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For most people a list of high cholesterol foods may include some of the delectable delights that they simply can't live without. For instance you just finish your healthy salad at your favorite restaurant. You have made sure to stay away from the high cholesterol blue cheese dressing, substituting olive oil instead. Your server asks if everything tasted good and suggests a slice of pie with vanilla ice cream and whipping cream to top it off. You ponder for a moment, thinking this 35% saturated fat treat might be just what is needed after a long day at work. After all you deserve something special once in awhile! In the war against cholesterol saturated fat is the most damaging of all the fats. A list of high cholesterol foods high in this artery clogging fat is not difficult to compile. Some of foods most known for high saturated fat content are organ meats, poultry skin, well marbled red meat, bologna, salami, meat and double cheese pizza, cheese, coconut oil (92%), palm kernel oil (52%) and solid vegetable fats that are mostly hard at room temperature. The good news is that thanks to new governmental regulation you no longer have to guess as to what the saturated fat content is in your favorite treat, that is as long as it has a label. Just for fun you should look into your pantry and refrigerator right now and play label detective, looking for saturated fat content with me. Alright, what did you find? Here are some of the high saturated fat items I found: butter (37%), cheddar cheese (27%), whipping cream (18%), canned chili (26%), cream of mushroom soup (14%), New England clam chowder (12%), ground turkey (25%), peanut butter 15%, and all vegetable shortening (16%). Did you compile a list of high cholesterol foods? Is so I bet it looked much like mine. There are three types of fat saturated, polyunsaturated, or monounsaturated. Saturated fats increase cholesterol levels more than other forms of fat. According to American Heart Association a heart healthy diet should contain no more than 10% saturated fat in relation to total calories. OOPS, it appears we missed the mark! What Next? Taking the time to read label is a good first step in the war against out of control cholesterol. Additionally, many natural health minded individuals have combined their expert label reading skills with natural cholesterol remedies to provide a powerful one two punch. This simple formula can be a valuable tool for reducing the risk of serious artery related diseases such as coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke, and is a simple course of action worth considering.

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==== ==== How To Lower Cholesterol While Eating Things You Love? Click The Link Below To Find Out And Get A FREE Cholesterol e-Cource! ==== ====

Compiling a List of High Cholesterol Foods May Be Easier Than You Think