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Marcel braun: project 33 A Return to Craftsmanship


Cut. Flip. Amaze!!!

Florida’S "bong" Bill The Florida Smoke Shop Association Fights Back

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PHOTO RECAPS Glassroots, BIG Galleria, & AGE


Buck & Marcel Braun Collaboration “Retti Angler” 2013

Dosh: Marcel Glass Artist Braun & Profile Project 33 p. 20

HB and Dosh


“As the days

Florida’s Bong Bill p.40

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Glassroots American Art Show Glass Expo




As our industry

Discover how

Functional Art

AGE. A creative

take a dive into

went by, more

gains momentum,

to get more

erupts in the

new wave of the

the current state

and more

Florida dances

raving fans and

capital of TX.

American Glass

of Glass Culture.

beautiful pieces

with a dangerous

customers from

came to fruition




and the collection began growing.”



BIG Galleria p.66

Our gallery of the Galleria.

Product Reviews p.72 20 48


-Better Bat Twist by Smoke Better -Boom Stick -No Goo -Pro Duffle by RYOT -Non Stick Silicone Pads by Vape Tool -Vortex Hollow

The Art of Tara Stanley p.80 Bringing 3D art back into the second dimension.

Glass Art 101 p.84

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Stoke had an apprenticeship with SALT,

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Stoke apprenticed under was Joe Blow.







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Dosh Article and Photography by Glass Otaku Current Piece: Yellow Stemless

glass artist profile

Two Face


osh aka Doshworld has been putting a new spin on an old-school technique - the "cut n' flip" - and has given it a new light. A breath taking style of lamp working that utilizes pure gold and silver combined with the ancient wrap-and-rake technique. This color changing inside-out glass pattern, along with the energy of the moment encased within is what makes every piece sacred. On my trip to the Glassroots Art Show in Austin, TX, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to sit down with the man himself for a one-on-one interview. HB: Let's start with the basics. What is your name? How old are you? How long have you been making glass pipes?

My name is Bryan Dosher, known to many as Doshworld. I am in the early run of my thirties. I have been working with borosilicate, creating glass pipes since 1997. HB: What city do you live/work in?

The ground that I return to most often would be the Great North West. However, I have been known to live/work in cities all over the country. Tucson, AZ; Huntington Beach, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Denver, CO; Kansas; Austin, TX; Upstate, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Burlington, VT; Bellingham, WA; Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA. Just to name a few. HB: What other artistic mediums do you or have you dabbled in?

I started right away with Lego as soon as I could fit them together. My childhood was consumed with playing and creating, which lead to college where I basically took every studio art class available, from print making to stone carving. I studied history, geology, greek mythology, and spent a lot of time in the ceramics department. Ceramics, at the time was a favorite of mine, until I ran out of studio classes, at which point I withdrew. That's when, as fate would have it, a traveling glass artist pulled up to my house looking for a place to set up shop.



HB: What is it about working with hot glass that you love most?

Glass activates the moment more so than any other medium I have gotten my hands on (well in this case have not touched without a burn or blister). Glass is a dance with gravity and heat swirling around flames reaching temperatures of over two thousand degrees. Every moment with glass is a storm of thoughts, density, heat penetration, viscosity and thermal shock, all calculated within a fraction of a second. I will invest my everything into a single piece, hours upon hours, and all could be lost within a moment. Yet it is the very moment that I must arc an infinite amount of knowledge into! It's exhilarating. HB: Everyone knows of that tell-tale "Dosh" look. Can you tell us a little about the signature technique that is seen throughout your pieces?


The Cut n' Flip (taught to me be J.Lee) has grown to be my most recognizable 'signature style'. It's a perfect combination of everything that I love about glass. The process itself is a mantra for me to wake up with the glass. Starting with a hot stringer wrap over a clear tube, I then fume a delicate application of gold and silver. Once fumed I begin to rake the glass, slightly melting the thin color stringer with the gold and silver creating a 'frozen chevron in time'. Fused within the matrix of the glass every rake is completely unique from another, kind of like a thumb print. Next, I immediately begin to cut open, flatten and flip the pattern inside-out, reworking the glass back into a sphere. The whole dance incorporates so many steps that once complete, my awareness of the medium itself is awakened.

HB: What are your favorite colors of glass to work with at the moment?

I have always been drawn to the more transparent sparkly colors, light activates me. In contrast, I like to use colors that carry a striking quality to them. The way striking colors shift and change in the flame and over time in the kiln, fascinates me. I find it kind of infinite. HB: What inspires your artwork?

Something about borosilicate that has always intrigued me is how unaffected it is by mostly all known corrosive elements. As fragile as it is, glass will perpetuate for thousands, if not millions of years, under the right conditions. If all that we know about our past lies within bones and in stone, then perhaps all of the energy, imagery, and emotion that we infuse into our glass today can carry on for generations into the future, past ledgend


Red Stemless

into myth and beyond. Our glass-the art and culture of today-tumbled through time, has all the potential of telling future ancient stories past.


HB: Do you collect glass pipes yourself?

Absolutely! A historical movement in glass pipe art culture is happening all around us. If I am moved by a particular piece I do not hesitate to archive it. HB: How do you see the market for artisan-made glass pipes changing in the next 5 years?

The future..? See I do not. HB: What have been your favorite innovations in lamp working that have come about in the last two years? (Tools, techniques, anything...)

I must say the techniques that have come forth from the growing pipe community are absolutely astounding! I'm just tickled to see how endless the boundaries of this medium really are. HB: How does your philosophy of being "in the moment" play in with the creation and selling of your pieces?

