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Parkhotel Zug Parkhotel Restaurant Industriestrasse 14 CH-6304 Zug Tel. +41 (0)41 727 48 48 City Garden Hotel Metallstrasse 20 CH-6304 Zug Tel. +41 (0)41 727 44 44 CU Restaurant, Bar & Lounge Metallstrasse 20 CH-6304 Zug Tel. +41 (0)41 727 44 54 Restaurant Bären Baarerstrasse 30 CH-6300 Zug Tel. +41 (0)41 711 09 43 Theater Casino Zug Restaurant, Bar & Lounge am See Artherstrasse 2–4 CH-6300 Zug Tel. +41 (0)41 729 10 40

Evaluate us on Tripadvisor: Each day we are faced with new challenges which we consider as chances to improve. We therefore appreciate your feedback that supports us to enhance our performance. It is not only our aspiration to maintain our level of service but to constantly better ourselves. Are you satisfied with our services? Is there anything in addition that could complement our current offering and where do you see room for improvement? Go on Tripadvisor and choose either the Hotel or Restaurant to rate us. And this is how you get to the Tripadvisor listing: Scan here the QR-Code or visit us direct under www.tripadvisor. de. Thereafter click on «write a review» and you are on your way. To download the Event Guide: In our Event Guide gallery you will find the current as well as the past issues in German & English. Scan here the QR-Code or visit us direct under

DEAR GUESTS, PARTNERS AND FRIENDS OF OUR ORGANIZATION. I am very happy that you are browsing through the autumn – winter edition of our Event Guide. Have fun! Next to our well known and popular events we are introducing a few new and exciting specials. Parkhotel Zug, CU Restaurant @ City Garden Hotel or our traditional restaurant Bären: There is definitely an event or two that especially suits you. In particular I want to point your attention to the new Indian days “Gateway to India” and the introduction of our new executive chef Martin Blaser at the “Meet & Dine – Schnapps & Wine”, both taking place at the Parkhotel. Another treat is our weekly “Happy Friday” at the CU Restaurant, Bar & Lounge. For your private parties, corporate functions or Christmas dinners I am recommending our CU Restaurant, Bar & Lounge which you can reserve exclusively for your event each Saturday. You are only paying your consummations and have the option stay the night in our hotel with reduced prices, including the long breakfast until 14:00 o’clock and a free late check-out on Sundays. Now that’s a bargain! I am more than happy to assist you personally regarding reservations and I am looking forward to receiving your feedbacks and suggestions. I am wishing you a good time and will hopefully see you soon in one of our establishments.

Your Stefan Gareis And the team of the Hotelbusiness Zug AG

CULINARY WEEKS p. 10 Game Weeks at Parkhotel Zug September & October p. 42 White-Blue-Weeks at Restaurant Bären 17.09. – 15.10.2016 p. 44 Red-White-Weeks at Restaurant Bären 17.10. – 23.12.2016 p. 11 Zugermesse 22.10. – 30.10.2016 p. 12 «Gateway to India» at Parkhotel Zug 03.11. – 05.11.2016 p. 38 Valentine’s special at CU Restaurant 10.02. – 14.02.2017 p. 24 Swedish Weeks at Parkhotel Zug 02.03. – 19.03.2017

SEPTEMBER 2016 p. 08 Fri 30.09. Meet & Dine – Schnapps & Wine at Parkhotel Zug

OCTOBER 2016 p. 28 Thu 13.10. Speedflirting at CU Restaurant p. 11 Sat 22.10. Zugermesse 22.10. – 30.10.2016 p. 30 Thu 27.10. Knigge for Adults at CU Restaurant

NOVEMBER 2016 p. 12 Thu 03.11. «Gateway to India» at Parkhotel Zug p. 12 Fri. 04.11. «Gateway to India» at Parkhotel Zug p. 12 Sat 05.11. «Gateway to India» at Parkhotel Zug p. 32 Wed 09.11. Cocktail Mix Workshop at CU Restaurant p. 16 Thu 24.11. Thanksgiving at Parkhotel


