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Being a general manager can be a stressful experience

“We don’t just provide networking and events, we want to provide a whole load of stuff that actually matters,” says Cameron, who comes from a HR and operations background with over 23 years of experience in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East. Larkin says the key to the organisation’s continued growth is being driven by the members. “We don’t want to be telling members what we want, we want members to be telling us what they want so we can facilitate their requests,” he says. The issues facing GMs in the Middle East are much the same as those facing GMs across the globe, says Larkin. “I am not sure there is anything that is particularly unique to this region beyond a high number of expat GMS. At the end of the day all GMs, hotel owners 40


What the IAHGM does The International Association of Hotel General Managers (IAHGM) is a global member-based association for hotel general managers within the hospitality industry. It provides independent career development and executive placement, alongside expert advisory/consultancy services, and a wide portfolio of personal and professional benefits. The IAHGM was launched in February 2016. and hotel companies want to make sure they are making the best of their abilities and structures,” he says. Both Cameron and Larkin are keen to ensure the IAGHM is not mistaken for a trade union.

“We are not a union, we specifically state on our charter we are not a union; we can be a voice in our industry but that would be it,” says Larkin. “We are really into the welfare and the industry support and that was why we created what we have.” So the question remains, how has the industry responded to the organisation? Larkin describes it as a mixed bag, with some taking a “wait and see” approach. “That said, there are people who can see the value for the industry,” he says. “They take the attitude that if it’s going to help the individual and their family then that’s terrific. If it’s going to come up with new industry ideas and concepts… why not? As I said earlier… There is no bad news here.”

Hotel News ME- June 2017  
Hotel News ME- June 2017