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HotPott - Christmas 2016

Christmas Jottings What a year it’s been – the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, British Olympics and Paralympics teams’ success, Murray winning Wimbledon – but it has also been a year of tremendous challenges – continuing wars and resultant migrant crises, divisions caused by the Brexit vote, and continuing austerity to name but a few. Locally we have enjoyed the triumphs – a wonderful, if extremely wet, Rose Queen and Queen’s birthday ceilidh, which saw many perform delicately in Wellington boots, the excitement of the Tour of Britain cycle race passing through, the fantastic firework display – but as the new year approaches we too will face challenges, possibly personally, but also as a community with the proposed move of our village

school to Bollington and the projected increase in traffic through the village if the proposed Poynton relief road is built. Life can seem an uncertain business; change in this world is inevitable and will come to all of us. In January I did not anticipate spending significant periods of 2016 incapacitated by injury, infection and renal problems, but am grateful for the time this gave me to reflect on what our unchanging God, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, has done for me in the past, continues to do for me now and will do for me in the future. This reflection continues in Advent, when we can all share in the anticipation of God’s arrival on earth, the dawning of the great light to those living in darkness foretold centuries before in Isaiah 9:2, and ask for His light to shine where people live in the darkness of war and injustice. In the Christmas story we can see the experiences of humans today mirrored in Jesus’ life. When Christ was born, God showed up on earth as a human: ‘He set aside the privileges of deity and took on the status of a slave, became human! Having become human, He stayed human. He didn’t claim special privileges. Instead, He lived a selfless, obedient life and then died a selfless, obedient

Kath Matheson

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HotPott - Christmas 2016


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death’ (Philippians 2:6-8). Jesus really did know what it was like to be human, and not only that, but a human at the bottom of the heap. His mother was an unknown frightened teenager who risked being disowned by her fiancé; her faith and joy in being chosen by God is an example to me to trust, to rely on God’s promise in Joshua 1:9 ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’ Christ’s arrival, although heralded by angels, was not grand; the indignity of being placed in a manger as there was no room elsewhere is shared by many people today – all over the world doors are slammed shut in the faces of those who have no home and this reminds me that I should be welcoming to the stranger, the outsider, someone who is not like me. The fleeing of Jesus, Mary and Joseph into Egypt reflects the experience of many, including Christians, who must flee from persecution today; I pray that they, like me, take comfort

in knowing that we can never escape from your presence, understanding and love: ‘if I flew away beyond the east, or lived in the farthest place in the west, You would be there to lead me, You would be there to help me’ (Psalm 139:9-10). I am confident that Jesus knows what it is like to be human, that He experienced both the highs and lows of life and therefore knows our hopes and fears, joys and disappointments as He walks alongside us. I am grateful that God loved the world so much that He freely gave His one and only Son to us and that Jesus the Son obediently relinquished His life in heaven to carry our sins to the cross so those who believe in Him can be forgiven and have eternal life. The earthly journey of Christ to the cross begins in Advent. May we all know and believe that Christ on the cross is the picture of a God of perfect love and grace; by the cross and resurrection Christ gave His life that we might know His joy, peace and forgiveness.

Good news! We are very pleased to report that a new priest-in-charge has been appointed for St Christopher’s church and the parish of Pott Shrigley.

David Garton

garden in good order for their arrival. We plan to start this work once spring arrives (March?) and the water can be safely turned back on at the vicarage. Please let David Garton know if you would be willing to help with this work in the house or garden. Many thanks.

The parish owes a great debt of gratitude to David Garton and Anne Murphy, our parish We can’t yet say who the person is, as they are representatives in the recruitment procedure, still working through the process of informing who have worked extremely hard over many their current bishop and parish. They are likely months to ensure a new priest in charge was appointed. We are grateful too for the support to arrive in Pott Shrigley in mid 2017. In order to offer a warm welcome to our new of Bishop Libby of Stockport throughout the process. Ed. incumbent, we would like to ensure that the vicarage is clean and well decorated and the Page 4

HotPott - Christmas 2016

PCC Ponderings The American election night of 8th November was the occasion of the last PCC meeting; it was quite a relief to escape the frenzy of the TV campaigning for the peace of the village hall. 15 PCC members attended the meeting.

governors regarding the future of Pott Shrigley Church School. Over the summer a governors’ working party looked at provision at the school, in particular early years provision, in the light of current rules on the standard of facilities required. The governors looked at various We started with an update from David on the options in considerable detail to try to search for a new incumbent and were maintain a presence at the Pott given some really great news. Shrigley site but ultimately The applicant mentioned at decided to request that the the PCC meeting in local authority consult on September was interviewed the formal amalgamation in early November and of Pott Shrigley School and offered the post, which he Bollington St John’s so that subsequently accepted. The the school community will interview panel consisted of come together as one David and Anne – our parish Secretary to the PCC organisation on a single site representatives – together at Bollington St John’s. with Bishop Libby, the rural During the consultation period all interested dean and the chief executive of CPAS (Church parties will have the chance to give their views Pastoral Aid Society and the patrons of the and the PCC will be considering their response. parish). The appointee will be employed in a Whatever happens, we are anxious that the 0.6 part time role, on the same basis as John links between the church and the school should Buckley. Few personal details can be given at be maintained. this stage but David confirmed the candidate

Ros Johnson

comes from outside Chester Diocese. Due to his current work commitments, his start date is subject to negotiation but is likely to be June 2017, though it may be slightly earlier. David said they felt the new priest in charge would be good for the parish; initially he will spend time getting to know us and then will take us forward. On behalf of the PCC, Duncan expressed huge thanks to David and Anne for their work as parish representatives; it has not been an easy task and a great deal of hard work has been involved in getting the appointment to this stage. The next item at the meeting was unfortunately a sadder one, as Mike Akerman updated us on recent discussions by the HotPott - Christmas 2016

Kath updated us on the magazine. The new colour photocopier is now in place and most of the first issue has been printed on it; the cover was professionally printed. There are a few teething problems to fine tune, including the colour which resulted in some very tanned faces appearing in the November issue! Thanks are due to Mike who is working with the contractor to sort these issues out. The parish council have enquired about the possibility of using their regular column in HotPott to publicise local issues to a wider audience; their intention would be for every home in the parish to receive a copy of the magazine. Further information is being sought to work out the logistics of doing this.