DECEMBER 2016 p. 18 Sun 04.12. Samichlaus at Parkhotel and CU Restaurant p. 18 Tue 06.12. Samichlaus at Parkhotel, CU Restaurant and Restaurant Bären p. 28 Thu 01.12. Speedflirting at CU

FESTIVE OFFERS p. 12 Truthahn Taxi

MAI 2017 p. 47 Fri 05.05. Stubete at Bären

p. 22 Christmassy Sunday Brunch with Samichlaus at Parkhotel Zug p. 19 Christmas eve at Parkhotel Zug


p. 20 Christmas Hotel Special at Parkhotel Zug p. 48 Christmas party for Companies or associations p. 46 Fondue Chinoise Christmas Eve at Bären Restaurant p. 21 New Year’s eve at Parkhotel Zug p. 22 New Year’s brunch at Parkhotel Zug p. 34 New Year’s eve @ CU


p. 17

Afternoon Tea at Parkhotel Zug Every Sunday November until February

p. 22

Brunch at Parkhotel Zug Every Sunday

p. 29

Late Riser Breakfast at CU Every Sunday

p. 31

CU @ Afterwork Every Thursday

p. 37

Happy Friday @ CU Restaurant Every Friday

p. 47 Fri 03.02. Stubete at Bären p. 39 Tue 14.02. Sparkling Valentine’s Dinner at CU Restaurant

MARCH 2017 p. 47 Fri 03.03. Stubete at Bären

APRIL 2017 p. 47 Fri 07.04. Stubete at Bären


Silvia Felix 23.10. – 20.11.2016

p. 23

Urs Bischof December 2016 until january 2017


Saturday Exclusive at CU

p. 49

Children's birthdays

p. 50


New challenge, new Name – familiar passion & commitment! Since beginning of July 2016 he is married and returned as our new executive chef to the Hotelbusiness Zug AG. We sincerely congratulate Martin Blaser aka Feuerecker to his marriage. With his new name he will also create emotions and tickle all your senses. He and his team cannot wait for your visit!

«My passion is to create emotions through my cooking. Our guests shall have fun and all their senses have to be tickled while savoring.» Martin Blaser, Executive Chef

Opening hours Parkhotel Restaurant: Sunday until Friday: 11.30 a.m. – 02.00 p.m. 06.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m. Saturday: we offer you a small menue with an assortment of cold and warm meals in the Living Room and Smokers Lounge.

During our speciality weeks the Parkhotel Restaurant is also open on Saturday nights.

Opening hours Smoker‘s Lounge Daily: 12.00 p.m. – 12.00 a.m.

Contact: Parkhotel Restaurant 041 727 47 47

Julia Haase Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug

Martin Blaser Executive Chef

Carla Winiker Head of Administration Seminar & Banquet


Time of event: Friday, 30th September 2016 from 6 p.m. Price: Exquisite flying dinner CHF 89 incl. wine, spirits, mineral water & coffee Enrolment & information: Julia Haase, Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug 041 727 47 47


The company Etter Söhne AG will present some matching good drops of white and red wine from their assortment and offer a selection of spirits. Männi Meier, wine and spirits expert from Etter will provide you with recommendations. Taste selected wines/spirits and enjoy fine dining, we look forward to a wonderful evening with you! We kindly ask you to book well in advance.



The evening of September the 30th, our Executive Chef, Martin Blaser, will be pleased to meet you in a relaxed atmosphere and to pamper you with an exquisite «flying dinner».


Enrolment & information: Julia Haase, Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug 041 727 47 47

Game meat is not only highly desired due to the new ways of cooking it, but also for the fact that it is healthy and particularly low in fat. It is obvious why it has its qualities: the animals feed on herbs, grass and fresh water in untouched forests, are very active and live more or less a stress free life. Furthermore the game population in Switzerland is managed sustainably. This means that only a certain quota can be hunted each year in order for the game to reproduce again. More details of our menu you will find on En Guete!


