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Ohhhh yea late again. Deeep breath in…. Um.. I got nothin’, I’m sorry. But hey I had a great Christmas, how about you? I’m often lit like a Christmas tree. Not trashed, but happily twinkling! I have alot to be happy about. Why the heck not? I mean, I work fewer hours than a “regular job” for more money, allowing me to be a present single parent and pet owner, along with mentoring services and confidence training that I provide au gratis. The past 6 weeks have led me to a few fancy-pants places and high brow kinds of things. And I compare it to Florida; it’s great to visit but it’s nice to not live there. I have to shake it off and be me. When you do what you love, it really doesn’t seem like work. Getting paid to do what you love? Shyeah! Totally rocks!

It might even be your own family. Look, all people are part of someone’s family. You can’t pick ‘em. But hey you don’t have to allow them to shackle your dreams either!

There’s no reason you can’t do that too. Honestly, unless you enjoy being a real asshole, then I can’t help ya. If you love doing something, turn it into your career! Be happy doing what you love and being paid for it! Network with people who are a few steps ahead of you.

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “[somebody’s name] is ruining my day!” ?

Think about it.. nobody wants to hear how you hate your job! The only barrier to working and loving your work.. is you. Gotta change that. Get on it ok? I want to see you lit like a Christmas tree too. Making any big changes for the new year? No? Hang on.. Back to my office. Is your life perfect? Is there anything you can change to do better? Would it make you happier? Envision your happiness and darnit start stepping towards it. But make sure you enjoy the journey and don’t just set yourself up for some hard point, magical destination. There isn’t one. You never get to a place, and stop. You want to see what’s beyond that. Make sure you credit yourself with getting up again when losers out there make you trip and then laugh. There’s lots of ‘em.

We all have. We do it and it buys us a get out of responsibility card for the moment. Learn to catch yourself before getting to that point. YOU own your day. Even if some jerk is trying to piss you off… leave it on the sidelines. Don’t stop to say, oh some sack of crap is messing up my day. If you raise your senses to take notice when encountering negativity, you’ll come to recognize certain ‘piss you off triggers.’ Put on your mental armor, size it up so that you are bigger.. And just biff them away. You are bigger, stronger, and won’t allow it to stop your motion. It’s up to you, to let it sift through your strainer or let it coagulate and stop your motion. The sooner you realize your are responsible for your own happiness… understand it and believe it.. The quicker you will take corrective action in your environment to make it so.

Message From the Editor - Continued Recognize and think.. the people who do the negative poo-slinging and name-calling have some personal short-comings. - Defects - that are causing them to lash out at you and hide behind. And realize this: They don’t matter anyway! Don’t waste time trying to prove why someone’s claims against you aren’t founded. Just keep doing the best you can at achieving your dreams.. Your goals.. Because ‘they’ can’t ‘see’.. You don’t have a problem.. They do. Nobody can tell you that you are going after your goals wrong! A secret of mine is that I set both: huge goals and smaller ones. Not stupid ones like ‘Wake up today’.. But get chapter drafted, for example.. My big goal is to have a broadcast network, my own Happy network dammit.. It’s going to be happy dammit. The happy dammit network. Well maybe not exactly but.. All about empowerment and harnessing what you have had all along, just like the nice witch told Dorothy. My smaller goal is to sort through which groups work for my goals and which don’t. Just like trying on a new dress, you have to walk around wearing it.. Seeing if it can hug your body to compliment you, and not bulk you up where you don’t want to be. You don’t have to buy every dress in your size. As you know, lots of companies have a different size 9 or whatever. They don’t all look good on you.. But hopefully one or two will. And finally, buyer beware. Read the labels. Do your research. Don’t buy in without knowing why, and check those benefits across the board before buying in, too. You don’t want to be one of them penguins who just jumps in ice water because 250 of your cousins did. Your cousin might have had too much punch and slipped, and your 250 cousins didn’t know any better, they just followed suit. Take initiative, do for yourself, be accountable, and have a productive, happy life. For free, even! But hey, no matter what, I hope you enjoy this December edition of Hot Jam Media Mag. A heck of a lot of work goes into it.. If I want a network, this is a part of the journey! Best wishes for an awesome new year. Do something awesome for yourself! It’s totally okay to do for yourself without guilt!!!

