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Some flavours just deserve an entire box all to themselves – flavours that catch the imagination, demand the limelight and inspire unadulterated love. So choose the one you love then sit back, relax and immerse yourself in it.

rum Truffles Lashings of premium golden rum from Saint Lucia in dark chocolate truffles. 14 chocolates.

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rose & violet Crèmes A true British classic featuring soft fondant centres and the natural essence of rose & violet in crisp, dark shells. 14 chocolates.

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eton Mess

A collection of authentic marzipan with less sugar and more ground almonds for deep flavours and great texture. 8 chocolates and a 8 portion 100g slab.

Devoted to the cult British dessert featuring tangy strawberry, crisp meringue pieces and creamy white chocolate. Alcohol-free. 14 chocolates.

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