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E D U C A T I O N & C A R E E R S W I T H O U T B O U N D A R I E S


Natalia Ruffo CastaĂąo// Colombia / Mexico // Bachelor Program

“ F r o m the moment I arrived Les Roches has been a unique e x p e r i ence. I never imagined that I would meet so many p e o p l e from different cultures! My program has been really interesting and the knowledge I have learned has proved invaluable to prepare me to start my international career.�




How we prepare

future leaders

Educating beyond the curriculum could be one of Les Roches’ most important characteristics. We offer a learning environment which allows you to develop your creativity, work ethic, leadership and many other key life skills that are essential for your future success, be it personal or professional.

The combination of sound academic experience with innovative use of craft-based learning achieves a unique educational experience that shapes and opens your mind and attitude. Working with professionals and using live situations helps you better grasp theory and understand its potential and limitations. This more contextual approach also better prepares you

“After working around the world for over

by giving meaning to more complex

25 years with InterContinental Hotels Group

business and financial tools as well as theory.

in Europe, the Middle East & Africa as Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Franchise Operations, Marketing as well as other positions, I now desire to share my learning and passion for hospitality with the

Combining these professional studies

future leaders of tomorrow.”

with a strong cultural and liberal arts component, Les Roches sets itself the highest challenge, which is to teach you how to learn and how to be prepared to confront complex professional situations with

Arie A.J. van der Spek Senior Vice President Laureate Hospitality Education Europe

rigor and innovation.

Books, theory, practice, tutoring and teaching as well as facilities are combined in an orchestrated program that gives back the full meaning to the word “education”. Our students accomplishments over the past 30 years stand as a testimony to the success of this integrated approach.

OUR MISSION Les Roches, International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland prepares international students committed to a career in the service industries. Its model hospitality education programs balance theory with practice, independent learning with strong faculty support, and a foundation for lifelong learning with the skills for immediate employment and progress to leadership positions in the industry. Through international campuses, the Les Roches model of education is accessible to students throughout the world.


Les roches campus

Les roches Library



EX P ERIE N C E A warm welcome to Les Roches International School of Hotel Management! The objective of this brochure is to provide you with a key to unlock the door to an exciting new future.

Clive Taylor Campus Director

“Discover the Les Roches way of life!” In addition to giving you some important facts, you will discover our campus, its magnificent location, the numerous social and sport activities our students enjoy and get a glimpse of where students live and of the essence of the Les Roches lifestyle. It also briefly depicts our learning environment and the wide range of opportunities available upon graduation.

We hope you will also begin to feel “the way of life” that is typical to Les Roches. With some 800 students on campus coming from over 90 countries around the world, we are large enough to be highly professional yet small enough to treat everyone as an individual.

Situated in the French speaking part of Switzerland, Bluche is a friendly mountain village at 1,274 metres. The family atmosphere that exudes is almost impossible to capture on these printed pages, but it is very real for all those who have lived it and loved it.

That is why it is important to come and visit us if you can. Spend a day here and the words and pictures will come alive. You will soon understand what makes Les Roches so unique!



O P P ORTU N ITY When you hear the term “hospitality industry� you probably think of hotels and restaurants. Of course you are right, but this is only part of the picture. Travel, tourism and leisure are some of the fastest-growing sectors of the global economy and the trend is forecasted to continue. As the industry expands, hospitality graduates are working in a wider spectrum of positions than ever before.

By acquiring the knowledge, the practical and personal skills needed for hotel management, you will have many career options. That is why we insist on a strong and balanced combination of theory and practice.

Travel and Tourism mean jobs A worldwide community of a quarter of a billion people working in the travel and tourism sector by the end of this decade - with the firm prospect of sustainable growth in the future (WTTC - 2010).



without boundaries

Travel & Tourism, Cruise Lines, Hotels , Resorts and Clubs

Airlines, Rail, Conventions and

Human Resources, Media,

Food & Beverage (Restaurants, Bars, Clubs)


Training, Education, Management Consulting

Catering, Facilities Management

Entertainment & Leisure, Casinos

Promotion & Sports Management

Entertainment & Amusement,

Hospitality Information Technology

Agency and Personal Management

Theme Parks, Civic Events

Logistics Management

Event & Venue Management

Public Parks & Recreation

Real Estate Development

Fitness, Health and Spa Management

Some Striking Facts 1

Approximately 8% of worldwide employment is in Travel & Tourism



The Travel & Tourism economy is expected to grow by 4.4%

303 million jobs worldwide are expected by 2020

per annum in real terms between 2010 and 2020 (World Travel & Tourism Council 2010)



programs A Les Roches degree is highly valued by our students and the hospitality industry. Our industry-focused programs are designed to lead students through the numerous facets of hospitality by developing their operational, administrative and managerial expertise, with a particular focus on business leadership skills.