Suzanne Perry “SuzyP”

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Love Shouldn’t Hurt. Domestic violence hotline Anonymous and Confidential Help 24/7: 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.3224 (TTY)

“Be Nice.” Nice People Can Succeed A practical guide for a mean world An exclusive interview with

Anthony Casuccio Award-winning music producer

Read on for an exclusive interview with Buffalo native nice guy!

Do you come from a musical family?

Somewhat, my father played a few different instruments when he was growing up. My mother was a great piano player and played for the family; especially during the holidays. She gave me piano lessons when I was young. What I did get from my family was support to pursue music from a very young age. I was encouraged to take lesson in school and privately. I feel that was the biggest musical gift that I received from my family.

I was lucky to have a few titles that I worked on in that bunch. My favorite is called The Great Band Era. 9X platinum. I worked on that in the mid 90’s, in my mid-twenties. I have since then had other works nominated for Grammy awards and chart on Billboard. I worked with a dance artist called Barton. We had a dance track peak at #9 on the UK dance charts a few summers ago. I also have a few jingles hitting the airwaves in the New Year. In contrast to larger cities, why have you chosen to call Buffalo home?

At what point did you realize this is what you wanted to do?

In high school I realized that I was not going to be the next Eddie Van Halen. OK, I am dating myself here. I loved the guitar and I loved writing and performing. I have always had a great ability to focus and evaluate a situation. I determined that I’d have a better shot at success in the music industry being behind the scenes, especially the recording aspect.• I got involved with recording the wind ensemble (besides playing in it) and orchestra performances. This kind of fortified my desire to be a recording engineer. I put all my eggs in one basket and applied to the sound Recording program at Fredonia and got in. From there I never looked back. My goal was to work with others then on my own time record my own music. What was one of your gold chart toppers?

I went to work for Reader’s Digest Music right out of college. They had the largest independent record label in the world at that point. With divisions in 28 countries, that increased to 32 at the peak of its sales. I worked on so many albums that sold RIAA gold record status, I think over 60. The funny thing is that it costs a lot of money to get RIAA certification, something that the corporate offices did not want to spend money on. The division had a lifetime total of over a thousand titles that could have received gold and platinum status. The upper management decided to select a small number of those titles and get them certified.

Well, I moved back to Buffalo. I lived in NYC for 10 years and moved out to California for another five. I loved both places. With the power of the internet, I can have clients all over the world. I have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest artist from Russia. I recently worked with an amazing producer from Iran, all from Buffalo NY. I moved back because this place is the best in the country to raise a family. I have to say though, that it was my wife that pushed me to move back and she is not from here. I needed to be closer to my family. Being away, I really missed that family connection that I had growing up. I have two kids now and am glad they are growing up in Western New York. What inspired you to write this book?

I had been visiting high schools and colleges talking about my music industry experience. I shared stories on how being a nice person helped me succeed in such a tough, crazy industry. I realized that there was a common thread, acting with integrity and being respectful, no matter what situation I was thrust into. I loved doing these motivation talks and wanted to do more. I was told by an agent that being published would help with securing speaking engagements. I had a good amount of content from these talks, so I decided to start writing it down. I am a much better speaker than writer but I was motivated and moved forward. Once I started writing the ideas just flowed and I become more excited to share my stories. That is how Be Nice, Nice People Can Succeed a Practical guide for a Mean World was born.

Are you working on any special projects currently?