The Cut n' Flip creates a translucent optical illusion of gold and silver fuming, raked and pulled into an array of multicolor chevrons, which create a chronologic/color-changing timeline for whomever is sharing in the moments with my art. This is my moment shared in the creation of all my work, may it take you all to wonderful moments shared with amazing folks throughout our great gift of life. Did that answer the question?


HB: What other pipe-makers inspire you at the moment?

There are too many to list! But I'll name a few of those who have made an influence on my life… Jason Lee, Micah Evans, Zach Puchowitz, Slinger, Amber Pellegrini, EASE, Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Eli Z, Brock, Hamm, Marcel Braun, Chris Carlson, JP Toro, Bear Claw, Joe Peters, JOP, JAG, $NIC, Banjo, Scott Deppe (Mothership), Salt, David Colton, Trill glass, Yoshinori Kondo, Junichi Kojima (Rose Roads), Dena, Eusheen.., HB: If you were able to set up your workspace in any location in the universe, where would you set up shop? 

Well I suppose if I could set up anywhere… In the whole wide universe… Gypsy/Renaissance/Warrior style would lend to some kind of… Portal-jumping/time-bending/powergenerating/house/shop/space-time-traveling-gypsy-wagonthing..!? That way I could be almost anywhere!



Current Piece: Vice. CalM, Quave, and Marcel 2013




33 A

week prior to the March 2013

the project is difficult.” He started. “The

After we spoke about what Marcel would

C.H.A.M.P.S. show in Las Vegas, I

underlying theme is rebuilding community.

like from me he handed me over to The

received a phone call from the

We have realized that there needs to be

Mayor for the tour and introductions. When

legendary Marcel Braun, founder of Living

a catalyst for change to move forward,

The Mayor and I walked into the shop, I

Glass Works and Project 33. He relayed to

and we must wholeheartedly accept this

was completely blown away. In this one

me that he had a Goosefire Gallery show

as our mission and duty. The world has

room were some of the most talented and

coming up and he would like my permission

become a place of corporate greed and

innovative glass artist in the world. Dellene

to use a photo that I had taken on the

fabrication; the quality of craftsmanship

Peralta, Arron Siverson, Rob Davis and

event’s flyer. Of course, I immediately said

has diminished steadily over the last 40

Eli Howell, all shop mates at Living Glass

“Yes.” While attending C.H.A.M.P.S. I had

years. Planned obsolescence has become

Works. There was Mike and Deb Philpot,

the honor of meeting Marcel himself. He

a main factor in product design. People

Alex Ubatuba and Quave from Mothership.

thanked me for the picture, gave me the

are accepting the accumulation of money

Calvin “CalM” Mickel; Matty White, founder

flyer for his gallery show, and invited me to

alone as a good enough reason to expend

of MW Studios; Herb and Kraig, founders

Living Glass Works to take part in Project 33

community resources.” After a twenty

of Borofarm/In da house; Matt DuBois

after C.H.A.M.P.S., if I was interested.

minute car ride, we arrived at Project 33

from RAD Glass; Stucky; Daniel “Action

I honestly had no idea what I was signing

Headquarters also known as The Land of

Hippie” Kimmelman of Moon Tower Glass;

up for.

Awesome, home of Living Glass Works

Buck; Bishop; WyomingMoFo; Trev; BuFo;

and Project 33’s Starship base camp. As

Evan Braun and the Party-Kart. Everyone

After a two hour flight, I was in Eugene,

we pull in the yard, the operation is in full

collaborating together. In total, there were

Orgeon. I was met by Marcel and Chris

motion. We went in the house and sat on

13 torches raging and for two weeks, they

Famelette, Red Shamrock camera crew in

the couch in the living room where the walls

were burning through two to three liquid

tow. They mic’d me up and then Marcel

were lined with whiteboards all filled with

tanks a day. As we walked out back to the

began to explain, in greater detail, the

the different projects going on. It was truly

metal fabrication area, I was introduced

mission of Project 33. “To be concise about


to Trent T. Starky and, at that point was





Quave watching Calvin work

Both artists and camera crew swarm to watch the canes being pulled.



Recycler #1 Marcel 2013

handed a grinder and turned loose helping to grind S.E.C.X.C., which I spent several afternoons doing. To properly broadcast Project 33’s message Marcel and his crew designed “S.E.C.X.C.” (Sacred Economic Currency X-Change). An old International Metro Mite van that had been acquired from Mookie, the chef who catered the event. Marcel and his team of metal workers had been hard at work transforming it into a moving artistic experience, glass gallery, and currency exchange kiosk, ready to travel to events around the world. Everyone involved in the project has contributed to the fabrication of S.E.C.X.C. On one particular day, Bob Snodgrass, Trev and I spent the entire day

The Dude CalM and Marcel 2013

working together to design infinity mirror boxes. It was truly an amazing experience to spend a whole day with the legend himself, and work through the process of design with him. As the days went by, more and more beautiful pieces came to fruition and the collection began growing. They were truly awe inspiring. Some of the first I saw came from Alex Ubatuba and Marcel Braun in the form of three collaboration “Warlock” talismans. Later that day, Quave completed the “Rainbow Klein” made entirely out of Marcel’s Rainbow air trap reticello work. Also in the shop was the epic collaboration titled “Singularity” by Marcel, Robert

