straps me into the seat on the back of his bike and we go off to nursery. I chat to Daddy as we go and sometimes I can tickle his back.

Mummy and Daddy

I have more breakfast at nursery, toast this time, yum. We sing nursery rhymes and I can do some of the actions, my favourites are ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Old MacDonald’. Finally Mummy takes me downstairs and I get Then we all sit down for a snack of fruit. Next Weetabix for breakfast; apparently I make we go out to play in the garden, the best thing much less mess than I used to but Mummy still about being outside is that we can see the insists on wiping my face afterwards. Mummy diggers on the building site next to nursery but

(Chris and Rosie Day)

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HotPott - July & August 2017

cous-cous’ and melon. I play on the slide for a bit then I see Mummy through the window and run over to give her a cuddle. I grab my coat off my hook and head towards the door whilst Mummy chats to Jess the nursery nurse. We walk out to the car, now I can do it myself instead of being carried. I point out the diggers to Mummy; she doesn’t get very excited. We get home and get my wooden train set out, choo-choo! I play whilst Mummy cooks; Daddy comes back with his bike and I give him a hug and kiss. We play trains together and then we all sit down for dinner, vegetable curry and rice. I climb up the stairs with Mummy and she counts as we go. Bath-time now, I like playing with my duck and splashing. Showers are fun too; I get to have one after I go swimming there is also a see-saw. Now it’s time for with Daddy on Mondays. Pyjamas on and lunch, we all sit round the tables and eat Daddy reads me a story whilst I drink my milk. tomato pasta followed by cake and custard. Today we read ‘Chocolate Mousse for Greedy After all that I need a nap! Goose’ and ‘Peepo’. As we close the curtains When I wake up I read books with my we wave bye-bye to everything we can see: favourite nursery worker who is called Jess cars, houses, dogs, trees, Bollington. Then I lie like me, then we play in the sand pit. We all sit down in my cot and give my teddy a cuddles, at the tables again for tea; we have ‘rainbow it’s been a lovely day.

The Church Mouse Here among the neat-hung cassocks Amidst the rows of tidy hassocks I dwell, a mouse of notoriety Of whom the poet wrote a diary. But since that day my life is meaner For now the church has got a cleaner! The congregation come on Sunday But do not know that on a Monday The muck and mess that they created By her is swiftly dissipated!

She races hither and rushes thither Efficiency that makes us quiver! She scrubs and cleans and mops and hoovers She cleans the windows, dusts the louvres; And any food that’s left around Is very swiftly run to ground. Her industry’s so very great That we shall have to emigrate! So you who come to church on Sunday Remember those who clean on Monday! By Nigel Beeton

HotPott - July & August 2017


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Missionary Matters Megumi and Helen Fazakerley are counting the days to their next home assignment - just seven weeks now. They will be so pleased to see their children again - and we will be so pleased to see them at St. Christopher’s on September 17th. Mary in particular needs some parental influence near at hand as she still seems to have no idea where she should be aiming in life; pray for her - and that Megumi and Helen will have real

qualifications in English such as EBCoM’s diploma course (and proposed degree course), and look down on the certificate course in the local language Chichewa that Megumi teaches - and on the students who take it. Megumi considers that the majority of people in most churches, particularly outside major towns, cannot meaningfully benefit from teaching, preaching or pastoral aid given in English. He is glad of the opportunity that still remains at EBCoM for reaching out to those who are excluded elsewhere from studying God’s word and preparing for their callings. Do pray for his students that they will be well able to minister effectively in the power of the Holy Spirit to the churches up and down Malawi to which they will be called. Ministry in the heart language of people is so much more effective than in the more universal European languages used in so many countries - which explains why so much translation work of the scriptures into vernacular tongues is going on these days.

John Ryley

wisdom in interacting with her! Helen had a successful visit up north to see and encourage a number of team members in Lilongwe and beyond. This is the season for missionary movements - a number of people are arriving for short-term service, and some families are returning after home assignment. But a number are leaving for home assignment, and some for good - half the ladies in the team will be going! For the next year the field office is critically short of staff; a personnel coordinator and a finance administrator are urgently needed. Graduation day at Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) is on June 30th so what with teaching, exams and marking, stress levels are up for both students and staff! Megumi feels that many in the college, and people in Malawi in general, are in awe of Page 8

Guess what? No news again from Johnny and Ann McClean - even in cyberspace - but that does not mean we should be forgetting to pray regularly for them, their family, and their work in Thailand!

HotPott - July & August 2017

Guild Goings On The St Christopher’s Church Guild met on Wednesday 14th May when the speaker was Mr Keith Yearsley OBE. He spoke about his work in music and teaching. Mr Yearsley is the organist at Gawsworth Church and the conductor of the Macclesfield Oriana Choir; he has conducted many concerts including at the old Majestic Cinema and has many funny stories about the music people ask him to play at weddings and funerals.

football so he arranged for all their matches to be held on Saturdays, thus ensuring that the parents stayed in Macclesfield and the grandparents came over from Manchester to watch the games. What a good idea that was!

