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The Wedding Season JULY 2010

EDITOR’S LETTER Each year with Hot Brands, Cool Places we try to develop something new for our readers, and this is our latest ‘baby’- a new online glossy magazine. We love Weddings here at Hot Brands and so this seemed the perfect subject to use to create our first issue. More and more people are using the internet to browse, and as different mobile applications allow access to online content, it seemed the right time to develop this medium. We love traditional magazines too, but sometimes it is fun to have access to a magazine in your hand wherever you are. We are planning a glossy edition each month to tie in with the main themes on our front page, This Month We Love. Our next issue will be out mid-July and will be a collection all about Summer, going out, having fun and holidays whether at home, or abroad. We hope you like this first issue, and thank you for all your ongoing support. Best wishes, Kaye, Louise and the Hot Brands team. Front Cover Image: Courtesy of By Elise with photography by Martin Nolan Please Note All information about products and services are supplied to us by the individual organizations, or agencies acting on their behalf. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all information is accurate, it may be subject to change. Please check with individual organizations for the latest information about all events, products, or news items.Inclusion in this feature does not imply endorsement by Hot Brands Cool Places. Hot Brands Cool Places does not accept responsibility for the content of any external site.


Day after day, stone after stone, their eternal quest is for perfection, a quest that for more than a century has ensured the continuation of the VanCleef & Arpels spirit and allowed all who select a piece of jewellery from the finest collections to become the wearer of one, or several of the most beautiful diamonds in the world.


Hot Brands Cool Places caught up with Jewellery Designer Elise Compson from By Elise for an exlusive interview. 1. What inspired you to start By Elise? My family have always been designers and collectors of jewellery. However, I started By Elise because I saw a gap in the market to create original statement jewellery, which initially I made for myself. As a result of interest from others in my designs I started my showroom near York and subsequently the Internet business in 2008. 2. Where do you get your inspirations for your designs? From many sources, but I love the glamour of the 50’s where women were particularly glamorous and elegance was a pre-requisite. I also adore Italy and their zest and style for all things beautiful and they and their country have had a huge influence on my designs. Italy is not understated and nor is my jewellery! 3. We love your pearl designs but what do you think makes your jewellery special? Firstly the choice of the pearls, I select all the loose pearls myself in the Far East and these are then matched with various gemstones until I achieve the image desired. Individuality is key in a world of mass production and as my jewellery is largely interchangeable my customers are able to create their own style to suit the event or occasion. 4. What do you most enjoy in your work? I love creating new designs and get enormous satisfaction from seeing customer’s enjoyment when they fall in love with a piece. One of the unexpected pleasures is a customer who on meeting each other in a foreign country, or on a cruise immediately relate to one another as a consequence of knowing ‘By Elise’. 4

INTERVIEW Elise Compson from By Elise


5. What are you most proud of in your career or in your life to date? On a personal level my two stepdaughters, Katie and Sarah, who have both grown into fantastic young women and are a great source of help and inspiration. From a ‘By Elise’ perspective,the commercial success of the business. 6. Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions? I would like to open a showroom in London and travel the world to those places that I have always wanted to see. My husband would kill me but I would love to star in Sex and the City but would have to diet for a year... 7. What is your personal favourite piece of jewellery that you have designed? I have a double string of enormous white keshi pearls,which I selected myself from a hidden corner of Kowloon, which I matched with a mother of pearl pendant I had designed in the shape of a four-leaf clover.I get stopped in the street when I wear it. 8. Given your busy life describe a perfect relaxing weekend for you. I work most weekends, but love sitting on the verandah at the Villa San Michele overlooking Florence with a glass of white wine and great company, which is my idea of bliss.


Information about By Elise Elise Compson, the UK designer, launched her jewellery brand “By Elise” in 2002 before founding her first pearl boutique a few years later followed by her online store in 2008. Her reputation for outstanding style, glamour and originality has been achieved through her “Signature Range” of pearl jewellery where each item is created by Elise and is entirely unique in its design. Each pearl necklace, pearl bracelet and pearl earring is handcrafted from the finest stones and is intended to capture a woman’s individuality. Her silver steering wheel clasp allows for infinite variety with or without detachable pendants so as to best suit your mood and preference. The pearl collection is ideal for gifts for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and any special occasion.


Founded by Mich Turner MBE, Little Venice Cake Company is London ‘s leading designer of couture wedding, birthday and celebration cakes. Internationally renowned, they have created cakes for celebrities and international royalty. Passionate and talented they create cakes of uncompromising excellence and unrivalled prestige.

t n e v E e h T


Today, perhaps more than ever before there are so many fabulous wedding venues to choose from and the time taken to select your venue is never wasted. In choosing your venue, there are a number of factors to consider;