My main focus the next few months is my new book, Be Nice. Nice people Can Succeed. A Practical Guide for a Mean World. This book is a culmination of stories that I have shared during speaking engagements with high school and college students and industry panels. I highlighted key moments in my career and illustrated the importance of being nice, working with integrity and how keeping an open mind towards others can create opportunities. I always have musical projects going on. How can we keep up with your activity?

Twitter @anthonycasuccio My book site: - my mastering site.

FAVORITES CARD Anthony Casuccio NICKNAME: Toneman FROM: Williamsville, NY COLOR: Blue FOOD: Sushi FLAVOR OF ICE CREAM: Black raspberry PLACE VISITED: Hong Kong SONG, ALBUM OR BAND: The Beatles SAYING/MANTRA: Karma, what goes around, comes around.

Swill “One” CD Release Party Dec 28, 2013 with Special Guest: Sin District at the Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon Get your swill on the web at:

Fresh, energetic, distinct and addictive. Formed in summer of 2009 by lead vocalist Ken Willcox and lead/rhythm guitarist Scott Kent, and polishing off in 2013 with Mike Copp on bass, Ken Pruchnicki on drums and Chris Hannen on lead/rhythm guitar, Swill puts forth its debut CD this week with “One...the Mid-Life Crisis Sessions.”

A nice 12-track package of fun. I like Voyeur, Favorite Fix, Rocky Road Ahead.. Dreamin’.. Broken Radio seems to be getting alot of attention on this too.

After swishing it around, I’ll say Swill is a well-balanced blend: Judas Priest chord structure at times but the splashy pop of Jimmy Eat World. Vocals range nicely, a couple notes were reminiscent of a young Axl, yet mostly a unique, firm, well-balanced approach. They’ve been playing around town in the Buffalo NY area... Give ‘em a listen, pick up a “One” CD .. Check ‘em out on Reverbnation at /Swill or on Facebook and Twitter at /BuffaloNYSwill.

Jill O’Hara, RN Holistic Health Practitioner

My road to wellness began many years ago when after being very sick for two years I was introduced to Holistic Health Care. Until that time the only treatment was pain medicine when I had flare ups as there wasn’t any known reason or cure for my illness. Then Reiki came into my life and it was a life changer!

After only two sessions I was healed, never to again experience the incredible gut-wrenching pain that visited me every few months for the two previous years. Reiki gave me the ability to clearly see the emotional connection of my illness. That was about 10 years ago and my journey has taken me far. Once my healing occurred, I knew I had to begin practicing Reiki, which is a form of Energy Healing, and the learning has not stopped as I continue to add loving, healing tools to my practice. I am passionate about teaching others how to truly care for themselves, encompassing the entire being. Holistic Health Care is the “hottest” it has ever been. Mind you, this is not a trend but rather a new way of caring for you. The term “ ” is interchangeable with “ ” or “ .” The holistic approach to health care encompasses working with the mind, body and spirit first. These three parts of you cannot be separated, and when we consider all three, they become a “whole.”

Reiki came into my life and it was a life changer! Holistic care is not looking to replace traditional medicine. Yet, in many countries, it is the only form of medicine; and has been healing people for centuries. The intent of holistic care is to bring the person into a way of life that supports them mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and environmentally. When dealing with any form of illness, if we look to the body for answers, we will see a host of symptoms that will be named a disease. Traditional medicine will treat you with medicine, testing, surgery or other appropriate treatment in order to alleviate the symptoms. That’s great; you will most likely feel better or at least get some relief. But, generally it does not get to the root cause of the symptoms. When treated holistically, the practitioner will also take into consideration your mind, the emotions you have been experiencing. We have made the connection that our thoughts create things, and that includes illness.