Rita Bunting

Keith was a teacher at several schools in Macclesfield, including Beech Lane where Dorothy Stewart also taught. He became head teacher at Upton Priory, which had 400 pupils. The Upton Priory estate was populated at the time by people who had been re-housed from Manchester and at weekends they all went back ‘home’ leaving the estate empty. So Keith thought of a remedy. All the boys loved

Mr Yearsley had a list of 60 pieces of music, many of which he played to us on the piano. It was an interesting and jolly afternoon. Thank you Keith! We ended with tea and cakes provided by Sheena. Thanks to Gill Mosley for her kind donation to the guild. Our next meeting is to be held on Wednesday 12th July at the Coffee Tavern where there will be a strawberry tea. We sent our best wishes to Roy Stratford who is in hospital at the moment; we hope he will be better soon. Credit: Macclesfield Express

HotPott - July & August 2017


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From the Chalkface We have been getting the children out and Over the summer break, we anticipate that we about over the past few weeks. As well as our will redevelop the outside classroom to weekly swimming sessions at Bollington provide an outstanding learning environment Leisure Centre, we have been for our younger pupils. This is an enjoying a regular ‘Forest School’ exciting project, which sees the session at 'Nest in the Woods', newly acquired land at the back of formerly the 'Whacky Woods'. The the school being changed from children have had a great time agricultural land into a wonderful there, learning all about the outdoor learning and play area. We are also environment and challenging their putting together a bid to the diocese own abilities. We also had a for a climbing and outside activity fantastic day at Errwood area, again on newly Reservoir in the Goyt acquired land. Although Valley recently. We this is a slightly longerwere guided around the term project, it will Interim Headteacher ruined Errwood Hall by create a fantastic play Pott Shrigley Church School the Peak Park Rangers area suitable for all the in the morning and children. heard stories of the lives of the previous Finally, I am delighted that Mr Paul Quirk will wealthy owners. For many of the children, the be the new headteacher at Pott Shrigley highlight of the trip was in the afternoon when Church School from this September. Mr Quirk they were able to ride in the powered rescue is currently the headteacher at Kettleshulme boat on the reservoir. They also had an School and will split his time between both opportunity to find out how the fishermen tied schools, though this will not be a formal their flies, cast their lines and landed the fish. federation between the two schools. I am sure The delicious barbecued trout that the children that he will receive a wonderful welcome from tried was an added bonus! All in all, it was a the Pott Shrigley community and I know he will brilliant, memorable and educational day out. provide positive leadership to take the school

Mark Bertinshaw

We were delighted to meet with Reverend David Swales in school shortly after his licensing service. He joined us for one of our assemblies and the children were very impressed with his guitar skills! We are pleased that Reverend David is also one of our school governors and we thank him for his thoughtful prayer at his first governing board meeting. We hope that he will be a regular visitor to the school and we are greatly looking forward to further strengthening the links between St Christopher's and the school. Page 10

forward. Mark Bertinshaw, Interim Headteacher Soon to be hanging up his cane and dusting the glitter and chalk from his jacket for the final time! I’m sure the whole community wishes to thank Mr Bertinshaw for his excellent contribution to Pott Shrigley Church School over the last few months; he arrived at an extremely difficult time and provided the leadership required to ‘steady the ship’ and move our lovely school forward to its next phase. Editor. HotPott - July & August 2017

Why we love the Summer Term We return to school after our Easter break with so much to look forward to. These are the reasons why the summer term at Pott Shrigley Church School is so awesome.

The Children of Class 2 Pott Shrigley Church School When we arrive in the playground, we look forward to seeing the new baby lambs in the field. They come really close to the fence. This year, class 1 even went on a visit to Mr Wainwright’s farm to see some of his new lambs being born. Coming to school in such a beautiful location means we have lots of outdoor fun. We have our P.E lessons on the cricket field, and sometimes our playtimes too!

community and beyond. We look forward to seeing the Rose Queen’s crown get handed over, and it is very special to have Rose Queens visit us from other villages. We’re delighted to see Hollie and Jonas crowned as the Rose Queen and King this year! Once we go over to the village green, all of the children in our class open up the party with the maypole dance, and then we enjoy visiting all of the stalls. Some of us even run our own stalls to raise funds for the school and the village hall. We also end our year with an eagerly anticipated school production. We love to perform on the stage to a huge audience of parents and grandparents. We are already busy preparing for our very own version of ‘Peter Pan’. Oh no we’re not. Oh yes we are!!

Another outdoor activity that we get to do in the summer term is ‘Forest Schools’. We go to Nest in the Woods to do lots of great outdoor learning with Adam. Some of our favourite things to do are ‘frog bog’, ‘tinker town’, den building, fire making, tree climbing, eating marshmallows and of course the giant mud slide. We’ve also been on some fantastic residential trips during the summer term. We have been to Robin Wood activity centre in Todmorden, a city visit to York and a residential trip to Menai in Anglesey, and a very recent outdoor excursion to the Goyt Valley. A highlight of the summer term for the children and staff of our school is the annual Rose Queen fete and ceremony. It is a wonderful event where the school celebrate with members of the local HotPott - July & August 2017


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The summer term is a time for happy endings and new beginnings. The Year 6s are relieved to have finished their SATs tests and all of their hard work during their time at school comes to an end. We are sad to wave off our Year 6 friends, but also happy to wish them

happiness and love on their new journey to high school. The rest of us also look forward to moving up to a new year group with new responsibilities. Most of all, the summer term means we’re even closer to the SIX-WEEKS’-HOLIDAYS!

