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2011 Media Kit

WHAT IS HOTLIST Hotlist is a location-based platform that makes social coordination and social discovery a whole lot easier. Users perform two main actions on Hotlist: Following


By following relevant Friends, Places and Interests, personalized notifications are delivered to each user to keep them in the social loop of what’s happening with the friends, places and interests they care about.

By “Planning” via smartphone app or web app, friends can easily coordinate and decide on the most convenient time and place for everyone to meet up.

Hotlist influences real-world social migration by showcasing crowd info (how many people, gender ratio, crowd photos) of the people who plan to be at particular venue, days/weeks in advance. This allows users to select a location based on the expected crowd and scene as it’s the people at a place that make it fun. Celebrities and brands leverage Hotlist’s platform by utilizing a wide set of tools to engage their audience in real world interaction and migration.

Discover. Plan. Share.

2011 Media Kit


Easily plan your entire weekend and keep your friends in the social loop. Hotlist is the new way to stay informed about the friends, places and brands you care about.Â

View the crowds at millions of venues throughout the world.

See where your friends plan to be throughout the week.

2011 Media Kit

MEET CHRIS & GIANNI Chris Mirabile

Co-founder & CEO

Chris focuses on Hotlist's overall strategy, business development and strategic partnerships. Chris became a developer at 15, working in Silicon Alley during the heydays of the dot com bubble. After getting laid off, Chris helped establish an industrial design rendering company that was later acquired by a publicly listed corporation. To finance the Hotlist dream, Chris consulted VC's and hedge funds on developing  quantitative solutions for enhanced portfolio management. Chris went to NYU Stern School of Business where he currently guest lecturers about entrepreneurship.


Gianni Martire

Co-founder & COO


Gianni manages the design and development of Hotlist. Prior to Hotlist, Gianni co-founded a web infrastructure firm his sophomore year of college and ran it out of his dorm until its acquisition in 2005, 2 weeks before barely graduating. In his free time, Gianni is an active angel investor focusing in early stage disruptive technologies and guest lectures at NYU Stern and NYU Poly about technology and entrepreneurship.

2011 Media Kit

HOTLIST’S INVESTOR & ADVISERS Joseph Grano CEO of Centurion Holdings, former Chairman/CEO of UBS

Hal Stern Former CTO of Software at Sun Microsystems

Alain Benzaken Former CTO of The Ladders

Steve Kann Sr. Director of Technology Strategy at BlackBoard

Christina Brodbeck Founding team member at YouTube

Tommaso Trionfi Co-founder of Wimba

Glenn Nano Principle at Centurion Venture Partners

Bob Zito PR legend & former EVP of NYSE

Pam Russo Former head of Business Development at TMZ

2011 Media Kit

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