Location-is there a place that has a special meaning for you and your partner? Number of guests- the predicted number of your guests obviously has impact on the size of the venue. Geography-if you and your partner’s families live in opposite ends of the country and there are aged relatives this may have an impact on where you decide to hold the event. Uniqueness: one of the attractions with some venues is finding somewhere that is very different, that will have the ‘wow’ factor. Price: Although you want your day to be special, venues can eat up a huge amount of your budget, as can transporting people to and from the ceremony to the reception. Taking friends and family abroad; Some couples decide on a wedding abroad at an exotic location, where everyone joins in part of the honeymoon, or pre-wedding celebration. Romantic and wonderful as this can be, it does add to the logistical plan and potentially the cost. With some of today’s uncertainties about travel it will be important to think very carefully about this. It is never too early to start identifying your venue, and this is when research can yield some very valuable results. When our Creative Director got married she searched high and low for a suitable venue, but then she discovered Boconnoc, an absolutely stunning house near Lostwithiel in Cornwall, which had a lovely church in its own grounds, which made the event so much more manageable. The guests could wander from the church to the lawns for Pimms, champagne and canapés while the photographs were being organised and then to a hired marquee for the food and the evening entertainment. Some long distance guests could also be accommodated overnight on the premises, or in the village nearby. The feedback was that it was one of the most special weddings that the guests had attended. What made it easier was minimising the movement of guests, also the privacy afforded by the venue being in its own grounds. Choosing something that has history attached can also make the day even more special. Both English Heritage and the National Trust have a range of wonderful buildings that are available for hire in all parts of the country. htm More and more people are interested in eco-friendly venues, Coworth Park, Dorchester Collection’s new country house hotel which is set to open in September 2010 is designed to be one of the UK’s most environmentally-friendly hotels through the incorporation of renewable and low energy technologies. We love the concept of their Eco-luxury underground Spa, which will have a ‘living roof’ with plants and herbs such as St. John’s Wort, Thyme, Camomile and Lavender, which will be used for natural treatments in the Spa. Smaller more intimate weddings can also be created, again by researching for venues that mean something to the couple. Moving from a Register Office to a nearby favourite restaurant can also create a special day. The key components are the people, the commitments made 9 and the happiness shared.

Vintage Wedding Renowned Stylist Charlie Brear has brought together her years of experience in fashion to create The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, showcasing to her customers a unique and enviable collection of wedding dresses and accessories. In its central London showroom The Vintage Wedding Dress Company was created for brides who would love to wear something completely original but don’t have the time, the energy or the faintest idea where to start. The company holds a rare and diverse selection of gorgeous gowns and accessories from the Victorian era right through to the early 1970s, which are all beautifully cleaned and restored and can be tailored for you to a couture finish.

g n i d n a Br


In a world full of brands, developing your own style is one of the most exciting things that you can do. Some people do it almost naturally, people often talk about Parisian women having a natural sense of style, and adults often smile fondly at little children who dress to go out with their own combination of eclectic clothing. Your Wedding, or Civil Partnership Day is an opportunity to celebrate your sense of style, from the first ‘Save the date’ invitation to the ‘Thank you’ notes after the event you can create a unique sense of who you are. Just like creating a brand think about the key components of the event and the overall essence of what you want to achieve. The day is a celebration of you and your partner, think how you would like people to describe the wedding as they walk away from the event, ‘It ‘It ‘It ‘It ‘It ‘It ‘It ‘It

was was was was was was was was

exquisite’ fun’ very glamorous’ beautiful’ quirky’ spectacular’ romantic’ intimate’

and so on….. Depending on the ‘mood’ that you would like to create, you then set the tone for all the different parts of the experience. This can be applied to the style of invitation, the cake, the food, the flowers, the venue and of course your dress, your partner’s , and all the other outfits and any entertainment. Remember too the importance of saying thank you with meaningful gifts to friends and family, this can range from stylish and tasteful wedding ‘favours’ for the guests to memorable gifts for the mothers, fathers, bridesmaids, best men etc. It is also important to build in special memories for you and your partner; when you are planning a big wedding it is so easy to focus on the elements when the guests are involved and forget about you and your partner. Try and think about the overall flow of the event and try and build in some intimate moments when you can just take time to say ‘hello’ to each other, or have little gifts just for each of you. Having an overall ‘mood’ means that it is much easier to plan the various parts of your day, creating a ‘mood board’ can also be a lot of fun and something that anyone can do at anytime, even if you don’t have a wedding planned yet! Wedding Planners and other service providers can help with the overall theme and the logistics, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to look back on your special day and say with your partner, ‘We did that, we created a wonderful experience, a day to remember, not just for us, but for our friends and family’

Nicki Macfarlane offers a very personal bespoke, service to create exquisite dresses for bridesmaids and flower girls, as well as smart pageboys outfits, all perfect for pretty country weddings or elegant London occasions.