Jeremy Hutchinson Director of Academic Affairs

At the same time, we provide an American-style university-level general education that develops the full academic potential of our students. We achieve this careful balance by interlocking academic and practical work, particularly in the undergraduate program. We believe our students gain a true competitive advantage when hospitality theory and practice are ingeniously combined with general education courses, providing them with a wealth of lifelong practical skills along with an intellectually developed mind. In addition, students gain true cultural understanding and awareness due to our international student body. All our programs are delivered entirely in English.

To ensure our industry curriculum reflects the latest trends in the field, we have a panel of professional industry advisors comprised of senior executives from leading international hotel chains and other hospitality firms. These seasoned experts regularly review our programs to enable us to meet the changing needs of the industry.

Our Panel of Industry Advisors Our panel includes leading decision-makers from the following top international hotel chains: Accor // Four Seasons // Hilton // Hyatt International // InterContinental // Kempinski // Le MĂŠridien // Ritz Carlton // Radisson



fac u lt y We have an extremely well qualified international faculty at Les Roches who have excellent academic credentials and/or extensive experience in the industry. All of our faculty are committed to bringing out the best in every student. Below are examples of just a few faculty members who will be teaching you and a short description of their professional background. Graduate and postgraduate courses are reinforced with specialists who teach a specific subject.

Business Management


Qualification Teaching

program Professional experience

Detlev Remy Master of Commerce, Revenue management BBA • Consultant for the Food and University College Cork, Ireland Postgraduate Beverage Industry in Germany 2007 MBA • Director, Kurhaus, Baden Baden Dr. Thomas Marshall DBA Marketing and Management, Hospitality Marketing, BBA Pace University USA (2006) Brand Marketing Postgraduate MBA

• Marketing for IBM and Unilever • Owning a Marketing Consultancy

Barbla Wehrli Master of Science in Hospitality F&B Management SHA Diploma Management (2001), Postgraduate Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

• •


F&B Manager at the Sheraton in Montreal Assistant F&B Manager Waldorf Astoria

Practical CurricUlum

• Managing Director of Hotels, Restaurants, David Wood DBA (2002), Revans University, USA Quality System MBA MBA (1994), Anglia Polytechnic Pubs, Management Leisure Consultancy University, UK

Nicola La Sala Swiss Federal Master F&B Lecturer, SHA Diploma • Manager Restaurant La Côte in Food & Beverage (1985) Head of Service Postgraduate (2 Michelin stars), Switzerland • Chef de rang Restaurant l’Oasis (3 Michelin stars), France Dominique Stockli Maîtrise Fédérale de Instructor in Pastry SHA Diploma • Bakery and Pastry Chef boulanger pâtissier (2001) and Bakery Postgraduate “Le Chamois d’or Hotel” Maîtrise Fédérale de pâtissier - confiseur - chocolatier - glacier (1992)



learning Managers who have done their subordinates’ jobs, know exactly what it involves and therefore have a real advantage.

Here at Les Roches, we ensure that our students are well-versed in Kitchen




Rooms Division

These three areas are taught outside a traditional classroom environment as students learn by doing. This learning style is called hands-on or craft-based learning. Hands-on learning is critical to gain the knowledge and skills needed to lead hospitality organizations in the future. This is the part of the program that many students enjoy most, where they learn leadership skills and build confidence.

The kitchens, dining rooms and rooms division areas are equipped exactly as they would be in a top hotel or restaurant. This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to work effectively in a team and learn to communicate between your fellow students and faculty before going on your first internship.