School Governors’ News Following on from our chair of governors’ comprehensive article on school in May’s Ho†Pott, I can bring you up to date with our most recent progress:

All of us involved with school – the children, staff and governors – want to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to St. Christopher’s PCC for their generous donation which will go towards After much careful thought and discussion, the essential items for our reception class. governors agreed to embrace ‘flexi-schooling’ A ‘Friends of Pott Shrigley’ website and which is an arrangement between school and Facebook page have been launched and the parents who wish to home-educate their trust is currently being finalised. A JustGiving children for part of the school week. It is fundraising page to help raise necessary funds particularly helpful for families with children has been set up: who have additional special needs, including gifted and talented children and multi-lingual FriendsofPottShrigley? families. utm_id=2&utm_term=w6zGqMawe Our resources committee has been busy balancing the books and along with the community committee, exploring opportunities for grants to help fund the Early Years provision and features such as railings, walling, ground covering and overhead protection from the weather, which will enhance our safety and safeguarding measures. We are very grateful to Mr Mark Bertinshaw, our interim headteacher, who has led the school admirably since 27th February and we are delighted to say that we have a new headteacher taking over the reins in September – Mr Paul Quirk. He is currently a school governor, so is very much ‘in tune’ with Pott Shrigley Church School and is looking forward to meeting the wider community. Page 12

Please take a moment to have a look and if you feel able to donate, thank you. Please feel free to share the link with anyone who is interested in keeping our school open and the children thriving!

Fortunately, it was a perfect mosquito, without spot or blemish

HotPott - July & August 2017

We are pleased to remind you of our popular

2nd Friday of every month, 6pm ‘til 9.30pm

Serving Locally Brewed Real Ale & Speciality Lagers Easy parking, comfortable surroundings and good company.

Smile-lines The new minister decided to visit the Sunday school in his new church, to see what the children were like. The teacher explained that that morning they were looking at the book of Joshua. ‘That's wonderful,’ said the new minister, ‘let's see what you're learning. So tell me, who tore down the walls of Jericho?’ After a short silence, one small lad, Billy, shyly raised his hand. ‘Please sir, it wasn’t me.’ Taken aback, the minister said. ‘That’s silly, and you know it. Come on, now, who tore down the walls of Jericho?’ The teacher interrupted firmly: ‘Vicar, Billy's basically a good boy. If he says he didn't do it, then I believe he didn't do it.’ Flustered, the minister went to the churchwarden and related the story to him. HotPott - July & August 2017

‘That child won’t tell me who tore down the walls of Jericho!’ The church warden looked concerned. ‘Oh dear. We’ve had some problems with Billy before. But a wall! Let me talk to him and see what we can do.’ Really bothered now by the lack of biblical knowledge in his new church, the new minister brought up the subject with his curate the next morning. ‘I was shocked to learn that neither Billy, the teacher, nor the church warden can tell me who tore down the walls of Jericho!’ The curate, a peace-loving young woman, tried to calm the situation. ‘Well, vicar, these things happen. I think we just take the money from the general fund and offer to pay for the walls, and leave it at that.’


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Cricket Club News As Pott Shrigley Cricket Club approach the mid stage of the season, both the first and second teams are well placed in their respective divisions. The first team currently lies fourth after eight games, with the highlight of the season being a one wicket win over Holmes Chapel in a very tense finish at Pott. Captain Ryan Fitter has scored the most runs so far, with Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson taking the most wickets. The second team is also fourth and recently beat Appleton third team by 10 wickets. Andrew Tomenson has scored the most runs with Rich Caslaw taking most

wickets. We are always looking for new members and supporters - please come along on a Saturday afternoon, it is great entertainment.

Matt Jackson

A Day in the Sun I was shocked and very sad to read that John Barrow had recently passed away. Seeing John stood serving or giving me a wave outside the family butchers was a regular occurrence as I made my way to and from the cricket ground. He was better known for his cuts of meat than his square cuts of the ‘red cherry’.

regulars in a very mixed side that included several second XI players, one of which was John. Winning the toss on a warm sunny day we decided to bat. Derrick and myself opened as usual knowing we needed a good score to stand any chance with our sparse attack. We struggled at first but by the end of the time allowed we had around 200 runs, though we were still not sure this was enough on such a small ground. It took us ages to get a breakthrough then Derrick, always one to try something different, decided to ask John to It was 1963 and Pott Shrigley was trying hard bowl. John always saw himself as the next Fred to improve under skipper Derrick Brooke; despite playing only (so called) friendly cricket, Trueman: with his long bustling run and his bright red cheeks he frightened us as well as we liked to think we took the game seriously. On the weekend in question we were playing a the home batsmen! That day was to become John’s finest hour. His mixture of new opponent, Ashburton, away and wanted determination to do well and pace on a hard to make a good impression so we may get wicket soon saw him tearing through another fixture the following season. We thought our batting could have been stronger Ashburton’s top order. In no time at all he had taken 5 wickets for 0 runs. The home side but we were definitely worried about our bowling. Only Derrick Brooke and myself were collapsed to 110 all out and we cheered John all the way home. Of course at the end of

Graham Hackney

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HotPott - July & August 2017

season dinner there was only ever going to be one winner for the ‘Match Winning Performance of the Year’ – John Barrow.

I miss the wave now but will always remember John’s day in the sun. Thank you John. Rita Barrow has kindly allowed us to use a photo she has of John receiving the cup from Club President Mrs Hulme, who was asked to take over from her husband Frank when he died in 1962; Mrs Carrie Cooper (wife of Isaac, the chairman of the parish council at the time) and club secretary John Vernon are sitting but can anyone identify the two gentlemen in the background?

