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Bajos del Toro │Costa Rica


An Experiential Wellness Retreat

Water, earth, wind & fire. Four elements to frame a unique wellness sanctuary in full communion with nature. Four elements to guide a seven-day experiential retreat in Costa Rica’s mystical cloud forest highlands.



An Experiential Wellness Retreat

Reward yourself with a unique natural-immersion getaway. A guided journey of remarkable experiences that will engage your senses to gently dissipate stress, appease the mind, and imbue the soul with boundless freedom. Led by wellness experts, this seven-day program will reward you with a carefully designed program that blends yoga and meditation with thematic cuisine, allusive spa treatments, and intense eco-adventures.

Day One Arrival Welcome Session Meet and greet. An introduction to the 4 Elements Experience and an overview of the coming days. Dinner Moonstruck Walk Enjoy a guided forest hike while draped by the soft light of a full moon as we acquaint ourselves with the forest to harness its serene energy.


Day Two 7:00am Early Bird Hike 8:30am Balance Breakfast


10:00am Master Yoga Session A meditative introduction to the Four Elements and the significance of each as a conduit for peaceful equilibrium. 12:30pm Wellness Lunch

Wind Fire

2:00pm Cultural Immersion We explore the neighboring Bajos del Toro community for authentic glimpses of its thriving culture, traditional dishes, and daily life. 4:00pm Esencia Spa Purifying Revival Massage. To kindle an awareness of self, and gradually unlock the senses. 7:00pm Dinner


Unstoppable, yet yielding. Essential to life itself, water teaches us to embrace flow, impervious to circumstances, undaunted by obstacles. Cleansing and purifying, it helps us revive in full communion with the forest.

Day 3 7:00am Early Bird Hike 8:30am Balance Breakfast 10:00am Yoga Session The flowing cadence of water serenades the senses to attain deep relaxation. The fluid movements of Vinyasa Yoga will mimic water’s continuous movement. 12:30pm Wellness Lunch 2:00pm Eco-Adventure The Hidden Treasure Hike will trace a blue river, tinted so in the depths of Poas Volcano. Enjoy this natural wonder as it flows through the landscape, unraveling in a mesmerizing waterfall. An optional plunge in the chilled waters punctuates the experience. 4:00pm Esencia Spa Lymphatic Drainage Massage. A gentle session of rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph flow. Relaxing and detoxifying. 7:00pm Dinner


Wholesome and ever-present. Earth grounds us to our shared primal roots, forever bonding us to the very building blocks of life’s energy. It reminds us that the rewards of the daily toil should be nourishment, both physical and spiritual.

Day 4 7:00am Early Bird Hike 8:30am Balance Breakfast 10:00am Yoga Session Preceded by barefoot walking to prompt meditation while sensing the forest’s richly diverse textures and unmistakable scents. 12:30pm Wellness Lunch 2:00pm Eco-Wellness A guided visit to El Silencio’s organic garden and mini-farm to experience first-hand our unbreakable connection with the land and its generous bounty. 4:00pm Esencia Spa Volcanic Mud Soothing Wrap. Mineral-rich clay nourishes the skin in an intensely reparative wellness session. 7:00pm Dinner



Day 5 7:00am Balance Breakfast

and playful. Wind reminds us of the innocence of incessant change. Embracing wind is acknowledging our inner-child in wonder, laughter, and joy. Embracing wind better prepares us to face the challenges of the unexpected!

9:00am Eco-Adventure Canopy Zip-Lining in the rainforest. An exhilarating adventure that lets you soar through verdant landscapes. Free like the wind, untroubled as a bird! 12:30pm Pic Nic Lunch A unique dining experience. Enjoy a delicious take away meal in an enchanting setting, shrouded by trees and trimmed by the river. 2:00pm Eco-Discovery We reward our playful inner child with an unforgettable visit to Hacienda La Tirimbina for a delicious adventure that includes a handson chocolate making session. 5:00pm Rhythmic Chanting Esencia Spa’s unmistakable Conical Room provides extraordinary acoustics for an inspirational chanting session. Attuning the human voice with the singing forest instills a powerful and lasting connection with nature. 7:00pm Dinner


Powerful and transformative. Fire is emblematic of our inner drive and strong will. Uncontrolled, it is relentlessly destructive. Tempered by serenity of mind, it fuels an infinite process that lets us release the past, comforted by the promise of a better tomorrow.

