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MAY 2016

The Home Issue

EDITOR’S LETTER Welcome to our latest Home issue, what makes a home for you? We have some suggestions as to what makes a home for us in our Creating a Home feature, along with a review of Lillian Too’s 168 Ways to Declutter Your Home: And re-energize your life. Each week we are sent some amazing cookery books to review and this month’s collection is equally delicious. We also have a delightful collection of the latest children’s picture books. In this issue we also highlight some of the gorgeous products from this year’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer collection to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer in the UK. Since the campaign launched in 1996, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer has raised £14 million for Breast Cancer Now’s vital research. Please take time to visit their website: Website: Instagram: Twitter: @FashionTargets If you are looking for inspiration for your home or garden this spring we have a fabulous collection of ideas and suggestions for your home from our listed companies as well as our usual beauty round-up. Picture Credits Cover image courtesy of Munutti Garden Lights courtesy of Go Modern / www.gomodern.

Other images throughout the magazine supplied by the various companies, or publishers featured. Please Note All information about products and services are supplied to us by the individual organizations, or agencies acting on their behalf. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all information is accurate, it may be subject to change. Please check with individual organizations for the latest information about all events, products, or news items. Inclusion in this magazine does not imply endorsement by Hot Brands Cool Places. Hot Brands Cool Places does not accept responsibility for the content of any external site.


LOAF Brit-brand Loaf makes laid-back furniture for people to kick-off their shoes and lead happier, more relaxed lives. Having lost a whole Saturday trying to buy a bed, founder Charlie Marshall saw an opportunity to make the home shopping experience as quick and hassle-free as possible. Today Loaf offers hundreds of handmade designs for every room of the home.

NATURAL RUG The Natural Rug Company supplies Natural bordered rugs from Sisal, Seagrass, Coir and Wool and our latest range of New England Rugs that look like Sisal but are completely washable. All made to measure or standard sizes see our web site for more details:


DUSK LIGHTING Dusk Lighting is proud to announce that we are finalists in the Exeter Living Awards 2016. Visit our showroom and see why! As leading lighting specialists, we can offer a range of first-class interior and exterior lighting to suit any project.


TREASURE TROVE The Treasure Trove is the place to find shabby chic and vintage furniture with a unique style and Free UK Delivery! Lovingly hand painted and sourced by us ‌ why not see what treasures you can find for your home?


LITTLE LUCY WILLOW Step into spring with stunning handcrafted bedroom furniture by Little Lucy Willow. Our timeless, exclusive collections are designed in-house to suit toddlers through to their teens and many years beyond. Create beautiful bedrooms in perfect pastels.



creating a home

What makes a home for you? We are all different and as a result we all want something different to come home to. What are the things that make you feel joy when you walk into your home? Every list will be different but here is a starter for 10.

Welcoming spaces - from the front door to your own chair, every home needs somewhere for you to relax, as our homes become ever more crowded with grown-up children returning home, house shares, even just living with a partner, you need somewhere that is your own area to just relax and unwind. A comfortable bed – Charlie Marshall, Founder of, in an earlier interview with us talks about taking two years and testing over 200 mattresses to find the one perfect mattress. Getting enough quality sleep is vital for us all. Comfortable Seating - with less and less leisure time, somewhere comfortable and squishy to relax is an important investment. This generation is taller than previous generations and providing enough space for everyone can be a challenge! But think creatively about unit furniture, and other combinations which can be used in a variety of ways. A Family Table - if you read more about us you will see references to our family table, as a creative family we have the same table that my son wrote his first novel on, where we have created many crafts, eaten memorable family meals and it is where we sound out our best business ideas. Little corners that delight - you may not be able to create the whole house that you want; but whatever size of home you live in from a bedsit to a mansion, it is the little corners that often create the most delight, in the way you can organize them to showcase different collections of accessories. 8

