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When Is An Artificial Christmas Tree Not A Christmas Tree? - Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Michael -

Most people take and hide their Artificial Christmas Tree at the end of every Christmas season. Storing the tree away until next season. There are plenty of ways to get a little more life out of your tree. You can incorporate these ideas with a lit tree or an unlit Christmas tree. Idea 1: Put your Fake Christmas Tree up in the family room. Take large pine cones and decorate the tree with pine cones. Add a few bird decorations and you'll have something that looks great in any family room. Find a nice large decorative planter that fits the room dcor. Cover the top of the planter with moss. Learn More About Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

Idea 2: Another idea is to use the tree in a play area. Artificial Christmas Trees are pretty durable. Our kids would build tree forts "for their Lego Characters by placing the lego pads on the branches. This kept them entertained for hours and never harmed the trees. Make sure the tree is securely in the

basebefore letting Children play in it. The nice thing about this idea is that kids will figure out a use. Just make sure to carefully take out all the toys before setting up for Christmas season. If this is a lit tree, wrap the plugs so it can't be plugged in. Idea 3: Lastly, use the Artificial Christmas Tree with the lights on for unique lighting in a home bar area. Find some beer decorations for a unique theme. There always seems to be an unusable corner in home bar areas, this is a perfect way to fill them up.

Trees can be left out year round with ideas like these. That will help-you get the most out of your artificial Christmas tree. There is no reason to hide these away for 10 months out of the year. These trees make great dcor items all year round.

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Unlit artificial christmas trees  
Unlit artificial christmas trees