Day 6 7:30am Balance Breakfast 9:00am Yoga Session Learn to harness the fire within and transform it into a force of positive change. 11:00am Culinary Experience: Ayurvedic & Vegetarian cooking lesson. Followed by lunch. 4:00pm Esencia Spa Hot Stone Massage. Smooth river rocks are heated by fire then gently placed on the body to let heat irradiate in concentric circles to relax all muscle fibers. 7:00pm Farewell Dinner

Yoga and wellness sessions are guided by fully bilingual Master Yoga Instructor: Carmen Valverde

Day 7

7:30am Balance Breakfast

Included 

Lodging in a Suite w/private whirlpool

Meditation & yoga experiences

Esencia Spa wellness treatments

Eco-adventures and cultural immersion

A-la-carte meals


Investment $2878 per person (Double Occupancy) $3878 per person (Single Occupancy) Minimum 4 pax required to start group

Alternate Dates/ Private Groups Available with a minimum of 8 participants. Please ask us for more information.

9:00am Master Yoga Session Includes an introspective review of the week’s activities, providing insights and recommendations for daily life. Continue harnessing the power of the Four Elements! 12:30pm Wellness Lunch 2:00pm Leave a Legacy Tree-planting experience.

Suggested itinerary. Actual times may vary according to weather or other external circumstances.


El Silencio Lodge & Spa is an All-Suite Property Stunning landscapes are to be enjoyed in stylish comfort. El Silencio Lodge & Spa features sixteen upscale cottage suites interspersed in a tiered layout. Each suite sits on above-ground pillars to respect the forest’s natural topography and features premium bedding for regenerative sleep, spacious lounging areas, a viewing deck with rocking chairs, and a private outdoor whirlpool.

Las Ventanas Restaurant El Silencio’s exciting menu emphasizes local flavors and fresh ingredients. Costa Rican traditions are transformed with inspired flare and a savory international twist. Panoramic windows offer unrivaled views of the surrounding forest to perfectly complement the dining experience.

Organic Mini Farm El Silencio Lodge & Spa’s splendid garden and mini-farm provides the fresh, flavorful, and nutrient-rich ingredients that single out Las Ventanas Organic vegetables and fruit, freerange eggs, and trout from the local pond are the highlights of our wellness cuisine.

Esencia Spa Esencia Spa is a unique wellness sanctuary that highlights the best of Costa Rica’s natural elements. The sound of flowing water, whispering breeze, and the comforting flicker of candles and torches converge in harmony to prompt innerpeace, balance, and deep relaxation.

Sustainability El Silencio Lodge & Spa is proud to hold the maximum 5-Leaf CST sustainability rating. By selecting CST-rated destinations and service providers, you contribute to the preservation of Costa Rica’s eco-systems and peace-loving culture.

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El Silencio Lodge & Spa is an eco luxury hotel located in Costa Rica's tropical cloud forest. Ideal for honeymoons, relaxation getaways, and wellness travel. Silencio, Spanish for silence, is befitting of a destination where daily stress is hushed by nature’s melodies. A 500-acre mystical cloud forest, crisp mountain air, hidden waterfalls, a healthy menu, spa, yoga, and premium amenities offer an ideal retreat in Costa Rica’s pristine central volcanic region. CONCEPT & DESIGN El Silencio Lodge & Spa is a unique retreat, ideal for all who seek respite from everyday stress. Designed by one of Costa Rica’s most prominent architects, Ronald Zurcher, El Silencio provides a seamless natural immersion experience that reflects elements of Costa Rica’s traditional rural farms and countryside homes. The clean lines and the extensive use of wood, bamboo, and glass elements perfectly complement the lush tropical cloud forest. LOCATION AND ACCESS El Silencio Lodge & Spa can be reached withn an hour from the Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO). Access roads are paved and wind through picturesque towns and spectacular mountain scenery. Arenal Volcano, the Sarapiqui River Basin, and Poas Volcano are within easy access. Private shuttle transportation is readily available.

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Four Elements: An Experiential Wellness Retreat  

El Silencio Lodge & Spa launches an exclusive seven-day Experiential Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica.

Four Elements: An Experiential Wellness Retreat  

El Silencio Lodge & Spa launches an exclusive seven-day Experiential Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica.