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EDITOR’S LETTER Welcome to our first issue of 2012! In this issue we have different ways of making this year the year when we get fitter and focus more on our wellness. We have our usual collection of inspiring interviews and if you are looking to get away this year we have our best ever collection of travel companies offering wonderful escapes. Enjoy! Picture Credits: Front & back cover images courtesy of Condé Nast Johansens: White Santorini, Greece Riad Enija, Marrakech Images below: Vila Naiá - Paralelo 17º, Brazil Kenoa - Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort, Brazil Images throughout the magazine supplied by the various companies, or publishers featured. Please Note All information about products and services are supplied to us by the individual organizations, or agencies acting on their behalf. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all information is accurate, it may be subject to change. Please check with individual organizations for the latest information about all events, products, or news items.Inclusion in this feature does not imply endorsement by Hot Brands Cool Places. Hot Brands Cool Places does not accept responsibility for the content of any external site.


GLENEAGLES Gleneagles Hotel is a truly unique experience – a luxury break with a historic 5 star hotel with a magical air... crackling fires, twinkling lights, and the finest Scottish hospitality. In a beautiful setting in the highlands of Scotland, Gleneagles is the ultimate retreat.


Hot Brands Cool Places spoke with Amanda Edlin, Managing Director of Simply Retreats for an exlusive interview.


What inspired you to start Simply Retreats? Well-being is my passion. I love helping people to feel better. There are lots of retreats out there, but I wanted to do something special. And Simply Retreats is just that, it’s special, it’s personal and every member of the team genuinely cares about what they do and about making a difference. Simply Retreats gives people an opportunity to experience high quality private accommodation and combine it with holistic treatments and activities. We aim to create a homely, relaxing environment, whilst maintaining high standards, quality service and the feeling of being genuinely cared for. We keep numbers low to keep our retreats exclusive and make sure everyone has space and time for themselves. We support other local business too, local food producers, local therapists and so on because we like to put something back. One of my other passions is quality food. I grow some of my own at home and like to buy local and or organic where possible. This ethos in incorporated into Simply Retreats. How does your previous experience help you with your new business? I work as a massage therapist and yoga teacher and I believe that mind & body heal together, so combining all the elements of holistic treatments with healthy food and activities draws everything together. So many people I work with need a break and feel stressed. They would like some time away where they are looked after, but don’t want to spend time in hotels, usually because they spend so much time in them for business purposes. I spent years in the Hotel & Catering industry, so I understand about customer care and event management, but I also understand why some people don’t want to take a break in a hotel. That’s why we don’t use hotels or complexes at Simply Retreats. What happens on one of your typical retreats? On a residential retreat, we welcome all our guests, get everybody settled in and rested, and then we come together for our welcome dinner, which is cooked on site by a professional chef. Over the days that follow, depending on the chosen retreat, our guests experience massage (Balinese, Swedish, Sports), hydration salt brushing, reflexology, coaching, Nordic walking, yoga and so on. All the treatments are provided on site, so guests can potter to the treatment room in flip-flops or dressing gown and just relax and enjoy. Yoga and meditation classes also take place on site and we encourage guests to do as much or as little as they wish. We provide a relaxed breakfast and lunch, but if guests want to have a lie in, they can pop down to the kitchen when they’re ready and there will always be a help yourself selection available. Brunch is not a problem.


In the evenings, guests can explore the surrounding restaurants and pubs or they can have a few light bites from the kitchen to eat in or picnic out. Our venues are specially selected, not just for quality and homely feel but also for location. This gives guests many opportunities to explore and enjoy the area. Whether it’s walking the coast path, surfing, wave ski-ing, kayaking, boutique shopping, or just chilling on the beach, there is something for everyone. And if there’s something in particular you fancy doing, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help. On the last night of the retreat, we all get together for a Gala Dinner, again cooked on site by a professional chef. It’s a lovely opportunity to share our experiences of the retreat, laugh and relax, before heading off in the morning. What are your plans for the future, how can you see the brand developing? Well, probably too many to mention here! For this type of retreat, we’d like to be the brand to go to. We’d like to grow our locations, but we won’t compromise on quality or ethics and we’d love to run more retreats at our existing destinations. We have lots of other plans to launch into the corporate market, bespoke retreats for private groups and other types of retreats based on photography and nutrition, to name a few. Then there’s our on-line shop and self help guides. In the future I want to team up with a charity and provide special retreats at no cost to the charity or the participants. I have some candidates in mind and I’m going to spend some of this year researching these charities and the work they do. It will be a big decision and not one taken lightly. Needless to say there will be plenty to come in the coming years. What advice do you have for someone thinking of setting up their own business? Love what you do, believe in what you do and plan meticulously. Always listen to the advice of others and take each valuable thread of advice and weave it into your business. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and be totally honest with yourself. If you can’t do something, ask someone who can. If something goes wrong, don’t ignore it, learn from it and make it a positive. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help, advice or feedback. Work hard and remember to have some fun and laugh. Starting a new business can be quite challenging, what do you do to relax? I love to walk. Getting out in the fresh air, by the coast or on the hills is very relaxing and also energizing. I love the outdoors. My spaniel makes sure I get exercised regularly. I also love my yoga and meditation. Sometimes it’s only 15 minutes at lunchtime but it re-focuses my mind and sets me up for the afternoon. The other passion I have is food and cookery. So I spend time growing fruit and vegetables in the garden and creating in the kitchen. I also find a good book is a great way to relax. And, last but not least, I love to spend time with my lovely, supportive man.