Kitchen We drop you straight in at the deep end: after just one week of introduction, students prepare, cook and serve over 1,500 meals a day. Not all on your own of course – we have 13 professionals teaching and supervising you in the kitchen and in the restaurants. But you will do the work which, afterwards is reviewed and analyzed by your professor.

Service There are three restaurants on campus, two fast service and one formal dining concept. You will work in all of the restaurants under the sharp eyes of the manager. It can be a challenging experience at first but faculty and fellow students are very supportive. You will learn the style and concepts that will make you a polished manager in a five-star environment.

Rooms Division Rooms Division is also important as you will play the role of a front office clerk and manager, of a guest and of a cashier at our purpose-built front office counter. There, you will practice the art of welcoming guests while learning specific industry computer software programs for the rooms division department, including planning tools and yield management techniques.



learning Classroom based learning is an essential component in our education where you will learn important business management theory in areas such as marketing // finance // accounting // human resources // economics as well as general education areas such as geopolitics, language, drama and more. You will carry out individual and group research projects, as well as practice the valuable business skill of making multi-media presentations in front of an audience. It is one of the most efficient approaches to gain self-confidence.

You can also experiment your leadership abilities by being elected “class delegate� by your classmates and then practice your business expertise in entrepreneurship and negotiation in the following committees:

Committee Name

Meet with Objective Frequency

Academic/Campus Life Campus Director, Discuss various Once Dean and Program issues regarding per month Managers overall campus life Program Committee Faculty teaching Discuss Once on the program the program per semester Academic Committee Program Manager, Revise the Once selected Faculty, academic provision per semester IT, Library Student Social Campus Director Organize social Once Committee events for all per week students


i n t e rn a t i o n a l

e nv i r o n m e n t

meet the world

future leaders

no boundaries

international thinking

Les Roches students come from over 90

countries around the world


L e a rn i n g

Resources Classrooms and Library There are over 30 well-equipped classrooms for academic subjects including 2 auditoriums which have the capacity for up to 90 students.

You will frequently use our new library which accommodates 10,000 books and professional journals and some 2,000 CDs/DVDs. In addition, students also have access to more than 7,000 on-line journals and publications. This is where you acquire an essential lifelong skill: knowing how to learn on your own. Our librarians are available to help you find your way around.

Information technology Information technology will play an important role throughout your education at Les Roches. Accessing our comprehensive network, being connected to the internet and communicating by e-mail will be part of your daily life. From the start of the program, your laptop will be your basic working tool and soon you will develop very strong computer skills as well as learn the main software packages used in the industry.


Jean-Pierre mourad // Sweden // Bachelor Program

“Les Roches has given me a great education & I have learned a lot about all aspects of the hospitality industry. The BBA program in particular requires a lot of extra responsibility & hard work, but I know it will be worth it in the end.� e




In t e rn s h i p s

The Moment Of Truth

Internships help you develop the Swiss work ethos and professional attitude for the industry. Depending on the program, students have an opportunity to take up to 3 internships which can be anywhere around the world. The first internship is generally in food service or in rooms division. The second is in kitchen and the third is in business administration.

Our internship office will help you to find suitable positions through our long list of international establishments that are eager to take interns from Les Roches.

Your first internship will most likely be in Switzerland so we can visit you to see how you are getting on. It often happens that several students do their internship in the same hotel, or nearby as it helps them to settle in and adjust from being a student to working, while improving their professional skills.

For your second and third internships, the whole world is open to you. It is a great opportunity to develop your language skills and see a new country. However, nationality and visa requirements may determine the country in which you will work.

where do you

dream of working?

Companies that regularly recruit Les Roches students: Accor // Anantara // Fairmont // Four Seasons // Hilton // Hyatt // InterContinental // Jumeirah // Kempinski // Mandarin Oriental // Marriott // Mรถvenpick // Raffles // Rezidor // Ritz Carlton // Shangri-La // Starwood // Swisshotel


Our internships at the Beau Rivage Palace helped us to discover all the facets of the hospitality industry

Alexandre Avoyer Kitchen

Shahrzad Akbarzadeh Spa Reception

“I have learned many skills for service and communication, which is very important in a * hotel. Working in an international hotel has also given me more scope to use my language skills confidently. I didn’t realize it would be possible to complete my internship in a spa before.”




