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Let's Play... by the rules Safety & accountability Aqua & sauna Oranje is a clean and safe environment where you can relax and unwind. We do everything to guarantee a good hygiene, safe equipment and a comfortable environment. A visit to Aqua & Sauna Oranje is however always at your own risk. We will not be held accountable for any theft, loss or damage nor will we be for any damage to persons or belongings within the property. The Hotel van Oranje takes good care of their guests and their belongings. That’s why our Aqua & Sauna Oranje provides guests with safety deposit boxes which they are obligated to use. Guests receive a key during the pre-payment of the entrance fee plus a deposit of €10,00. The deposit will be refunded when bringing back the key. Your belongings are safely put away and other guests will not be bothered by them. All guests are obligated to follow instructions by employees of Aqua & sauna Oranje. Bites & Drinks Aqua & Sauna Oranje features restaurant facilities. We prepare your bites and drinks and make sure that everything is clean and neat after you leave. Consumptions, tanning bed coins etcetera can be ordered at the bar. The costs will be settled with the guests during departure. Eating and drinking of selfbrought foods and drinks is prohibited. What to wear & what not to wear Fitness In our fitness, guests wear sports clothes and gym shoes. Pool All shoes must be put away in the safety deposit box. It is mandatory to wear swimming clothes only. When a guest is wearing shoes or clothes in the pool, this guest is a participant of the swimming classes. Young children are obligated to wear special swimming diapers. Swimming diapers are for sale at the counter. Children who don’t have swimming diplomas should at all times wear floaties.

Sauna The sauna facilities (80 and 90 degrees sauna, Turkish steam room, whirlpool, dip bath, infra red cabins and feet pool) are to be visited without swimming clothes, with the exception on Wednesday. Only on Wednesday you are allowed in with swim wear. Kids in Aqua & Sauna Oranje All kids are welcome at Aqua & Sauna Oranje. Under the age of 12 all children must be accompanied by an adult who is able to swim. Children who are 14 years or older are allowed access to the sauna and fitness. Playing in the water is fun, but other guests should not perceive any inconvenience. Running and diving in the water is not allowed, nor is the use of any toys (ball, body board, big floaties and matrasses). At Aqua Cinema floaties and matrasses will be provided. Parents and caregivers are at all times responsible for the behavior of their children. Carefree enjoyment To make sure you and our other guests can relax during your visit at Aqua & Sauna Oranje, all guests must shower before entering the pool or sauna facilities. Intimate contact is prohibited, as well as smoking and the use of phones in the pool and sauna facilities.

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Aqua Sauna Oranje Houserules  

Aqua Sauna Oranje Houserules