The Molly Brown Bridesmaid gift guide provides the perfect solution for thanking Bridesmaids and flower girls on your special day. From classic pearls earrings to initial pendants, gifts come beautifully wrapped in luxury boxes, or why not use the gorgeous gift wrapping service for that extra ‘wow’ factor.

r e p m a P


Most of us are working longer and longer hours, and so whether you are trying to take a holiday, or do something as special as getting married, or going to a friend’s wedding we naturally want to look our best. The secret with all of it is planning, scheduling and taking control of the time that we do have. Couple this with eating the right food, taking exercise and getting enough sleep and you will arrive at your wedding day feeling relaxed and calm. The theory is great, but in practice how many of us can actually achieve it? We liked the advice offered by Deborah Jean Nichols - Founder of Unlisted London when we asked the question ‘What advice would you give to someone looking to motivate themselves to take more exercise and to look after their fitness level?’ ‘STOP trying to find someone to motivate you. It’s your life and your choice to live it the way you choose. Only you can ask yourself if you want to live filled with boundless energy, confidence and self-esteem - feeling emotionally balanced and impervious to stress. Once you decide you want to live differently. Then my advice is: Keep it simple & keep it regular. And just do it! Aim to get over your first hurdle and then the next. The next thereafter will be easier and you’ll see the “can’t-do” excuses will lessen and the “can-do” actions of living a fitter healthier life will become routine. Experience the sense of achievement from having made the choice, taking the responsibility and having discovered your own inner reservoir of motivation. Being fit and healthy is one of life’s most treasured gifts.’ Other ways of preparing for the big day is visiting a health resort, for example whether you’re looking for a pampering break or something more active, Champneys will take the stress out of making arrangements with their tailored packages. From Pilates to spinning and yoga, to a game of tennis and country bike rides, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Alternatively, enjoy complete relaxation and simply chill out in the luxury of your en-suite room, at the spa or around the pool, not forgetting to indulge in a few pampering spa treatments too! Two suggestions are: Champneys Bride-to-be 2 Night Spa Break Champneys 2-Night Honeymoon Spa Package. Book your first holiday as ‘Mr & Mrs’ at one of Champneys four luxurious spa resorts, a great honeymoon destination where you can enjoy a dip in the pool, romantic after dinner walks and a bit a fresh country air, as well as enjoying relaxing spa treatments…the perfect way to start married life! Whatever you choose to do to relax before the big event, remember the most important thing is not squeezing into a too small wedding dress, but remembering that you want to feel as fit as possible on your special day, take time to relax, remember to breathe, have something to eat and have water nearby to rehydrate!


Champneys Bride-to-be 2 Night Spa Break – the perfect way to ensure you and your bridesmaids, best friends and family, all get to look and feel fabulous on your big day. From indulgent facials to the latest fake tan, there’s plenty of pampering spa treatments to ensure you all look radiant on the day (…and in the photos!).

INTERVIEW 1. How different is Mr. & Mrs Smith today from your original concept? When we started in 2003, we were a niche hotel guidebook and a team of just four. After about a year, we visited one of the hotels featured in the guidbeook, and realised that we were sending them over 90 per cent of their visitors - so we looked at how the business could evolve to include an expert booking service for the hotels we recommend. Now we have an amazing travel team, who are brilliant at fitting the right people to the right hotels. We’ve developed our on booking technology to make it much easier for customers, as well as the hotels, to experience seamless bookings. Last year we opened our Asia Pacific office in Melbourne, and the number of hotels in our collection has grown to around 650, and includes everything from boutique bed and breakfasts to stylish rentals you can share with family and friends, so things have definitely got more global. Essentially the concept is still the same, though: we find and personally visit unique hotels and recommend them, like an inthe-know friend would do. 2. Are there any locations that you think Mr.& Mrs Smith have really put on the map? Kicking off with a UK and Ireland book has meant that we are very well known for our extensive UK collection. I think that, in Britain, there is a lot to choose from that is stylish, imaginative and has amazing service - you just need to know where to find these hidden hideaways. That’s where we come in. Now we have a team working out of Australia that is helping create that same quality of collection on the other side of the planet. It’s very exciting that we’ll soon be publishing our South East Asia guide at the end of 2010

In bed with the Smiths

3. You obviously have found some amazing hotels over the years, but what advice would you give to someone starting out and wanting to be included as one of your hotels? It’s difficult to give advice, as hotels are notoriously hard to get absolutely right, and they require an incredible amount of work. So my first bit of advice would be be prepared for a lot of graft. Once you get the style right, the guest experience usually comes down to service and an innate sense of who your customer is and what they want. That is all about staff, training and how the hotel is run. In terms of what we look for - the simple answer is style, service, size (small, ideally), location, atmosphere and wow factor. We visit every single hotel, and then send anonymous reviewercouples. Any hotel that gets a negative review, sadly, is not invited in to our collection. At the end of the day, we want the right people to visit the right hotels, and have a great time, so we do end up rejecting a lot of places that aren’t quite right for our customers. 4. Have you any plans for a Mr & Mrs Smith + family too guide? People ask us about that a lot, especially since Tamara (Heber-Percy, co-founder of Mr & Mrs Smith) and I have just had our second child! We’ve always been about couples going off for romantic weekends and trips away. But Smith members are definitely growing up, and our brand has always tapped into a certain life-style and life-cycle: and that means they are having families. For several years now we’ve highlighted on our website where the best places are to stay with kids. Some hotels in our collection have a warm attitide towards families and organise imaginative activities (like pizza lessons at Torre Coccaro in Puglia) or have wonderful kids clubs. There is a specific part of the site where we recommend the best places to visit that really welcome children, and are fun for them. We also developed the Smith & Friends collection for self-catering which is fantastic for families and friends holidaying together. We’ve got several other books in the pipeline, but maybe one day we’ll add a Smith & Kids one. 5. If you opened your own hotel how would you make it different? That’s the million dollar question! It’s certainly something we’re interested in doing and we’ve been gathering inspiration from all over the world. We have a long list of what we want to avoid: being bland, corporate and stuffy are out! I’ve always liked places that feel comfortable as well as beautiful, with amazing finishing and great design.

