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- Grupo Islita -

Boo Greetings from Gustavo It’s almost that time of the year when we open the door to scary ghouls, legends, and creepy creatures. By embracing edgy creativity we effectively transform our fears into a fun occasion that prompts laughter and surprise. Although Halloween isn’t a traditional Costa Rican celebration, we have adopted much of its festive, daring flavor and have let its playful spirit infuse this edition of the Costa Rica Scoop. Like Halloween, travel is an opportunity to embrace the unknown, to explore unfamiliar landscapes, to try different foods, and push ourselves just a bit beyond our daily comfort zone. So on your next travel adventure, we prompt you to embrace the spirit of the spooky season to let go and enrich your experience. Grupo Islita’s CEO Gustavo Segura

If you do celebrate Halloween, may you enjoy fun tricks and wonderful treats! Gustavo

Flip Your Perspective Carly Brooke’s website, The Featured Creature recently proved that a little flip in perspective can transform a scary scene into a fascinating and stylish ballroom. Just by turning this shadowy picture upside down, chilling bats adopt a friendlier stance, casting themselves as talented choreographers and charming dancers. To these little fur balls we say… Party on! And thanks for the valuable mini-life lesson! Animal-expert Carly Brooke’s finds the hidden party animal in batches of bats.

Despite my intimidating appearance‌ I would never hurt a fly. But nothing gives me cold-blooded chills like the Costa Rican Legend of

La Segua!

Illustration courtesy of Rodtico21, Wikipedia.

The Guanacaste version of the tale of La Segua traces its roots to the punishment of a rebellious daughter. The story begins with a beautiful but vain girl who in a fit of rage attempts to slap her own mother, furious at the latter’s attempt to stop a date with the town’s richest but ill-intentioned young man. It is said that a disembodied hand sprung out of thin air, preventing the aggression and cursing the young woman. Her punishment: to roam lonely roads in search of lascivious men, drawing them in with her beauty, only to transform into a horrible monster right before the first kiss. Those who have run away from La Segua describe her as a nauseating creature of human body with a horse’s skull for a head and a terrifying screech for a voice.

- Hotel Punta Islita -

Toad Water Refreshment


f someone in Costa Rica offers you Agua de Sapo , you should know Agua de Sapo means toad water. But before you run for the hills, give it a shot with full peace of mind. Agua de Sapo does not contain toad, toad parts, or toad habitat. It is simply a refreshing traditional drink from our Limon province. To try an easy home version, boil a cup of water with raw sugar and crushed ginger to taste. Let it cool off, strain, add lime juice, drop some ice cubes, and enjoy!

Face Two Fears


anopy zip-lining is one of Costa Rica’s most popular eco-thrills. Steel cables let the adventurehearted soar over the tree tops for an unforgettable flight. But did you know that at Hotel Punta Islita you can schedule a Twilight Canopy? The rush of the zip is heightened by the dimming forest. A fun and safe experience for all ages for full bragging rights. Conquer your fear of heights AND your fear of the dark!

- Hotel Punta Islita -

Cainotophobia? Not Here!

British Ambassadors to Costa Rica, Chris and Sharon Campbell officially inaugurated the Islita Lapa Lookout.

Lapa Lookout Nighttime views of Islita Beach’s signature islet outcrop from one of our new al fresco viewing decks.


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we embrace it wholeheartedly!

ways to reach the beach, spruced

My blood-curdling spines are nothing compared to the glistening fangs of the Costa Rican folk monster,

El Cadejos!.

There are many versions of the El Cadejos folktale. But they all agree that this dog-like creature instills fear in the hearts of those who venture out in the night after an evening of -ahem, heavy drinking. A huge beast of long fangs and blood-red snout carries heavy chains that can be heard but not seen. Fiery eyes and a soul freezing howl complete the horrifying picture. Some say that El Cadejos is a former party animal, cursed by his own father to roam in solitude in search of drunken mortals. Although it is unclear whether his intent is to protect or attack inebriated wanderers‌ all who encounter The Cadejos run home before it has a chance to explain!

- El Silencio Lodge & Spa -

Gooey Lemonade


f you or your family have yet to join the growing numbers of Chia converts, Halloween may be the perfect time to try this wonderful health concoction. Formerly used to create bushy sprouted sculptures, Chia has made a comeback as a super food. Loaded with protein, fiber, omega-3 oil, and key minerals. When soaked in water, they puff up in a gel bubble and float around like alien eggs. Just ad a spoonful to a glass of lemonade, let stand for about ten minutes, and gulp if you dare!

Love the Nightlife Chirps, hoots, and flutters are some of the amazing nighttime sounds from our private forest reserve. When the sun sets, the signature serenade of insects, birds, frogs, bats, and up to 90% of the forest dwellers begins. Our thrilling guided evening hike lets daring guests enjoy a truly unique experience for close encounters with bewildering species.

- El Silencio Lodge & Spa -

NEW! Two Bedroom Villas

El Silencio Lodge & Spa’s spacious Two Bedroom Villas are perfect for family getaways or perhaps an extended stay to write a mystery novel!


cary beautiful! El Silencio Lodge & Spa’s new Two Bedroom Villas raise the bar for family comfort and privacy. Homelike dining and lounging areas transport guests to a magical living space, completely immersed in Costa Rica’s fabled mountain cloud forest.

complimentary WiFi, and a writing desk. The Suites have a full kitchen, a dining area, a large deck with heated whirlpool, and a private parking area.

For a sneak preview, just click on the image on the A spacious master bedroom with an ultra- right to launch an e comfort king sized bed and a second bed- -brochure. room with two full beds bookend large common areas. Each bedroom features an independent full bathroom, flat-screen satellite TV, gas heaters, large closets,

Real Zombies in Costa Rica?

This is quite possibly the scariest video we have ever seen. And it is real… Filmed by the BBC in Costa Rica’s thick jungle, this eerie footage depicts real zombies! Bullet ants, feared for their painful sting, fall victim to a fungal spore that burrows in their brains, gaining control of their bodies in the most horrifying way imaginable. Not for the squeamish, not for the faint of heart. Watch if you dare! We are just thankful that this spore is harmless to non-insects! (And believe it or not, it is simply part of nature’s own species equilibrium cycle.)

- Costa Rica -

Ghost Butterfly

- Costa Rica -

Enjoy the release of Esencial Costa Rica launch video!

Our Country is Re-Branded! You may soon find the new Esencial Costa Rica logo in travel brochures, investment guides, and even consumer products. Costa Rica has just announced the launch of its new country brand. Essential Costa Rica (in English) is a colorful emblem to depict Costa Rica’s character and diverse facets. From unbridled nature to peace-loving people. From high tech innovations to artistic expressions, Esencial Costa Rica extends an exciting invitation to rediscover this tiny Central American country and its bold future outlook. We hope you enjoy the campaign’s beautiful introductory video. Although in Spanish, it highlights spectacular scenery and inspiring glimpses of Costa Rica’s daily life.

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A complimentary travel newsletter featuring information about premium destinations in Costa Rica including Hotel Punta Islita, and El Silenc...


A complimentary travel newsletter featuring information about premium destinations in Costa Rica including Hotel Punta Islita, and El Silenc...