ZUGER MESSE 22.10.2016 – 30.10.2016

Opening day: 1. Satturday: 10.30 a.m.  –  10.00 p.m. General : Monday till Friday: 10.00 a.m.  –  10.00 p.m. 2. Satturday: 10.30 a.m.  –  10.00 p.m. 1. Sunday: 10.30 a.m.  –  10.00 p.m. Closing day: 2. Sunday, 30.10.2016: 10.30 a.m.  –  6.00 p.m. Place: ZugDesign hall A03 at the lake

At the Zugermesse we are going to pamper you once more in the ZugDesign hall with our Bar & Lounge and the Restaurant of the Hotelbusiness Zug AG. Directly alongside the lake, only a few steps away from the hustle and bustle. Are you planning your company event or private function and still haven’t found a suitable venue? Please speak to us – our sales team is going to be present and will be more than happy to assist you. We are looking forward to your visit!



Eventdates and times: Thursday, 3. November 2016, 06.00 p.m. Friday, 4. November 2016, 06.00 p.m. Saturday, 5. November 2016, 06.00 p.m. • Various aperitifs served • main dish buffet • dessert variety Price: CHF 79.00 A detailed offer you can find on our website. Enrolment & information: Julia Haase, Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug 041 727 47 47


The spirit of India as a guest at Parkhotel Zug! Immerse yourself in a unique world full of exotic dishes. India is a multifaceted country with so many cultures across different states. Each state expresses its tradition especially through its cuisine. Scrumptious «Wada Pav» of Maharastra, juicy «Makhani Chicken» of Delhi or refreshing «Daal Baati Choorma» of Rajasthan. The great variety of spices and aromas will surely delight you.


Our guest chef Aman is excited to give you a better understanding of this far-away and unknown kitchen from the 03.11.2016 to the 05.11.2016. Broaden your horizon and get yourself caught in a superb and varied taste adventure.

TRUTHAHN TAXI 01.11.2016 – 25.12.2016

Price: from CHF 32.00 per person Delivery: For free in the canton of Zug. Extra charge outside of the canton of Zug. Daily at lunch and dinner time, to your private or company’s address. Enrolment & information: Parkhotel Zug Bestellung 72h vor Liefertermin Online-Bestellung: 041 727 48 48


Do you think that only in the land of milk and honey turkeys can fly fresh from the oven directly into your mouth? In Zug this is as well «almost» possible. With us turkeys are driving tender and crispy, freshly baked directly from our kitchen onto your dining table.

Accompanied by white bread – cranberry stuffing, a river of gravy and different sides. With comes an exotic pumpkin – coconut soup and for desert a homemade apple pie. You are going to imagine yourself being in the land of milk and honey in your own home and you don’t even have to set foot into your kitchen.

ing in the iv g s k n a h T t Restauran Parkhotel

16 24.11.20 T hursday, you our e rv ing we se iv sg k n a h t belongs On T thing tha with every y . in the lt a .m ci p e sp ing 06.00 rt a st , it t. with Restauran Parkhotel ed: n request Reservatio 7 4 7 4 041 727


mit freundlicher Unterstützung von:


Welcoming guets: Starting 06.00 p.m. Price: Children 0 – 10 years free Children 11 – 15 years CHF 20.00 Adults starting from 16 years: CHF 62.00 With at least three children over 10 years, the youngest child is free of charge. Enrolment & information: Julia Haase, Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug 041 727 47 47

An American «Thank You» – A luscious stuffed turkey. Coming with it a buffet with pumpkin, sweet potatoes and much more. On the fourth Thursday in November our Parkhotel kitchen team digs deep. In the United States you will find no empty table for the traditional Thanksgiving – it shall be the same here at the Parkhotel Restaurant! apple-celery-salad with tree nuts, corn salad, broccoli salad with almonds, carrot-pineapple-salad, corn bread, pumpkin-orange-soup (served)

