Hotel Industry Magazine - Winter 2014

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2. Show your Appreciation It's estimated that over two thirds of customers will fail to return if they feel unappreciated. Show your appreciation of their custom with a simple thank you This is the number one reason message. businesses lose customers. So are you doing enough to show your Naturally you‘ll do this in person. But appreciation of your most loyal follow up with a simple personalised guests? thank you note a few days later to show your appreciation. Here are 5 things you could be doing if you‘re not already… Give them something to remember you by, especially if it is handwritten 1. Ask for Feedback and tailored to them. Some think in this web based age this is out dated; Never take your regulars for granted; how would your guests react to ask for their feedback and resolve any receiving something in the post, rather shortfalls quickly. than clogging up their email inbox? Problems or challenges are often your opportunity to shine and leave a positive lasting impression if dealt with positively. Now‘s a chance to exceed expectations.

What better excuse to invite them back to show changes?

Remembering such details will always be appreciated. Record their personal details and any special requirements so whoever is on duty the welcome your guest receives is consistent. 4. Make them Feel Special Give them access to events, packages or facilities which are exclusive to them, and that have genuine benefits.

3. Remember Them

Not only addressing your guests by name (although don‘t under estimate the impact when someone remembers your name especially Face to face feedback will always win when you aren't expecting it), it‘s also over a comments form or about remembering their preferences. questionnaire. Ask them what they like and what disappoints them if Do they have any particular likes and anything, so you can learn from this dislikes, what is their favourite table or and continually improve. room, do they have any particular Guests will be flattered if you ask for their opinions. Keep them updated with the changes they‘ve made to demonstrate that you have been listening.

requirements such as a late check in or special diet. How do they like their drinks mixed? Do we know their birthday or any special anniversaries?

How does it make you feel when you see promotions offering special deals for new customers that aren‘t available to you as an existing customer? Make your loyal customers feel valued. This not only demonstrates your appreciation of their custom, it potentially prompts additional bookings or sales.