Memories - places to curate those special memories - whilst many of our photographs may now be digital, it is still important to keep back up copies, or print special photographs. There is a big difference between memories that mean something and clutter that just gathers dust. Greenery - we have just had a very wet period from Autumn to Spring, but if you have a well tended collection of plants inside these can also bring a touch of the outside in, and help purify the air. A well equipped kitchen - it doesn’t have to be overloaded with equipment, but if you have the basics plus a few labour-saving devices, and a stock-cupboard of ingredients and you plan your shopping ahead it means that when you do want to cook something delicious and nutritious you have everything to hand. A beautiful bathroom - whether you prefer to power shower, or love a lazy luxurious bath, or a combination of both they need to be clean and well maintained, and offer a relaxing escape. A tidy home - we all have busy lives and sometimes spending time sorting out the debris of everyday living seems exhausting and we often lack the motivation to start. However by taking baby steps, it is possible to start clearing out unwanted items, by focusing on small areas at a time. Equally encouraging partners and children to limit the amount of clutter that they accumulate and creating storage space, not as a dumping ground but as fully functional storage units will help in the general ambiance of the home. At the end of this feature we review, Lillian Too’s 168 Ways to Declutter Your Home: And reenergize your life, in the book she suggests “Energy is a precious commodity - the source of vitality, good relationships and peace of mind …physical clutter is more than just junk, the debris in our home actually creates mental and spiritual blocks to success. When this is cleared, we get the balance back in life, plus a whole range of new opportunities.” Lillian Too’s 168 Ways to Declutter Your Home: And re-energize your life Synopsis: The book begins with energy basics and practical de-junking suggestions, such as how to clear your desk to create success or rearrangeyour living room for harmonious relationships, then presents step-by-step cleansing and revitalization rituals to recharge your home’s atmosphere. The rituals show how to use crystals, salt, rice grains, herbs, incense, flower petals, fragrant water and amazing visualization techniques to enhance and protect your environment. All rituals and techniques have been personally tried and tested by Lillian Too, and have brought her great personal success. Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict This book is packed through with lots of very useful ideas of how to declutter, and re-energise your personal space. In this thoughtful book you can address all aspects of your life, from clearing your desk to creating a more harmonious home, using traditional Feng Shui principles, so that good energy flows, replacing clutter with a soothing and comfortable ambiance. 9

DESIGNERS GUILD Introducing a ravishing new collection inspired by the glamour and elegance of Parisian Haute Couture from the early 50’s.This was the era when fashion took on a whole new dynamic - with glamourous fabrics such as silk, brocade and taffeta, flamboyant floral and botanical designs, exotic coloration and a play with grand scale - all which signified a radical departure from the austerity of the post war years.


ROBERT WELCH Update your home for spring with unique tableware, kitchen accessories and other homeware products – all designed at the Robert Welch Designs studio in the Cotswolds.


GROHE GROHE is Europe’s largest and the world’s leading single-brand manufacturer and supplier of beautiful sanitary fittings, including taps for the bathroom and kitchen, showers from thermostatic mixer to electric, concealed valves and WC systems. GROHE’s products incorporate the brand’s innovative technologies, and many are award-winning.

LINLEY Combining irresistible colour combinations with the finest materials, the LINLEY Spring/ Summer 2016 Collection defines contemporary elegance. The diverse collection is celebration of pattern, geometry and colour, seamlessly designed with passion and spirit whilst finished with meticulous attention to detail, a hallmark of the LINLEY master craftsman. Sophisticated, striking and utterly unique.


LSA INTERNATIONAL For 50 years LSA International has combined creativity and craftsmanship to produce contemporary designs for bar, table and decoration. Materials are carefully selected to ensure the brand’s signature quality and complex artisan techniques are translated into distinctive products – chosen by boutique hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, iconic retailers, leading stylists and influential members of the design press alike.


ELLA JAMES Shop at for pretty gifts and inspiration - a gorgeous selection of delightful gifts and items for the home.


Fashion royalty Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Mario Testino have joined forces to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer in the UK. Since the two supermodels helped to launch the iconic campaign in 1996, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer has raised £14 million for Breast Cancer Now’s vital research. The stunning 2016 images unveiled across UK billboards on the 12th April see Testino re-invent Moss and Campbell’s original bold and beautiful poses, 20 years on. The campaign calls on British shoppers to show their support by buying something from the stylish 2016 Fashion Targets Breast Cancer collection. The exclusive range is hand-picked from some of the high-street’s best loved retailers and each item carries a minimum 30% donation towards Breast Cancer Now’s pioneering research throughout the six-week campaign.







ZIGGIZIGGI’s new Spring contemporary styled collection includes mirrors that will add glamour and style to your home. The Modena for example would look fabulous in a bathroom, bedroom, hall or lounge. Its mirrored, faceted frame and striking elongated lines have a cool modern look.


SCARLET & ARGENT Never leaving our family, the Hainsworth Mill story is intricately woven throughout 230 years of history across 7 generations. Scarlet and Argent connects our family to your own through our blankets, throws and finishing touches. Woven with generations of skill, dedication and knowledge, they are the perfect foundation for your own family memories.


THE HEADBOARD WORKSHOP The Headboard Workshop started making headboards 30 years ago in a garage in London. They were all made to order, all in customers own material and always delivered on time. THW have come a long way since then, but their principles remain the same; made to order headboards, beds, ottomans & chairs, backed up by outstanding service. The team design, develop and make all of their products in their factory in Wales.


IN THE LINEN CUPBOARD Brand New hand made “Sienna� puro lino placemats, napkins and tablecloths. Monogrammed or left plain with hemsitched finishing. Coming soon on /


GO MODERN Go Modern specialises in contemporary, design-led furniture for the home and garden. Our team can help with everything from the materials and structure of a design through to fabrics, fitting and assembly. We work with interior designers, architects and homeowners ‌ in fact anyone who, like us, loves high quality luxury design.


REVIEWS The Good Life Eatery Cookbook Shirin Kouros and Yasmine Larizadeh Synopsis: Creative, young entrepreneurs Yasmine Larizadeh and Shirin Kouros are the dynamic duo behind The Good Life Eatery. Their shared vision to bring something new to London’s food scene sparked a sincere friendship and a year-and-a-half of research before launching their first café in 2013. Now with two successful branches in London, The Good Life Eatery is a health food sensation. Inspired by the Southern Californian healthy eating scene, The Good Life Eatery serves nutritious, simple and flavour-filled food. h t t p s : // w w w. a m a z o n . c o . u k / G o o d - L i f e - E a t e r y - C o o k b o o k g o -/d p/178 5 0 31570/ref =s r_1_1?i e= U T F8&q i d =14 62470 37 7& s r = 8 1&keywords=the+good+life+eatery Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict The Good Life Eatery Cookbook is a vibrant book full of colourful illustrations, and packed full of healthy recipes inviting you to jump in and try! As well as an introduction to their story the book is full of delicious recipes from breakfast to dinner with plenty of treats on the side. It’s energetic and designed for busy people who love simple, easy to prepare taste sensations! Low and Slow – Neil Rankin Synopsis: Low and Slow is a definitive modern guide to impress your guests with perfectly cooked meat almost every time, from cooking the perfect steak, a cracking roast, or the best barbecue. Neil’s trick for all types of meat: turn the temperature down, cook meat slowly and get the best results without stress. Some of the recipes may take time, but they are all designed to give you the best results in a home kitchen. In Low and Slow, Neil shares the tried-and-tested logic behind his methods then demonstrates them with over 100 seriously mouth-watering recipes divided into four chapters: Steaks, Roasts, Braises, and Barbecue and Slow Smoking. Each chapter also includes a section of accompaniments to complete each meal, from simple butters, sauces and gravies to punchy salads and hearty sides. ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462470489&sr=8-1&keywords=Low+and+Slow+– +Neil+Rankin Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict Low and Slow is written by someone with a passion for good cooking, who wants to share how to cook meat perfectly. Packed full with good advice about how to create the perfect meat dish, as well as delicious accompaniments, stocks, gravies and side dishes for roasts. There is also a comprehensive section on how to cook successfully using a barbeque.