*** whole turkey with a cranberry-bread filling, bread dumplings, red cabbage with apple, mixed vegetables, mixed brussels sprouts and pumpkin, gravy and pickled cranberries

*** American Apple Pie, vanilla ice-cream, pumpkin-poppy seed cake


AFTERNOON TEA EVERY SATURDAY & SUNDAY Dates of event: Every Saturday & Sunday from 02.00 p.m. November 2016 – February 2017 Price: Pot of tea from CHF 8.00 + own étagère CHF 29.00 Enrolment & information: Julia Haase, Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug 041 727 47 47

From November until February our Parkhotel Zug is inviting you to an afternoon tea. In true British style the afternoon tea features carefully selected tea specialties as well as typical English sweet and savory snacks. Absolutely British!



Free entry, no reservation needed Event time: 03.00 p.m. – 05.00 p.m. Enrolment & information: Julia Haase, Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug 041 727 47 47

The time has come once more. The Living Room smells like cookies, Christmas cake and Glühwein and Saint Nicholas can’t be far away. The little ones are very excited and are listening carefully to the fascinating stories Saint Nicholas hast to tell. Let yourself be carried away with the spirit of Christmas accompanied by piano 6 1 0 .2 music from Jerry Miller. 2 .1 04 rant Sunday, tel Restau

More s visits: Samichlau

o t the Parkh Restauran Brunch in in the CU st a kf a re rb & long rise 16 06.12.20 Tuesday, t during n ra u otel Resta h rk the Pa e In th vening in & in the e t n ra u a lunchtime st e rant & R CU Restau Bären



Welcoming the guests: Starting 06.00 p.m. Price: CHF: 89.00 per person Enrolment & information: Julia Haase, Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug 041 727 47 47

Enjoy your Christmas Eve together with your family and friends at our nicely decorated restaurant.l Let yourself be enchanted by the magical piano music from Liuba Dimitrenko. amuse bouche

*** pan fried Foie gras in a Kataifi pasta with topinambour

*** celery-apple cream soup with confited river trout

*** monkfish fillet in saffron fennel gravy with saucisson ravioli & bell beans

*** fillet and rillette praline from the willow beef with potato mousseline & cabbage

*** trilogy of hazel nut, chokolate & mandarine


CHRISTMAS HOTEL SPECIAL 23.12.2016 – 06.01.2017 Enrolment & information: Christine Oliveira Duarte Head of Reservation 041 727 45 52

Merry days at the Parkhotel Zug. During Christmas you are able to spend some unforgettable days at the Parkhotel Zug. Very competitive room rates won’t even put a hole in your budget. Your family and friends are visiting during Christmas? Ask for our overnight bargains and let Christmas this Christmas be a special one for your special ones. We are more than happy to assist you!


NEW YEAR’S EVE SATURDAY, 31.12.2016 Welcoming guests: starting 06.00 p.m. Price: CHF 172, incl. one glass of Champagne & live music Enrolment & information: Julia Haase, Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug 041 727 47 47

We safe the best for last: For the end of the year our head chef Martin Blaser and his crew created a delicious New Year’s eve gala menu. This glamorous evening is going to be complemented with soft piano sound by the «Duo Liuba». Amuse bouche Duck liver, pear & Port wine


Duo of tuna fish with kabocha tapioka & mango


Essence & ravioli from the oxtail with root vegetables


Halibut fillet with riesling espuma, parsnips & sugar peas


sorbet from the braised apple boskoop with Röteli schnapps


Duett from the veal fillet & pigeon breast with parmesan-tortellini, caramellized red cabbage, Brussel's sprout's & pumpkin


