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Give dad a break on 15th June! Poor old dads, they’re so often the

like to become accustomed! So why not

neglected parent. Then again, they do love

surprise your dad this year with a great big

to be left to their own devices! But when

chocolate hug? There’s something for even

they do finally get their moment in the

the most demanding of dads in our Father’s

limelight, they’re usually ridiculed for their

Day range – from Prosecco & Chocolates

embarrassing dancing or mocked for their

to exciting Giant Slabs and stylish single

eccentric ways…

estate chocolate.

Thankfully, Father’s Day on 15th June gives us the opportunity to make amends and treat dad in the way to which he’d

Angus Thirlwell Co-founder & Managing Director

Old Fossil so you can treat the precious fossils in your life. – page 25 £7

Pick Me Up

Brimming with essential

chocolate treats – page 27 £10

Hero Tablet

Serious Dark Fix

for the hero in your life £7

exciting flavours – page 17 £17.50

Finely honed solid chocolate

Deep, dark and high cocoa with


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Catwalk Summer Season Collection of the Season 18 2 layers of gorgeous hand-finished chocolates in a balanced selection of fresh seasonal flavours. 18 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

ref 440020 - Catwalk Season 18 £14

Collection of the Season 36 Highly exciting, with a range of textures and flavours to tantalise and satisfy. 36 chocolates.

Alcohol-free Collection of the Season 36 (not shown)

ref 440021 - Catwalk Season 36 £26

A selection of equally exciting flavours and textures presented in the same chic box... just without the alcohol in any of the recipes! Alcohol-free

ref 440022 - Catwalk Season £26

36 No Alc

US local deliveries – we now have a delivery hub in Boston so we can ship Hotel Chocolat gifts quickly and cost-effectively to your nearest and dearest in the US. Visit our US online store at


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The Chocolatier’s Table™ The Chocolatier’s TableTM 750g A staggering 65 pieces of chocolate spanning our bestselling chocolate recipes. Melt-away truffles, smooth pralines, zingy real fruit creations, nibbly nuts, caramel, pure chocolate including single estate, soft buttercreams, manons and more. 750g. Box measures 47.5cm across.

ref 260011 - Chocolatier’s Table




The Chocolatier’s TableTM 1.4kg A truly epic adventure with 125 pieces of chocolate. Spans the whole caboodle with an even wider selection than the 750g version opposite. Melt-away truffles, smooth pralines, zingy real fruit creations, nibbly nuts, caramel, pure chocolate including single estate, soft buttercreams, manons and much more. 1.4kg. Box measures 57cm across.

ref 260014 - Chocolatier’s Table





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Champagne Truffles

Classic Champagne Truffles Pink Champagne Truffles 2 luscious layers of pink champagne truffles dusted with strawberry powder to give them a tantalising hint of fruit. 16 truffles.

Melt-in-the-mouth classic champagne truffles in 2 exciting layers, lightly dusted with icing sugar. 16 truffles.

ref 260016 - Catwalk Classic 16 £14

ref 260018 - Catwalk Pink 16 £14

Pink & Classic Champagne Truffles With both tantalising pink champagne truffles and our luxurious dusted champagne truffles, you’ll save them from the agony of having to choose! 36 truffles.

ref 260017 - Catwalk P&C 36 £26 T: 08444 93 13 13

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2/5/08 16:41:16

Fresh, frisky and very fruity LAID BACK lunches, al fresco dinner parties, balmy evenings and sunny barbeques are all on the menu when summer arrives. Which is why we’ve created a range of fresh and frisky recipes with warmer weather in mind. AND WHAT better way to celebrate summer than with the gorgeous union of zingy fruit and smooth chocolate? The secret lies in using nothing but real fruit, light ganaches and subtle flavours so that the natural fruitiness can really shine through. Discover the explosive flavours of blueberry and blackcurrant bombes, tangy ganaches with peach, raspberry and zesty orange to name but a few – all in the crisp chocolate shells of Exuberantly Fruity. Or explore our chocolate enrobed fruit with succulent rum soaked sultanas and kirsch cherries, tender mango strips and spicy ginger… And that’s not all, because even our Giant Slabs are getting fruity for the summer. So

brace your taste buds, because something very special happens when real fruit meets gorgeous chocolate.