Retti Dish BuFo and Marcel 2013

Mickelsen and Dellene Peralta completed a few months earlier for the gallery show. The days were filled with preparations, the charging of the furnaces; the chipping, sorting, and stuffing of the reticello sections. Not only was Marcel making the pieces alongside the artists and building S.E.C.X.C., he took the experience one step further by teaching every one at the shop the process and the science behind his signature air trap reticello technique. Each night, He and Matty White led the charge in making the long white and clear rods that are needed to make the reticello sections, and along with them a symphony



The underlying theme is rebuilding community. We have realized that there needs to be a catalyst for change to move forward, and we must wholeheartedly accept this as our mission and duty. Iris

CalM and Marcel 2013



of collaborative pipe making would reverberate throughout the shop. Each artist worked their hardest in their attempt to

A collaboration

master the technique during their time spent at Living Glassworks. As the days passed more and more epics

between CalM,

emerged from the kiln, including three CalM “Burd” vapor rig collaborations as well as the truly one-of-a-kind “Vice”. A collaboration between CalM, Marcel and

Marcel and

Quave, “Vice” is a sherlock and wine glass built into one huge “Burd-like” body. In the days preceeding the big show, the final preparations were being made to ensure


the shows maximum magnitude. Marcel spent an entire day creating a magnificent bubbler can, the largest I had ever seen. I

is a sherlock

wondered what Marcel would do with the classically shaped vessel, and then Buck walked into the shop. That night Buck and Marcel ventured into the unknown as the

and wine

“Retti Angler” was brought into existence. Using the air trap reticello fish spine that Buck had made a few days earlier, he attached it to Marcel’s newly created can to


create the mouthpiece. Around the can Buck constructed a fierce Angler Fish attempting to devour the bubbler in one single gulp.

built into

With little time to spare, everyone began to prepare for our departure to Long Beach. After a long search for a large enough


one huge “Burd-like” body.

Vice CalM, Quave and Marcel 2013



Current and Below: Buck working

Retti Angler Buck and Marcel 2013

vehicle to transport both our crew and the pieces for the show, we found solace in a Class A RV. I was quickly promoted to CoCaptain of the newly found starship. Before I knew it I found myself behind the wheel of the largest vehicle I had ever driven. If I moved even just a few inches out of my lane I could potentially crush whoever lay in my way. Needless to say it was a tense situation! After a 16 hour non-stop drive from Eugene to Long Beach it was now time to begin setting up the show. That night the sidewalk outside of Goosefire Gallery filled with droves of admiring boro enthusiasts, eager to catch their first glimpse of the project. At 8:00pm the gallery opened it’s doors and they began to rush in. After taking the time to interact with his fans Marcel took the time to make a speech explaining the ethos of Project 33. At the end of the night collectors went home with the pieces they had dreamed of and we all slept soundly in the RV outside the gallery. -Glass Otaku and Mayor Mike



Marcel and Herb C

Marcel and Dellene Peralta

2BA and Marcel

CalM and Marcel

Dellene Peralta, Rob Davis, Mayor Mike, and Marcel

Aaron Siverson and Marcel

Quave, CalM and Marcel 2BA and Marcel

2BA and Marcel


The Dude CalM and Marcel


Herb C

CalM and Marcel


Matty White working


2BA The scenic view behind Living Glassworks











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Photography by Pheobe Guenzel Thomas McConnell Glass Otaku

GLASSROOTS AUSTIN SPRING 2013: Texas Is the Reason By Kiki Box

4/20 is a time honored celebration in Austin, Texas. As a teenager, I remember attending my first Bob Marley Reggae festival, eyeing a hookah for the first time beneath a makeshift tent, jamming to the Killer Bees, and smoking on the hillside of the Palmer Auditorium Shores. Imagine my delight when fifteen years later as an adult working in the glass world, Glassroots Art Show synced up with Reggae Fest down the road from my old stomping

Bob Snodgrass and SALT and others at the Armadillo Art Glass Initiative work aside one another. Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

grounds. I was thrilled to welcome shop owners and glass artists alike for the first industry show deep in the heart of Texas. Let me start by saying Glassroots is not a typical trade show. Nick Deviley, the founder of Glassroots, had a vision to fill a hall with 90% Glass, all being American made. He explains that, “the money goes back into the communities that create the art.” Since the first Madison, Wisconsin Glassroots in 2010, Deviley has sought out the most innovative glass artists, collectives, and companies. He is a collector at heart and although he would’ve liked the entire show to be open to the public,



Austin Convention Center Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

Phil Sundling of Prism Glassworks on the torch Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

Cherry Glass Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

Green Side Up Gallery Photo by Phoebe Guenzel



business owners were adamant about having a closed show.

Snic and Mr. Gray Collaboration Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

Out of loyalty to the shop owners in attendance, Deviley conceded to only allow fellow flameworkers in. Waldo from Green Side Up Gallery out of Allston, Massachusetts declares that “from getting to meet the glassblowers that you look up to or studios that set the standards higher every day, you will only find this at Glassroots.” After 2 years of planning and cutting through the red tape, Deviley had an Austin show and a contingent of artists vying to present their work. Once the dates were announced, head shop owners started planning to accommodate the show and a little R & R in ATX. One of the main reasons shop owners choose Glassroots when faced with the slew of trade shows out there is the responsive and familiar sentiment behind it. Deviley also has a knack for choosing gorgeous settings. Both Madison and Austin are thriving cities with plenty of restaurants, bars, and natural getaways within the city. Austin is known for its lush greenbelt along the lake and plenty of outdoor adventures for those who included extra time in their trip. Linus from Vapor Brothers documented his escapades via Instagram of eclectic shopping, bike trails, and spring-fed pools. Sometimes it takes visitors to remind me how spectacular Austin is. The celebration kicked off Friday afternoon with the Armadillo Art Glass Initiative, organized and founded by Craig Lewis. Since flameworking was not approved inside the Palmer Event Center, Lewis wanted to ensure that glassblowers could show off their skills. In addition, local Austin smoke shops were allowed to exhibit their wares alongside a silent auction benefitting a local charity. Austin favorites including Salt, Jay Mass, Snic, and Stoke along with veterans such as Dellene Peralta and Bob Snodgrass worked the fire side-by-side Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the open pavilion neighboring Lady Bird Lake. AAGI managed to pull off its own vibe and draw crowds over from the Bob Marley Reggae Fest across the street, while also raising over $15,000 for Meals on Wheels and More ( It was the perfect introduction to a week of homegrown fun and epic glass.