«San Marzano»-tomato mousse with olive tapanade & carrot gravy


«Marriage» from the lemon, bergamot, orange & walnut


ht At midnig sh oula our fiery g rved be se soup will . in the bar

tliche Weihnach ches: run Sonntagsb 2016

mber , 4. Deze Sonntag laus h ic mit Sam 6 mber 201 ze e D . 5 2 h c n Sonntag, -Katerbru Neujahrs 2017 1. Januar , g Sonnta

BRUNCH EVERY SUNDAY SINCE 1986 Time: 10.00 a.m. – 02.00 p.m. Price: Children from 0 to 10 years: free of charge Children from 11 to 15 years: CHF 20.00 Teenagers from 16 years & adults: CHF 62.00 With minimum three kids over 10 years of age per family the youngest one is free of charge. Enrolment & information: Julia Haase, Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug 041 727 47 47

On Sundays you should spoil your family and yourself. We should take it slow and only be doing nice things. The very best Sundays are the ones where you can enjoy a Sunday brunch. While the time is being ignored breakfast and lunch merge into one long and relaxed meal. Next to the classic breakfast treats you can expect a wide selection of starters, antipasti, different warm dishes and a creative dessert buffet. We are looking forward to welcoming you with a glass of Prosecco.



Free entry

For a few years now, art excibitions are being held in the Living Room of the Parkhotel. We want to support young national and international artists and give them. Stage to present themselves. We and the following artists are looking forward to your visit: Silvia Felix: Did you know that stones have a soul and their own language? The artist from Zug is known as the stone whisperer. She sets the inner beauty of the stones free and gives them a voice by putting everything into poems. A journey to all our senses and a little touch of our soul. Urs Bischof: Up until today Urs Bischof is creating sculptures and fountains from bronze, steel, and wood. His creativity and his drive are almost endless. His golden statues are the center piece of his work and will amaze you.



Event dates: Daily starting at 06.00 a.m. Price: CHF 79.00, Smörgasbord all you can eat Our supplementary offering: Homemade herrings to take away. Enrolment & information: Julia Haase, Head of Gastronomy Parkhotel Zug 041 727 47 47

klig a m S « !» måltid 24

Year after year since 2003, our Swedish guest cook Susanna Lyrdal Johnson from Skane is treating us with delicious and traditional Swedish dishes during our well known Swedish weeks. Have a look at it yourself and try the «Smörgasbord» – it will give you a great idea of Swedish specialities.


With a lot of experience and heart she is pamering you with cooking you may only know from the loved “mormor”.

We are pleased to introduce you to our new host Franziska Teuber in the CU Restaurant, Bar, Lounge and Terrace. As she was 23 years old, in 2011, she completed the school of hotel management successfully. And since then she was able to gain a lot of experience in leading in various renowned companies in the center of Switzerland. With a lot of motivation and warmth she is looking forward to welcoming you in the CU Restaurant, Bar & Lounge.

Are you looking for a gluten- lactose free or vegan diet? On the menu of the CU Restaurant you will find the right dish for you. Selfexplaining thanks to precise declaration.

Opening hours CU Restaurant, Bar, Lounge & Terrace: Monday until Thursday: 06.30 a.m. – 12.00 a.m. Friday: 06.30 a.m. – 01.00 a.m. Saturday: closed, upon request we open the restaurant for events from 20 people Sunday: public Late Riser Breakfast 08.30 a.m. – 02.00 p.m.

Contact: CU Restaurant, Bar, Lounge & Terrace 041 727 44 54

Franziska Teuber Host CU Restaurant

Eric Rabold Head Chef

rwork e t f A U C ursday every Th at starting m. 05.00 p.

SPEEDFLIRTING 7 BLIND DATES IN 1 STUNDE Dates of event: Thursday, 13.10.2016 Thursday, 01.12.2016 Price: CHF 77.00 per person incl. 7 blind dates and welcome drink. Singles at the age of 30 – 45 Registration & Information: 044 380 70 11

The first minutes of a conversation decide whether or not two people like each other. SpeedFlirting reduces a date to exact this crucial time frame. SpeedFlirting takes place for a specific age group meaning all participants meet singles of the same age. The evening starts with a social get-together, women and men are kept separated. A good possibility to make new friends also amongst women or men. Ensuing flirt couples sit together each at one table. After 7 minutes all participants make notes on their SpeedFlirting card if they want to see the chat partner again or if not. Women remain seated while men rotate after 7 minutes to a new table. After a minimum of 7 rounds the SpeedFlirting cards are being collected and evaluated.



Time: 08.30 a.m. – 02.00 p.m. Price: CHF 29.00 per person Children from 0 to 5 years of age: free Children up to 14 years of age: CHF 1.50 per year Enrolment & information: Franziska Teuber, Gastgeberin CU Restaurant 041 727 44 54

To all the late risers; At the CU Restaurant you don’t need to leave without your breakfast. Every Sunday we offer a savory and delicious breakfast buffet until 02.00 p.m. Start your day right with freshly baked bread, egg dishes, sausages, bacon and a lot of other breakfast classics. So therefore no stress, just turn around and sleep a bit longer. We will wait on you.


KNIGGE FOR ADULTS WITH DORIS PFYL THURSDAY, 27.10.2016 Welcoming guests: starting at 06.00 a.m., duration about 3 hours Price: CHF 95.00 per person, incl. aperitif & dinner Enrolment & information: Franziska Teuber, host CU Restaurant 041 727 44 54

Table manners have been relaxed in the informal society and are (unfortunately no longer taken seriously. Any yet table manners are the indicator for etiquette in general. On official occasions the little detail counts. At the table good manners are a «must». The correct conduct with portion of nonchalance gives the impression of self-awareness and may contribute to professional and private success. Then like everywhere: the devil is in the detail. Subjects of the evening: • Entering a restaurant • Seating arrangement • Role of the host • Dealing with small talk • Finger food • The contemporary table Knigge • Dos and don’ts



Time of event: 05.00 a.m. – 07.00 p.m. Enrolment & information: Franziska Teuber, host CU Restaurant 041 727 44 54

Central, trendy and international. With the central location, the international flair and also the urban interior the CU Restaurant is the ideal meeting point. Toast to a successful day with your colleagues and chat into a relaxed evening. Every Thursday from 05.00 p.m. to 07.00 p.m. we offer you delicious tapas to your drink.



Welcoming guests: 06.30 p.m., duration about 2 hours Price: CHF 78.00 per person including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; cash payment at the reception before the event. Enrolment & information: Franziska Teuber, host CU Restaurant 041 727 44 54


Do you want to surprise your guests with delicious and colorful cocktails at your next party? Then let’s get started together!

The highlight of this evening is going to be the creation of your own group fancy drink, which will be judged according to taste and presentation.

After being introduced to the multicolored and exciting world of cocktail mixing by Otto J. Duranti (certified Hotelier – Restaurateur from Executive Events), participants are going to produce alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including garnishes in their groups.

anlass: Exklusiv ren Sie e i v r e s e R ug! früh gen



Welcoming guests: between 06.30 p.m. – 07.00 p.m. Price: CHF 179.00 per person including one glass of Champagne, live music and Menu Enrolment & information: Franziska Teuber, host CU Restaurant 041 727 44 54

Celebrate the beginning of the new year in style! Enjoy an unforgettable evening in the casual atmosphere of the CU Restaurant, Bar & Lounge. Our kitchen crew is going to pamper you with a unique New Year’s eve menu and the “Finest Pop-Rock-Disco-Soul & Latin Tunes” by the “3LP Club-Band” will invite you to dance and party all night long.