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On the buildings side, there were a few issues to report. Ian Malyan has reported that the architects are still waiting for a decision from Peak Park planning department on the church room application. Meanwhile, Ian Clarke has obtained a quotation for the emergency light in the ringing chamber, but because there is no emergency lighting system in place the contractor has given a price for a system for the whole church. Other solutions, just involving the ringing chamber, are being investigated. David has been getting to grips with the audio system: a contractor found the source of faults with the mikes that has enabled a fix to be done; he is also sending a quotation for further equipment. We were asked by the diocese to devote part of the PCC meeting to discuss the topic ‘Giving for Life’. Sally gave the background for this

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second phase of an exercise to review the parish strategy on giving, as set in the context of church life in general. A survey of parishes has resulted in a list of good practice points and members were asked to prioritise three future actions in the light of these. After discussion we decided our priorities as follows: Develop and publicise a legacy policy. Ensure there is a means to thank planned givers and give information on how donations are used. Ensure there is regular communication and preaching on the subject of giving – with the message that it is not just about money, but also about the giving of service and time as part of a Christian life.

HotPott - Christmas 2016

John Derrick Brooke Born 10th August 1930 in Bollington, from a very early age Derrick was always encouraged to play cricket by his father Jack who played for Bollington. On his return from service in the army in 1950, Bollington had more than

An appreciation by

Graham Hackney enough players so Derrick joined family friend Geoffrey Harding (another Shrigley stalwart) and brother-in-law Fred Wrigley at Pott Shrigley; together they formed the basis for a new beginning. Derrick’s army service in Germany as a member of the Royal Military Police would help him later in life as he attempted to marshal his troops in turning Pott Shrigley Cricket Club from village cricket played on the green of the old Shrigley Golf Club to a leading Cheshire club dominating the Cheshire Conference before joining league cricket and reaching Division 1 of the Cheshire Cricket League. Little did he know at the time that he would dedicate a large part of his life to improving all our facilities and providing a good class of cricket for all ages in the area. Derrick's achievements on the field of play would fill a chapter on its own. Serving 15 years as First XI skipper and two years on the Second XI shows his ability to lead. Captaincy was followed by 13 years as secretary and eight years as chairman; over 40 years’ service as club groundsman also shows his selfless dedication, always being on call from April to October. He also served junior cricket at club level and for several years was secretary of the High Peak Junior League. Nearly 30 years after joining Pott he was still in the First XI as they took the Express Trophy in

1977. He was top wicket taker in four seasons – his highest innings score was 113, he achieved sixteen 100 run opening partnerships and set a league record with 577 runs for the Second XI and was overall top club wicket taker with over 1000 wickets over his career. And all this doesn’t take account of the 12 years when no figures are available! These are just a few of the numbers associated with Derrick the Player, but Derrick was much more than just a list of numbers. After Kitty his wife and son Ian, the love of his life was always Pott Shrigley. His commitment, leadership and drive to constantly improve our club were the driving forces in Derrick's life. This was finally recognised by the English Cricket Board when he won a lifetime achievement award; this was presented to him at the 2008 Cricketing Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards (OSCAs) at Lord’s. Derrick was also rightly proud of seeing his book published: continued →

HotPott - Christmas 2016


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Derrick with Beauty: Beauty used to sit patiently outside the boundary line until all the players came off the field the creation of ‘Derrick of the Brook’ in one of the village entertainments - a doughty warrior who protected his territory at all costs. His determination was also to the fore during the testing times of the access dispute. However, Derrick generally had a twinkle in his eye; he ‘Gone To Pott’ – a history of the club from its encouraged youngsters, including our son inception in 1919 to 2001 – pulls no punches Andrew as he progressed through the cricket and is an excellent read. teams but remained appropriately forthright – I remember him describing Andy as ‘cocky’; a The Club and cricket is much poorer with description I unfortunately had to agree with! Derrick's passing. He will be greatly missed. Andy’s abiding memory of Derrick is of him When we moved to Pott in 1985, we noticed a sitting on the hill watching matches, a constant, solitary figure on the cricket field, seemingly supportive presence. It was always a pleasure always there, busy with a roller, mower or for me, and no doubt others, to sit with Derrick other task and always accompanied by his collie to watch a cricket match; he was a gentleman dog. We got to know Derrick (and his dogs Biff with innumerable stories and insights into Pott and Taz) when our children played on the field; cricket life and a wry sense of humour. May he learning that he was a military policeman rest in peace. Kath Matheson explains a lot! Derrick was fiercely protective of the square; even adults were wary, which led to

Bonfire 2016 The bonfire went very well as we were blessed with good weather on the night. It was so still that the smoke from the fireworks would not blow away, so around our launch pad for rockets was like a ‘pea souper’; we were left coughing for ages. The early rockets went straight up and down, landing a bit too near Andy Hart who was bravely lighting the main display. He was leaping and dashing from one set to another as though he was in the final of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. If the judges had seen him they would all have given him 10s. Like a contra-check in a quick step, we quickly recalculated our angle of fire, just in

case he tried any illegal lifts. We just hope it was ‘Fab U Las Darling’ as Craig would say. We hope our recreation of ‘Stalag 13’ round the square did not deter from the spectacular fireworks. With so much smoke cover we were half expecting a breakout of prisoners from the compound at any moment. Maybe next year will see the installation of the machine gun turrets at each corner.

Graham Hackney

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For the more inattentive or forgetful reader, the Stalag is created by the electric fence designed to keep deer off the hallowed square! Ed HotPott - Christmas 2016

We are pleased to remind you of our popular

2nd Friday of every month, 6pm ‘til 9.30pm

Serving Locally Brewed Real Ale & Speciality Lagers Easy parking, comfortable surroundings and good company.

HotPott - Christmas 2016


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Stuff what I learned in Uganda... I am currently working in a government hospital in Gulu in Northern Uganda. It is a beautiful place, both people and surroundings, and I'm having an awesome time. I thought I'd share some of the things I have learnt in the time I have been here… 1. If a mosquito bites you around the eye, it swells a lot and people ask you if you've come off worse in a fistfight. 2. Patient confidentiality is difficult when there is no door on the clinic room you're using, and five or six other patients are 4. peering in. Even more so when the clinic room consists of a bench with three doctors on it, a desk, then a bench on the other side of the room with another three 5. patients on it. The patients then constantly rotate, conveyor belt style. Admittedly it is a very efficient way of doing things – maybe the NHS could learn a thing or two. 3. UGANDANS DON'T LIKE PIZZA. I KNOW RIGHT?? I got very excited when I learned a pizza place had just opened in town (to

cater for the occasional 'muzungu' – caucasian) and then discovered the interns I work with had never had pizza. I took them for dinner, eager to introduce them to one of my favourite delicacies. One point blank refused to try this weird food and instead elected for traditional Ugandan food (rice, beans, stew). The other three put on their best polite faces which clearly said, “How do we tell her that this is awful without offending her?” Oh well – I tried. 25% people in Gulu have hepatitis B, a potentially fatal viral infection that can cause a chronic infection of the liver, compared to 0.02% in the UK. Ugandans have great names, a first name and then a Christian name. The Christian name is given by the priest and is usually biblical; Patrick, Daniel and Margaret are common. Their first names are given by their parents and have significance behind them; an example of a first name is 'Olluru' which means 'born on Independence Day'. There's also 'first born son', 'there is always hope' and 'destined for intellect'. Another example I've come across is 'Death doesn't spare anybody'. No, I don't know either. Cross Ugandan roads at your own peril. Knowing your date of birth is overrated – the lab forms we fill out in the hospital ask for an ‘estimated age’, and don't particularly mind if you spell the name wrongly (at least – I hope the labs don't mind...). Forms are sent back if they are even vaguely illegible in the U.K. – a challenge for many graphically challenged doctors.

