Page 1 In many malls, shopping complexes and metro stations you must have seen snack and drink vending machines wherein you insert a coin or a currency note and you get the required snack or the drink of your choice. Such machines are kept for ease of use of customers. Think from a business or a manufacturer point of view, there is a temperature maintained inside the vending machine so that the drinks and the snacks are not damaged or destroyed. The maximum temperature is +32 and the minimum is +3. There are shelves inside the machine made to distinguish between eatables. On the door, there is an anti-theft device attached in order to prevent the machine from being robbed. When broken it blows an alarm profoundly. A large glass with Argon gas is provided which again protects the snack and drink vending machines from being robbed. The machines are well-catered for physically disabled people because the machine has coin-insertion slots placed at an adequate place well-approachable by them. Also in a given amount of time, there can be at least 36 selections. You name it and you have it. Wafers, diet cokes, cookies, candies, sodas, fruit juices and sport drinks are eatables offered by the machines. Often at times, when the temperature exceeds the predefined value then sales are prevented from the machine. There are also variations of temperature in the machine. For instance, the upper three trays might have 14 and 24 temperature but in the lower three trays, there may be temperature between 3 and 8. The machine uses a keypad where in the amount, the product number to be purchased and the quantity of it to be purchased is inserted by the buyer. In response to the input, the snack or the drink is provided to the customer as an output. There can be on an average 180 cans and bottles and 240 snack items. In market, one can get sole drink vending machines that provide chilled sodas from varied manufacturers to customers or one can even find snack and drink vending machines that provide drinks as well as snacks to customers. Along with this, there can be even plain snack vending machines. Whatsoever be the options with them, they are provided for customers who are always on-the-run and wish to munch something while traveling.

The Snack and Drink Vending Machines  

Drinks Vending machines are nowadays usually seen in crowded market places, theatres and even in hospitals. The drinks machine is also a sel...