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No Second Chances to Get It Right Everyone hopes that their marriage will last a lifetime, but nowhere is this more important than in South Asian marriages, wherever they take place in the world from Australia to the USA.

Muslim, Hindu and Sikh weddings are seen as the joining together of two families and there is a strong emphasis on the permanence of a marriage.

This means that parents take great care when selecting suitable partners for their children and it can take some time and many meetings before agreement is reached.

Consequently the formal ceremonies before and during the wedding ceremony such as the engagement or the mendhi ceremony are often big occasions that take a lot of planning and preparation. It can be stressful for the couple and their immediate family which can mean that those small, but important, moments get swamped and forgotten in the bustle of the preparations.

It may also be that beloved relatives, young and old, are present from other parts of the world, particularly because populations are now so mobile and the Indian Diaspora is now spread across many

parts of the world. The chances are that the families will not have many opportunities to gather together in this way.

So the “wedding� photographs may actually begin long before the actual ceremony if the couple want to have a complete record of this once in a lifetime event.

There are many more options for the wedding album beyond the traditional printed photographs in a book these days. Digital records and videos now also play an increasing part.

Plainly if the event is only going to happen once you don’t want anything to go wrong or those moments will be lost forever, so it is important to find an experienced and skilled wedding photographer.

It can be useful to meet the photographer well before the event and to have a list or not of the kinds of pictures the couple would like to have as a record.

Do you want a mix of formal and informal? Are there any people you would particularly like to have a record of? What kinds of locations and settings would you like? If the location is Australia or elsewhere outside the subcontinent are the photographers familiar with the different traditions in South Asian weddings?

Reassurance comes from getting to know and trust the person who will be compiling this record of the marriage and it may be worth asking around among friends for recommendations as well as asking to see samples of their work.

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No Second Chances to Get It Right