Laura Matheson

6. 7.

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If someone with four litres of fluid in their chest (there should be none) can be manhandled onto the back of a motorbike to go for a chest X-ray on the other side of town, I can get off the sofa to get the remote control. Big files for medical notes are unnecessary – A3 school exercise books work just as well. Everybody knows that bluebottles can crawl in through a tiny crack in the kitchen window but cannot navigate their way through the wide open door to fly out again. The same rule applies to mosquitoes and mosquito nets. Cockroaches are indestructible, no matter how many solid objects are thrown at them. Never ever ever leave your trainers on the floor, then not check inside them before you put them on. See point 11. (This one resonated with me: I spent a few weeks helping at a Kenyan mission hospital in 1979. On arrival in theatre for an emergency one night I sleepily put on a clog…… just before a large, vivid red and yellow centipede walked out of the other clog. Editor) A fun game in the evening is to choose your favourite lizard on the patio, and take bets on which will be the first to eat the weird insect. A less fun game is watching the stray cat eat said lizard (incidentally – I haven't seen the very sweet tortoise that wanders

HotPott - Christmas 2016







around the garden in a few days. Do cats eat tortoises...?). Your gran was right – feeling someone's forehead with the back of your hand is an accurate measure of their temperature, and is in fact enough evidence to start them on malaria treatment. Unfortunately the lack of thermometers means you can't check the accuracy of this. If you thought peeing into a urine pot was difficult, getting an elderly lady to pee in a blood phial (you know - one of those tubes blood is collected in – about 1cm wide) is nigh on impossible. This wasn't just for fun - we had run out of urine sample pots. The people of Uganda are some of the friendliest and most beautiful I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. It is incredibly satisfying to see very sick patients get better in front of you after starting simple treatments. It is incredibly difficult to watch someone pass away in front of you because other very simple treatments are just not available. ‘If you are born, you will die also. Why should I fear if I live in God?’ This last quote was from a lovely chap who was HIV and hepatitis B positive, and had an awful infection – I was telling him not to worry about his significantly abnormal blood tests (whilst worrying a lot myself). He was grinning cheerfully as he said it.


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HotPott - Christmas 2016

HotPott - Christmas 2016


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Contact Help Required St Christopher’s Youth Club, St John’s-in-theVale, Keswick, August 1963 A letter in the edition of the Macclesfield Express dated 26 November 2014 headed ‘Contact Help Required’ set in motion a series of events that have rekindled firm friendships, friendships first developed on a Lake District holiday in August 1963 and truly rekindled on the 05 November 2016 in the Bull’s Head in Kerridge.

health and safety days!). The accommodation comprised separate male and female bunk bedded dormitories with communal kitchen, dining and lounge areas. The complex took its name from the small chapel around which the accommodation was centred. The youth centre is still operated by the Carlisle Diocese and has been extended and modernized over the years; the beautiful chapel is still functioning as a place of regular worship.

At that time, the accommodation was basic compared to today’s standards, but I doubt if any of us noticed. It was a self-catering holiday so domestic chores could not be avoided, To explain: in the 1960’s and 70’s, with the encouragement and guidance of the Reverend shower cubicles were sometimes occupied by and Mrs. Siviter and with the support and help local fauna and it was very dark at night. Both of parents, the church had a very active youth Helvellyn and a nearby stone circle were conquered. Thermal clothing was confined to a club. This was run and managed by the members and, in addition to the regular Friday variety of home knitted woolens and a plastic keep-in-your-handbag ‘pac a mac’ was the meetings, there were extra social events (ice waterproof jacket of the time. Everybody had skating, football and diocesan competitions and the like). In the summer of 1963 we were wet feet at some point. invited by Paul Rathbone, then the curate of The two groups found no difficulty in joining St. John’s Church, Carlisle (St. Christopher’s together to make the most of what was an being his home parish) to join their youth club exciting and truly memorable holiday. The members on a walking holiday at the Carlisle photograph of the two groups shown below Diocesan Youth Centre at St John’s-in-the-Vale, was taken on the day the Siviters paid us a near Keswick.

John Rose

The invitation was received with great enthusiasm by the youth club members and was seen as both an opportunity for adventure as well as an opportunity for most, if not all of us (my parents, Harry and Irene Rose, were persuaded to ‘chaperone’ the group on the week’s holiday!) to have a first holiday without our parents. 13 members of the youth club made their way to the St John’s-in-the-Vale Centre, many of us in Mr. Rose’s ‘big red van’ (pre Page 14

HotPott - Christmas 2016

visit, and they can be seen on the far right of the back row. As the letter in the Express explained, ‘a number of firm friendships developed’ and correspondence followed; two of the lads Peter (Pedro) Power (the letter writer) and Peter Forster visited Bollington on a few occasions to catch up with the girls! I last heard from Pedro in 1966 when I was working in Southampton and he had joined the Merchant Navy and was sailing on the Queen Mary. So to the reunion: it was Pedro’s letter that triggered an excited response, a telephone conversation and an immediate agreement to seek to arrange a reunion. With the exception of the two Peters, all of the Carlisle youth club members had dispersed and contact had been lost. Not so the surviving members of the St Christopher’s youth club who had gone to St John’s-in-the-Vale in the summer of 1963. Each has remained in the locality and each has maintained regular contact with one or more of us.

touring around Bollington and Pott Shrigley, which they thought had not changed an awful lot, and the Goyt Valley and Buxton. In the evening eight of the youth club members who had gone on the holiday, together with their respective partners, met up with the two Peters and enjoyed an excellent tapas buffet laid on by the Bull’s Head, and spent the evening rekindling good friendships and exchanging tales. It reminded us all of the enduring friendships and bonds that were made as a result of those youth club days and the luck and good fortune we all had in having the opportunity to be part of it. On behalf of the members of the Youth Club, I would like to say thank you so much to John and his wife Sheila for arranging such a brilliant reunion evening. It truly was a most memorable occasion enjoyed by us all. Mary (C)

So, after some toing and froing, a date and venue were fixed; the two Peters came down from Carlisle for the weekend, spent Saturday The photograph below shows the reunited youth club members, the two Peters book-ending the group, from left to right: Peter Forster, Eileen Frecknall (Gratton), Tony Plant, John Rose, Mary Currell (Gratton), Harold Wainwright, Shirley Plant (Jackson), David Allaby, Rita Barrow (Wood) and Peter (Pedro) Power.