Enjoy your summer lightly chilled! Our exclusive summer range is full of summery flavours specially designed for warmer weather including tangy, real fruit truffles and light recipes best tasted lightly chilled – perfect for summer parties, sunny days and balmy evenings! We’d especially recommend our Exuberantly Fruity, White and Light and Just Truffles selections – just slip the unopened box into the fridge for an hour.


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Exuberantly FruityTM A selection where extreme fruitiness is the order of the day. Blueberry and blackcurrant bombes, zingy ganaches with peach, raspberry, orange, cherry, mandarin and more. 30 chocolates.

ref 1622 - Exuberantly Fruity




Goody Bag Every season’s must-have. If you really want to know the way to a girl’s heart... 350g. • 100g Raspberry Crème mini slab • 6 fruity truffles • 100g Milk Rocky Road slab • A bag of caramel canapés • A milk chocolate dipper to stir into a hot drink.

ref 390011 - Goody Bag Season £14 T: 08444 93 13 13

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2/5/08 16:41:58

A long soaking in alcohol tenderises and softens the fruits. A double enrobing in chocolate seals in the succulence. Extremely more-ish and very unique.

Kirsch Soaked Cherries 150g. ref 110295 - £6.50 Amaretto Sultanas 150g. ref 110298 - £6.50

Succulent Ginger 150g. ref 110299 - £5.50


Mango Strips ref 110296 - £6.50


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Rum Soaked Sultanas 150g. ref 110297 - £6.50

Brazil Nut Hedgehogs 150g. ref 110225 - £5.50

Gianduja Hazelnuts 150g. ref 110254 - £5.50 FD-S 08 Common Text Section.indd 9

Macadamia Turtles ref 110253 - £5.50



2/5/08 16:43:03

The story of our giant

CHOCOLATE SLABS When smooth, molten chocolate is poured out onto a cool, marble chocolatier’s table it naturally sets into a wonderfully fluid shape. And that is the inspiration behind our gorgeously thick half-kilo slabs. But when we came to make the very first samples, they looked way too thick and far too extravagant. “Perfect”, we said, as we watched them set. These thick, chunky hunks of chocolatier art are now icons of the Hotel Chocolat range with their gorgeously tactile curves.

All 500g slabs – £11.50 each All alcohol-free

CaramellowTM Caramel chocolate swirled into premium milk chocolate and topped with caramel chocolate drops, crunchy cinder toffee pieces and florentine squares.

ref 1663 - Caramellow


Triple Chocolate Wham Bam

Cookies & Caramel

Just Milk

A delicious chocolate trinity of milk chocolate, mellow caramel chocolate and a little creamy white chocolate.

A mellow fusion of creamy white and laidback caramel chocolate studded with satisfyingly crunch hunks of chocolate and caramel cookies.

The simple pleasure of a chunky slab of our velvety smooth, high cocoa 40% milk chocolate with a hand-swirled, squiggly textured finish.

ref 310013 - Triple

ref 310017 - Cookies

ref 310018 - Just Milk

Wham Bam

& Caramel


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Fruity Five Stripes

Strawberry Meringue

A gorgeously sunny experience featuring smooth milk chocolate and mellow white chocolate with passion fruit and raspberry, piped in deckchair stripes and finished with Valencia orange milk chocolate segments.

A summery swirl of strawberry and white chocolate with fine vanilla seeds, delicate pieces of crushed meringue and strawberry slices. Inspired by the legendary Eton Mess dessert.

ref 310068 - Strawberry Meringue

ref 310069 - Fruity Five Stripe T: 08444 93 13 13

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2/5/08 16:43:41

Carry-Me-HomeTM The extreme version of our Peepster boxes! A balanced selection of 10 of our most popular summer mini slab recipes – elegantly arrayed, attaché case style. Flip the lid and let the choosing begin. Alcohol free. 1kg.

ref 310067 - Carry-Me-Home




With the same curvy outline as our giant slabs, mini slabs are 1/5 replicas weighing 100g to 125g each.