Zii and Big Pizzle Collaboration Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

Sunday night, Glassroots rolled out the “red carpet” for the Buyer’s Preview where early bird buyers were invited for drinks, hors ‘doeuvres, and first dibs on the best glass in the house. Tito Bern of Bern Gallery in Burlington, Vermont insists the hospitality was supreme stating, “It’s nice to see pipemakers so respected. This show treats everyone like family.”

Liberty Glass Photo by Phoebe Guenzel


Sweet Tooth Glass Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

While over 80% of the shop owners at Austin Glassroots were Texan, the buyers from out-of state hailed from as far reaching as Oregon and Massachusetts. Shaggy from the Hot Box in Beaverton, Oregon feels it’s important to attend shows outside


Don Chile

Herb C. & Kraig (BoroFarm)

Photo by Glass Otaku

Photo by Glass Otaku

Snodgrass Family Glass Photo by Glass Otaku

Joe Peters

Photo by Glass Otaku


Kristian Merwin

Photo by Glass Otaku


Jason “Live Free” Gordon Photo by Glass Otaku

Danny Camp & BMFT Photo by Glass Otaku

Eskuche’s Glass Trash Series Photo by Phoebe Guenzel Adami Glass Designs Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

Jeremy Ross

Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

Snoop and Magnum Photo by Phoebe Guenzel



Tyme Photo by Phoebe Guenzel


Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

Elbo and Matty White Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

his region to “bring that energy” back to his

opportunity to introduce his best customers

While Austin is no Vegas dripping with glitz

shop. Nathan Adami of Adami Glass Designs

to some of his favorite vendors at the show.

and glamour, the city is known for its night life.

vows to return to Austin despite the travel cost.

He gave props to the artists displayed at

I ended up sitting in front of Josh Opdenaker

He feels being at the booth lends to developing

Chesterfield Glass and St. Elmo’s Fire.

aka JOP, one of the stars in the film. He let me

a personal relationship with shop owners.

Another main attraction was Cherry Glass,

know it was the first time he had watched the

“In return I find myself having a lot of repeat

known for their whimsical creations featuring

film with an audience, which was “extremely

customers”, says Adami.

electroformed bugs. Hailing from Cherry,

fulfilling.” The film is about 3 flameworkers

Minnesota, Scot Bennett agrees the travel time

(JOP, Kurt B, and Chad G) trekking their way

A few attendees that acted as both exhibitors

was worth it. “The show is promoted well to the

up to Canada for an international flame off and

and buyers let me know about some curious

stores, and we will definitely be back next year.”

the hurdles they encounter. “The film breathes

purchasing trends at the show. Local shops

emotion, which mimics the feelings artists try

were buying up glass from artists outside of

On Monday night, AAGI orchestrated an event

to put into every piece,” recalls Opdenaker.

their region and vice versa. Scuba Steve, who

that included dinner and a viewing of the film

The party that ensued was brimming with

represents 22 Texas glass artists including

‘1050 Toronto’ by Max Tubman at the Flamingo

celebratory vapors and a toast to the hidden

Aymie McKesson and Blockhead, took the

Cantina, an Austin landmark for good times.

victories behind failures.



Justin Rossi

Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

On the last day of the show, I heard about the changes some attendees would want to see at next year’s show. Shaggy’s only complaint was that the show dates were on his “holiest of holidays” in terms of both sales and traffic. Chuck Husary from The Cave in San Mateo, California shared this sentiment, saying “This is by far the busiest time of year for shops like ours, so we had to scramble and make costly arrangements to attend this show.” Nevertheless, Husary still felt that Austin was a great location. In response to this feedback, Deviley has scheduled the next Austin Glassroots to take place after the 4/20 holiday. He also plans on increasing artistic representation by 25%, while reducing scientific glass at the next Austin show. There’s no doubt that Austin has one of the fastest growing glass communities in the country. Cooperatives and businesses such as Flameworks, Pioneer Pipes, Grav Labs, and St. Elmo’s Fire have put Austin on the map. Deviley chose Austin for this reason in addition to the incredible buying power throughout Texas. Despite the recent recession, Texas has shown particular resilience and prosperity in the smoke shop industry. The verdict is still out on why this industry is booming within Texas, but the fact remains that it is and Glassroots is here to stay. *Kiki Box is a regular contributor to Hot Breath Magazine and the H.R. Director for Grav Labs in Austin, TX. at

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information about the upcoming Glassroots Art Shows in Madison and Austin. Armadillo Art Glass Initiative: May 10-11, 2014 Glassroots Art Show Austin: May 11-13, 2014 Bob Snodgrass Photo by Phoebe Guenzel