HotPott - Christmas 2016


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“Your Vote, Your Council” POYNTON RELIEF ROAD UPDATE th

On 26 October, an open meeting was held in the village hall to discuss the proposals made by Cheshire East Council (CEC) and Ringway Jacobs (the contractor advising CEC on highways management) to mitigate the effect of the proposed relief road on the roads in Pott Shrigley and Adlington. Plans detailing the parish proposals and Jacobs’ recommendations can be viewed via links on the Pott Shrigley Council website:

solution requiring support from local communities and local police. Jacobs’ preferred option on Bakestonedale Road is b). In addition, Jacobs recommend refreshing the edge of the road markings where they are worn and laying edge markings on sections where they are not currently present to highlight the width of the road and provide a visual narrowing which will help to reduce speeds.

Alison Greenwood

Bakestonedale Road Parish recommendations are, with Jacobs’ response in italics:

Other options are to ‘Do nothing’.

Shrigley Road Parish recommendations are, with Jacobs’ response in italics:

a) Soft verge chicane single track passing place centrally on the straight between the Shrigley Hall entrance and the start of the 30mph zone with solar lighting with safe straight route for cyclists, and extend the 30mph zone to the Long Lane Junction. Jacobs: It is acknowledged that reducing vehicle speeds through this section would reduce its attractiveness as a through route to/from the proposed relief road. The Jacobs’ proposals reflect this but the vehicle speeds and rural nature of the section to the Long Lane junction would make the implementation of horizontal chicane type b) Lower speed limit of 40mph from the features a potential road safety issue and brickworks to the junction with Macclesfield Road in Rainow. Jacobs: This option is the most create a problem not previously present. effective as the existing carriageway conditions b) Lower speed limit of 20mph near the school (narrow twisting road, blind summits and lack with speed cushions with reflective markings. of passing places) within the national speed Jacobs: A temporary speed limit operation at limit area are potentially dangerous for school drop off and pick up times is already in motorists. place near the school. After further discussions with CEC Highways speed cushions were c) Installation of permanent speed camera considered unlikely to be the preferred method within the 40mph zone through the of speed reduction in such a rural location, but brickworks. Jacobs: This is an expensive a) Soft verge chicane single track passing place centrally on the straight between Shrigley Road junction and Pott Mill Cottages, 30mph zone with single track passing place and solar lighting with safe route for cyclists. Jacobs: This option would introduce additional calming within the existing 30mph section and Jacobs do not recommend it as a standalone option as they think there is greater need for safety measures higher up the road outside the 30mph section.

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HotPott - Christmas 2016

as with Bakestonedale Road, it is proposed to install two ‘gateway features’ on each approach to give a visual narrowing to approaching motorists and clearly inform drivers that they are entering an area where they are expected to reduce their speed.

John’s. ‘Amalgamation is not a decision for the school to make; it is a council decision subject to consultation.’

‘A consultation of this type is set in a statutory process, and would take at least 15 weeks to c) Installation of permanent speed camera complete. During this time all of the views of within the 30mph zone adjacent to the church. the school stakeholders will be actively sought Jacobs: This could be considered to urbanise a and recorded before the final decision is made. rural location. A softer, more appropriate and The earliest time this could occur would be preferred approach is to mark the ‘gateway’ Easter 2017 with any possible amalgamation into the 30mph southbound approach into Pott happening in September 2017 at the earliest.’ Shrigley with red surface and countdown As a parent of a new baby in Pott I was hoping markings to inform drivers to slow down. that he would attend Pott Shrigley Church Jacobs’ preferred option on Shrigley Road is a School with its current ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED reduced speed limit between Long Lane and rating. I am sure you will all agree that the the 30mph change of limit sign. In addition, it school is a huge part of our village and is recommended that ‘gateway features’ be community. installed to reduce vehicle speeds on both To keep updated with progress concerning the approaches to the primary school. amalgamation and potential move of our Other options are to ‘Do nothing’. village school to Bollington, and how to It is disappointing to see that only minimal participate in the consultation, please come measures are being proposed; they are along to future parish council meetings in the welcome but the parish council is in favour of village hall; dates are provided at the end of further recommendations being implemented. this parish update. We will also keep you Cllr Wray will mark up the plans with his informed in further editions of HotPott – suggestions and circulate them to the other please contact Kath on 574983 or councillors for their comments before writing to the response to the Road Team before the end become a subscriber and don’t miss out on of November. Please let the parish clerk have important village news! your comments as soon as possible; contact REMINDER - POTT SHRIGLEY details below.

POTT SHRIGLEY SCHOOL FUTURE A recent letter (and its appendix) to parents at the school contained the following extracts: ‘At the latest full governors’ meeting, the governors have voted unanimously that: the governors request that the LA consult on the formal amalgamation of Pott Shrigley School and Bollington St. John’s School so that the school community will come together as one organisation on a single site at Bollington St.


Cheshire Constabulary's unique DNA marking system, Operation Shield, was detailed in last month’s edition. This system reduces burglary and thereby protects homes and businesses through using a unique DNA liquid to mark property in your home, garage, stables, shed etc. but to date only two properties have registered an interest, The marking kits can be bought privately at around £40. However, with the parish council

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HotPott - Christmas 2016


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helping to coordinate the work with Cheshire Police, these will be available to Pott Shrigley residents at £10 each. We would urge as many residents as possible to take up this offer. It is available until the end of January 2017 so please contact Pott Shrigley Parish Council Clerk: Joyce Burton, tel. 572668, email


PENDING: NP/CEC/1215/1153 St. Christopher’s Church, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5RT: Single storey extension to form a meeting room, small brew area, storage and lavatory. 16/3815M Vale Cottage, Shrigley Road, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA: Modification and extension to an existing rear conservatory with new pitched roof.