From a style point of view, I admire what Anouska Hempel achieved at the opulent and seductive Blakes hotel in Chelsea. Her attention to detail shows real commitment, and the theming in the bedrooms works perfectly. JK Place in Florence is another favourite, as it manages to be tailored and elegant, as well as visually exciting. They have once of the best concierges who can organise everything from out-ofhours visits to the Uffizi to a vintage Porsche to take into the Tuscan hills.The designer is Michele Bönan, who also designed the Ferragamo hotels like Il Continentale in Florence and the fashionista’s paradise of Portrait Suites in Rome. He’s usually spot on. 6. Helping people creating their perfect home is an important part of the Hot Brands Cool Places raison d’être, what makes a house a home for you? Lighting is incredibly important. Adjustable lighting, candles and lamps, make a huge difference and create great atmosphere. A statement light has a lot of impact: Tom Dixon lights are beautifully designed and modern, with lots of wow factor. Tam and I like to use creative wallpaper to make rooms homely, especially in bedrooms it can look romantic, or whimsical. At Hotel Endsleigh in Devon, Alex Polizzi has used hand-painted wallpaper with birds and flowers to give bedrooms a particular, very appealing character. Now I also have to say that my children make my house a home. They have changed everything! 7. What has exceeded your expectations in creating Mr & Mrs Smith I’m constantly impressed by the success of our membership club. You don’t have to be a member to book, but if you are, you get lots of travel benefits. People do feel strongly about our brand and what we do. It’s very gratifying to know that Smith is trusted as a resource for finding special places to stay - and we work really hard to keep it that way! 8. What’s exciting you most about your new Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collections: France? The France collection is really exciting because it’s the first time we’ve released a single-country collection outside of the UK, and because in September it will also be translated into French and available in French bookshops. The collection is as diverse and inspiring as we could wish for, with everything from magnificently renovated chateaux to chic chambres d’hotes. There are some extremely romantic getaways featured - like Chateau de Saint Paterne in Normandy.

9. What is your ultimate weekend escape? It really depends. This year, I’m forty, so the weekend escape is with friends, driving awesome sports cars through the Swiss alps. Equally I still get excited about a couple of nights in Paris, or a long weekend in Dorset. The key is to balance good planning with enough free time for some free-styling fun. 10. With today’s uncertainty about travelling, what essential items would you pack? Now I have children - it seems like everything is essential and packing can be a bit of an ordeal. When I travel on my own, I never go anywhere without making sure my iPod is fully charged, freshly loaded, and fitted with Bose noise-reducing earphones – these are fantastic for drowning out other people’s noise/children. I’m also never without my BlackBerry so I can keep an eye on my inbox whilst I’m on the move. James Lohan, CEO Mr & Mrs Smith

Seated at a beautiful bespoke testing table, trained staff take notes about the client’s likes and dislikes, favourite perfumes and other aromas. The customer is then invited to smell three raw ingredients from seven different families; hesperedic, light floral, intensefloral, balsamic, oriental, woody and atmospheric. The scent of each raw ingredient is embedded in a unique black and gold ceramic stone especially created for Ormonde Jayne’s new Perfume Portraits.

Forman & Field specialise in delivering the most delicious food from Britain’s best producers to your home. Order handmade macaroons in your choice of colour for wedding favours, gourmet gifts for your bridesmaids and ushers or a whole buffet to cater for all those visitors. They will be happy to create special dishes or gift packs, to provide tasting samples and to do everything to make sure good food is at the heart of your wedding day.

e d i u G The


Wonderful wedding gifts from LINLEY LINLEY has a stunning array of perfect wedding presents. From a stylish decanter to the perfect tool for cutting the cake – the Heart Cake Slice. Personalisation and engraving is available on a wide range of the products whilst they all come beautifully gift wrapped. Visit the Linley website for more inspiration or either or our London stores: LINLEY Belgravia, 60 Pimlico Road, London SW1W 8LP and LINLEY Mayfair, 46 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JN. Heart Cake slice in walnut with a polished steel blade and a hand turned rosewood handle. (L320mm) £195 Delightful gifts from Primrose & Plum Whether you are shopping for home or the perfect wedding gift, online retailer Primrose & Plum have a fabulous range of decorative home accessories offering classic up to date looks, with a feminine touch - at times glamorous, often practical, always stylish. As well as cushions, throws and blankets ranging from classic neutrals and soft tones to bright, fun and colourful designs, they also stock a great selection of candleholders, lanterns, art prints, tableware, practical storage solutions and finishing touches. Designers Guild Designers Guild, one of the foremost brands in interiors, offers a complete wedding and gift list service. Choose from all the products in their homestores including tableware, furniture, bed & bath, throws & blankets, cushions, candles, lamps, rugs, kitchen accessories, fabric & wallpaper, one off pieces of art, ceramics and vintage glassware and many more beautiful accessories for the home, as well as a full interior design service. This very personal and unique service consists of a tour of the iconic homestore and a consultation in order to tailor the service to the needs of the couple. Providing an update of the gifts bought on request and at the close of the list, they also provide a free gift wrapping and delivery service within the M25.