SALT & 4.0 Glass

Photo by Glass Otaku

SALT & Micah Evans Photo by Glass Otaku

Bear Claw Photo by Phoebe Guenzel

Dellene Peralta

Photo by Glass Otaku



Decoy Glass

Photo by Glass Otaku

Snodgrass Family Glass Photo by Glass Otaku

Decoy Glass

Photo by Glass Otaku

Fishbowl Glass

Photo by Glass Otaku

Silika Glass

Photo by Glass Otaku


David Colton

Photo by Glass Otaku




photography by Jeff Bellesiles

Steve Bates & Worm

Steve Bates

N8, Steve Bates & Worm Eusheen

Rose Roads & Brown and Company Jewelry

CalM and Eusheen



Daisuke Saito

Dosa & Chunk

CalM & Devol


Berzerker, Steve Bates & Worm



Hamm’s Waterworks

Chris Carlson

Mothership Glass Berzerker, Steve Bates & Worm

Mothership Glass

Laceface & Coyle


Ski Mask & Coyle


Photography by Michael Guerrini


Carsten Carlile

Carsten Carlile

Cowboy Darby Kurt B Matt Eskuche Micah Evans Snic Barnes RAM Tyme Zach P. Zii

Zach Puchowitz

Group Shot of Galleria Artists Tyme


Eusheen and Darby


Coyle & Kuhns


Zach Puchotwitz



Matt Eskuche


Carsten Carlile







Kurt B.



Matt Eskuche

Brandon Martin



Matt Eskuche


Tyme Snic


Micah Evans aka ME



REVIEWS BY CHUCK T Another quick twist pulls the slack tight and you’re ready to reload. Also, further spins outward will break the Better-Bat Twist down into three easily cleaned sections.

BETTER-BAT TWIST I’ve honestly had a mind boggling number of pieces pass through my collection. This constant flux has led to gaps appearing periodically though. I’ve spent time without a water pipe, time without a spoon, time without a bubbler, but I realized I’ve never spent any considerable amount of time without a bat in the mix. Due largely to the time I popped a blood vessel in my eye while trying to blow ash from a particularly clogged bat, I’ve grown quite fond of self-ejecting versions. Combining this fact with my more than minor obsession with gadgets, my interest was undeniably piqued when I was introduced to the Better-Bat Twist.

When I first started using my Twist, I was slightly dismayed at the amount of slop I felt while the bat was extended. I had to make sure to pull while twisting, otherwise the core would simply spin in place without the threads catching. But… after a few good packs, the natural buildup of burnt material provides just enough gum to allow the twist to become a subconscious action. This was a pleasant surprise as this gunk is normally the slow death for the function on a spring loaded model. Beyond the greater longevity between necessitated cleanings, the twist also allows the back of the bowl to be pushed completely clear of the bat. This causes any ash to be cleared more easily and thoroughly than any spring loaded design I’ve encountered. Still, the greatest weakness of push style bats has always been trying to load one from a taster box. I’ve always hated trying to load from a dugout as I tend to compress

the spring while filling my bat, pushing half of my smoke back out of the bowl. When closed, the Twist’s body is solid for all intents and purposes. Combining this with the option for digger teeth, there is neither nook nor cranny that can successfully evade the reach of this Better-Bat. While the Better-Bat Twist is not blazing ground through new territory, it has quite succesfully reworked one of the most essential and ubiquitous smoking apparatus to see the light of day. With its pleasing aesthetic and superior functionality, the Twist takes home “World’s Greatest Bat” as far as I’m concerned.

Distributed by: Smoke Better Call 1.800.731.7340 Email

Rather than the spring loaded, push style design that most people are familiar with, this sleek bat’s ejection system is driven by a threaded core. The body of the bat can be extended with a simple twist. This allows enough slack to push the body back together which shoves the ash clear of the bowl.



BOOMSTICK by Grav Labs

At a hotel room party in Vegas during the most recent CHAMPS / BIG / AGE marathon, I came across the illest party piece yet - The Boomstick. While there was no shortage of gorgeous rigs and massive spliffs, this sword-like piece of equipment was making a splash in the center of the room. Simple yet powerful, the Boomstick is a large glass siphon that uses air-tight suction to pull smoke into a long glass chamber and shoot it out in a concentrated stream. The piece employs the new industry standard 10/14 ground joint and bowl to ensure a clean current of smoke. Although it can be used in conjunction with a diffused ash catcher or a Helix spinner, the Boomstick is most often burned on it’s own. The knock-em-dead device gets its name from the 1992 dark-fantasy film Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness, where the main character (Bruce Campbell) refers to his gun as his “Boomstick” to a throng of medieval townspeople. Like a kegstand or a beer bong, the Boomstick is not for lightweights. It will knock your ass down. Josh Carver, inventor of this unique piece and the ever popular Smoke Soap cleaner sold by 420 Science, had the idea in college and made several homemade versions before presenting his idea to Grav Labs. He wanted the innovation experts on the case. After 10 months of creating various prototypes, the apparatus was ready to be released into the wild. The Boomstick comes in 2 sizes for variety. It is an interactive and impressive conversation piece, but the strength of the hit is a force to be reckoned with… as I found out firsthand. Fast forward to the Boomstick’s debut in Vegas: Josh is proudly holding the double glass tube the size of a policeman’s club by the handle. He loads up the bowl end and I step up to bat.The crowd is chanting, “Boomstick, Boomstick, Boomstick…”


