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hank you for your interest in Costa Rica and Grupo Islita’s properties, Hotel Punta Islita and El Silencio Lodge & Spa! The first few months of the year have brought us ever-brighter horizons and we are eagerly anticipating heightened demand for Spring and early Summer.

Mr. Gustavo Segura, MBA

This edition of “Costa Rica Scoop”, places special emphasis on romance , featuring a complete honeymoon getaway package that blends the best of Costa Rica’s beach and mountain landscapes. “Magical Costa Rica Honeymoon” will

surely enchant the recently-married, anniversary-celebrating, or any couple who wishes to renew their special bond. We also welcome our friend Janie Mangus as a contributor! Janie and her family joined Islita neighborhood as homeowners thirteen years ago and have become an integral part of this special community. I kindly invite you to share your comments, photos, and suggestions. We would love to include them in future editions. Happy travels to all!

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ravel+Leisure Magazine and Condé Nast Traveler Magazine are seeking your input to rank the world's best hotels, cities, airlines, and spas. Hotel Punta Islita and El Silencio Lodge & Spa are proud to be featured as Costa Rican candidates for best destinations in both questionnaires.

We cordially ask you to participate in the two surveys. The online interface is very user friendly and entering gives you a chance to win generous dream vacation travel sweepstakes worth up to $10,000. Just follow the links below. No purchase is necessary. ¡Mucha suerte!

Voting Deadline: March 31st, 2012

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- Travel Special -

Our Magical Costa Rica Honeymoon lets couples celebrate love and commitment in stunning Costa Rica. Blending tropical beach eco-adventures with cloud forest wellness is a perfect way to kindle romance and etch lasting memories. Featuring premium Suite lodging at both Hotel Punta Islita and El Silencio Lodge & Spa. For details, please contact us at:

- Romance in the Clouds -

El Silencio Lodge & Spa’s Suites feature privacy, premium amenities, and an incomparable al fresco heated whirlpool.

A new dining experience:

Forest Sundown Private Dinner


his new storybook offering lets nature’s gifts commune in a unique celebration of love. A rustic wooden bridge softly drapes above the rushing river, inviting the couple to enter the forest as the sun seeks distant horizons. Accessed by a hidden path, an al-fresco deck sets a private stage. Surrounded by torches and accent candles, an impeccably laid out table is shrouded by lush greenery and serenaded by the nearby stream. A chef dazzles with delicious courses, prepared and served on the spot and showcasing exciting tropical flavors and textures. Perfect for honeymoons, anniversaries, or any heartfelt salute to romance.


e thank our EcoConcierge, Andrey Alpizar for rewarding us with this magnificently romantic image: "Pathway". A towering moss-lined tree, set within El Silencio’s private hiking trails, gently draws our gaze toward the sky, mirroring a lush promise of infinite devotion.

Beautiful Nature! GM Andrey Gomez welcomes the 2012 Miss Costa Rica contestants.

El Silencio Lodge & Spa was one of the chosen settings for this year’s edition of the Miss Costa Rica pageant. We thank all contestants for their gracious visit. During their beautiful stay, ten finalists were selected in preparation for the April 13th coronation show. It was fun to be part of this special event. Our best wishes to all participants!

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Love is in the Air! (literally) Five Pairs of Scarlet Macaws Thrive


olorful macaws are especially suited to blend in the multi-hued tropical forest canopies. Endangered by deforestation and illegal capturing, these intelligent, social (and loudly vocal) creatures are the subject of intense efforts to halt their potential extinction.


otel Punta Islita’s partnership with The Ara Project has successfully brought back vivid colors to our skies. In 2011, we officially launched a joint initiative with the Ara Project, a local NGO dedicated to the recovery of native macaws. Hotel Punta Islita donated the site and construction of the specialized reintroduction center where five pairs of bred macaws were

gradually acclimated to the surrounding eco-system in preparation for their release. The project has been led by a team of biologists with the intent to repopulate the natural ecological corridor that once was teeming with these bird species. To date, the five pairs have been released and are successfully adapting to life in the wild.

You probably already knew that their strong beaks can easily crack open the hardest nuts and seeds. But did you know that their scaly tongues are outfitted with a bone to help better tap into edible fruit? Although these features probably hamper their kissing skills, macaws score high on the romance department! They generally mate for life and engage in mutually supportive behavior including food sharing, offspring co-rearing, and grooming.


Islita’s fresh coconut water supply.

aturally sweet, low in calories, and loaded with potassium and other electrolytes, fresh coconut water is an excellent thirst-quencher. Medical research indicates that its composition is quite similar to intercellular fluid with reports of it being used in emergencies, straight from the fruit as an IV fluid. (Do not try this at home.) Please remember that fresh coconut water is not to be mis-

taken with its cousin, coconut milk. While the latter is made out of shaved dry coconut shavings and is high in fat, fresh coconut water is extracted from the young, green fruit. And although nothing compares to the just-cut experience, good packaged alternatives are increasingly being offered at your favorite super market.