Handpicked Collection ( has a huge range of gifts for all occasions. The special wedding section is packed full of inspired gift ideas which will always be appreciated and are suitable for all price ranges. Try the Silver-Plated Ice Bucket (pictured), beautiful Josephine Candlesticks or our bestselling Natural Slate Cheeseboard. All the product ideas have to get past a panel of experts before they make into the catalogue or onto our website. The panel is made up of esteemed journalists who, with their knowledge of current trends, provide customers with the same trust that they have in their favourite magazines. Wintersweet Step into Wintersweet’s jewellery bridal boutique – wedding jewellery to fall in love with and stay in love with. Shop for heavenly showpieces whatever your bridal look – true romantic, bejewelled bohemian or classic beauty, all giftwrapped and delivered in style. Ronald Philips Ronald Phillips, the exclusive art-dealership which specialises in English antique furniture, is world renowned for having the largest collection of 18th century mirrors. Ronald Phillips is now hosting an exhibition of 90 of the finest examples of craftsmanship and design in mirrors dating between 1660 and 1820. It is the largest collection of its kind and priced between £12,000 and £850,000 these mirrors make some of the most beautiful and exclusive Wedding gifts money can buy. Elegant, rare and timeless, the mirrors have been expertly sourced and restored. Notably, certain mirrors have graced the former houses of Sir William Gladstone and Guy Ritchie. Address: 26 Bruton Street, London, W1J 6QL Telephone: 020 74 93 23 41 Website: John Jones A pioneer in hand crafted frames, John Jones has deservedly gained a reputation as the best in their field and boasts a loyal and discerning clientele, from art collectors to interior designers and people passionate about beautiful design. The John Jones bespoke frame service will work through, discuss and deliver your requirements utilising their second to none expertise, craftsmanship and quality control. The commitment to understanding clients’ needs combined with a deep rooted heritage in framing and display ensures each client is able to own a frame as individual as the piece it houses.

CocoonU – ECO AND ETHICAL INTERIORS CocoonU offer beautiful luxury 100% ethical cashmere gifts the collection include cushion covers with matching cable or plain double knit throw, available in a selection of sizes and colours. CocoonU was inspired by the combination of lifestyle and beliefs of the nomadic herders in Outer Mongolia, who have given us the opportunity to create the most stunning collection, using sustainable, eco and ethical practices. CocoonU combines exceptional quality and classic designs using only the very best raw materials created by temperatures of – 50 degrees. Sourcing from this fascinating landscape leaves the owner of these exquisite products with a clear conscience and only the lightest footprint on the planet. Rhodes to Heaven At Rhodes to Heaven we are very passionate about our products, we take pride in our great range of skin care products and exfoliants. and we understand how important it is to be your best in our modern and increasingly pressurised world. Our Hero product is the ALL IN ONE Facial Rescue. which does 7 jobs! As well as moisturising, Hydrating lifting and plumping, it contains Wild Sea Fennel reknowned for rejeuvenating cells. Maca root for smoothing fine lines and adding radiance, just brilliant you need so little and it absorbs into the skin very quickly... The Orange Skin Food is a must for dry and dehydrated skin Made with the finest Beeswax base, Olive oil Vitamin E, Evening Primrose and Allatoin for healing and soothing....I call it my Desert Island cream as that is all I would want as my luxury! Never mind the wrinkles!! So luxuriate, cleanse and pamper yourself with our high quality nononsense products, and get the best results you deserve. Aruna Seth bridal shoes Aruna Seth designs exquisite wedding shoes & handbags for brides, mothers of the bride & guests. A luxury brand exuding class, elegance and the perfect treat. Aruna Seth shoes are a gift to seriously spoil ladies who love shoes and adore rich materials. The shoe collection emulates high standards and quality for ladies who only want the finest. Timeless and everlasting shoes for your wedding day, each inspirational shoe and handbag is carefully designed and handcrafted to perfection in Northern Italy. The shoes created with the finest buttery leather, thick cut satin and instantly recognisable shoes ‘fit for a princess’ embellished with Swarovski and exquisite detailing. Aruna Seth provides private appointments at The Cadogan Hotel, Sloane Street, please contact or 0208 773 7859 for details.