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THE PEEPSTER BOX — Giving you a tantalising glimpse of our ravishing chocolate mini slabs

Boxes of 4 Mini Slabs £12 All alcohol-free Best Sellers A winning, hand picked collection of our most sought after mini slabs. With milk chocolate Rocky Road, Milk & White Fusion, Caramellow and Praline White.

ref 310070 - Peepster Top Sellers

Milk Adventure  A real feast of flavours and textures with mellow milk chocolate in the starring role. With 40% Milk, Rocky Road, Milk Chocolate & Orange and Milk Fudgolat.

ref 310071 - Peepster Milk Selection

Dark Adventure A journey into the deep and meaningful flavours of dark chocolate, with a twist or two! With 74% Single Origin Satongo, 85% Single Origin Ghanaian, 74% Chilli & Orange and 74% Ginger & Lemon.

ref 310072 - Peepster Dark Selection

White Adventure  Sit back, relax and fall into the comforting embrace of our favourite white chocolates. With Pure White Chocolate, Strawberry Fusion, Cookie Crème and Caramellow White.

ref 310073 - Peepster White Selection 13

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The Essential Guide to Chocolate Dipping

The ins and outs of DIPPING ETIQUETTE can be a tricky business, which is why we enclose a copy of our Survival Guide with each Dipping Adventure – so you’ll not only enjoy your chocolate dipping to the full, you’ll also neatly avoid any social embarrassment. Do dip adventurous things… But don’t ever try to dip a kipper Do dip enthusiastically… But don’t ever double-dip Do scoop up as much chocolate as possible… But don’t dribble And do remember to secure your morsels firmly and don’t lose anything in the chocolate pot – etiquette demands that you kiss the person next to you for any lost dipping morsels. Then again, that might be what you have in mind anyway…


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Do feel free to experiment and embrace your fruity side!

Large Dipping Adventure Just heat the chocolate, grab some friends and throw yourselves into pure seduction for all the senses. 1kg. Includes: 3 tubs of chocolate – 72% dark, 40% milk & white, mini grissini sticks, toasted crostini, waffles with sesame and sea salt, tangy cherries, marshmallows, 6 bamboo dipping tongs, The Survival Guide to Dipping.

ref 330007 - Dipping Adventure £22

Dipping Adventure for Two An adventure in chocolate specially designed for two, full of satisfyingly sensual tastes and textures. 400g Includes: 2 tubs of chocolate – 72% dark & 40% milk, mini grissini sticks, toasted crostini, tangy cherries, marshmallows, 2 bamboo dipping tongs, The Survival Guide to Dipping.

Serves 2 people.

ref 330006 - Mini Dipping Adventure £12 T: 08444 93 13 13

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2/5/08 18:08:34

Sleeksters™ – Elegantly long boxes celebrating the genres of chocolate

Hand Piped Selection A little bit of everything – velvety pralines, soft butterscotch, luscious brownies, amaretto with whole cherry and soft ganaches. 30 chocolates.

ref 260008 - Hand Piped Sleekster £17.50

Just Truffles Crisp chocolate shells giving way to lickably soft and creamy ganaches... the very essence of authentic truffles. With champagne, rum, cointreau, calvados, caramel, tiramisu and much more. Truffles to die for! 30 truffles.

ref 891 - Just Truffles Sleekster £17.50

Less Sugar Selection Made with 45% less sugar and no nasty sweeteners, for those who need or want less sugar. A collection of milk, dark and white pralines where the natural flavours shine through. 30 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

ref 1675 - Less Sugar Sleekster £17.50


FD-S 08 Common Text Section.indd 16 T: 08444 93 13 13

2/5/08 16:45:59

Serious Dark FixTM Selection A varied collection of all dark recipes from smooth pralines to melt-in-the-mouth ganaches with mandarin, apricot, blackcurrant, cognac, rum, champagne, macadamias, chilli and more. 30 chocolates.

ref 1677 - SDF Selection Sleekster £17.50

White and Light White chocolate takes centre stage in this collection, where the emphasis is on creamy and dreamy flavours and textures. Just like great big chocolate hugs. 30 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

ref 1674 - White and Light Sleekster £17.50

Milk OblivionTM A collection focussed on milk chocolate and nothing but milk chocolate. Explore the flavour nuances from differing cocoa levels in milk chocolate and recipes with caramel, cinnamon, latte, gianduja and more. 36 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

ref 260012 - Milk Oblivion



£17.50 17

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2/5/08 16:46:15

Wedding Favours Truly, Madly or Deeply. a)

a) Truly ref 470003 £30


b) Madly ref 470001 £30

boxes of 10


c) Deeply ref 470002 £30

For full wedding options and details see

4 x Chocolate Licks ref 440025 £8

Milk Engraved Chocolate Heart ref 110334 £3.75 Also available in White ref 110333 or Dark ref 110335