16/4613M Heatherdale Farm, Moorside Lane, MERRY CHRISTMAS Pott Shrigley, SK10 5RZ: Prior approval for change of use of agricultural Your councillors would like to wish you all a wonderful, peaceful Christmas and the very building to dwelling. best for the coming year! 16/4942 Needygate, Shrigley Road, Pott The parish Christmas tree will be in place and Shrigley, SK10 5SG: decorated with new lights ready for the Rear and side extension and front porch. Christmas Fayre on 25th November. 16/4970M Norman’s Hall Farm, Shrigley Road, NEXT MEETINGS Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SE: Proposed amendment to planning permission The meetings will be in the village hall on 15/0620M for change of use of land, erection Monday 12th December, Monday 9th January and Monday 6th February, starting at 8pm. of new dwelling and garage, creation of associated domestic curtilage on site of All are welcome to attend. manege, conversion of outbuildings to ancillary domestic use and demolition of outbuildings associated with Norman’s Hall and its restoration to meadow land.

PLANNING DECISIONS: 16/3896M Blakehey House, Shrigley Road, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SE Proposed conservatory and car shelter: car shelter dropped.


Approved by CEC with conditions. 16/4574M Needygate, Shrigley Road, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SG: Modification to existing approved planning application. ‘Inclusion of a personnel door at the side of the building facing the house.’ Approved by CEC with conditions. Page 18

HotPott - Christmas 2016

1 Corinthians 13 of Christmas If I decorate my house with beautiful bows, strands of twinkling lights and shiny baubles, but do not show love to my family, I’m just another decorator. If I slave away in the kitchen, baking dozens of mince pies, roasting a perfect turkey and lay a magnificent table, but have no love for my guests, I am just another cook. If I work at the soup kitchen, carol in the nursing home and give all that I have to charity, but do not have compassion in my heart for those in need, I am just another social service; it profits me nothing. If I decorate the tree with shimmering angels and crocheted snowflakes and attend a myriad of holiday parties but do not focus on Christ, I have missed the point.

Love stops the cooking to hug the child. Love sets aside the decorating to help with boring housework. Love puts the Christmas present shopping on hold in order to run the elderly neighbour to the doctor. Love is kind, though harried and tired. Love doesn’t envy another’s home that has more expensive presents, or even coordinated Christmas china and table linen. Love doesn’t yell at the children to get out of the way; love is glad that they are there to be in the way. Love doesn’t give only to those who are able to give in return, but rejoices in giving to those who can’t. Love bears all things, even irritating relatives. It believes all things, and encourages teenagers to aim high for their future. It hopes all things, endures all things, even a spouse who is depressed about their job prospects. Love never fails other people. Computer games will crash, even cashmere jumpers will wear out and golf clubs will get lost. But the gift of love will endure forever. Happy Christmas! *** 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, except Papa's mouse. The computer was humming, the icons were hopping, As Papa did last minute internet shopping. ***. “Thanks very much for the beautiful jumper,” said Charles, kissing his grandmother dutifully on the cheek. “Oh, there’s nothing to thank me for,” she murmured. “That’s what I thought, but Mum said I had to.”

HotPott - Christmas 2016


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HotPott - Christmas 2016

Coffee Break Across 1 ‘The blind receive sight, the — walk’ (Luke 7:22) (4) 3 Got (Philippians 3:12) (8) 8 Leave out (Jeremiah 26:2) (4) 9 Castigated for using dishonest scales (Hosea 12:7) (8) 11 Weighty (1 John 5:3) (10) 14 ‘Now the serpent was more — than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made’ (Genesis 3:1) (6) 15 ‘Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot — God’ (Romans 8:8) (6) 17 Because Israel lacked one of these, tools had to be sharpened by the Philistines (1 Samuel 13:19) (10) 20 In his vision of the two eagles and the vine, this is how Ezekiel described the latter (Ezekiel 17:8) (8) 21 Rite (anag.) (4) 22 Nine gigs (anag.) (8) 23 ‘The eye cannot say to the — , “I don’t need you”’ (1 Corinthians 12:21) (4) Down 1 ‘Flee for your lives! Don’t — — , and don’t stop anywhere in the plain!’ (Genesis 19:17) (4,4) 2 Principal thoroughfare (Numbers 20:19) (4,4) 4 ‘The tax collector... beat his — and said, “God have mercy on me, a sinner”’ (Luke HotPott - Christmas 2016

18:13) (6) 5 ‘The zeal of the Lord Almighty will — this’ (2 Kings 19:31) (10) 6 ‘The day of the Lord is — for all nations’ (Obadiah 15) (4) 7 Specified day (Acts 21:26) (4) 10 Deadly epidemic (Deuteronomy 32:24) (10) 12 Roman Catholic church which has special ceremonial rights (8) 13 Tied up (2 Kings 7:10) (8) 16 In his speech to the Sanhedrin, Stephen described Moses as ‘powerful in speech and — ’ (Acts 7:22) (6) 18 ‘Although he did not remove the high places, — heart was fully committed to the Lord all his life’ (1 Kings 15:14) (4) 19 Tribe (Deuteronomy 29:18) (4)


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Guild’s Goings On Georgina Wray opened the November meeting and after Peter Frecknall read a passage from the Bible Georgina led us in prayer. She then introduced our speaker for the afternoon, John Hooley, who was assisted by his wife Rachael. John is an old friend of Guild members and we have enjoyed many of his slide shows of trains, ships and memories of old Macclesfield. His enthusiasm for his subject shines through his talks and on Wednesday we visited the royal yachts, owned through the years first by Charles II, but also Victoria & Albert, George VI and our present Queen Elizabeth II. We saw slides of the royal families of George VI and our present Queen aboard their ships and the fine interiors of the dining rooms and bedrooms. The last royal yacht is moored at Leith in Scotland and is well worth a visit. Roy and I visited her when we were

last in Edinburgh and really enjoyed the experience. Thank you John and Rachael for another enjoyable afternoon. Thanks also to Sheena for the delicious cakes she baked for our refreshments. The Christmas lunch is on Wednesday 7th December at the Macclesfield Catering College. Meet at 12 for 12.15 p.m. either two or three courses are available. To book please give your name to Georgina. Next meeting: 11th January 2017, 2.30: Peter Kirk will show holiday slides, meet in church.