Livia’s Kitchen: Naturally Sweet and indulgent treats – Olivia Wollenberg Synopsis: Olivia’s first cookbook and it is a stunning collection of naturally sweet raw and baked treats. The book is packed with over 100 beautiful, quick, simple and fun desserts, sweets and cakes all made without any gluten, dairy or refined sugar without compromising on taste. Livia’s Kitchen is for anyone who loves to indulge in delicious and comforting sweets and desserts, providing them with the option to satisfy their cravings in a nourishing way. Olivia puts a creative, yet accessible twist on traditional favourites suitable for every occasion – whether you are cooking with children, whipping up something yummy for breakfast, enjoying a comforting after dinner treat or creating an impressive show-stopping celebratory cake. dp/1785032275/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462536774&sr=8-1&keywo rds=Livia’s+Kitchen%3A+Naturally+Sweet+and+indulgent+treats+– +Olivia+Wollenberg Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict This book is divided into Kitchen Staples and Favourite Ingredients, plus delicious recipes for Breakfast, Biscuits and Cookies, Pies and Tarts, Puddings, Sweet Bites, Cakes and Ice Cream. A beautifully illustrated stunning collection of delicious, mouthwatering, quick and simple treats, all made with healthy ingredients. Absolute delight! Bake Off: Crème de la Crème by Martin Chiffers and Emma Marsden Synopsis: Master the secrets of showstopping patisserie with the beautiful book of the BBC series presented by Tom Kerridge, and from the team behind Great British Bake Off. Make your cooking the crème de la crème – learn the tips and tricks of Britain’s greatest pastry chefs with the book of the spectacular BBC series, from the team behind Great British Bake Off. With patisserie skills broken down to their simplest elements, you will soon be familiar with the ingredients, equipment and chemistry behind the showstopping creations you see on-screen and in the best restaurants, and be inspired to make your own irresistibly indulgent treats. From croissants to intricately layered slices and eye-catching petit gateaux, each mouth-watering recipe is illustrated with stunning photographs and accompanied by expert advice on equipment and how to achieve a truly professional finish. Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict This book is glorious! Beautifully photographed, with detailed recipes and the most mouth-watering delectable treats, as well as back ground details on the BBC series Bake Off: Crème de la Crème. If you want to develop your patisserie skills this book is a Masterclass in how to achieve perfection. We absolutely loved it! Highly Recommended! 24

WHITE RABBIT ENGLAND White Rabbit England is a luxury childrens’ brand founded in 2001 by sisters Charlotte Thompson and Victoria Sullivan. We design and manufacture lighting and interiors for the nursery and special gifts for little ones. Our award winning White Rabbit lamp represents perfectly the uniqueness and quality of both the design and manufacture of everything we do to create heirlooms of the future. “Designed by us, made for you, keep forever”


RED HEN Red Hen’s collection of quirky and unusual gifts along with stylish accessories for the home are all available at:


CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEWS Goodnight Spaceman Michelle Robinson Synopsis: Inspired by ESA astronaut Tim Peake and his sons, and featuring an introduction from Tim, this is the perfect bedtime book! Two space-mad little boys get ready for bed and say goodnight to their toy rockets, launch pads and planet mobiles, before being whisked away into space on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams . . . https://w w /Goodnight- Spaceman - 6 - Michelle Robinson/dp/0141365625/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462794009&sr=81&keywords=goodnight+spaceman Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict This is such an adorable story, made extra special by the introductory letter from Tim Peake. We loved it! Highly Recommended! Chimpanzees for tea! Jo Empson Synopsis: A silly, fun version of the game “telephone”—in which a grocery list committed to memory goes playfully awry. One day, Vincent’s mother asks him to go to the store to pick up a few items: “a bunch of carrots, a box of rice, some China tea, a big, firm pear, and a tin of peas” to be precise. “And hurry home in time for tea!” she says. Sounds easy enough. Yet distractions are at every turn, causing havoc with Vincent’s memory. All of a sudden, a tin of peas is replaced by a trapeze; a big, firm pear becomes a big furry bear; and a box of rice transforms into a box of mice! Needless to say, Vincent’s mother is in for quite a surprise. h t t p s : // w w w. a m a z o n . c o . u k /C h i m p a n z e e s - Te a - J o - E m p s o n / dp/014135643X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1462795 011&sr=8-1 Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict We love this book, children will adore the silliness of how the list changes, the book has a natural rhythm, perfect for reading aloud. Destined to become a children’s favourite! Highly Recommended! The Bumblebear - Nadia Shireen Cheeky, sneaky Norman has a cunning plot to trick the bees and steal their honey. In his best bee onesie, Norman makes quite a convincing bee -- but how long will his disguise last? And when the hive is endangered can he finally discover his? h t t p s : // w w w. a m a z o n . c o . u k / B u m b l e b e a r - N a d i a - S h i r e e n / d p /17 8 0 0 8 015 8 / r e f = s r _ 1 _ 1? i e = U T F 8 & q i d =14 6 2 7 9 5 3 2 2 & s r = 8 1&keywords=The++Bumblebeartrue destiny and become The Bumblebear? Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict This is a funny book, children will love the cute little bear, and how he comes to the rescue of the bees. Highly Recommended!