Graham has a photo of the dinner that was in the Macclesfield Express (and from which Graham was rather rudely edited out!); the event was held at the original Bollington & Pott Shrigley Conservative Club. Isaac Cooper, who was a founder member of Pott Shrigley Cricket Club in 1919 and parish councilor for 36 years from 1937 to 1973, is also in the photo, fourth from the right (as you look at photo) next to Carrie. They married at St Christopher’s in 1921. John Vernon is on Carrie’s right in the photo; please let the editor know of others you know in the photo. *** “Well, well,” said the old vicar to some boys who were playing cricket. “I wish I could join your game, but I’m too old.” “You CAN join in,” said the ‘captain’. “Our ball has just gone through that window. You can go ask for it back, and also ask for forgiveness for us.” Please note Flix in the Stix will return on 6th September with Patriots’ Day, a film about the bombing of the Boston Marathon in 2013. Certificate 15. HotPott - July & August 2017


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“Your Vote, Your Council” SPEED INDICATION DEVICE (SID) Recently there has been much discussion about the SID schedules; how long the SID should remain in the same place? Where would it be located? Who could install it? Who would retrieve the data? It was agreed at the June parish council meeting who will be employed to move the SID between locations.

Alison Greenwood A meeting was arranged with Sarah, the police community support officer, on 20th June; Cllr. Boulton attended. A rota has been produced and as Pott Shrigley is more interested in measuring the density (rather than the speed) of traffic it will remain in situ for six weeks. The three sites chosen to provide the best traffic count data are: near the entrance to the village green facing east, by Pott Mill Cottages and outside Pott Hall. The data will then provide a true representation of how traffic behaviour is changing/has changed during specific time periods. The clerk will create a spreadsheet of all the data collected; this can then be used to compare data before and after the opening of the Poynton by-pass to provide hard evidence to help ensure the mitigation measures needed are put in place. CHEVRON BEND (by Shrigley Hall Estate) The clerk has previously informed the Highways Department of the relevant parts of the Speed Management Strategy document Sept 2016, where it states: ‘A speed limit of 40 mph may be considered: where the function is predominantly local access or recreational for example in national parks Page 16

where there is a high volume of vulnerable road users for example on a recognised recreational route.’ The parish council has requested that a physical barrier to slow traffic down be constructed. Highways state such measures, such as barriers, rumble strips and warning signs, have to go through the Area Highways Group. Speed survey data is needed to inform the speed assessment required to comply with the Speed Management Strategy. There are issues with gaining any speed data due to restrictions in the suitable allowable positions of the SID. The clerk is currently awaiting a response regarding the parish council’s request for a physical barrier. BUS SERVICES REVIEW It is proposed that the 392 service (between Macclesfield and Stockport via Pott Shrigley) will in future terminate at the Park and Ride at Hazel Grove. The proposals can be viewed and comments made at busreview or in paper version at local libraries and Macclesfield Town Hall. The consultation closes on 26th July. The clerk has sent an email emphasising that the hourly frequency of the service is extremely important to the residents of Pott Shrigley who do not have access to any other form of public transport. She will also suggest that instead of the proposal to terminate the service at Hazel Grove, it should finish at Mersey Square, Stockport and the proposed circuitous route round Poynton should be abandoned. APPOINTMENT OF OFFICERS

a) Chair: Cllr. Wray was nominated by Cllr. Goodman, seconded by Cllr. Boulton and unanimously elected. HotPott - July & August 2017

b) Vice-chair: Cllr. Basford was nominated by Cllr. Wray, seconded by Cllr. Greenwood and unanimously elected.

Poynton SK12 1TF. Proposal: Construction of a manege, agricultural building, hardstanding and field c) Responsible Financial Officer: Joyce Burton access track. was nominated by Cllr. Wray, seconded by Cllr. Scheduled in minutes for July PC meeting. Goodman and unanimously elected. DECISION PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Reference: 17/2777M Location: Hayloft House, 3A Moorside Lane, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5RZ Proposal: Replacement dwelling, alteration to planning consent 14/2798M Pott Shrigley Parish Council strongly objects to this application with its apparent exploitation of planning rules and regulations emphasised by its frequent references to a ‘fallback position’. The council questions its legitimacy in this rural Green Belt location. The very substantial increase in floor area from the approved application appears excessive and totally out of keeping with the properties in the surrounding area. Reference: 17/2951M Location: Hillview, Shrigley Road, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire SK10 5SE. Proposal: Rear extension and re-working of property in relation to extant permission 14/3476M. Scheduled in minutes for July parish council meeting.

Reference: 17/1762M Location: Needygate Cottage, Shrigley Road, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire, SK10 5SG Proposal: Two storey extension. Planning permission: GRANTED PENDING Reference: NP/CEC/0317/0271 Location: Pott Shrigley Village Hall Proposal: Change of agricultural grazing land to Early Years Foundation Stage playground. The council supported this application. Reference: 17/2021M Location: Coniston, Shrigley Road South, Poynton, SK12 1TF Proposal: Demolition of existing house and outbuildings and proposed replacement dwelling (with associated landscaping) The council does not support this application. NEXT MEETING The next parish council meeting will commence at 8pm on Monday 3rd July 2017 in the village hall.