“The spirit is the essence of who you are.” Simple illustration: You despise your job; it is a chore to go into work on a daily basis. Your thoughts are “I hate that place; it’s just a pain in my neck.” Say that often enough, and soon you will find yourself with a stiff neck, and/or neck, back or shoulder pain. You will blame it on sitting hunched over a computer all day, yet the body knows that is not the reason. If you were doing work you loved, such as writing that book you have been dreaming about, suddenly those pains would be gone. You cannot fool the body! There are many tools the holistic practitioners can use to assist you in healing. Healing is a place of optimal wellness, not necessarily a cure, though more often than not you will experience a cure. As our illnesses arise from our energy, it is natural to work with that “Universal Life Force Energy” which surrounds us all. Our energy, or vibration, is affected by the foods we eat, the people we spend our time with, positive or negative encounters, our self care, or lack of it, as well as our environment. The spirit is the essence of who you are. Your thoughts, beliefs and tribal upbringing will affect your spirit. Your tribe consists of family members, mentors, friends, co-workers and all of the things you believe as a matter of what you have been taught as well as life experiences. Fortunately with holistic care, you can record over those false beliefs that are constricting your life. Your spirit can be renewed and the days of feeling overwhelmed, upset or even depressed can be a thing of the past. When dealing with any form of illness, if we look to the body for answers, we will see a host of symptoms that will be named a disease. Traditional medicine will treat you with medicine, testing, surgery or other appropriate treatment in order to alleviate the symptoms. That’s great; you will most likely feel better or at least get some relief. But, generally it does not get to the root cause of the symptoms. Energy work such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Music therapies, Essential Oils, Nutritional coaching, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Massage therapy and so many other healing modalities are readily available. They all adjust the energy flow of the body creating a healthier state of being. This list is only a small sampling of all the beautiful techniques that can transform your life. And yes, music is a form of healing! Maybe it’s time to explore?

The Holistic Alliance of Western New York holds monthly meetings at Sisters of Mercy Hospital, St. Joseph Campus the second Friday of the month at 7 PM in the Community Room. All of the meetings are open to the public. Great place to learn about what is available in the community, and network with some beautiful people. The Holistic Community in Buffalo is a large one with many gifted healers reaching out to bring peace, wellness and joy into the lives of those they touch. There is a new Holistic Chamber of Commerce for WNY that is just beginning to accept members. This is thanks to Don Scott. To become a part of this go to . 2014 is the year “Roads to Wellness” will debut and stretch its wings. There will be a weekly radio show, a monthly TV show and I will be appearing in many venues through out WNY to speak. The new website is under construction and will be available January 1, 2014 at In the meantime you can reach me via email at I hope you will join me on the journey of the “Roads to Wellness.”

Jill O’Hara, RN, CHHP, RMT, is a Registered Nurse by profession, with 30+ years of experience. She has experienced both the strengths and weaknesses of Western Medicine. She is a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), as well as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, with areas of focus including Energy Healing, Chakra Therapy, Herbology, Wellness Mentoring and the Aroma Touch Technique. Over the past 12 years Jill has worked in the WNY community as a Holistic Health Consultant serving all age groups. Her business "Roads to Wellness” provides consulting as well as healing therapies to assist people in reaching their optimal state of wellness. Currently Jill is the coordinator of Alternate Roots Transformational Healing Center in Hamburg, as well as the coordinator for the annual Holistic Health Expo.

Meet: Big Basha NEW CONTRIBUTOR I'm sharing this info as a music lover, also as a supporter and integral part of Buffalo's Electronic Music Scene. For my first article, it only made sense to begin with my background. I grew up in Lackawanna, surrounded by baseball, drawing, skateboarding & music! Music was never far, whether at home or at the cabin in East Otto, it was Rock N Roll and the likes of a Bluegrass Band formed by friends of the family and my uncle. My interest went through phases from piano lessons at 6 & 7 years old and some guitar and bass before my teenage years, to writing and singing for a band in Junior High. I've loved all types of popular music growing up; Hip Hop was real big for me then Classic Rock, to Alternative, to Industrial to Grunge, and back to Hip Hop. Some firsts are Beastie Boy’s “Paul's Boutique” & Janet Jackson’s “Rythym Nation” tapes from my mom's brother as gifts for my 7th birthday, to White Zombie at the Agricenter & Smashing Pumpkins at the Aud for my first concerts. First cd purchase was “Doggystyle” and the movie Juice is always referenced as my first account of a DJ. But in the 11th grade I found Electronic Music and along with it came the party scene from 99-2001, for me. Sometime in 2001 I decided to buy turntables and take matters into my own hands. Even though right off the bat I was blowing friends minds by mixing Jungle & Hip Hop together seamlessly, I was in this for the long run and extremely critical of my mixes. I took 3 years to perfect beat matching and mixing before I was ready to give my demo out. I was quickly offered a booking/advising position to help put some spice into