Eileen Stratford

The Star of Bethlehem What exactly was it? No scientific theory has ever gained common acceptance. Some speculate that it might have been a conjunction of Jupiter and Halley’s Comet but if the Star of Bethlehem was anything as mundane as that, whilst it may have excited the interest of the Gentile wise

men (the Magi) from the East it would hardly have caused them to make a 300 mile journey to investigate further. These Magi were not idiots. Although they would not have benefited from the privileges of Judaism or its scriptures, it is very likely they knew a prophecy uttered

Richard Bewes

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HotPott - Christmas 2016

centuries earlier by another Gentile, Balaam, from their own area near the Euphrates: ‘I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near. A star will come out of Jacob; a sceptre will rise out of Israel.’ (Numbers 24:17). Further lines predicted the widespread rule of this coming individual so it was no wonder that when this new and miraculously unique star appeared, remembrance of the prophecy surfaced. The Magi did not follow the star because of anything to do with horoscopes or divination; they were simply responding to God-given revelation from above. And - they persisted in their search. For although Herod’s religious advisors checked the prophecy of Micah 5:2 that Israel’s future ruler would be from Bethlehem - none of them thought to make the seven mile journey to check the situation out. What identifies the Magi as ‘The Wise

HotPott - Christmas 2016

Men’ was their supreme desire to find and worship the Child of the Manger. So God sent a star to mark the birth of Jesus in a way that had never happened before and would never happen again. It was a unique star to herald the beginning of a unique life that changed the course of world history. Throughout the life of Jesus, we find other God -given and miraculous phenomena. These all came at various significant stages of Jesus’ saving work: as well as the angelic singing and star of Bethlehem at his birth, there was the dove at his Baptism, the transcendent light at the Transfiguration, the midday darkness and earthquake at his Crucifixion, the visible angels at the Resurrection, the receiving cloud at the Ascension, and the flames and wind at the giving of the Holy Spirit.


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HotPott - Christmas 2016

HotPott - Christmas 2016


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The Suffering Church The plight of Christian communities across the world was highlighted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, in a keynote address to the Muslim Council of Elders during a conference in Abu Dhabi in November. The archbishop, who was leading a delegation of Anglican leaders to discuss integration, religious freedom and flourishing societies, said the situation is ‘intolerable’ and called on faith communities, particularly those in influential positions, to do more to hold governments to account. In the keynote address Archbishop Welby said, ‘Christians have more recently been on the receiving end of persecution both from militantly atheist and religiously intolerant regimes. It would not be over-stating matters to say that Christianity is both the numerically largest faith and the most persecuted.’ He drew attention to the Middle East where the presence of Christianity is under severe threat, and North Korea and Eritrea where Christians suffer under authoritarian government rule. Holding up the UK as a model of faith communities flourishing alongside each other and in some cases working together, the archbishop added, ‘The increasing integration of Muslim communities within British society, in which we rejoice, is in stark contrast to the increasing marginalisation of and outright hostility to Christian communities within many parts of the world, not least in significant parts of the Middle East.’ It is encouraging to see Archbishop Welby using this opportunity to advocate on behalf of the persecuted church. He concluded ,‘The challenge then is … to go much further and to establish practical steps to ensure this happens in the societies and countries we represent and live in.’

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Christian Concern has reported a story by Jon Hill on Calendar, an ITV news programme, about a family who were forced to flee their home in Bradford amid fears for their safety following eight years of continuous persecution for converting from Islam to Christianity. Calendar first told this family’s story over a year ago after the father sustained a fractured hand and shattered kneecap when he was beaten outside his home. Last week police provided an armed escort as the family collected their belongings from the house. The family says police told them there was a credible threat to their lives. The British Pakistani Christian Association has provided a safe house at an undisclosed location outside Yorkshire. It is sad that this is happening in the UK today! Open Doors, a charity that supports persecuted Christians, reports that as the world focuses on the USA's president-elect Donald Trump, who has confirmed that he plans to build a wall between Mexico and the USA, many Mexican Christians already suffer from an invisible internal divide. Christians who reject the country's 'traditional' faith - a blend of indigenous beliefs and Catholic traditions - often face estrangement, imprisonment and forced displacement. Fernando and his family are amongst them. Fernando's decision to convert and preach the gospel eight years ago resulted in his family and other converts in their town facing years of systematic persecution. Then, earlier this year, they were evicted by the community authorities. ‘We have to look for money so that we can afford to eat,’ explains Fernando, whose family lost their lands and home when they were ejected. So far this year, at least 380 people in Mexico have been registered as HotPott - Christmas 2016

Ahmed Jadallah / Reuters (Edited)

Safin Hamed / AFP

displaced by the Mexican authorities because of religious intolerance. Please pray for displaced believers, like Fernando, to know God's protection and strength, that the Mexican government will recognise the role that religious intolerance plays in their nation and for Open Doors' work as it supports and advocates for the rights of displaced believers in Mexico.

safety. During the occupation, IS militants destroyed churches in Qaraqosh and elsewhere, or converted them into mosques, prisons, logistical command centres or even a bomb making workshop. Ancient carvings in a church were defaced by militants who graffitied a saying from the hadith (traditions recording Muhammad’s life and teachings). At the time of writing, the Christian village of Batnaya and town of Bartilla, where IS set fire to the church, have been liberated. Iraqi Christians who fled their towns and villages two years ago remain uncertain whether to return to their homes; they are concerned that they will still face discrimination and potential violence from the Muslim majority. Iraqi and Kurdish forces are now advancing on Mosul itself, where there are still an estimated 1.5 million civilians; despite media claims to the contrary it is extremely unlikely that a Christian community still exists within the city.

Barnabas Fund reports that in late October a few Christians gathered inside a fire-blackened church in Qaraqosh, northern Iraq, and held the first communion service there since Islamic State (IS) took control of the town in 2014. Retreating IS militants set fire to the church when Iraqi and Kurdish forces advanced as part of the wider campaign to retake the city of Mosul. When IS entered Qaraqosh in 2014 95% of its 50,000 residents were Christians; they fled en masse, fearing they would be killed if they did not convert to Islam, some travelling significant distances on foot to reach

A BIG thank you to all my friends at St Christopher’s for cards, delicious cakes etc and messages of support after my operation. Love from Rita. It’s lovely to see Rita back with us on Sunday mornings – her remarkably quick recovery is a testament to how fit she is! Ed. HotPott - Christmas 2016


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HotPott - Christmas 2016

Recipe Of The Month White Christmas The name for this sweet treat was perhaps chosen as it is the closest one gets to a ‘white Christmas’ in Australia! ‘Copha’, a solidified block of coconut oil, is used in many sweet and savoury recipes there and I recall being shocked and disappointed to find it wasn’t sold in the UK!

Pam Cooke After many years of bringing some back with me after visits home, or friends bringing it over for me, I was delighted when a few years ago, claims were made about the health benefits of coconut oil and it became widely available in health shops and supermarkets here. (I buy a few jars when it’s on special offer!) If you struggle to find glacé pineapple and apricots, use other dried fruit, such as crystallized ginger and/or dried apricots. N.B. 1 cup = 250 ml.

paper. Refrigerate until set before cutting into small squares. I store it in the fridge, but remove it for a few minutes before serving, so that it is a little easier to bite into. It is quite rich, but just think of the health benefits?! Pam very kindly made this for me when I was unable to bake earlier in the year – it is absolutely delicious, and extremely healthy I’m sure! Ed.