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Rose & Violet Crèmes

Ultimate Marzipan Selection

Slim squares of dark chocolate give way to firm yet melting fondant centres, delicately flavoured with natural essences of rose and violet. Each one topped with its own delicate flower petal. A consummate British classic brought purely and naturally up to date. 20 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

Authentic marzipan needs a high almond content and ours has one of the highest on the market. Discover real marzipan ‘au naturel’ and in recipes with apricots, walnuts, confit d’orange, rare hazelnut marzipan and a recipe with arabica coffee. 25 chocolates. 375g.

ref 1684 - Ultimate Marzipan £17.50

ref 260005 - Rose & Violet £10

Midnight MintsTM Elegant after-dinner mints in dark chocolate with fiery Tasmanian peppermint to bewitch the senses. Including feisty peppermint creams as well as solid white and dark chocolate with the intense flavours of essential oil of peppermint. 24 chocolates. Alcohol-free.

Handmade gourmet Turkish Delight A tin of our hand made, gourmet Turkish Delight. Rose, lemon, pear, apple, pistachio and geranium. Alcohol-free. 550g.

ref 1247 - Turkish Delight £16

ref 260006 - Midnight Mints £9 19

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Single Origin 100% Cocoa Stick Experience the original chocolate drink enjoyed by the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations. Presented in a sleek aluminium tube, with full instructions. 80g.

ref 240020 - £6.50

The Purist’s Library A gift with gravitas – a balanced selection of 7 of our premium single estate and single region Purist bars. Alcohol-free. 525g.

ref 1724 - The Purist’s Library £32 Purist’s Collections Selections of 3 Purist bars. 225g. £13.50 Individual Purist bars £4.50 each See selections online 20

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2/5/08 17:07:17

Chocolate Immersion If you like the simplicity of pure chocolate, this is the one for you. Taste your way through six different types of our chocolate, cast into 36 elegant little micro slabs. Milk version includes 40%, 50% rare 62% single estate , honey, caramel and orange. Dark version includes rare 72% single estate, 75% Tanzanian, 85% Ghanaian, orange, ginger and chilli. 575g. Alcohol-free.

Dark Chocolate Immersion ref 310039 - ÂŁ16

Vegan suitable

Milk Chocolate Immersion - ref 310020 - ÂŁ16

Actual Contents of Milk Chocolate Immersion Box

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2/5/08 17:08:01

Nice Little Things Vintage Buttons 100g. £6

Dark - ref 110238

Milk - ref 110237

Creamed Caramel Chocolate Drops £4.45 180g. ref 110015

Peel Me An Orange £4.45 Milk - 160g. ref 110240 Dark - 160g. ref 110241

Chocolate Gemstones £4.45 180g. ref 110104

Canapés 140g. £4.45 Caramel Milk - ref 110226 Ginger Dark - ref 110227 Fruit & Nut Milk - ref 110230 Honey & Pecan Milk - ref 110229 Chilli & Almond Dark - ref 110228

Batons 200g. £4.45 Caramel Milk - ref 110340 40% Milk - ref 110242 50% Milk - ref 110243 70% Dark - ref 110244 White - ref 110245 Minty Dark & White - ref 110246

Boxed Slabs £3.45 each Rocky Road - 100g. ref 310033 House Milk 40% - 125g. ref 310030 Macho Milk 50% - 125g. ref 310031 Dark Chilli & Orange - 125g. ref 310034 White Strawberry Crème - 100g. ref 310035 St Lucia milk - 125g. ref 310055 St Lucia dark - 125g. ref 310056 85% Dark - 125g. ref 310032


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2/5/08 17:08:34

Simply Thanks Really versatile small gestures of appreciation. Boxes emblazoned with ‘simply thanks’ and filled with a balanced selection of pralines, ganaches and caramel. 4 x boxes of 100g.