GeillyGreen for your bridal hair and beauty needs GiellyGreen houses a selection of top bridal experts who can take care of all your hair and beauty needs for your big day. You can create your own bespoke package from our wide range of treatments, which include facials, massage, 2 week manicure, pedicure, colour, balayage, cut, hair up, spray tanning, and much more. Include a special hair and make-up trial in the comfort of our luxurious private beauty basement with your bridesmaids around you, relaxing in the pedicure lounge, sipping champagne. Choose whether you would like to come into the salon on your wedding day, or have one of our experienced stylists come to you. The team at GiellyGreen will help make your day special, individual and beautiful. Bespoke Package price upon request. JH Trousseau, will transform any newlyweds home into a luxurious retreat. JH Trousseau believes that beauty, quality and luxury, even in the smallest details of our lives, have the ability to calm, reassure, uplift and inspire us. When it comes to wedding gifts you’re spoilt for choice. In fact, the very word ‘trousseau’ is the name given in France to the set of gifts given to newly weds so it stands to reason that JH Trousseau is the perfect place to find a wonderful gift. From linens to throws, lamps and towels JH Trousseau offers a sumptuous collection to send newly weds into their new life in the lap of luxury. For the bedroom there’s the 100% Hungarian white goose down duvet, the ultimate essential and the stuff that dreams are made of. Better still is the fact that everything from JH Trousseau arrives exquisitely wrapped and packed in the brands beautiful packaging. Visit the newly re-launched website at where life’s little luxuries are a simple click away. Alternatively, call 0845 603 7133. Country Cream - the home of charming country accessories Country Cream is the home of charming and timeless country home accessories which will enrich almost every type of country interior; including the popular casual country look. Country Cream is a family run business based on strong family values. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Whether you are looking for a country casual look, or a sophisticated style for your home accessories Country Cream has it all. Perfect country accessories to suit any interior. The Country Cream range is extensive, everything from decorative home accessories, to bedding, furnishings, furniture, kitchen, lighting, pottery and vintage. We also offer a bespoke service on all items that we make ourselves including, Lampshades, Noticeboards: Curtains, Roman Blinds, London Blinds, Swedish Blinds, Hearts, and Cushions. Country Cream is the perfect place for country accessories and soft country style to create the quintessential English country look.

The May Fair The exclusive May Fair Hotel offers one of the most glamorous and luxurious venues in London. Take your vows in the gorgeous Crystal Room (150psn dinner capacity) with it’s Shagreen style wall coverings – bronze coloured sheeting with dramatic inlaid black and red Chinese images - and then dance the night away under the stunning £1m Baccarat Crystal Chandelier (the largest in Europe). Spend your first night in complete luxury in one of the individually designed May Fair Signature Suites – choose from the hot pink Schiaparelli Suite, to the tranquil surroundings of the beautiful white Penthouse Suite. The May Fair ‘s dedicated wedding team will cater for any bespoke event. For more information visit Radisson Edwardian Wow your guest with a wedding at one of Radisson Edwardian’s collection of stunning 4 and 5 star venues in central London, Heathrow and Manchester. Choose from the cathedral-sized Atrium catering for up to 700 guests at Radisson Edwardian’s 5 star Heathrow hotel and the sweeping views of the Penthouse in Radisson Edwardian Hampshire hotel in the heart of Leicester Square to the 300-capacity shimmering Folio Room at the Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Street Hotel. Radisson Edwardian’s specialist teams will ensure that everything from the wedding cake to the bridal suite is catered for allowing you to relax and enjoy getting ready for the biggest day of your life. For more information visit Treasure Beach, Barbados ( Located on one of the island’s best white sand beaches and set within lush, tropical gardens, Treasure Beach is a beautiful boutique hotel ideal for both weddings and honeymoons. With a full-time wedding coordinator on hand to ensure that each wedding is totally unique plus a guarantee of no more than one wedding per week, couples can be assured that their special day will truly be one to remember. With just 35 suites, Treasure Beach offers quiet, intimate charm and is dubbed the hidden gem of Barbados. Its suites form a horseshoe shape around the fresh water pool and are cool and contemporary in design. The Crane, Barbados ( For couples seeking a blissful and glamorous retreat with breathtaking scenery The Crane is the wedding venue of choice. Set on the most beautiful South-East coast of Barbados the resort is the oldest operating hotel on the island and offers a tranquil alternative to the busy West coast. Set on a dramatic cliff-top and over-looking the pink sands of Crane Beach and the rolling Atlantic Ocean, the resort is blessed with breathtaking surroundings which has over the years lured iconic characters such as Ingrid Bergman, Isabella Rosellini and David Bailey. Its historic charm and grace lives on making it the most romantic of venues for a wedding or honeymoon.