All are welcome to attend.

Reference: 17/2682M Location: Hagg Farm, Shrigley Road South, *** An elderly woman walked into the local country church. The friendly sidesman greeted her at the door . She wanted to sit in the front row. "You really don't want to do that", the sidesman said. "The minister is really boring."

"Do you happen to know who I am?" the woman inquired. The man shook his head. "I'm the minister’s mother!" “Do you know who I am?" he asked. She shook her head. "Good", he grinned. HotPott - July & August 2017


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HotPott - July & August 2017

Coffee Break Across 1 ‘I pray that out of his glorious — he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being’ (Ephesians 3:16) (6) 4 ‘Saul’s father Kish and — father Ner were sons of Abiel’ (1 Samuel 14:51) (6) 7 ‘Praise the Lord, O my — ’ (Psalm 103:1) (4) 8 See 5 Down 9 Laws (1 Kings 11:33) (8) 13 ‘Who of you by worrying can — a single hour to his life?’ (Luke 12:25) (3) 16 Artistry (Exodus 31:5) (13) 17 ‘Your young men will see visions, your — men will dream dreams’ (Acts 2:17) (3) 19 How David described his Lord (Psalm 19:14) (8) 24 ‘If this city is built and its — — restored, you will be left with nothing in TransEuphrates’ (Ezra 4:16) (5,3) 25 ‘The holy Scriptures, which are able to make you — for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus’ (2 Timothy 3:15) (4) 26 Intended destination of arrows (Lamentations 3:12) (6) 27 Eve hit (anag.) (6)

5 and 8 Across The Lover describes this facial feature of the Beloved thus: ‘Your — is like the tower of Lebanon looking towards — ’ (Song of Songs 7:4) (4,8) 6 ‘Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled — your waist’ (Ephesians 6:14) (5) 10 Trout (anag.) (5) 11 Easily frightened (1 Thessalonians 5:14) (5) 12 The ability to perceive (Ecclesiastes 10:3) (5) 13 One of the clans descended from Benjamin Down (Numbers 26:38) (9) 1 ‘For I am gentle and humble in heart, and you 14 “It is one of the Twelve,” he replied, “one will find — for your souls’ (Matthew 11:29) (4) who — bread into the bowl with me”’ (Mark 2 Where Peter was when he denied Christ 14:20) (4) three times (Luke 22:55) (9) 15 Resound (Zephaniah 2:14) (4) 3 Remarkable early 20th-century Indian 18 Traditional seat of the Dalai Lama (5) evangelist, a convert from Hinduism, — Sundar 20 Precise (John 4:53) (5) Singh (5) 21 Build (Ezekiel 4:2) (5) 4 ‘Now the king had put the officer on whose 22 Beat harshly (Acts 22:25) (4) — — leaned in charge of the gate’ (2 Kings 7:17) 23 Darius, who succeeded Belshazzar as king of (3,2) the Babylonians, was one (Daniel 5:31) (4) HotPott - July & August 2017


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HotPott - July & August 2017

HotPott - July & August 2017


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HotPott - July & August 2017

HotPott - July & August 2017


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The Church Abroad Each month I bring you news from our missionary friends and produce information concerning the plight of persecuted Christians around the world. David Gem suggested I write something to explain our involvement in these areas. As a church we currently give 10% of our budget each year to charitable causes; the bulk of our giving is directed to mission and Christian support. Two remarks of Jesus seem pertinent at this juncture: ‘you will be my the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8) and ‘all men will hate you because of me’ (Matthew 10:22).

John Ryley Years ago Geoffrey Greenhough, one of our previous vicars, suggested we help support some missionaries from one of the two missionary arms of the Anglican Church, the Church Missionary Society (CMS) and Crosslinks. Geoffrey chose the latter, and Dean and Paula Finnie were allocated to us. At the time, the Finnies were working with a church in Zimbabwe, but they were expelled from the country, and later moved to South Africa where they have had a somewhat chequered history. For various reasons we no longer support them.

this time I received prayer letters from most of the British missionaries in AEF and met a number of young people on orientation courses before they went to serve abroad; I am still in touch with, and pray regularly for, a number of these. Megumi from Japan and Helen Fazakerley from Cumbria met while training at All Nations Bible College, married (and took her surname rather than his Japanese one!), and were called to serve in Malawi with AEF. Margaret and I joined the Fazakerley’s sponsorship team, and when they visited our home we introduced them to St. Christopher’s - who also decided to help support them. They have been very faithful in keeping us in the picture, and send a regular prayer letter each month. They will be visiting St. Christopher’s on September 17th.

