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Arif Abdulkhader, director, 360Wellness talks about keeping business fighting fit How did the business perform in 2015? Our performance in 2015 was excellent and our achievements were admirable. What drove this performance? Largely this was driven by the burgeoning SPA industry, the emerging African market, the huge number of new hotel projects in the GCC states and the continued refurbishment of 5-star hotels, particularly in the UAE and Oman. These have all added more opportunities throughout 2015 and it is due to our dedicated and passionate team, that it is possible to reach these standards. What were the driving trends in your sector this year? The ongoing construction of facilities in the hospitality and wellness sectors. How will these trends shape business operations in 2016? Without a doubt, the growth will continue in 2016, despite the low oil prices, as the projects declared and ongoing are mainly dependent on the travel and tourism sectors. New facilities have increased 360’s business

Arif Abdulkhader

About 360 Wellness Areas of Operation: 360Wellness is one of the leading names in the field of wellness, spa, bath, hydrotherapy, leisure and health club solutions, offering innovative and superior products across the GCC. From the modest beginnings in 2006, 360Wellness has made remarkable progress into becoming a world class wellness product provider has been built with an uncompromising adherence to dedication and quality. Operating across the GCC, Africa and Indian Sub-continent 360Wellness specialises in spa solutions, spa furniture, spa essentials and spa interiors.

Which regional country markets are you paying the most attention to in 2016? Our primary focus will be on Oman, Qatar and the UAE, where the lion’s share of our business comes from. We will also have a focus on Africa in 2016. What are your business objectives for 2016 and how will these be achieved? Our top priority is to providing world class wellness solutions, which exceed the expectations of our customers. We are pursuing business through innovation and technology advancement to build long term relationship with the clients. The company is excited to run a profitable and efficient operation to develop an easy going perception to increase productivity and nurture a strong client base. From your perspective as an industry supplier, what one piece of advice would you give your hotel/ hospitality clients for the year ahead? Design and develop SPAs that suit the demands and expectations of the customer, who is mainly looking for innovative and effective solutions rather than over done and futile design for design’s sake.

Years of Operation: 10 years Home market: UAE 2 8 Pipe l i n e y e a r b o o k 20 16

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