ref 260028 - 4 x Simply Thanks £23

Selections of 4 chocolates and 8 chocolates Available in multiples of 4 boxes. Ribbon tied little boxes with well-balanced flavours and textures including smooth pralines, soft ganaches, butterscotch and more.

ref 440026 - 4 x Four Chocolate Boxes


ref 440027 - 4 x Eight Chocolate Boxes



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2/5/08 17:09:14

HEROIC TABLETS UTTERLY DIVINE “A picture is worth a thousand words” Sometimes words

just aren’t enough. Whether it’s an expression of your love, grateful thanks, undying admiration or a heartfelt apology, a gift can say so much more than mere words alone. Which is why we embarked on an odyssey to find strong and striking imagery that could express such powerful emotions. And we found our inspiration in the very cradle of heroic deeds – the ancient world. An age of heroes and epic adventures, of mighty gods and goddesses immortalised in beautifully sculpted statues in marble and bronze. Meet then our Heroic Tablets – striking tableaux heroes, cast into solid chocolate. The perfect gift for sending your messages to the heroes, goddesses, high achievers and old fossils in your life!

All Heroic Tablets – £7.00 each All alcohol-free

Hero You don’t need to be a highly chiselled individual or do battle with mythological beasts to be a hero – just putting the bins out every now and then will do! And every heroic act deserves a reward… like this tablet, inspired by the stuff of legend and hewn out of solid chocolate. 40% milk chocolate ref 480001 - Hero Milk Chocolate

72% dark chocolate ref 480002 - Hero Dark Chocolate


FD-S 08 Common Text Section.indd 24 T: 08444 93 13 13

2/5/08 17:09:39

Goddess Thankfully our goddesses demand much less by way of sacrifice these days – good chocolate will usually do the trick… So if you worship the ground she walks on, then look no further than our divine chocolate tablet. Cast from heavenly solid chocolate for any of the goddesses in your life. 40% milk chocolate ref 480003 - Goddess Milk Chocolate 72% dark chocolate ref 480004 - Goddess Dark Chocolate

Atlas The legend of Atlas tells how he carried the heavens on his shoulders. So what better way to reward your high achievers than with this robust milk chocolate tablet depicting Atlas’s heroic act. Perfect for exam results, driving tests, new jobs, athletic feats and all sorts of genius-like deeds…

ref 480005 - Atlas Milk Chocolate

“Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration” Perfect for exam results Old Fossil This ammonite, with its beautifully curved and remarkably preserved shell has become the iconic fossil. But you don’t need to be a palaeontologist to enjoy them… here we’ve preserved it in velvety smooth milk chocolate for just a little longer, so you can treat the precious fossils in your life.

ref 480007 - Old Fossil Milk Chocolate


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2/5/08 17:09:43

Magnum Crate Our most impressive gift. Slide back the embossed wooden lid and inside there are 2 Catwalk Collections – Pink Champagne Truffles and a well-balanced Hand Piped Chocolate Selection, as well as a selection of 4 of our most popular boxed chocolate slabs. Not forgetting the awesomely sized magnum (equivalent of 2 full size bottles) of our Lounge Bar Prosecco, which is a great tasting partner for the chocolates within. 150cl Prosecco, 750g chocolate.

ref 350010 - Magnum Crate £95

Bubbly Discovery Box When the occasion demands nothing less than a couple of glasses of lively bubbly, our exclusive Prosecco is perfect. Along with its perfect partner, of course – superb chocolate. 20cl, 450g. • Bottle of Hotel Chocolat Lounge Bar Prosecco (20cl) • A box of 8 hand-piped chocolates • 40% milk chocolate mini slabs • Orange & Almond dark chocolate mini slab • A bag of meltingly soft praline puddles.

ref 350007 - Discovery Bubbly £26

New Baby Discovery Box The pitter-patter of tiny new feet is a momentous occasion, so celebrate in style with well-deserved sustenance for new parents and a bib for baby too! 540g. • A Smiley Lolly to celebrate the occasion! • 40% milk mini slab decorated with nappy pins piping • Ebony and Orange mini slabs • Bottle of Classic Liquid Chocolat • Bag of Chocolate and Cream baby truffles.