The piece is best administered by two people, so I light the bowl, which burns in seconds as he pulls the grip to create the suction. At full mast, the piece is a yard long, the larger chamber filled with swirling smoke. Josh plucks the bowl and I prepared myself for the steamroller strength blast. Holding the Boomstick like a giant syringe Carver slowly pushed the inner tube with the grip. The geyser of smoke hits me and by some miracle I am able to take almost all of it in. A bystander inhales the last remaining puff, as I stumble back from the impact. My mind is blown and I feel very medicated. Josh loads the next Boomstick round with 3 bowls worth of smoke and stands on a table to “crop dust” the crowd. There are many activities and methods to explore with this mechanism. You can give yourself a hit and take it as slowly as you please, using the bowl as a stopper. There is also record of the Boomstick being used in distance and stamina tests. There are endless possibilities. The Boomstick is first and foremost, a party piece and a people pleaser. Show up to a 420 friendly event with this item, and you are not easily forgotten. Unless you get hit! Brace yourself. To purchase the Boomstick and other Grav Labs products visit for the online catalog. or Email or Call 1-888-420-4728



Non-Stick Containers Since I’ve begun to notice the effect several years of smoking was having on my lungs, I’ve been making a healthy attempt to replace much of my daily combustion with vaporization. While I near instantly appreciated the easier breathing that followed, most vaporization setups left me wanting as far as potency was concerned. This held true until I was introduced to the vaporization of herbal concentrates or essential oils. Finally I had hit the sweet spot that provided potency without scorching my bronchial passages, but of course there are still drawbacks. While concentrates provide the much appreciated kick, their inherent adhesive nature makes them a bit more interesting to handle and travel with compared to their dry counterparts. Parchment paper works in a pinch, but is far from ideal. Hence, when I was presented with the No Goo concentrate container, my eyes instantly lit up.


This little wonder is a pocket friendly jar constructed entirely of silicone. This provides a completely non-stick enclosure, thwarting the adhesive abilities of anything you throw at it. Even with a rather sticky, low-viscosity oil a few minutes in the freezer will allow everything to be popped free easily. Beyond the sheer convenience and efficiency provided, this leads to a virtually zero-loss container! I shudder to think at the sheer quantity of essential oil I have seen lost to plastic containers... and a second shudder is given for the dollar value lost. Being a rather frugal individual, I am beyond ecstatic to see that continuous loss removed. While we’re on the topic of loss, I must admit that I was more than a little afraid trusting my vapeables to a flexible lid that relies on short threading. But... my fears were quickly shown to be unjustified. With a simple twist, the lid proves itself to be quite dutiful in its work to protect your precious products. When closed securely, the No Goo jar can actually be thrown around in the same fashion as the vending machine bouncy ball ubiquitous to childhood without the lid popping free. I did eventually succeed in getting the jar to separate, but that was only after allowing it to drop 30 feet to a concrete floor eight consecutive times without retightening the lid. At their initial release, the No Goo jar is available at a rather reasonably priced five pack. The jar that I’ve been bouncing around town for the past month or so is a vibrant yellow, but the pack also includes orange, green, red, and blue. Of course it is a small detail, but I absolutely love being able to separate my different extracts into their own jar and grab the one I need at a moment’s notice.

At this point, I can honestly say that I have not found another option that so successfully eliminates the hassle of storing and travelling with herbal extracts. I have come across other options, but they have all fallen short on some category, be it size, price, or durability. As far as this less than humble smoker is concerned, it’ll take a considerable amount of work to surpass the No Goo concentrate jar, and I don’t see it happening too quickly!

Distributed by: Volo Trading Call 877.603.2035 Email or




Glass Protection Gear As any dedicated glass collector can confirm, a solid collection quickly presents a considerable storage problem. As such, I decided that it was time to start searching for options to help consolidate my collection. I decided if I was going to spend the money, with so many accessories I want to roll with - heady glass, a grinder, containers, etc, I might as well aim for something with a little broader function. After looking past several shop options for “tube and pipe bags,“ I ended my search with the RYOT Pro-Duffle. These are softbodied, heavily-padded cases that look like purposeful gear bags. And rightly so. The exterior of each of the three available

sizes is geared up with a duo of pockets, a pair of hand straps, and a removable shoulder strap. But, the interior of these cases is where the real magic happens though. Tucked away within the nondescript exterior, is an ample enclosure padded with a high quality foam along with an extra base pad, padded downstem pocket, removable fresh pouch, and a padded spring wall. The extra pad, placed at the bottom of the case when loaded,

provides a double source of protection to any gravity induced shocks to the contents. In addition to providing stability for your glass, the spring wall is garnished with several soft pockets for all of your accessories. In a single 26” case, I’ve stored a 22” tube, an ash catcher, 3 dry spoons, 4 slides, 2 dabbers, a glass dish, pipe cleaners, and had just enough room for the partridge if I ever get him out of that pear tree. Btw, that partridge sized slack that would make me a little uncertain about the safety of the case contents is managed via the forethought to include adjustable straps that run the circumference of the case. These are easily pulled by cinching any extra space tight against your precious cargo. When you’re ready to pull your gear free of their cushiony confines, the straps may be temporarily released via of a pair of buckles. Truth is, I’m stoked at what the RYOT Pro Duffle has done for me. Distributed by: Volo Trading Call 877.603.2035 Email