0 p.m. on. .0 1 1 m o r AF ight long @ n ll a y t r a «P urant» CU Resta one

clud ing 30.00 in ne, For CHF C hampag h glass of viting wit in is » d n a B b ce lu n C a d the «3LP sound to year’s eve hot New rning! o m till the


New Year's Eve menu duett of Foie gras terrine & duck liver mousse brioche / marinated Cognac apple *** slices of langouste tail / pumpkin ravioli lukewarm fennel lemon salad / chiogga beet root *** topinambour soup / lingonberries / smoked duck breast / pictacchios *** rose roasted bison beef fillet / sweet potatoes / fava beans fig-balsamico sauce / Brussel's sprout leaf's *** cheese plate with Brillat-Savarin, Brie de Meaux & Appenzeller homemade fruit bread / orange-chutney *** passionfruit-yogurt cut / chocolate cream / forest berries / mint gelee


You only l actua pay your tion! a consumm


CU Restaurant exclusive: for a minimum of 20 people Enrolment & information: Franziska Teuber, host CU Restaurant 041 727 44 54

Book the CU Restaurant for your event! Whether a wedding, birthday party, family celebration or business aperitif. On Saturdays our restaurant is exclusively at your disposal for your event requirements. Enjoy an unforgettable event indoors in the unique design from the CU restaurant or outdoors in our beautiful and idyllic terrace. Your party will be a bit longer? No problem at all, we are pleased to accommodate you and your guests in our City Garden Hotel, at special rates. Of course we will serve you a delicious breakfast the next day, even if you would like to sleep in.



Time: from 04.30 p.m. Information: Franziska Teuber, host CU Restaurant 041 727 44 54

The working week is over and you really deserve the work free time. Start your weekend with colleagues and friends enjoying a good glass of wine, a cool beer or a cool drink in the CU. For only CHF 21.00 you can enjoy a buffet with appetizers, CU Burger, CU VeggieBurger, CU Ciabatta sandwich or Jamon & Chorzio directly imported from Spain. Our director and the CU Team are looking forward to welcoming you with a lot of good mood and hot sound. Enjoy the evening with our variety of premium quality wines like for example Aalto & Zambujeiro. «Be happy it’s Friday!»


VALENTINE’S SPECIAL 10.02.2017 – 14.02.2017

Price: CHF 199.00 per couple including a welcome drink Enrolment & information: Christine Oliveira Duarte, Reservations Manager 041 727 44 54

All you need is love… a romantic weekend in the City Garden Hotel Zug! • 1 romantic night in the City Garden Hotel Zug • Welcome drink • Three- course candlelight Dinner • Rich breakfast buffet • 1 bottle of «Zuger Kirsch» for the gentlemen and a sweet surprise from Aeschenbach for the lady • Late check out and parking will be free of charge • Utilization from the swimmingpool • Sauna and gym in the parkhotel


SPARKLING VALENTINE’S DINNER TUESDAY, 14.02.2016 Welcoming guests: Starting at 07.00 p.m. Price: CHF 139.00, five-course & Cuvées, details under Enrolment & information: Franziska Teuber, host CU Restaurant 041 727 44 54

Treat your loved one and yourself extra special this Valentine’s day Degust various champagnes in a romantic ambience, accompanied by cheeky food creations from the CU kitchen. The different cuvées reflect all the facets of the champagnes and fit to all occasions, additionally the evening will be sweetened by stories about the exclusive champagnes. Love is in the air!

Our Tip!


Welcome to the traditional swiss restaurant bären! In the cozy, traditional ambience from the restaurant Bären, local people but also international business people from all over the world are finding together. This city boozer is one of the most long- standing restaurants of the city of Zug and it is located in the heart of the new town. It pampers its guests with a premium quality kitchen, mainly including regional specialties. «En gute» wishes your our host Marlis Widmer and chef Thomas Janser!

