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Making a splash with spa accessories In this month’s Products section we take a look at what’s new in the spa accessories sector


VITABRID Vitabrid has just launched face brightening powder and Vitabrid scalp shampoo. Vitabrid C12 Face Powder is an advanced form of vitamin C that penetrates the skin and is time-released over a period of 12 hours which works to brighten the skin and combat dullness. Vitabrid Scalp Shampoo is used to combat hair loss and hair fall in men and women as it fully cleanses the hair while promoting scalp nutrition and moisture balance at the same time. “This product is perfect for frequent travellers or those living in the hot climates of the Middle East who feel their skin has been dulled over time by the harsh climate and increased stress or whose overall hair quality has decreased due to poor nutrition or chlorinated water,” said Beom Wook Han, senior managing director of Vitabrid C¹². “We plan to launch in the GCC market in Q3 2017 and establish partnerships with the region’s leading hotels, spas and medical clinics who can utilize our Vitamin C technology in treatments as well as sell them as stand-alone products.” Contact information: Email: Website: 56


Pro definition facial oil is the latest product from Elemis. Noella Gabriel, CoFounder and Creator of ELEMIS Therapies described it as your “skin’s strength in a bottle”, supporting the architecture of a mature complexion with ground-breaking stem cell technology which harnesses the botanical power of nature’s most resilient plant life, getting your skin into shape and keeping it there. “Pro-Definition Facial Oil is quickly absorbed when massaged into the skin to create contour definition and lift around the jawline, nose and brow. Abundant with essential fatty acids, which are key for moisturisation, and plant stem cell extracts which are rich in anti-oxidant compounds, 80% agreed their skin looked visibly firmer and lifted,” said Gabriel. Contact information: Email: Phone: 00971 4324 5414 Website: or

DIMARA INTERNATIONAL Natura Bisse has been launched into the Middle Eastern market by Dimara International and the company is adamant that the product, which originates from Barcelona, will prove to be a huge success. The spa and skincare brand has already been taken up by the Viceroy Palm Jumeirah Dubai and the Nobu Hotel in Riyadh. “Natura Bissé is one of the most well reputed luxurious spa brands and is also available in worldwide retail stores and used by renowned celebrities,” said Djamila Bakassi, brand manager Dimara International. “Natura Bissé is recognised as a leader in high-tech innovation and a pioneer in translating aesthetic science into advanced skincare solutions.” When asked about the company’s future plans for 2017, the Dimara International spokesperson said the firm is aiming to “carry additional renowned luxurious perfume, fashion and skincare brands as we want the hotels to be able to create a unique guest experience and sense of place”. Contact information: Email: Phone: 00971 4334 2881 Website:

Hotel News ME- June 2017  
Hotel News ME- June 2017