an already existing night. Before I knew it a year later I was throwing events for local djs and booking our first big act, Evol Intent. Through the years there has been many DJ sets as Big Basha across Upstate, a couple tracks released on Gradient Audio, much more coming soon, and we've done countless shows as Frosty Tone. There is a lot of noatable support, my MC/host Jah Creation/Rich Saladyga, Perceptor, Tweek & McNasty of TweeKNasty Radio & OPM Lounge, Hoogs & Paul T/535, Brian Nelson of Factory & OPM, Sam from 658, Josh Santoro aka DJ Devious, Code D & Ewun/KillTheNoise, Mikey Parkay from Cuse, DJ Fixx of Bottom End, Brandon Chase of Get House/Music Is Art, Mike Marshall! of MNM Presents!, Joe Urge of Atma/Weekend Off, the Jungle Bums, FiyaSounds, CFXRNetRadio, Tristan F, Deliria, Richie @ Staples/Allentown Liquor, JJ Alfieri of Third Room/DBGB, Ros & Jill @ OHM Lounge.. Sorry if anyone was left out! As a listener, I've covered many genres in Electronic Music, and learning them with help from Napster had it's own effect, in my opinion. There was a very specific distinction between genres on there, and in real life mainly because if buying vinyl records meant breaking the bank. You became absorbed into a genre due to how expensive it was. I became a Junglist. After 5 years of buying Jungle or Drum & Bass records, with the splash of Hip Hop of course, I was surrounded by the digital age and CDJ players became popular making it easier for DJs to play a wider variety, now that you can play mp3s instead of vinyl.

I'll always love vinyl, but the future was here, and I wasn't going back. I quickly gathered all types of music again like back in 99 with Napster, I had House Music, Breakbeats, Trip Hop, Garage, Jungle & some new styles were emerging.. Dubstep & Grime (a form of UK rap & Electronic Beats deriving from the genre, UK Garage) Abandoning vinyl was a hard decision but it was personally, one of the most important decisions in my career.

agreeable sound between styles, from the Future Bass, 4x4 and Trap styles, to Glitch Hop, Mid-Tempo & Hip Hop combos. New age digital crates and old school 808s. Supplying the beats and rocking the mic will be Jah MC, The Verdict, Potent J, Rola, Drop D, Charlie The Butcher, Keith Concept & more. Special guests will be involved each show as well as Frosty regulars who have always supported us. Here's some background info on the cast we have lined up so far...

As the first DJ and patron of Dubstep to completely support the sound, it set Frosty Tone Ent. apart and ahead of the curve. Buffalo & Frosty Tone became a stop for certain Dubstep & Bass Music artists and agencies from around the globe, while other local promoters slowly gained interested. Dubstep has hit it's plateau, but we'll always support music we love and Dubstep wasn't a fad to us, it's helped mold new sounds and is a staple of Electronic Music alongside the other genres. That being said, we're here for more than one genre and FT has encompassed as many styles as possible. From Evol Intent back in 2005, Danny Byrd in 2007, Jayline & Conscious Pilot in 2008, The Spit Brothers, Distal & , Von D, Joe Nice & Silkie in 2009 & 2010, Africa Hitech in 2011, Calyx & Teebee in 2012 & David Boomah in 2013 we've had many artist of different styles bless the stage for us!