“I have learned that in a kitchen teamwork is essential to get the job done. Communication and tedious attetion to detail are the key ingredients to keeping guests satisfied. All in all I have been acquainted with the organizational side of a kitchen and have made considerable progress in my career decisions.” re

Giorgi Gutsaev Service

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship and putting into practise the skills I learned from Les Roches. My role has been challenging, especially when serving hundreds of VIP guests during large banquets to ensure that all their demands are met.”





YOUR C AREER Each semester, over 30 of the industry’s top employers around the world visit the school to hire our graduating students. Many establishments have been recruiting from Les Roches for many years.

When the time comes for you to look for a permanent job, the Career Development Industry Placement Office (CDIP) organizes interviews, helps you prepare for them and, eventually, advises you in making a decision. Although we cannot guarantee jobs for all students, we have an excellent placement record where typically around 90% of graduates have a job offer on graduation day.

Hiring managers from international hotel chains rank Les Roches among the

top 3 hospitality management schools in the world for an

international career. (TNS, UK, Global Research - 2007)

John Stauss Regional Vice President & General Manager Four Seasons Hotel London, UK “A visit to Les Roches is always motivational for me because I get to meet adventurous, internationally mobile, potential young managers who have a wonderful hands-on approach coupled with relevant education and language skills. The future growth and success of Four Seasons depends upon our ability to attract and retain the brightest and best graduates. While students can pursue a career with us via many avenues, we currently partner with some select, specialized hospitality programs around the world, one of which is Les Roches”.



ASSO C IATIO N When you graduate from Les Roches you become a member of the Alumni Association. This is a good way to keep in touch with friends, but it also provides news and employment opportunities. In the hospitality industry it is quite common for people to change jobs every few years, at least in the early stages of their career, and the Alumni Association is a very useful networking resource. There are currently over 4,000 members around the world.

Les Roches Alumni are present in 117 countries around the world

Francisco Giles // Graduated from Les Roches 1984 General Manager Renaissance Hotel Dubai, UAE, General Manager of the Year 2006 “The environment created for studying in Les Roches is spectacular, such a stunning setting in the mountains. The opportunity to interact and meet so many different nationalities and cultures lends itself to the business of hospitality. I have always been a person that believes you need to somehow balance your personal and work life and I believe in the term, work hard & play hard, Les Roches gave me the opportunity to study and play lots of sports”.

Pauline Bergé // Graduated from Les Roches 1990 Director of Sales and Marketing, Mandarin Oriental Jnan Rahma, Marrakech, Morocco “For me attending Les Roches was a matter of meaningful choice, not a matter of imposition. It was in Bluche that I realized I found my vocation in life. Les Roches taught me to interact and understand many cultures and accept that people are different, which enabled me to integrate rapidly into everywhere I have had the chance to live and work. Experience is ultimately the key to a successful career”.



AT THE HEART OF EURO P E Can you imagine yourself studying in Switzerland and then laying on the beach in Barcelona the next day? Can you imagine you and a group of friends going to Milan for the day to shop? Can you imagine catching a play in London?

In addition to the numerous local activities available at Les Roches, you can be almost anywhere in Western Europe in less than 2 hours flying time from Geneva airport and there is a full range of intercontinental connections via Zurich, Paris and London. Switzerland also has one of the most modern railway systems in the world, which puts you virtually anywhere in Europe in a matter of hours. So whatever your preferred mode of transportation is, Switzerland has you covered.

But it is not just because of its beautiful landscapes, wonderful chocolate and cheeses, world renown banking, luxury watch making or central location that Switzerland is visited by so many tourists and business people. It is also because it has such a long tradition of political stability, low crime rates, clean air and a reputation for reliability. These are just some of the reasons why parents have been sending their sons and daughters to Swiss schools for generations.

Don’t imagine it... make it happen during your studies in Europe. United Kingdom Geneva - London 740 km (1 hour flight)


Germany Geneva - Berlin 875 km (1.5 hour flight)


Bern St-Moritz



Bluche campus




france Geneva - Paris 410 km (45 min. flight)


italy Geneva - Rome 714 km (1.5 hour flight)

c a m p u s LO C ATIO N

C RA N S - MO N TA N A The Swiss canton of Valais stretches between Lake Geneva and the Rhone Glacier and houses many popular mountain resorts including Champéry, Verbier and Zermatt. These resorts are famous for a multitude of events including skiing, golf and music festivals which take place throughout the year.