John and Christine Buckley served as missionaries in Thailand for around 10 years with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) and when they came to St Christopher’s, it was suggested we help support OMF, and we were allocated Johnny and Ann McClean, who were working with university and high school students in Central Thailand. In due course they moved to Bangkok and worked there with international university students - Thai students who have been educated in English speaking schools in Thailand or students from abroad who can I became a Christian in 1940 due to the ministry of a visiting speaker, David Tryon, who speak English. OMF decided to stop sponsoring student work, so the McCleans turned to was the youth worker for the South Africa General Mission (SAGM). This led to a lifetime United for Mission (UFM) as their sending agency. Johnny continued to work with interest in, and support of, mission. SAGM in students for several years, but Ann, in order to due course became Africa Evangelical help with finances, teaches in the International Fellowship (AEF), and for most of the 1990s I served on the British council of AEF until they School, which their three children attend; this merged with Serving in Mission (SIM). During too is proving a wonderful field for mission. Page 24

HotPott - July & August 2017

Johnny has recently changed focus to work with their local Thai church and with the Langham Fellowship in training and encouraging church leaders and pastors. Unfortunately the McCleans of late have been less informative of their work on a regular basis! Persecution of Christians by intolerant governments and by some of other faiths has increased over recent years. Barnabas Fund was founded in 1993 to give practical help to persecuted Christians in their suffering, and to publicise such situations to a world which just doesn’t want to know. We have helped support the work of Barnabas Fund for a number of years, and from time to time have held special ‘Persecuted Christians Sundays’. Barnabas disseminate masses of information; they produce the best daily prayer letter I have

HotPott - July & August 2017

ever seen, have an excellent magazine (look at one at the back of church) and issue a weekly email containing news and topics for prayer. We also support Open Doors, an organisation led by Brother Andrew and similar to Barnabas Fund in its care for the persecuted church. Years ago we were amazed at the stories associated with Brother Andrew and the smuggling of Bibles to countries behind the Iron Curtain. I get a weekly email from them; information is given about one situation, and great care is taken to protect their workers in the difficult settings they find themselves in.


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The Suffering Church Our concerns month by month lie with Christians around the world who because of their beliefs - which do not coincide with those of the majority in their countries, or with the totalitarian governments under which they live - suffer violence, discrimination, exclusion from communities, education or work opportunities, or even death, just because they believe in Jesus and want to follow the Bible as their guide for life. It is worth noting that Tim Farron has felt the necessity to resign from leadership of the LibDems because his Christian and biblical views do not coincide with those of many in our society today. Are we slowly heading for situations such as those found in the Middle East and beyond at this time?

a bank account and only released to the individual asylum-seeker when he or she agrees to leave the country permanently. Of course, none will return to the brutal communist regime of Eritrea, so where can they go? As a direct result of this new law, thousands of vulnerable asylum-seekers – already struggling to survive – will be plunged further into poverty. Employers will be loath to hire them because of the 16% levy, while those who manage to retain their jobs will lose a further 20% of their meagre income. The Israeli public has shown tremendous warmth and compassion to the Eritrean Christian refugees, generously donating food and other items to an Eritrean Christian agency for distribution to the neediest Eritreans - mainly mothers with small children. But, as the effects of the new law begin to bite, will these donations be sufficient? The agency desperately needs funds to buy more items, such as pasta, rice, cooking oil, baby formula

Now an unusual source of persecution: last weekend in Israel, thousands of Eritrean, Sudanese and Israeli people mounted a demonstration against the new ‘Deposit Law’ or ‘Pay Cheque Law’ which came into force on May 1st and apparently aims to create such hardship amongst African asylumseekers that they are forced out of the Holot detention centre in the Negev Desert of Israel: an Eritrean Christian asylum-seeker considers his future country. This law, officially entitled [Barnabas Fund] the ‘Law for Preventing Infiltrators and Ensuring their Departure’, deducts 20% from the earnings of every African asylum-seeker in addition to normal taxes. It also requires their employers to make a monthly payment equivalent to 16% of the person’s salary. This will have a serious impact on the 40,000 Eritreans – mainly Christians – who fled to Israel hoping to find freedom and security in a country where they could worship the Lord without fear. The funds taken from employee and employer will be deposited by the Israeli government in Page 26

HotPott - July & August 2017

milk, and nappies. Many Israelis are deeply unhappy with the stance of their government and a number of Israeli non-government organisations are assisting as well as engaging with the government to try to persuade them to change their policies. Since Barnabas Fund and various Israeli media highlighted the atrocious conditions of the Holot Detention Centre earlier this year, additional restrictions have been placed on the 3000 Eritrean men held there along with a smaller number of Sudanese men. Their mobile phones have been blocked so they cannot contact family and friends, and the many who were studying can no longer access educational materials via their mobile WiFi hubs. While the majority of the Eritrean population is Muslim, an estimated 95% of the Eritreans who have fled to Israel are Christians – an indication of the particular pressures and persecution the Christians face in their homeland.

controlled northern Iraq (Kurdistan), despite having sought refuge there from Islamic State. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has found that although the Kurdistan Regional Government’s policy is ‘outwardly favourable to religious freedom in the region … Many religious groups … remain second-class citizens compared with Sunni Muslim Kurds.’ The independent findings cast doubt on the widespread view that Christians are safe from persecution in Kurdistan. The commission confirmed that ‘Christian lands have been appropriated by Kurds in Dohuk and Erbil governorates, and the Nineveh plains.’ In several cases, Christians have asserted that the appropriations took place with the support of local officials, citing a ‘lack of action by the authorities and a lack of recourse in the courts’. Recently passed Iraqi government legislation on identity cards, which is enforced in Kurdistan, includes provisions that discriminate against non-Muslims: ‘… only nonMuslims can convert to Islam; Muslims, by contrast, cannot change their religious affiliation.’ According to church leaders in Kurdistan, ‘Muslims wanting to convert to Christianity have faced difficulties from police and security services.’

Islamic militants launched an assault on the city of Marawi in the Philippines on 23 May. Islamic State’s news agency has released a video showing Islamic militants devastating a church there, destroying Christian symbols, vandalising the interior and then setting the building on fire. The deliberate targeting of churches for destruction is disturbingly similar to that Government troops check a vehicle evacuating residents from witnessed in Iraq and Syria. their hometown of Marawi [Reuters, via Global Christian News] At the time of writing, government forces are still fighting to regain control of the city, where Christians have been kidnapped and, according to unconfirmed reports, murdered for refusing to convert to Islam. Iraqi Christians are still experiencing discrimination in KurdishHotPott - July & August 2017


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HotPott - July & August 2017

HotPott - July & August 2017


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Chores and Chains Cleaning Contact Evette 0161 439 5776 July 7th July 14th July 21st July 28th Aug 4th Aug 11th Aug 18th Aug 25th Sept 1st

Mr & Mrs Ferguson Mr & Mrs Currell Dr A Davies, Mr R Lofthouse (Weddg Sat 22nd 2pm) Mrs Harper, Mrs Plant (Wedding Sat 29th 1pm Ms Bunting, Mr & Mrs Stratford (Wed Sat 5th Aug 12.30pm) Mrs Meecham, Mrs Winstanley (Wedding Sat 12th August 1pm) Mr & Mrs Akerman Mr & Mrs Ferguson Mr & Mrs Currell

Tea & Coffee Contact Carole July 2nd Doreen & volunteer July 9th Jenny & Helen July 16th Ros & Sheila July 23rd Rita Bunting & Carole Elizabeth & Yvonne July 30th Malyan family Rita Barrow; Mike & Sue Akerman

Flowers Contact Gill 01625 829819 July 2nd Wedding July 9th Gill, for her Dad’s birthday July 16th Vacant July 23rd Wedding/Audrey Meecham, for wedding anniversary July 30th Wedding/Mike & Sue in memory of Sue’s parents Aug 6th /13th Wedding Aug 20th / 27th / Sept 3rd Vacant

Weddings Contact Pam 01625 575010 or Kath: 01625 574983 July 1st 3pm Tom Ralston & Hannah Kingdom July 22nd 2pm Timothy Moss & Laura Simcock July 29th 1pm Ashton Davies & Lucy Tones Aug 5th 12.30pm Andrew Stones & Victoria Heathcote Aug 12th 1pm John Daley & Kelly Hartley We wish them joy in their preparations Page 30

HotPott - July & August 2017

Recipe Of The Month Ginger Biscuit Cream Cake This is an ideal pudding for those of us who can’t claim to be good cooks, to serve and gain undeserved kudos!

Glenys Gem Ingredients 330ml (10oz) double cream. 1 tablespoon sweet sherry (optional) 3 tablespoons chopped crystallised ginger 175g (6oz) ginger biscuits Fresh strawberries (or raspberries). 1.

Whip the cream until thick, stir in the sherry (if used) and add the chopped crystallised ginger.


Sandwich all the biscuits together to form a roll using about half the cream mixture.


Place the roll on a serving dish and evenly spread the remaining cream to fully cover the roll.


Cover loosely with foil and place in the

fridge for at least 5 or 6 hours to allow the biscuits to soften and the flavours to blend. 5.

Slice the strawberries and use them to decorate the cake along the centre.


Can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Serves 6

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Sunday, 27th August

Proof Reading September 2017

Jacky Malyan (5th September)

Thanks to Audrey Meecham for proof reading this issue and to Mike Akerman for printing it.

HotPott - July & August 2017


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Services July 2nd. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Holy Communion

Romans 6:12-23; Matthew 10:40-42

9th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Morning Worship

Romans 7:15-25a; Matthew 11:16-19,25-30

16th. Leavers’ Service 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Family Service

Romans 8:1-11; Matthew 13:1-9,18-23 Matthew 13:1-9 and 13:18-23

23rd. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Morning Worship

Romans 8:12-25; Matthew 13:24-30,36-43

30th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Morning Worship

Romans 8:26-39; Matthew 13:31-33,44-52

August 6th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Holy Communion

2 Peter 1:16-19; Luke 9:28-36

13th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Morning Worship

Romans 10:5-15; Matthew 14:22-33

20th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Family Service

Romans 11:1-2a,29-32; Matthew 15:10-28

27th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Morning Worship

Romans 12:1-8; Matthew 16:13-20

September 3rd. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Holy Communion

Romans 12:19-21; Matthew 16:21-28

All readings are from the Lectionary and will be the same at 8.30 and 10.45 unless otherwise indicated.

From the Registers: Weddings Congratulations to Wayne Willott & Jennifer Pinnick, who got married on the 27th May Page 32