Thinking of getting married at St Christopher’s?

Ingredients 250g coconut oil (from a jar) 1 cup Rice Krispies 1 cup skimmed milk powder 1 cup coconut 1 cup icing sugar – sift if necessary 60g glacé cherries 1 glacé pineapple ring 2 glacé apricots 1/4 cup sultanas

Please contact Pam Cooke who will be pleased to advise: weddings 01625 575010

Method Melt the coconut oil in a small saucepan over very low heat. Meanwhile, combine all the other ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. Pour in the melted coconut oil and mix thoroughly until well combined. Pour mixture into a 28cm x 18cm (11” x 7”) baking tray lined with baking parchment or greased greaseproof HotPott - Christmas 2016


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A Christmas Prayer

Ivy Mosley

What does it mean, Lord: all this hustle and bustle, buying and spending? Why have I spent these last few weeks chasing my tail, rushing here, there and everywhere, sending cards, wrapping presents, buying food, singing carols? I enjoy these – don’t get me wrong – each in their way a part of the Christmas I’ve grown to know and love, but occasionally it all seems that bit too frenetic: so much to be done yet not so much idea why we do it. I do know, Lord, of course I do, only I can’t help being distracted: the truth at the heart of the season – the gift of your love – crowded out by other matters, each seeming so pressing at the time yet ultimately of such little concern. Forgive me, Lord, for thinking of everything and everyone….. except you, for focussing on so much trivia…. and losing sight of what really counts. Teach me to celebrate all that is good in this season, but also to distinguish the froth from the substance, the wrapping from the gift, the glitter from the gold. Teach me to step back, to pause and to ponder, and so may I find meaning not just in today but every day, not just at Christmas but always. Amen. Page 30

HotPott - Christmas 2016

HotPott - Christmas 2016


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HotPott - Christmas 2016

Team HotPott Another year and another ten editions of HotPott have been produced, thanks to the support I continue to enjoy from the fantastic team of volunteers (plus those dragooned and embarrassed into contributing) who work so hard to create a publication which we hope interests, amuses and sometimes even makes people think. I am very grateful both to those who unstintingly provide copy for each edition and to those who share their experiences, photos and thoughts on an ad hoc basis. Without you we wouldn’t have a magazine to produce. It would be good to have new contributors – no experience required! A big thank you to our advertisers too; we hope you have gained some business from HotPott readers but appreciate many of you advertise just to support us. We are grateful to the PCC for buying a colour printer – we’re looking forward to an even smarter magazine once the teething problems are overcome and will gradually collect colour copy from our advertisers too. And so to the team – thank you so much for sharing your expertise so willingly, and for your patience with my idiosyncrasies. Here’s to 2017! Editor & subscriptions : Layout: Printing & technical support : Chaser & fount of all knowledge: Proof readers: Distribution team :

Kath Matheson, 01625 574983 Andy and Tess Phillips Mike Akerman Mary Currell Audrey Meecham, Mary Currell, Vicki Shelley and Jacky Malyan Mary Currell, Eileen Buffey and Peter Kennedy


Electoral Roll Revision Each year there is a legal requirement to revise the church electoral roll to ensure it remains an accurate reflection of those who attend church regularly, or who live in the parish. A notice about this will be posted in church at the end of January 2017, with the revision taking place in February. The revised roll, together with a list of names of those added or removed from the roll since the last annual meeting, will be put up on the noticeboard at the back of church at the beginning of March. Kath Matheson, Electoral Roll Officer HotPott - Christmas 2016


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Proof Reading

February 2016

Mary Currell (26th January)

Thanks to Vicki Shelley for proof reading this issue and to Mike Akerman for printing it.

BIG CHURCH DAY OUT - Save the date! This fantastic event will be held at Capesthorne Hall on Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd June 2017. Two days of world class Christian music, fun, relaxation and celebration for all ages, right on our doorstep! See the poster on the notice board and for further details go to

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Sunday, 15th January

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HotPott - Christmas 2016

Rotas and Registers Cleaning Contact Evette 0161 439 9979 Dec 2nd Dec 9th Dec 16th

Ms Bunting, Mr & Mrs Stratford Mrs Meecham, Mrs Winstanley Mr. & Mrs. Akerman (Weddings Fri 16th Dec 13.00 & Thurs 22nd Dec 1400)

Dec 23rd Dec 30th

Mr & Mrs Ferguson Mr & Mrs Currell

Jan 6th Jan 13th Jan 20th Jan 27th Feb 3rd

Mrs Bennett & Mr R Lofthouse Mrs Harper, Mrs Plant Ms Bunting, Mr & Mrs Stratford Mrs Meecham, Mrs Winstanley Mr. & Mrs. Akerman

Tea & Coffee Dec 4th Dec 11th Dec 18th Dec 25th

Peter & Eileen Margaret & Doreen No service at 10.45 Christmas Day

Jan 1st Jan 8th Jan 15th Jan 22nd Jan 29th Feb 5th

Ros & Sheila Rita & Carol Jenny & Helen Peter & Eileen Margaret & Doreen Ros & Sheila

Flowers Contact Gill 01625 829819 Dec 4th Vacant Dec 11th Vacant Dec 18th Wedding: Gill/Ian & Rosemary Dec 25th Christmas There are currently no offers of help to fund flowers in January or February – please see or phone Gill Mosley if you wish to help in this way.

Weddings Contact Pam 01625 575010 Fri 16th Dec 1pm Wade Smith & Zoe Howarth Thurs 22nd Dec 2pm Christopher Cavanagh & Andrea Deacy We wish them joy in their preparations

Funerals Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of: November 10th Anton Kuszmir HotPott - Christmas 2016


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Services December 4th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Christingle

Romans 15:4-13; Luke 21:25-33

Lynne Bowden S & A Murphy

1 Corinthians 4:1-5; Matthew 11:2-10

David Harrison S & A Murphy

Philippians 4:4-7; John 1:19-28

Lynne Bowden

11th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Nativity

18th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am No Service 4.00pm Carols by Candlelight 6.30pm Carols by Candlelight


S & A Murphy S & A Murphy


6.30pm Carols by Candlelight


Christmas Eve

11.00pm Holy Communion


S & A Murphy Hebrews 1:1-12; John 1:1-14

Lynne Bowden

Hebrews 1:1-4; John 1:1-14

S & A Murphy

Galatians 4:1-7; Matthew 1:18-25 Galatians 4:4-7; Luke 2:15-21

David Harrison Jennifer Kendal

Mark11:1-11; Isaiah 42:1-4 Acts 10:34-43; Matthew 3:13-17

Gary Bowness Lynne Bowden

Romans 12:6-16; John 2:1-11 TBC Steve & Anne Murphy

Lynne Bowden

Christmas Day

10.00am Family Communion

January 1st. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Morning Worship

8th 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Holy Communion

15th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Family Service

22nd. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Morning Worship

Romans 12:16b-21; Matthew 8:1-13 Gary Bowness 1 Corinthians 1:10-18; Matthew 4:12-23 Margaret Tate