Non-Stick Silicone Pad Now that a noteworthy number of people have converted from smoking to the vaporization of essential oils, we’re beginning to see a slow wave of extract oriented products come to market. The most universal challenge to consuming essential oils is simply handling your product. Regardless of consistency, there is an inherent level of adhesion that does everything in its power to keep your extracts precisely where they are. When I first started dabbling in essential oils, I used nothing more than a glass dish to store my products. While it did its job well enough, I quickly grew tired of having to either pull out a razor blade or chalk up the last remnants as a total loss. My first attempt at a solution was a silicone pad that contained a woven fiber that gave it a little extra rigidity. This was great at first, but after only a couple of months the fibers had begun to work their way through in spots. Which lead to my extracts sticking in those areas.

be illuminated from the bottom, highlight ing any debris or impurities that may have found their way into your products. These wondrous little pads are available in three different sizes. I picked up both the smallest pad available and the largest. The smallest pad is perfect to lie out on my coffee table with a small assortment of options upon it, while the largest pad turned out to be a bit more than I honestly needed. Being as budget conscious as I am, I couldn’t let that money fall to waste. After a bit of thought, I figured out the perfect way to pull value back out of that huge chunk of silicone. I brought all of my glass dishes together and laid them out one by one on the large pad.

Fifteen quick minutes of work with a washable marker and a razor blade left me with silicone linings for each and every one of my dishes. Now I’ve got the best of both worlds, the completely non-stick capabilities of silicone paired with the beautiful artwork of my borosilicate dishes! As this market continues to grow, this wave of new products is only likely to grow bigger and quicker. Many of them have already made their arrival with every intention of finding success from flashy packaging and marketing, but this is one area where function takes a definite front seat to form. As such, I feel that anyone utilizing essential oils or extracts could benefit greatly from Vape Tools’ non-stick silicone pads!

To Order visit: or Call 855-224-6002

Exasperated, I returned to my search. Knowing that the silicone had worked quite well, I found myself headed home with a duo of Vape Tools non-stick silicone pads. These pads are composed entirely of silicone. I felt much more confident in this choice due to the absence of any non-silicone additives, and that confidence was well placed! I’ll admit that there are definitely options available that give a much more aesthetically pleasing presentation, but that is where the true beauty of Vape Tools non-stick pad comes through. Since the pads are translucent and clear of any extraneous design or markings there is no place for your concentrates to hide. This also allows for your extracts to



creating a healthy dozen short slashes and punctures. Despite being the victim of an unprovoked knifing, the burn was even, the smoke was smooth, and the taste unaltered. Short of cutting at least halfway through the wrap, there doesn’t seem to be much that will phase a well rolled Vortex.

VORTEX HOLLOW Several years ago you would be hard pressed to find space to sit in my living room during a smoke session, and my glass collection was filled with all the appropriate hardware to handle a small platoon of smokers at once. Over time my typical gatherings have grown smaller and smaller, dipping from a healthy dozen to only two or three people sharing a bowl. As such, my glass family has slowly become geared for these small groups. But… on occasion I will still have the circle grow considerably for a night. I quickly grow tired of having to pack and repack throughout the entire night and have decided to start rolling cigars instead. This would allow me to keep everyone in rotation, but I’ve got all the manual dexterity of a toddler wearing over mitts. Any wrap twisted by me seems to smoke about as enjoyably as the shoes I am wearing. Usually someone within the group is bold enough to step up and put their rolling skills to the test, but I honestly feel that I should be able to provide as host. Having seen my fair share of cigar wraps over the years, I wasn’t actively looking for a different option. I made the mistake of assuming there wasn’t one available since I hadn’t seen any variance beyond texture and flavor. That assumption was proven glaringly wrong when I came across the Vortex Hollow. What differentiates this wrap from the rest is the inclusion of a hollow center airway into its patented design.


This has been accomplished by tethering an extra paper containing a thin rod to the center of the wrap. You fill the area on either side and underneath this tube with your smoking blend of choice and roll tightly using the rod as support. This configuration creates an ease of rolling I haven’t seen outside of Randy’s papers. After sealing the cigar, pull the rod from the center, and your Vortex Hollow is flame worthy.

Overall, this product could have succeeded solely on the novelty of the idea. That being said, the creative minds behind the Vortex Hollow put a copious amount of thought and effort into making sure this wrap was designed for the end consumer in mind. That effort was definitely not made in vain. I can honestly say that this is the first cigar wrap to impress me in any category other than taste. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of experiencing one, the search for a Vortex Hollow is more than worth it! For Distribution Inquiries Contact:

Within a few good puffs I took note of just how smoothly this beast burns. The unique airflow allows for a pleasantly thick smoke to be produced with the easiest of draws. This also keeps the tip burning evenly due to the increased oxygen being fed through the center. From first spark to the dying embers, the blueberry flavor I’ve been jiving on blends perfectly with my smoke. In addition to the bombastic blueberry option, Vortex Hollows are available in strawberry, grape, and vanilla, with natural for all the purists out there. Its creator claimed that the design also provided protection against punctures and tears... so I had to put it to the test! I punished the second Vortex Hollow that I rolled with the aid of a pocket knife,


SHOP FOR SALE Semi-retired shop owner, moving in different direction selling Head Shop. In business over 20 years located on the University of Illinois campus. Great opportunity to expand or for anyone looking to own an established shop. 2 knowledgeable employees. 100% American glass, great neighbors asking $240,000.00 P/L for the last 5 years available upon request. Serious inquires only. Call 217-552-2865