Opening hours Restaurant Bären: Monday until Friday: 09.00 a.m. – 02.00 p.m. and 04.30 p.m. – 12.00 a.m. Samstag: 04.30 p.m. – 12.00 p.m. (17. of september 2016 till april 2017) Sunday closed

Contact: Restaurant Bären 041 711 09 43

Marlis Widmer Host Restaurant Bären Thomas Janser Chef Restaurant Bären

WHITE-BLUE-WEEKS 17.09.2016 – 15.10.2016

Time of event: Monday - Saturday from 04.30 p.m. Warm kitchen from 05.30 p.m. Every Friday & Saturday with live music Enrolment & information: Marlis Widmer, host Restaurant Bären 041 711 09 43


The «Wiesn» in Munich is clearly the biggest and most exciting public festival in the world. The «Oktoberfest» with the largest beer mug and the most traditionrich history enjoys great popularity.

During the «White-Blue-Weeks» at Bären people of all nationalities meet. Experience unforgettable moments at Bären. In private or whit your workmates preferably in a «dirndl» or in «lederhosn» «O'zapft is»

Every d y an a d i r F with y a d Sun sic u m e v li


RED-WHITE-WEEKS 17.10.2016 – 23.12.2016

Event date: Monday to Saturday starting 04.30 p.m. hot kitchen starting 5.30 p.m. Enrolment & information: Marlis Widmer, host Restaurant Bären 041 711 09 43


Celebrate the winter months during the «red – white weeks» in our Restaurant Bären and enjoy the get- togethers in a cozy atmosphere.


A typically swiss ambience, and a preChristmas decorated restaurant is waiting for you with impressive live- music and swiss dishes, that will warm your heart.

FONDUE CHINOISE CHRISTMAS EVE, 24.12.2016 Time: Starting from 05.30 p.m. Price: CHF 59 per person Enrolment & information: Marlis Widmer, host Restaurant Bären 041 711 09 43

In a festive decorated Bären with a cozy, Christmassy atmosphere and good company the classic Fondue Chinoise will taste even better! The sounds of Duo Freton will make the Christmas eve to an unforgettable and beautiful event.



Event dates: Friday, 03.02.2017 Friday, 03.03.2017 Friday, 07.04.2016 Fiday, 05.05.2016 Time: Starting from 07.00 p.m. Free entry Enrolment & information: Marlis Widmer, host Restaurant Bären 041 711 09 43

In collaboration with the union of Swiss folk music VSV Zug (Verband Schweizer Volksmusik VSV Zug) the popular «Stubete» takes place at the Restaurant Bören. Friends of Swiss folk music, musicians and formations are cordially invited to meet at 07.00 p.m. For our guests and musicians travelling from far away we offer special rates for overnight accommodation on the dates of Stubete in the close-by Parkhotel Zug. Enquiry directly under:


CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR COMPANIES OR ASSOCIATIONS Enrolment & information: Marlis Widmer, host Restaurant Bären 041 711 09 43

Our homely, seasonal decorated Säli (little hall) works perfectly well for corporate or social events and guarantees for unforgettable moments .

om No ro ee! lf renta

Enjoy a plain and traditional family-, company- or society club meal in a private setting without a room rental fee. You will only pay your actual consummation.

We are pleased to support you in planning your festive event.



Enrolment & information: Marlis Widmer, host Restaurant Bären 041 711 09 43

Birthday parties with friends are the biggest gift for the little ones. But if you neither have the right room, nor enough time to organize the whole party, it is time to let us help you! Celebrate the next birthday with us in a uncomplicated environment with spaghetti or any favorite dish your child may have. Great fun for all ages is guaranteed!


VOUCHERS Are you still looking for an appropriate Christmas present? Give away indulgence and delight! Choose between a tasty Sunday brunch, a dainty dinner in one of our three restaurants, a relaxing overnight stay at the Parkhotel Zug or City Garden Hotel, a voucher for one of our exciting events or simply choose a valued voucher. We have something suitable for every need and every taste. It only takes a few clicks to and individual present with huge impact. You find our variety of vouchers under: www.

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