Also situated in the Valais region in the heart of the Alps is the modern and fashionable ski resort Crans-Montana. Set on a plateau where the air is said to be «lighter than champagne», the resort is composed of two village hearts, Crans which is where most of the shopping is located and Montana where sports and other activities are located. The Les Roches campus is located minutes away from Crans-Montana, in the mountain village of Bluche.

Additionally Switzerland has a fantastic public transportation. Buses and a funicular railway service connect Bluche with the resort of Crans-Montana above and the main line railway station in the town of Sierre below. Students enjoy going out for a meal or a drink at “Le Petit Paradis”, a local establishment, or to Crans-Montana which is only 10 minutes away from the campus and which abounds with restaurants, clubs, bars and shops.

The air in Crans-Montana is said to be «lighter than champagne»


campus overview // bluche // switzerland

3 10




Main Campus

Classrooms // Bedrooms // Restaurants // Lobby and Bar Terrace // Outdoor Swimming Pool // Library & Media Center

Residence le Tacot 4 Bedrooms // Laundry Room

2 Petit Roches Rooms division and front office Practical Training



6 Residence Peter’s Farm 1-2-3-4




Residence St-François Bedrooms // Laundry Room // Fitness Center // Kitchen

Residence Pré-Fleuri A-B-C

Bedrooms // Laundry Room // Outdoor Swimming Pool

Bedrooms // Laundry Room // Kitchen // Outdoor Car Park


7 4

5 2 9 14


Residence les Cheminots 7 Bedrooms // Laundry Room


Hotel Petit Paradis



Residence Les Rocailles Bedrooms // Laundry Room


soccer Field

14 Funicular


CafĂŠ du Village (CDV)


Basketball court

Bedrooms // Laundry Room Fast Food Outlet // Game Room




on campus




6 3





1) Main Building 2) Terrace 3) Soccer Field 4) Main Building - Lobby 5) Main Kitchen 6) Residence Peters Farm 1,2,3 7) Peters Farm 3 - Lobby


8) double room 9) «Marketplace» Restaurant 10) Petit Roches - Mock Hotel Classroom 11) Basketball court 12) Main building - Auditorium 2 13) Café du Village (CDV) 14) Pré-Fleuri B 10







Life Student life at Les Roches mirrors the life of the future manager in the hospitality industry; fulfilling demanding work schedules, yet sill enjoying an active social life. Indeed, two major components of the Les Roches way of life are the regimented work disciplines associated with the academic and practical demands of the curriculum, and the cross-cultural social activities of the student body.

You will feel as if you are living in a village rather than a traditional campus setting. Students are accommodated in a number of residential buildings in Bluche and the surrounding area. All rooms have ample hanging and storage space, comfortable beds and a place to study. Internet and network connections are available on the main campus as well as in all of the residencies. Laundry facilities and areas where students gather to work on projects, or just to relax, are also available in most residences.

The student social committee organizes many social and cultural activities on and off campus such as the Cultural Night, theme dinner parties, quiz nights, disco evenings and more. The CafĂŠ du Village (also called CDV) is a focal point for running these events and also boasts a selection of recreational activities such as electronic games, a pool table and a Fussball table.

One of the highlights each year is “Cultural Night�, consisting of an evening of entertainment and culinary specialties. Students from all countries are invited to participate in the entertainment show whereby they depict aspects of their own culture. Following the show, there is a chance to taste a variety of exotic foods prepared by the students representing their country.


Wan Bazlishah wan abdul muin // Malaysia // Bachelor Program

“The Swiss way of life is unprecedented. Everything is to the highest standard, the air is fresh and the water is clean. Being in the center of Europe is great, I tell my friends back home that I study in Switzerland, but party in London! Switzerland also offers many activities to cater for different needs, including concerts in Zurich, the world famous Geneva Auto show, the energetic scene in Lausanne and skiing in Crans-Montana. The town of Bluche itself is an ideal location, with the scenic view of the Alps, it always helps me to relax while studying. �




or leisure? The full-time sports coach helps students maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle during their time on campus. Depending upon the season, students can participate in such sports as volleyball, football, basketball or swimming. There is an on-campus gym and fitness center, where students can use the equipment free of charge. In winter, students can ski, snowboard, toboggan or skate. Complimentary ski lessons are available for all students to try!