ref 350009 - Discovery New Baby £24 26

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2/5/08 17:35:06

Classic Discovery Box Whatever the occasion, this is a gift that will send your recipient to chocolate heaven as they discover the tempting specialities inside. • 62% Rabot Estate milk chocolate bar • 72% Rabot Estate dark chocolate bar • Liquid Chocolat – authentic dark chocolate drink with chilli • A bag of mousse au chocolat truffles • Dark chocolate dipper to swirl in hot drinks and nibble. 450g.

ref 350006

- Discovery Classic


 Add a little fizz to someone’s day  Pick Me Up Off to an impromptu party, or looking for a spontaneous ‘just because’ surprise? Then this bright and perky gift bag fits the bill perfectly – with a gorgeous Rocky Road milk chocolate slab, a bag of baby rum & brandy truffles, milk chocolate Lick, and Piedmont hazelnuts panned in chocolate & cocoa powder.

With 2 gorgeous layers of the new season’s chocolates and a 20cl bottle of our Lounge Bar Prosecco to accompany them. 18 chocolates.

ref 440023 - Catwalk 18 Prosecco £22

ref 390023 - Father’s Day Collection Bag £10 T: 08444 93 13 13

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2/5/08 17:11:21


Bitter Chocolate & Black Truffle Tapenade 80g. ref 500007 - £6.50

Organic Cocoa Powder 300g. ref 1669 - £5.50

ref 1670 - £10.50

Cocoa Pasta ref 500009- £4.75

Single Origin 100% Cocoa Stick 80g. ref 240020 - £6.50

Cocoa Bean & Chilli Olive Oil

Cocoa Nib Balsamic Vinegar 250g.



ref 500006 - £10.50

Buy both for £20 ref 500011 - Cocoa Nib Balsamic and Cocoa & Chilli Oil


Savoury Chocolate Sauce 280g. ref 500008 - £7.95

a) SmudgeTM utterly smooth 100g. ref 500000 - £3.25 b) SmudgeTM with roasted hazelnut chunks 100g. ref 500002 - £3.25

a) 40% Milk Chocolate 450g. ref 310026 - CFA Milk £7 b) White Chocolate 430g. ref 310027 - CFA White £7 c) 72% Dark Chocolate 450g. ref 310028 - CFA Dark £7


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2/5/08 17:11:44

Stay cool with

LIQUID CHOCOLAT ANY ONE OF our Liquid Chocolat blends makes a refreshing iced chocolate drink perfect on summer days – simply melt as directed but use chilled milk and ice. They’re also irresistible when melted and drizzled over ice cream! Or for a more boozy experience, try our gorgeous cocktail recipe.

275g Liquid Chocolat Bottles – £6.50 each All alcohol-free

Milky ref 360012 - LC Milky

Classic ref 360013

Macho ref 360024

Kiss Mix ref 360022

Aztec Chilli ref 360011

Valencia Orange ref 360018

- LC Classic

- LC Macho

- LC Kiss Mix

- LC Chilli

- LC Orange

To shop, visit

Chocolat Strawberry Martini 1. Chill a Martini Glass by filling it with Ice and leave to one side 2. Melt 3 teaspoons of Milky Liquid Chocolat in 50ml Milk, allow to cool. 3. Add 25ml of Strawberry Puree and 50ml of Vodka to your Liquid Chocolat. 4. Add plenty of ice and shake in a cocktail shaker for roughly 20 seconds. 5. Empty the ice from your pre cooled Martini Glass and strain the contents of the shaker into the glass. 6. Garnish with a fresh strawberry. To see the video of this cocktail being made by a top Mixologist and to find the recipes for 4 more, go to


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2/5/08 17:14:09 • The fastest way to shop • Always open for complete convenience • Safe and secure • Find the perfect gift by occasion, product or by person • Next day delivery available • Full dietary information for every product • Reminder Service for unforgettable occasions • Sign up for the latest news by email • Discover what our Engaged Ethics are all about • Try out some gorgeous chocolate recipes


CORPORATE Our dedicated corporate team are always on hand to help you make the most of the power of chocolate. We can offer volume discounts, bespoke packaging and delivery direct to multiple recipients.

