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By Cilen - First time visitors to India generally imagine India as the land of maharajahs, elephants, and palaces. A Rajasthan tour package is just what they need to fulfill those fantasies. This desert state of India was ruled by the Rajputs, Bhils, and the Jats among others and each of these rulers have left their imprint on the culture of this state. The forts and palaces in Rajasthan are known for their uniqueness and intricate carvings. Besides these, a visitor to Rajasthan can also visit famous temples like the Dilwara temples of Mount Abu and the various Jain temples. The desert fairs, the reserved forests as well as the flora and fauna are some of the other attractions for a visitor to Rajasthan. Click Here

Against the backdrop of the drab desert, the colorful textiles and arts and crafts of Rajasthan stand apart. The more famous are the tie and dye prints, block prints, the zari embroidery, Sanganer prints, and Bagaru prints. The traditional dresses of Rajasthan have a lot of mirrorwork and embroidery on them and are extremely colorful. It consists of a lehenga or long skirt and the chaniya choli or a short top. Red, yellow, orange, and blue are some of the prominent colors used. Rajasthan is a shopper's paradise and most visitors on a Rajasthan holiday take back with them carpets, blue pottery pieces, and other handicraft items. Jewellery made with semi precious stones is also very attractive and popular among visitors on a Rajasthan tour.

Rajasthan tour packages often include visits to desert fairs. The most famous of the desert fairs is the Pushkar fair held in November. Others are the Jaisalmer fair held in February, Gangaur fair, Brij festival, and the Camel festival. These fairs are used by the locals as an opportunity to showcase their talents and culture to visitors on a holiday to the country. Camel races, turban tying contests, folk dances like the fire dance and Gair dance are organized under the desert moon. Folk songs in the ballad style as well as devotional songs like bani and bhajans are sung by accomplished artists to the accompaniment of traditional instruments like the sarangi and dholak.

The forts and palaces of Rajasthan left behind by their rulers never fail to entrance visitors. Some of the more famous palaces are the Udaipur palaces, the Umaid Bhawan in Jodhpur, and the City Palace in Jaipur. The Amber fort in Jaipur is famous for the Sheesh Mahal or hall of mirrors in the Jai Mandir temple within the fort premises. Most of the important towns in Rajasthan have their own palaces and forts distinguished by the architecture of the area and using varied materials like sandstone, white marble, or granite.

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Rajasthan tour package  
Rajasthan tour package  

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