Green gift list from ochre & ocre Choosing to have a “green” celebration is not just about making a statement on that one special day, it’s about starting your married life as you mean to go on. It is so much easier these days to have an eco chic day, with more florists, venues and caterers who cater specifically for the green wedding. If you are having a green celebration, it is only natural that you have a green gift list, and now that it is so easy to create your own wedding list website, with free templates available on line, you don’t have to just stick with one store, you can add all sorts of organic and fair trade products, add your local shops, and even include charity donations. It also allows you to add more unique products from smaller retailers that are not on the high street. Ochre & Ocre is one such retailer, and as well as excellent green credentials their range of organic and natural homewares are stylish and well made. The range is designed to be a modern heirloom, something that the wedding couple will treasure for years to come. As well as all the essentials for setting up home like tea towels and oven gloves, their organic cotton and linen table cloths, napkins and runners are perfect for all that entertaining the newly weds will do, once they’ve finished nesting! Ochre & Ocre have also started to work with small UK craftspeople to develop unique collections that complement their textile ranges; their beaded napkin rings by jeweller Jo Verity are a perfect wedding gift that will last forever. Much more interesting than a toaster! Wonderful gifts from Melin Tregwynt You will be spoiled for choice with this lovely collection from Melin Tregwynt. Stone Circle Ceramics: Very popular range of classic shapes hand painted in a bold and simple design. Prices from £17.70 for a litre jug to £3.30 for an egg cup Melin Tregwnt Lamphades: We’re always looking for new ways to use our fabrics so we’ve created a new range of lampshades in our signature doublecloth weave. Available in a range of colours they come flat-packed, are easily assembled and make an ideal gift. Shade dia 30cm/ Wattage 100W - Price £39.00 Black/white/silver blankets, throws & cushions: Smart and sophisticated weaves from £200 for a double blanket to £35.00 for a cushion. Blues/teal/aqua blankets, throws & cushions: Traditional Welsh weaves transformed with innovative colour and modern design. Prices from £200 for a double blanket to £35.00 for a cushion. Green/gold blankets, throws & cushions: Traditional Welsh weaves transformed with innovative colour and modern design. Prices from £200 for a double blanket to £35.00 for a cushion.

Balineum Elegant bathroom linens designed to last, for newlyweds to make their house a home. Balineum designs and sells elegant linens and accessories for your bathroom. Our fabric shower curtains are exclusive to Balineum. Made from premium cotton and linen with an elegant fall, these luxury curtains are designed to be used with our waterproof shower curtain liners so they stay fresh and dry after every bath or shower. For a comforting, cosy finish to your bath, wrap up in our luxury towels – the 820 Anatolia collection. Soft, thick and absorbent, they’re woven to a weight of 820 grams per square meter and we think, are the finest towels on sale in Europe. If you prefer a lighter weight or linen-style towel, you’ll love our Syrie collection, hand-woven using organic cotton. The newest member of the family is Braga bath mat, designed to go with all of our luxury towels and shower curtains.. Charlie Whinney Charlie Whinney is the leading exponent of the art of steam-bending wood to create beautiful, unusual curved furniture and sculptures. His work and projects are among the most challenging and ambitious in the UK currently, each taking the art (and science)-form further along an unbeaten track of innovation. His most recent projects this summer include a 30m Oak sculpture of DNA for Cambridge University, and a collaboration with Metropolitan Workshop for the London Architecture Festival – a piece entitled Road Trip to the Moon. Future architectural projects include a sculpture for a major new London hotel; a piece to go in Leicester Square, and a Manchester warehouse conversion. The Real Flower Company The Real Flower Company is dedicated to the small-scale production of flowers that will fill your senses with their unique look, texture and exquisite scent. From tilling, to planting and harvesting, every bed is tended by hand. All stems are individually selected, cut, prepared and tied by the people who grow them. Galler chocolates Galler chocolates can now be found across the globe in Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Japan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the United States and the UK. Choose from a fabulous range of award winning Belgian chocolate at Galler UK’s online shop www. for luxury chocolate gifts from Galler delivered straight to your door.

Winteringham Fields Nestled in one of Lincolnshire’s prettiest villages, Winteringham Fields, the quintessential ‘restaurant with rooms’ is recognised as one of the best in Britain. Owned and run by the McGurran family who continue to build on its magnificent reputation, Winteringham Fields is the ideal location for a wedding where nothing but perfection will suffice. The beautiful interior and exterior settings lend themselves to stylish feasting, dancing and photography. Bridal parties have exclusive use of the house and facilities as well as access to a personal wedding coordinator to make sure that every detail is as you wish. Guests will find the award-winning fine-dining restaurant within the historical manor house. Chef-Patron, Colin McGurran continues Winteringham Fields’ enviable reputation with his wealth of international Michelin experience. Alongside Colin’s haute-cuisine, the expertly tailored wine cellar is something guests repeatedly remark upon. Address: Winteringham Fields,1 Silver Street, Winteringham, North Lincolnshire, DN15 9ND. Bookings: +44 (0)1724 733096 Website: ovale is the luxury boutique which specializes in bespoke gifts for celebratory occasions. The ostrich wish egg is a poignant gift for weddings and one not to be forgotten. The egg is mounted on a sterling silver base with a sterling silver chain attached to an opening at the top of the egg. Here loved ones and relatives are invited to post messages and wishes which are treasured inside the egg until a special day when it can be cracked open to reveal the notes within. As a souvenir, the silver chain remains and can be used as a key chain and personalised with an engraving. Recently a romantic groom purchased an egg for his bride and posted a love note every week until their first wedding anniversary when his wife was allowed to open the egg and read the messages of love within. £250. ella georgia - jewellery with a heart ella georgia offers a unique collection of jewellery for brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and grooms. We all know that jewellery is the next most important accessory you will require, after you have chosen the perfect dress! It will complement your dress in ways you could never imagine, giving you that extra sparkle on your big day! We understand that on your wedding day every little detail matters, this is why we can help you select a wonderful piece of jewellery to complete your outfit. We regularly update our collections, keeping up with new trends as well as providing a personal service for bespoke commissions. Whichever option you go for, you’ll feel good buying it, and look great wearing it … because this really is jewellery with a heart and a conscience; jewellery that says something about your personality, and also about your soul.