29th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Morning Worship

Romans 13:1-7; Matthew 8:23-34 1 Corinthians 1:18-31; John 2:1-11

David Harrison John Ryley


Keith Ranger Keith Ranger

February 5th. 8.30am Holy Communion 10.45am Holy Communion Page 36

HotPott - Christmas 2016

Sidespeople December 4th. 8.30am 10.45am


Mr. K. Ardern Mr. S. Heathcote + Mr. I. Currell + Mr. I. Malyan


11th. 8.30am 10.45am

Miss G. Mosley Mr. S. Heathcote + Mr. I. Currell + Mr. I. Malyan

18th. 8.30am 10.45am 4.00pm 6.30pm


Mr. & Mrs. R. Stratford No Service Mr. & Mrs. M. Akerman Mr. & Mrs. R. Ferguson




Mr. & Mrs. M. Akerman

Christmas Eve



Volunteers wanted!

Christmas Day


Volunteers wanted!

January 1st. 8.30am 10.45am

Mr. K. Ardern Mrs. E. Harper + Mr. I. Malyan + Mr. S. Heathcote Pam Cooke

8th 8.30am 10.45am

Miss G. Mosley Mr. & Mrs. R. Ferguson


Mr. & Mrs. R. Stratford Mr. S. Heathcote + Mr. I. Currell + Mr. I. Malyan


Miss G. Mosley Mr. & Mrs. I. Clarke (Reader: Mr. G. Parker)


15th. 8.30am 10.45am

22nd. 8.30am 10.45am

29th. 8.30am 10.45am

Mr. & Mrs. R. Stratford Mr. & Mrs. S. Potts (Readers: Mr. & Mrs. K. Meecham)

Ivy Mosley

February 5th. 8.30am 10.45am

Mr K. Ardern Mrs. E. Harper + Mr. & Mrs. P. Frecknall

HotPott - Christmas 2016


Sandy Milsom Page 37

Regular Church Activities Weekly: JUNIOR CHURCH - Children of three years and older - held during the 10:45am service. Meets in church for the first part of the service and then goes over to the Village Hall for bible stories, songs, craft activities, prayers and fun. CRECHE - Held during the 10:45am service in the tower vestry. HOME GROUPS - Four groups offering fellowship, worship and bible study: Rainow - Monday 8:00 - 9:30pm, Verona House, Spuley Lane; Sheila Garton, 573492 Adlington - Monday 8:00 - 10:00pm, 2 Wych Lane, Adlington; John Ryley, 829595 Pott Shrigley (North) - Tuesday 8:00 - 9:30pm, 3 Green Close; Sally Winstanley, 574545 Bollington - Wednesday 8:00 - 9:30pm, 14 Silver St, Bollington; Anne Murphy, 575768 PRAY TOGETHER - Tuesday 7:00 - 7.45pm in the tower vestry; Yvonne Foster, 576419 PRAISE AND PLAY - Children up to school age. Thursday 09:30 - 11:30am in church for stories and activities; Celia Fraser, 665054 BELL RINGING - Thursday 7:30 - 9:00pm, meet in the bell tower; Duncan Matheson, 574983

Monthly: CHURCH GUILD - Fellowship, speakers, outings and tea. Meets the second Wednesday in the month 2:30 - 4:00pm in church; Georgina Wray, 615547 HOME GROUP Day Lighters - Contact Ian Clarke, Hill View, Shrigley Rd; 574131 The list above was last revised on 22nd October, 2016. All telephone numbers are prefixed with 01625. Please give corrections and additions to

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“Of all the cheek! Rides up on his sleigh in his flashy red suit, pushes to the front of the queue to the stable shouting “Ho! Ho! Ho!” ...who DOES he think he is?!”

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HotPott - Christmas 2016

HotPott - Christmas 2016


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Directory Priest-in-charge:

Vacant – Contact Churchwardens if necessary


Dr John Ryley (Reader Emeritus), 2 Wych Lane, Adlington, SK10 4NB


Parish Assistant:

Gillian Mosley, 129 St Austell Avenue, Macclesfield, SK10 3NY



David Garton, Verona House, Spuley Lane, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5RR

573492 Duncan Matheson, Church View Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA

574983 Verger:

Stan Heathcote, Lilac Cottage, Spuley Lane, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5RR

PCC Secretary:

Ros Johnson, 54 Shrigley Road South, Poynton, SK12 1TF

875902 PCC Treasurer:

Peter Kennedy,


Gift Aid & Planned Giving:

Sally Winstanley, 3 Green Close Cottages, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SG



Mary Currell, 61 Crossfield Road, Bollington, SK10 5EA 573735 David Garton, as above


Weekly Bulletin:

David Gem, Ridge Hall Farm, Ridge Hill, Sutton, Macclesfield, SK11 0LU

Electoral Roll and Safeguarding officer:

Kath Matheson, Church View Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA

Tower Captain:

Duncan Matheson, as above


Pastoral Care Team:

Jean Bennett, 33 Dyers Court, Bollington, SK10 5GG


Church Guild:

Georgina Wray, 14 Paladin Place, Bank Close, Macclesfield, SK11 7HE

615547 574983 Children’s Ministry:

Anne Murphy, 14 Silver Street, Bollington, SK10 5QL

575768 Praise and Play:

Celia Fraser, Rose Cottage, Bull Hill Lane, Rainow, SK10 5TQ

665054 Parish Council Clerk:

Joyce Burton,

Wedding Coordinator:

Pam Cooke,


Head Teacher:

Mrs Mel Walker Pott Shrigley Church School SK10 5RT


head@pottshrigley.cheshire Website:

Tess Phillips, 26 Hurst Lane, Bollington, SK10 5LP

PCC Members:


(please prefix numbers with 01625)

Dr John Ryley, Duncan Matheson, Sally Winstanley, Peter Kennedy, Ros Johnson, Andy Phillips, Pam Cooke, Eileen Buffey, Ian Clarke, Mary Currell, Mike Akerman, Sheila Garton, Ian Malyan, David Garton, Vicky Smith, Sandy Milsom, Gill Mosley, Ivy Mosley, Anne Murphy, Kath Matheson.

This directory was updated on 17th Nov 2016. Please give corrections and additions to

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HotPott - Christmas 2016

HotPott Christmas 2016  
HotPott Christmas 2016  

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