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==== ==== How To Lower Cholesterol While Eating Things You Love? Click The Link Below To Find Out And Get A FREE Cholesterol e-Cource! ==== ==== Consumption of foods that are high in cholesterol and high in fats is one of the major causes of elevated cholesterol levels, which is why it only makes sense that eating to lower cholesterol levels is key to the solution of this problem. Eating to lower cholesterol is one of the most effective ways to deal with hypercholesterolemia without exposing yourself to medications like statins and their dangerous side effects. Many foods are known to lower bad cholesterol levels. Incorporating these foods into your diet can help lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. Let's take a look at what you should be eating to lower cholesterol: Fish Fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and sardines are good for the heart. These fish contain omega 3 fatty acids which help reduce LDL and triglyceride levels while increasing good cholesterol. Eat at least two servings of fatty fish per week. Soy Soy can also help lower LDL cholesterol due to its soluble fiber content. It also contains isoflavones that work similarly to human hormones, and lower LDL while raising HDL cholesterol levels. There are various kinds of soy products including soy milk, tofu, and soy beans which are not only effective in lowering cholesterol but are also good sources of protein. Apples An apple a day truly does keep the doctor away. It contains pectin, a soluble fiber that promotes excretion of cholesterol. Apples also contain quercetin, a type of antioxidant that prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the arteries. For some people, their doctor may advise them to take statins to lower high cholesterol. While statins are effective, they also have dangerous side effects, such as muscle weakness, cataract formation, kidney failure, and even liver dysfunction. In light of this, many are now inclined to try natural supplements to lower cholesterol. Natural supplements that lower cholesterol are effective when the right ingredients are used. They are also safe to take and produce no side effects. Among the best ingredients are rice bran oil, pumpkin seed oil, and policosanol: Rice Bran Oil Rice bran oil works by preventing the absorption of cholesterol. It also prevents platelet

aggregation which can cause formation of blood clots and promote atherosclerosis. Pumpkin Seed Oil Pumpkin seed oil is effective when used in conjunction with cholesterol lowering drugs by enhancing the effects of the drugs while reducing the side effects of the medications. Policosanol Policosanol is another effective ingredient that lowers LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL levels. Eating to lower cholesterol levels has proven to be effective. Aside from eating to lower cholesterol, taking natural supplements can also promote normal cholesterol levels, giving a total cholesterol solution - lowering LDL and triglycerides and raising HDL. This is exactly what you need to happen to get perfectly balanced cholesterol levels. So, try eating to lower cholesterol, and combine that with a good quality natural supplement for outstanding results! If you are truly ready to make a difference to your cholesterol levels, then visit my website today, where I share the key natural nutrients I personally have used, and continue to use, for amazing cholesterol levels!

==== ==== How To Lower Cholesterol While Eating Things You Love? Click The Link Below To Find Out And Get A FREE Cholesterol e-Cource! ==== ====

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