Hotel Industry Magazine - Q4 2014

Page 37

Caroline Cooper is a speaker, author, trainer and consultant on customer service and loyalty. She’s founder of Naturally Loyal, specialising in helping businesses retain more of their quality customers. She is also author of The Hotel Success Handbook Discover more:

Tracking Feedback With so many feedback channels, how do you keep tabs? As a minimum, set up Google Alerts for your name and business so you know when you’re being talked about. Although you will not get instant feedback, you can set this up so you get notifications as they happen, daily or weekly. If you wait a week to find out then it is too late! Of course, this means resolving guests’ queries and complaints. And what better way to appease a disgruntled guest than picking up on their post, thanking them for their feedback and responding straight away when they are least expecting it. Guest feedback doesn’t always equate to negative feedback. Think how often your guests say great things about you, share photos and even let their friends (and you) know that they are coming back to visit you. These moments present a fabulous opportunity to engage with your guests, share their enthusiasm and generate positive word of mouth. So whether it is in the real world or in the virtual world, don’t hide behind a form or bury your head in the sand: ask, listen and act on your guests’ feedback.