Interview & Introduction by Sara Shade Glassblower/Shade Glass

HB: How long ago and how did you get into painting? I really started getting into art in high school and decided to pursue a degree at my hometown university in Missouri. I graduated in 2002 with a B.F.A. in Commercial Art/Illustration. HB: What is it about portraiture painting that inspires you to work on such a series? I love painting people because it is a challenge. As an illustrator, I have tried my best to bring a little of the blower's individual

style into each piece. I am very fascinated and intrigued by the commitment that these men and women in the industry have. It requires an enormous amount of dedication, sacrifice, skill, patience, precision and strength. I especially enjoy incorporating the torch and getting to know the man or woman "Behind the Fire". HB: What is/was your inspiration for the series, “Behind the Fire”? I've had the pleasure of helping my husband, Brian Messer, on his path to become a skilled glass artist. His drive and dedication

inspired me to begin the series, which is why "Brian" is the first painting. I started in our home shop while he was blowing glass right behind me. I enjoyed doing it so much that I wanted to do more, so I reached out to Dellene Peralta and she was very gracious to be my next guinea pig. All of the glass artists I have painted have been a direct influence or inspiration in my life. Some of them I've known for a while, others I've just been a long distance admirer of.

“Behind the Fire” will premier during the 5th Annual Degenerate Flame Off at Cornerstone Glass in Eugene, Oregon from May 31 - June 2, 2013. One of the things I love about the glass community is getting to know talented artists who inspire and collaborate. Tara Stanley is a perfect example of this with her portrait series, "Behind the Fire." I am extremely excited, honored and humbled to be included in this series. As a lover of portrait paintings, it truly touches my heart to have her acknowledge me and my work in this way... Thank you, Tara!.

HB: Why did you choose the Degenerate Flame Off 2013 as the event for you to reveal this series? Cornerstone Glass has literally been a cornerstone in the glass community of Eugene for a long time. Justin and Ashley have unknowingly helped Brian and I to build our own business. The DFO is a great event that brings in all kinds of people from the industry. It has allowed me to connect with artists that I really wanted to paint and some of the moments captured in the paintings occured at the DFO. All of the artists featured in the series attend the event every year, so it just made sense. HB: When did you start this project and are you going to continue working on this series or do you have other projects in the works? I started the first painting in early 2010, which is about 3 years ago now. There have definitely been gaps when I was working a lot and didn't have as much time to paint. As the DFO approaches, I keep wishing that I had time to paint more artists because there are so many I would love to paint.....which is why I don't think I will be finished with this series for a while. I do have ideas for future works.

HB: How did you get involved in the glass industry? The short story is that my boyfriend (now husband) started a glassblowing apprenticeship in Tucson. We then moved to Eugene, not even knowing that it is pretty much the mecca for borosilicate glassblowing. He eventually got back into it via his second apprenticeship at Dichroic Alchemy and I joined the team in the office later. That was the beginning. HB: Can you elaborate on Eugene being the mecca for boro glassblowing? A lot of raw material suppliers and resources needed for working boro seem to exist in Eugene or nearby. However, that is not why so many flock to Eugene. There is a big scene here full of past and future groundbreakers. It's a good place to learn the skill via an apprenticeship or through the Eugene Glass School. HB: Are there any other artists you would like to paint in the future? Tons. It's hard to know where to begin, but to name a few: Clinton, Darby, Josh Mazet, Uba, Christina Cody, Sakibomb, Hamm.... the list goes on and on

HB: What would you like to see happen with this body of work? I would like to see the originals and giclee prints go into the hands of people that collect and appreciate the glass artists' work.

Artist featuerd in her paintings. Opposite Top: Buck Opposite Bottom: Messer Current Top: Sara Shade Current Bottom Left: Jason Lee Current Bottom Right: Lacey St. George HotBreath Magazine would like to thank both Sara Shade and Tara Stanley for their contribution the glass culture at large and our magazine.




SIZES .... 12” X 16” ... 8.5” X 10” ........ 4” X 6” ........ 3” X 4” ........ 2” X 3”







Dichroic Glass: Glass containing multiple micro-layers of metals or oxides which gives the glass a particular transmitted color and a completely different reflected color as certain wavelengths of light pass through or are reflected.


The Incalmo technique was developed by Venetian master glassblowers approximately 500 years ago and has traditionally has been used to create horizontal bands of color. It involves making "cups" of colored different colored glass which are connected together. This technique is still used today in pipes and other glass art.


Synthetic Opal: 100% pure opals that are synthesized in a laboratory. Due to their porous nature and their crystalline structure they are much less susceptible to damage when putt under high-temperatures.

Wet Saw: A common construction tool which has been re-purposed for glass blowing. Perfect for making precision cuts as well as diffusers and percolators.

Vac-Stack: A method of sleeving which uses vacuum pressure from an external source to suck out the air in-between the sleeve and the work being sleeved.



Patent Pending


STORE POUR GRIND THE BEST TASTER EVER MADE! AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES, 12, 8, & 6cm Call 1.877.603.2035 • email:

Call 1.877.603.2035 • email: Order on-line:

100% Reusable • 100% food grade silicone • easy-open top heat resistant • bounce-able • dishwasher safe freezer safe • microwave safe

5 pack box shown in image

Call 1.877.603.2035 email: on-line catalog:





Day One:Training Begins

one month later. still waiting on first glass incident



snff snff

still waiting

Beep boop beep boop


Yeah, it’s really sad. Since everyone has their ryot gear, there’s really nothing for Glass protection man to do.

THE ONLY PROTECTION YOU’LL EVER NEED OH HIM? DON’T WORRY ABOUT HIM. HE’LL BE FINE. But you... You should go check out the entire line of Ryot® protection products at

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