HotPott - July & August 2017

Sidespeople and Prayers July 2nd 8.30am 10.45am

Prayers Mr. & Mrs R Stratford Mrs. E. Harper + Mr. I. Malyan + Mr.S. Heathcote

Steve Murphy

Miss G. Mosley Mr. & Mrs. S. Potts Extra Readers: Dr. J. Hutton + Mr. G. Parker

Yvonne Foster

9th. 8.30am 10.45am

16th. Leavers’ Service 8.30am 10.45am

Mr. & Mrs. R. Stratford Mr. S. Heathcote+ Mr. I. Currell + Mr. I. Malyan


Miss G. Mosley Mr. R. Gem + Mr. D. Gem


23rd 8.30am 10.45am

30th. 8.30am 10.45am

Mr. & Mrs. R. Stratford Mr. & Mrs. R. Ferguson


Mr. K. Ardern Mrs. E. Harper + Mr. R. Lofthouse + Mr. I. Malyan

Ivy Mosley

Miss G. Mosley Mr. C. Potter + Mrs. C. Taylor Extra Reader: Mr. R. Gem

Sandy Milsom

Mr. & Mrs. R. Stratford Mr. S. Heathcote+ Mr. I. Currell + Mr. I. Malyan


Miss G. Mosley Mr. I. Malyan + Mr. D. Davie

Steve Murphy

Mr. K. Arden Mrs. E. Harper + Mr.& Mrs. P. Frecknall

Pam Cooke

August 6th. 8.30am 10.45am

13th. 8.30am 10.45am

20th. 8.30am 10.45am

27th. 8.30am 10.45am

September 3rd. 8.30am 10.45am

CHANGE OF VICARAGE PHONE NUMBER Please note that the new vicarage phone number is 01625 575846. Please alter your directories. David can also be contacted by email on HotPott - July & August 2017


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Regular Church Activities Weekly: JUNIOR CHURCH - Children of three years and older - held during the 10:45am service. Meets in church for the first part of the service and then goes over to the Village Hall for bible stories, songs, craft activities, prayers and fun. CRECHE - Held during the 10:45am service in the tower vestry. HOME GROUPS - Four groups offering fellowship, worship and bible study: Rainow - Monday 8:00 - 9:30pm, New Hey Farm, Rainow; Sheila Garton, 573492 Adlington - Monday 8:00 - 10:00pm, 2 Wych Lane, Adlington; John Ryley, 829595 Pott Shrigley (North) - Tuesday 8:00 - 9:30pm, 3 Green Close; Sally Winstanley, 574545 Bollington - Wednesday 8:00 - 9:30pm, 14 Silver St, Bollington; Anne Murphy, 575768 PRAY TOGETHER - Tuesday 7:00 - 7.45pm in the tower vestry; Yvonne Foster, 576419 PRAISE AND PLAY - Children up to school age. Thursday 09:30 - 11:30am in church for stories and activities; Celia Fraser, 665054 BELL RINGING - Thursday 7:30 - 9:00pm, meet in the bell tower; Duncan Matheson, 574983

Monthly: CHURCH GUILD - Fellowship, speakers, outings and tea. Meets the second Wednesday in the month 2:30 - 4:00pm in church; Georgina Wray, 615547 The list above was last revised on 21st February, 2017. All telephone numbers are prefixed with 01625. Please give corrections and additions to

Thinking about advertising in this magazine? For commercial or private advertising, please contact us for free advice and very reasonable rates:

For the last time, which member of Junior Church put bubble mixture in the organ-blower‌?!

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HotPott - July & August 2017

HotPott - July & August 2017


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Directory Priest-in-charge:

Rev. David Swales, The Vicarage, Spuley Lane, SK10 5RS


Dr John Ryley (Reader Emeritus), 2 Wych Lane, Adlington, SK10 4NB


Parish Assistant:

Gillian Mosley, 129 St Austell Avenue, Macclesfield, SK10 3NY



David Garton, New Hey Farm, Macclesfield Road, Rainow, SK10 5UU


575846 Duncan Matheson, Church View Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA

574983 Verger:

Stan Heathcote, Lilac Cottage, Spuley Lane, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5RR

PCC Secretary:

Ros Johnson, 54 Shrigley Road South, Poynton, SK12 1TF

875902 PCC Treasurer:

Peter Kennedy,

07850 740335

Gift Aid & Planned Giving:

Sally Winstanley, 3 Green Close Cottages, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SG


Mary Currell, 61 Crossfield Road, Bollington, SK10 5EA

574545 573735 David Garton, as above


Weekly Bulletin:

David Gem, Ridge Hall Farm, Ridge Hill, Sutton, Macclesfield, SK11 0LU

Electoral Roll and Safeguarding officer:

Kath Matheson, Church View Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA

Tower Captain:

Duncan Matheson, as above


Pastoral Care Team:

Jean Bennett, 33 Dyers Court, Bollington, SK10 5GG


Church Guild:

Georgina Wray, 14 Paladin Place, Bank Close, Macclesfield, SK11 7HE

615547 574983 Children’s Ministry:

Anne Murphy, 14 Silver Street, Bollington, SK10 5QL

575768 Praise and Play:

Celia Fraser, Rose Cottage, Bull Hill Lane, Rainow, SK10 5TQ

665054 Parish Council Clerk:

Joyce Burton,

Wedding Coordinator:

Pam Cooke,


Head Teacher:

Mark Bertinshaw, Pott Shrigley Church School SK10 5RT


head@pottshrigley.cheshire Website:

Tess Phillips, 26 Hurst Lane, Bollington, SK10 5LP

574768 PCC Members:

(please prefix numbers with 01625)

Dr John Ryley, Duncan Matheson, Sally Winstanley, Peter Kennedy, Ros Johnson, Andy Phillips, Pam Cooke, Eileen Buffey, Ian Clarke, Mary Currell, Mike Akerman, Sheila Garton, Ian Malyan, David Garton, Vicky Smith, Sandy Milsom, Gill Mosley, Ivy Mosley, Anne Murphy, Kath Matheson. This directory was updated on 25th June 2017. Please give corrections and additions to

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HotPott - July & August 2017

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