OSKIA Launched last year at Liberty of London by husband and wife team, Georgie Cleeve and George Gordon, the range is the result of over three years of research and development by a group of renowned doctors and nutritionists together with an internationally acclaimed cosmetic chemist. All these individuals have helped build upon Georgie’s personal experience and family history with the miracle ingredient MSM, the bio-available form of sulphur around which all the OSKIA products are based. The luxurious range includes: Bedtime Beauty Boost, Get Up & Glow, Eye Wonder, Perfect Cleanser, Nutri-Active Day Cream, MicroExfoliating Balm and a range of targeted beauty supplements. OSKIA uses 98% natural or nature identical ingredients, all of which have been clinically-proven. Simon Burt Simon Burt Photography has been awarded Silver in the prestigious International Aperture Awards 2009. Simon is well known for taking advantage of the temperamental British weather to create breath taking and very memorable wedding photographs. When all other wedding photographers pray for sun, Simon gets his umbrella and specialist all-weather lighting gear out in preparation. Brides need never worry again about rain on their Big Day as he can make sure that even on a blustery wedding day, the bride and groom will receive great photos for their special album. To see more stunning shots, including sunny weather! Log onto www. Savile Row by Scooter! HENRY HERBERT is a bespoke suit and shirt maker. We meet you by scooter, wherever and whenever is good for you. And if a scooter can’t get us there, a train, plane or automobile will! Just visit us at Everything we make is Made in England. Couture Cake Company We create exquisite, tailor made cakes for any occasion, from special birthday’s, christening, corporate events, weddings or romantic celebrations. Using our carefully perfected recipes we can create a cake made just for you. All our designs are completely bespoke and our award winning cakes demonstrate the level of craftsmanship that will be used on your cake. Based in Poole, Dorset

Thorntons Add that extra special touch to your perfect day, with Thorntons new wedding favours Want to have it all? Well, now you can with the launch of Thorntons Truly Yours Organza bags. All you need to do is decide which flavour heart to give to your guests – choose from: chocolate truffle, smooth caramel or celebratory champagne. Colour match a gorgeous shimmery pocket bag to your theme, colours include: Pink, Ivory, Burgundy, Emerald, Gold and Silver, and then fill your bag with as many chocolates as you wish. An ideal gift family and friends will love and that won’t break the bank at just £25 for a tray of chocolates and 20 bags! Unlisted London – The Thrill of Chemistry Unlisted London’s team of professionals consists of some of the most accomplished hair stylists, make-up artists, manicurists and beauty therapists – as well as complementary practitioners and personal trainers. Experts in their chosen fields and equipped with exceptional products, they will exceed every bride’s expectations to make her day the best of her life. By prior arrangement, they will also work their magic on the bridal party – bridesmaids, mother-of-the bride, maid-ofhonour, even the groom himself. Unlisted London’s team of professionals consists of some of the most accomplished hair stylists, make-up artists, manicurists and beauty therapists – as well as complementary practitioners and personal trainers. Experts in their chosen fields and equipped with exceptional products, they will exceed every bride’s expectations to make her day the best of her life. By prior arrangement, they will also work their magic on the bridal party – bridesmaids, mother-of-the bride, maid-of-honour, even the groom himself. Unlisted London also offer a bespoke treatment service: you name it, we will deliver it anywhere. If there’s a therapy you long for that’s not on our list, we’ll try to find the best exponent we can for you. Vintage Days Vintage Days is a specialist Traditional English Vintage Styling Service offering Weddings and Afternoon Tea Parties with a twist! We started in 1998, when we were asked to recreate a 1940s themed event for over 250 guests staged in an aircraft hanger with all the authenticity of the 1940s; including old fashioned ice cream bicycles, fish and chip vans, glory days girls, steel bands and the ‘war time tea’ drinks. We have now evolved into a more current, shabby chic meets mix and match vintage crockery, hire & style service business.

Anya Campbell Photography - Anya specialises in private and corporate portraiture, wedding, event and editorial photography. She seeks to capture what is natural in her subjects through her relaxed, unobtrusive and professional approach.

Quintessentially Travel is a bespoke luxury tour operator which creates tailor-made itineraries to the globe’s most glamourous, sought after and remotedestinations, providing access to the most elegant and elite hotels, whilst offering value-for-money travel experiences with a service and benefits package unrivalled in the luxury travel market. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, Quintessentially Travel will cater to all personal requirements and types of holidays. When a holiday is booked with us we don’t just provide a travel service but also the Quintessentially service and its vast knowledge and access into the global luxury lifestyle market, making us your passport to the very best that life has to offer. To experience an unforgettable tailor-made holiday contact or call +44 (0) 845 224 6915. Alternatively visit

Hot Brands Cool Places Wedding Issue - July 2010  

We have taken the theme of weddings and gathered together a collection of features, a Wedding Guide Directory, and fascinating interviews.

Hot Brands Cool Places Wedding Issue - July 2010  

We have taken the theme of weddings and gathered together a collection of features, a Wedding Guide Directory, and fascinating interviews.