Enjoy a deliciously refreshing tropical twist to a classic breakfast favorite, or a natural alternative to a an artificially-flavored sports drink: Mix one part freshly-squeezed orange juice with one part fresh coconut water. And for the over-twenty-one crowd, mix 1/3 orange juice, 1/3 fresh coconut water, and 1/3 champagne for a dazzling Palm Tree Mimosa. Cheers!

guests asked for upO urgrades to our gym

New gym equipment for fitness fans.

equipment and we have complied. Hotel Punta Islita’s Fitness Room now features brand new Cybex cardio machines! Perfect to enjoy an amazing ocean-view workout.

Check out our new website! And please join Hotel Punta Islita’s Facebook community.

- From the Islita Neighborhood -

Hotel Punta Islita offers the possibility to join the neighborhood with ample real estate opportunities.


s a homeowner in Punta Islita for bye. This just doesn't happen in the tran13 years, I am always trying to sitory hotel world. Authentic- the natural pinpoint protected beauty of the word that I can this little valley beTHE PUNTA ISLITA EFFECT use to describe the tween the mountain "Punta Islita effect" ridges. AuthenticIS CARRIED WITH US that we all experithe vision and sinence here. In a concere devotion that versation the other day with another Harry Zurcher and his family have for Ishomeowner, Sally McCue, I think she lita. Authentic- the amazing innate artisnailed it by saying "authenticity". tic talent of the people in Islita and nearby towns that has been developed, nurtured Authentic- the lovely people who live and TO LEARN MORE ABOUT here. Even when given the opportunity to shared REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITIES go elsewhere, they always come with the VILLASISLITA.COM ANIK@GRUPOISLITA.COM back. Their happiness and genuine love of world. this place where they live is contagious. This auAuthentic- the lifelong friendships we all thenticity feels tangible to all of us who have made with each other and the peosimply visit Islita or call it our home. I ple who live here. Even hotel guests who think the "Punta Islita effect" is carried are here for a short time seem to get it--I with us and incorporated sort of by osmosaw a guest seek out a waiter at 1492 to sis into our actions when we get back to give him a big hug and I heard him say our "real" worlds. And we are all the that he was leaving that day and was so better for it. Pura Vida!� -Janie Mangus glad he got to see him again to say goodIslita Homeowner & part-time resident


Direct Flights With more direct flights and two international airports, Costa Rica is becoming a viable long-weekend destination getaway from airports in North America* Direct flights to/from San Jose International Airport (SJO)

City Atlanta Charlotte Dallas Denver Fort Lauderdale Houston Los Angeles Mexico DF Miami New York Newark Orlando Phoenix


Airline(s) Delta US Airways American Frontier Spirit United Lacsa AeroMexico American American United Jet Blue US Airways

Direct flights to/from Liberia International Airport (LIR)

City Atlanta Denver Houston Miami Montreal Newark


Airline(s) Delta Frontier United American Air Transat United

Lacsa Lacsa Liberia International (LIR)

San Jose International (SJO)

*Please verify schedule with individual airlines.

Easter Week in Costa Rica


Although commonly thought to be named after romantic love, the Passion Fruit flower’s etymology is traced to 15-16 century Spanish missionaries who saw in its structure many symbolic representations of Christ’s crucifixion. Among them, the coloration of its petals as Christ’s purple robe and the nail-like shape of its three stigmas.

hose who visit Costa Rica during Easter Week are in for an intense cultural experience. Expect to find many colorful expressions of religious fervor throughout the country. From special masses to community reenactments of biblical passages. Do keep in mind that these national holidays entail added traffic flow and incountry transfers should account for unusual delays. Easter Week will be celebrated April 1st through April 8th, 2012.

Grupo Islita’s two select properties blend the best of Costa




mountain settings featuring intense nature, upscale comfort and bespoke services. We






unified and


dedicated bilingual team to help travelers, travel professionals and their partners ensure seamless logistics from arrival to departure.

Grupo Islita simplifies Costa Rica travel planning! How may we assist you? Email: Phone in Costa Rica: +506 2231-6122 Toll Free from US & Canada: 1-866-446-4053 or 1-888-437-7111 Online chat: or

Grupo Islita Scoop March 2012  

Travel information about Costa Rica featuring Hotel Punta Islita and El Silencio Lodge & Spa.

Grupo Islita Scoop March 2012  

Travel information about Costa Rica featuring Hotel Punta Islita and El Silencio Lodge & Spa.