A few minutes away is Crans-Montana, one of Switzerland’s leading ski resorts which regularly hosts World Championships and many World Cup races. In the summer it organizes a full calendar of events, including the Swiss Open - a major golf tournament on the European Masters Tour, in which many students help out.

So, if you are tempted by some sports you have never tried before, lessons and equipment rental can be easily arranged!

If you Like

sports, you are in the right place

Winter sports Snowboarding, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe trekking, ice skating, curling, gym and more.

Summer sports soccer, volleyball, mountain biking, golf, swimming, tennis, horse riding, paragliding, trekking, rafting, BASKETBALL and more.


Discover Leisure activities in Switzerland & Europe Ideas for the weekend • Travel to Zermatt; ride the Alps’ highest aerial cable car and enjoy the amazing panoramic view from the «Klein-Matterhorn». • Go hiking in Leukerbad and unwind at the thermal spa. • Marvel at the ‘Jet d’eau’ in the global city of Geneva, blasting water 140m in the air, spend the Swiss National Day here with fireworks set to music on the lake - the biggest fireworks display in Europe. • Explore Zurich, the most popular city in Switzerland. This international city is bursting with culture, museums and shops to satisfy all tastes. • Spend a day sightseeing in Lucerne and discover the vast number of monuments including the famous 14th centruy Chapel Bridge. • Uncover the charm of Switzerland’s capital, Bern. The cobbled streets in this medieval city are full with shops and cafes and visitors can enjoy watching the bears play in the open bear pit which is located alongside the river.


you can be almost anywhere in Western Europe

in less than 2 hours flying time from Geneva:

Paris - London - Barcelona Rome - Berlin


Tr u l y

Recognized Les Roches was founded in 1954 as a general education school for international students and then became a specialist hotel management school in 1979.

Accreditation: In 1991, we were the first school in Switzerland to be accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in the U.S.A which is one of the six regional accreditation associations for quality assurance recognized by the U.S.A Department of Education ( Les Roches is one of only three hospitality schools around the world that is recognized at university level by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE) of NEASC. This accreditation is very important if you decide in the future to transfer credits or pursue graduate studies.

Swiss Learning promotes the excellence of education in Switzerland in collaboration with internationally renowned institutions. High quality programs are offered as a result of integrating Switzerland’s own virtues of excellence, tradition and innovation

Les Roches is part of the Laureate International Universities (LIU) network. LIU is a network of institutions of higher education in 24 countries and is the leading hospitality management educator in the world. The Hospitality Education division of LIU manages 8 of the most respected and recognized schools in the world in hospitality higher education.


without Boundaries



g an Ji n a Ji hin es i, C ch ha Ro ng s Sha

s R M oc ar he be s lla M , S ar pa be in ll a


Ro y


ns ai a nt rali ou st M , Au ue ra Bl Leu

Ac ad Am em m yo an f ,J C or ul da in n ar




I n t e r n at i ona l Sc hool of Hot e l Ma na ge m e nt Swi tz erl and

Studying in two international locations is an excellent

Can you imagine starting your studies in Switzerland and

way to prepare yourself for the hospitality industry. The

spending a semester abroad in Marbella located on the

Les Roches network will offer you the opportunity to

beautiful Mediterranean coast or in the vibrant ‘Pearl of

discover new educational atmospheres and hospitality

the Orient’ that is Shanghai or perhaps you want to be

cultures through our International Study Programs. These

near the picturesque Sydney coastline or even in Amman,

programs make it easy to transfer to one of our affiliated

a fascinating city of contrasts with a unique blend of old

schools or campuses in Spain, China, Australia or Jordan.

and new?


Anastasia bayanova // Russia // MBA Program

“I studied at Les Roches Marbella before starting my MBA in Bluche and I knew that studying here would be right for me. Les Roches is one of the top three schools in the world for Hospitality and it is well recognized internationally. The standards of excellence within the school have helped me to become a responsible and organized professional.� sia



“we look forward to

being a part of your journey”




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