GLAZEBROOK & CO. Glazebrook & Co. Classic Cutlery for modern living. Finest Stainless Steel designs with alternative dishwasher safe Cream and Black Handle Knives. A perfect wedding gift. For more information visit: Email: or Tel: 020 7731 7135 Free Sample Service. Delivery Worldwide

UNIQUEWORKS Treat yourself to some beautiful Uniqueworks Handmade Furniture. Expertly crafted at our small workshops in Pembrokeshire, we use the most delightful hardwoods from British trees such as cherry, elm or oak. Our classic furniture looks and feels gorgeous and will last a lifetime.

CHH DESIGN Caroline’s exclusive, limited edition designs are entirely hand painted hand have a vibrancy and exuberance that is unique. Each piece from her range is guaranteed to bring the joy of Spring into the home, and, in its luxurious gift box, make an original and stunning birthday or wedding present.

DANGLY HEARTS Dangly Hearts is run by husband and wife team, Linzi and Jason, in the New Forest. They design and make beautiful heart themed textiles using UK sourced cotton and linen with appliquĂŠ and free machine embroidery decoration. Most items can be personalised making them perfect gifts for special occasions.

HICKS AND HICKS Hicks and Hicks luxury designer furniture and contemporary home products have been handpicked for quality and style and blend together to create an overall look of warmth and comfort. We have covered everything from lighting to bathrooms, from rugs to decorative gems, contemporary to traditional, all handpicked by our team of design professionals bringing together stylish rooms of comfort and elegance.

GEORGE SMITH George Smith is an exclusive furniture and fabric manufacturer with showrooms in London and Harrogate. Their range of sofas, chairs, chaises and stools come in a variety of classic designs to suit both contemporary and traditional tastes.

Beauty Round-up Turn to Crabtree & Evelyn’s classic floral collection when you want to boost your mood and your wellbeing. Discover uplifting scents, relaxing fragrances and energising blends delicately captured within beautiful Eau de toilettes, shower gels and indulgent body creams. You want to... relax Turn to our soothing Lavender fragrance when you want to unwind, relax and switch off from the world. Our fresh lavender scent is enhanced with violet, tonka bean and fresh musk. Crabtree & Evelyn ® Lavender EDT Surround yourself with our relaxing Lavender EDT, blended with the finest quality Lavender Angustifolia. You want... an uplifting blend Light and delicate, our Rosewater scent is fresh and uplifting – perfect when you need a boost. Featuring a single rose accord, its gentle floral scent includes violet, peony, fresh green foliage and musk accords. Crabtree & Evelyn ® Rosewater Shower Gel Enjoy the gently uplifting rose scent in the shower, where elderflower and white magnolia extracts in our shower gel leaves skin soft and refreshed. On the 11th May, KORRES are launching the following: * KORRES Almond Cherry Shower Gel available to buy online from * KORRES Almond Cherry Body Milk available to buy online from


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Hot Brands Cool Places - The Home Issue - May 2016  

Welcome to our latest Home issue, what makes a home for you? We have some suggestions as to what makes a home for us in our Creating a Home...

Hot Brands Cool Places - The Home Issue - May 2016  

Welcome to our latest Home issue, what makes a home for you? We have some suggestions as to what makes a home for us in our Creating a Home...

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