The best way

to extend your interest in fine chocolate. All our newest and freshest ideas have their debuts, with club members giving their views. Interested? Try us out with a special offer of £9.95

Contact the sales team Tel: 08444 93 10 10 Fax: 01763 257795 Email:

Gift Membership scrolls 3 months £47, 6 months £90


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2/5/08 17:14:58


If you’re passing

our High St Kensington store, then we’d recommend you drop in as there’s an exciting surprise waiting for you! We’ve transformed it into our first Boutique & Café – an oasis of calm and a sanctuary of chocolate in the heart of Kensington. Freshly ground coffee, tea and, of course, Liquid Chocolat are all on the menu, as well as some enticing nibbles. Immerse yourself totally in the relaxing colours, textures and aromas of Hotel Chocolat from breakfast to early evening and it’s the perfect spot if you’re in need of a pick-me-up. And because it’s still a store too, you can shop for all of your usual favourites there. The difference is you can sit back, relax and watch others do it too!



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2/5/08 17:16:49


The Cocoa Lodges at Rabot Estate RABOT ESTATE nestles on the volcanic slopes of Soufrière in amongst 140 acres of cocoa trees. In front, the twin peaks of the Pitons rise dramatically out of the sea. Behind, lush rainforest, with the peaks of Mount Gimie and plunging fertile valleys, stretches away into the distance.

It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic environment for our fine flavour cocoa... And it’s also a paradise for people too, where life slows to the rhythm of sun ripening cocoa pods. Now you can experience the beauty of this tropical getaway for yourself in one of six Cocoa Lodges on the Rabot Estate, set amongst the cocoa trees. You’ll be able to explore the plantation and its history-soaked surroundings, cool off in the plunge pool and

take in the stunning views dominated by the Piton peaks. The Cocoa Lodges themselves are a blend of the traditionally St Lucian with stylish Hotel Chocolat touches. They’re made entirely from local materials by local craftsmen. And we take full advantage of their setting by using solar power and natural air conditioning, as well as collecting rainwater. You’ll also sample locally sourced produce, with much of it grown on Rabot Estate.

How to book your stay under the cocoa trees The opening date is set for November 1st 2008. To register your interest and to be the first to be alerted when bookings open later in the summer, please call 08444 93 23 23 or go to 32

FD-S 08 Common Text Section.indd 32

2/5/08 17:17:04




CALL 08444 93 13 13 Our orderlines are open 24 hours (orders only please)

The fastest way to shop, always open

Just key in the item reference number here

Customer Services 08444 93 23 23 Monday – Friday 8am to 9pm Saturdays – 9am to 2pm or via website


Single item Two or more items (cost per delivery address*)


Gold delivery (UK only)

£3.95 £4.95

£5.95 £7.95

USA Local

Fast deliveries from our warehouse in Boston. Please go to to order


Single item

£3.95 UK Std. plus £6 per item

Two or more items (cost per delivery address*)

£4.95 UK Std. plus £6 per item

Single item

£3.95 UK Std. plus £15 per item

Two or more items (cost per delivery address*)

£4.95 UK Std. plus £15 per item

Rest of the world


Standard 3–5 working days Gold delivery next working day if ordered before 2.30pm

USA Local

Fast deliveries from our warehouse in Boston. Go to to order


5–8 working days

Rest of the world

5–8 working days We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date

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Our No Excuses Guarantee At Hotel Chocolat we’re in business to make you happy and we succeed or fail by how well we do this. If you’re not 100% happy with our products, we guarantee that we’ll immediately put it right for you – refunding or replacing as appropriate.

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Top Tips for Father’s Day

Cocoa Nib Balsamic Vinegar - page 28 £10.50

LAST ORDER DATES TO GUARANTEE FATHER’S DAY DELIVERY: UK Standard Delivery – 11th June. UK Gold Delivery – 12th June. Europe – 2nd June.

Dark Adventure

Purist’s Library - page 20 £32

- page 13 £12

Triple Chocolate Wham Bam - page 10 £11.50

15th June Chocolate Immersion - page 21 £16

Classic Discovery Box - page 27 £22.50

Liquid Chocolat - page 29 £6.50

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Old Fossil - page 25 £7

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If undelivered please return to: Hotel Chocolat, Mint House, Royston, SG8 5HL

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Father's Day 2008  

Luxury chocolate gifts for Father's Day!

Father's Day 2008  

Luxury chocolate gifts for Father's Day!