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aussi se procurer de très bonnes bouteilles entre 40 $ et 60 $. Mais si l’envie de goûter un vin exceptionnel vous prend, il est parfois possible de déguster à l’once des millésimes extraordinaires, demandez au sommelier ! Du côté de Trois-Rivières, c’est soir de fête les vendredis à l’Auberge du Lac Saint-Pierre. L’Auberge propose une activité gastronomique abordable et conviviale afin de faire découvrir une gastronomie du terroir avec de nouveaux menus toutes les semaines. Pour seulement 50 $, les VINdredis sont une belle occasion de débuter le week-end avec un cinq services proposé par le chef exécutif Alain Pénot, nommé meilleur chef de l’année 2010, par la Société des chefs cuisiniers et pâtissiers du Québec ! C’est à la sommelière d’expérience Martine Turcotte que revient la tâche de créer des accords tout en finesse pour notre plus grand plaisir. On dit qu’elle aurait le choix parmi près d’un millier de produits. Toute une carte ! De la salle à manger élégante, on admire le paysage hivernal du lac St-Pierre. Pendant qu’à l’intérieur un feu crépite, des sportifs se donnent rendez-vous pour du kite surf. Les voiles colorées glissent, portées par les grands vents sur la baie gelée, nous offrant tout un spectacle.


tional talent to good use. Its regional cuisine, rated 5 stars in the Debeur restaurant guide, showcases the best of what local producers have to offer. It offers a meal-wine pairing: a four-course dinner served with as many glasses of wine, recommended by Thomas Leguilly, the friendly sommelier. To end the visit on a gentle note, enjoy an excellent Swedish massage as a couple at the spa or admire the bounty of nature in the outdoor hot tubs while bird-watching and sometimes deer-watching. On the shore of the Richelieu River, the elegant Hôtel Rive Gauche – Refuge Urbain houses one of the best restaurants in the Montérégie: Le Coureur des Bois - Bistro Culinaire. Of all culinary experiences, you absolutely have to experience the ultimate incursion into the cuisine of chef Jean-François Méthot. You are invited to sit at a table for eight guests set up right in the kitchen. The chef himself serves the meal and describes each of the seven courses awaiting you. The view of the kitchen is fascinating. You get a behind-the-scenes look, as if sitting in a theatre box, to everything going on. But it’s not over yet — the excellent sommelier Ian Purtell, grand master of one of Quebec’s most prestigious wine cellars, offers wine pairings for each of the dishes.

Some prefer a pairing consisting of champagne only. That’s because the Rive-Gauche is the only ambassador of Ruinart champagne in Canada. The hotel’s wine cellar is composed in part of the famous rare wine collection from the Bistro à Champlain. Even though it is comprised of very exclusive wines, one can also get a very good bottle of wine at around $40 to $60. But if you feel like tasting an exceptional wine, it is sometimes possible to taste extraordinary vintages by the ounce — just ask the sommelier! Over in Trois-Rivières, Fridays nights are a celebration at the Auberge du Lac SaintPierre. The Auberge offers an affordable and friendly local gastronomic event with new menus every week. For only $50, Fridays are a great opportunity to start the week-end with a five-course meal prepared by executive chef Alain Pénot, named 2010 Best Chef by the Société des chefs cuisiniers et pâtissiers du Québec! Experienced sommelière Martine Turcotte is tasked with creating perfect pairings for our greatest tasting pleasure. It is said that she has over one thousand wines to choose from. What a selection! From the elegant dining room, lac St-Pierre’s winter landscape can be admired. While a fire crackles in the fireplace indoors, sports enthusiasts do some kite surfing. The colourful sails glide by, pushed along by great winds over the frozen bay, for an unforgettable view.

ONE OF LIFE’S GREATEST PLEASURES IS EATING AND EATING WELL! Sitting with friends at a table laden with succulent dishes and good wine is a delicious invitation to lively discussions, roars of laughter and the joy of describing the pleasures that tickle our palate and charm our taste buds! Below are three hotels and three exceptional culinary experiences. Grab a fork! Situated half-way between Montréal and Ottawa, the Auberge des Gallant is a cozy place, just made to be enjoyed. Upon entering, you see the bar made entirely of wood, the small salon with a fireplace, the elegant dining room with white table cloths, and a bit further, the glass wine cellar. Everywhere, couples are talking around a glass of wine or a bite to eat; the Auberge is thriving. The success of this experience can be traced to the work of people with a passion, who make sure everything is perfect. One of these is Neil Gallant, the owners’ son, who puts his excep-


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