Jah has been with Frosty Tone and Basha since day one! He's also done work with many other DJs and has Hip Hop released as Prime Suspects. The Verdict is a well versed DJ who learned with vinyl and moves from Jungle to Glitch & Hip Hop to House, he'll definitely be keeping the selection lively. Potent J is one of our areas best vinyl Drum & Bass DJs but is now also knows his Future Bass, Trap & has some Hip Hop in his roots. Rola is a b boy, Frosty regular and accomplished DJ who knows all types of Electronic Music, he was raised spinning DNB vinyl and his taste has turned to Future Bass & 4x4 sounds.

We've retained our support for the underground over the years. Managing a balance of music as art and music we party to has always been important to us. It's about the sound coming out of the speakers and how it makes you feel, what it makes you do... It's about working with a great team and bringing a intimate show to the crowd. And if you haven’t heard it before, it’s about sub bass (out to Tristan!), and a dark room with the right vibe! This is what we're here for, and it's been a great journey over the past 8 years! For most of us in Buffalo, molding with the market as it changes is necessary to obtain a successful business in the music scene. And In life, learning from each new experience is something we're all used to. After many years of these two inevitabilities, Frosty Tone is now in one if it's most mature states to date. Ready to take the next step into the future, by taking a step back... Welcome a new monthly show! "Reset" On Friday, January 31st @ Electric Avenue (300 Ellicott St) we're opening up the next chapter. Gravitating towards our original crew and residents, We'll be reaching an

Drop D has come a long way in just a few years, there's a good chance he's the area's most versatile vinyl DJ, but his focus on this night will be Electronic & Dance hits with some party Hip Hop and most likely something that hits that you've never heard! Charlie The Butcher is one of the area's most valuable and talented, when it comes to turntablism, scratching, selection and his vinyl collection, nobody I know tops Chuck! Keith Concept is a local Hip Hop MC and one of the nicest in Buffalo to this day, plenty of underground releases and epic forthcomings from this mic champ. Myself, Big Basha, will be showcasing some of the freshest Bass Music has to offer, mixed up with Hip Hop favorites and new personal material as often as possible. It's a new look for 2014 and we've got the vibes! Last month we said goodbye to the Thursday weekly @ OHM... to clear things up there's much love for them and we had a lot of great times, shows were slow and things just weren't feeling right there so we parted ways for now.

There never needs to be a special occasion to have boudoir or glamour photos done. Of course, you can have these photosdone for a special someone or have them done for yourself! I own Scarlet Noir Photographic in West Seneca, NY. I have seen girls take photos for their boyfriends and girlfriends but my favorite is when they come in and pamper themselves for just themselves. Having their hair and make up done, wearing clothing or lingerie they don’t normally wear, learning how to pose and be self- confident is the best gift for your soul. Don’t feel you have to wear lingerie! You can wear a gorgeous dress or even a robe! Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful. The more confident you are, the more it will come out in your photos! Putting on a touch of lipstick and some high heels will always get you in some good spirits. When you get back your photos, you will see how gorgeous you truly are – you already know inside, now you get to see out!

(C)2013 Scarlet Noir Photraphic Photos are copyrighted and used with permission. All rights reserved. 2013 Hot Jam Media

January 23-26, 2014


Hot Jam Media brings you exclusive coverage of the latest music industry innovations!

Anaheim, CA


The NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants) is the world’s trade show for the music industry. It’s not open to the public. Here is where all new things involving music make their debut! You’ll see it FIRST!

Follow along with us as we leave the Buffalo snow for a sunny escape, with a few days of axes, amps and apps, monitors, mixers, TEC Awards, the Women in Music Network Awards and celebrity interviews and endorsements!

Photos used are from the 2013 NAMM show and are property of S.Perry.

Photo courtesy of facebook

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