RED SAVANNAH Red Savannah uses its extraordinary depth of experience together with its impeccable connections to create inspirational and life-changing travel experiences. Private journeys across the Indian sub-continent & Asia, ruggedly exciting African safaris and the most stunning selection of European Villas & Ski Chalets – all delivered with charm, passion, integrity and style.


HELPFUL HOLIDAYS Relax and unwind in one of our hand-picked holiday cottages in the West Country. From cosy coastal cottages to grand country houses, each one has been inspected and star rated by us so you can be sure of reliable quality, honest advice and good value.

OSKIA Building on OSKIA’s award-winning natural skincare range, the Boutique Spa near Covent Garden is a beautiful and understated haven from the busy world. It’s the perfect hideaway to experience OSKIA’s stunning facials, body treatments and for all your grooming essentials.


Hot Brands Cool Places talked with Georgie Cleeve, Founder of OSKIA for an exclusive interview

INTERVIEW What inspired you to start OSKIA? OSKIA is the culmination of several different interests in my life. An interest in skin health, from my difficult experiences with early age eczema, first hand experience in the wonderful healing properties of MSM, one of our key ingredients through my father’s supplements businesses, and an entrepreneurial zeal, again which comes through my father. The desire to build a business, to be someone who takes risks with confidence, and the opportunity to make a genuine difference to people’s skin, and therefore their confidence and happiness, are all parts of what inspired me to launch OSKIA. How did your previous experience help you with developing the brand? My background as a food journalist, and the fascination with the health benefits of proper nutrition, helped me develop OSKIA’s nutritional approach. That experience as a journalist also gave me an understanding of the importance of editorial coverage when you’re building and developing a young brand. I also took the time to train as a therapist so that I was fully aware of how products would work within a treatment context. However, my experience of nutritional product development at my father’s supplement companies was possibly the most beneficial experience I could have had. From a young age I’d been able to see some leading nutritional scientists and doctors at work, so I definitely had a head start when it came to developing my own range. What is a typical day in your life? My typical day always starts with a cup of hot water and lemon while I cook breakfast and lunch for my 16 month old son. We then have a family breakfast and George and I walk to the office, which is a lovely 15 minute walk through Battersea Park. Tuesday and Thursday mornings we hold a quick team meeting, so we all know what exactly is going on that week. Mornings are for product development meetings when I find my brain is more creative and imaginative, followed most days by a business lunch, often at The Botanist in Sloane Square - delicious and incredibly convenient. Twice a week I visit the spa in Covent Garden, where I tend to hold all of our press appointments as the rooms are beautiful with a welcome feeling of serenity, which I think is vital for meetings, rather than our busy, noisy office. I am always home at 6pm for a few hours of play and bath time with Arthur, before George and I either settle down to a quiet night, inevitably involving a bit of work, or more preferably we head out to dinner.

What are your plans for the future, how can you see OSKIA developing? We want to continue the great start we’ve already made. We have new ranges in formulation which will build on OSKIA’s nutritional approach, as developing new and unique products is the foundation for developing the brand. We want to continue to develop the UK business, as well as target particular foreign markets which we know will be particularly responsive to what we’re doing. And we’re keen to expand our spa business too. So lots on! What advice do you have for someone thinking of setting up their own business? Flexibility is key, so be prepared to change your business plan constantly. Today’s market is changing so rapidly that if you don’t change with it, your brand and marketing can be left behind. The brand we have now is a far cry from the brand that I first envisaged 6 years ago when I started researching OSKIA. My second piece of advice is always surround yourself with people who know more than you and learn from them! At the end of a busy week what do you do to relax? A long, long walk in the country. I love city life, but ideally I wouldn’t be living in a city during the week at all. A long walk in the blustering chilly British wind does wonders to relax me. I find it also wakes up the imagination. Followed by a noisy supper with friends in front of a roaring fire. Simple things!

COX AND KINGS Cox & Kings is the world’s longest established travel company, offering high quality group tours, private journeys and tailor-made holidays to many of the world’s most fascinating regions. Our luxury holidays range from the lavish to the adventurous, and are planned by experts.

VOYAGE PRIVÉ In your search for 4 and 5-star luxury at unbelievable prices, look no further than Voyage PrivÊ, a members only travel club offering luxurious hand-picked hotels and holidays from around the globe. Sign up today to enjoy exclusive offers with up to 70% off.


It’s the little things……. For many people the start of the year is a challenge, but there are a number of things that you can do to put a smile on your face: 1. Be inspired by food and start to cook really delicious and wholesome meals for you, or your friends and family. Take the time to relax and enjoy the time together eating it. 2. Have an indulgent weekend treat with your partner, or family, cook a special breakfast, spend part of the day in bed with a good book, or the papers. Have a pamper session. Go for a walk together, share fun and laughter, it’s the best medicine! 3. Join your local library, read some of those books you have always promised yourself you would read. Hire a DVD, often libraries have a selection, as well as other DVD outlets. 4. Find an exercise buddy, someone who is at the same level of fitness as you, and agree an exercise schedule that you can both commit to. (We have some ideas for you later in this issue.) 5. Find time to dance, it is a great form of exercise, if you want to join a class why not try ZUMBA® Fitness, one of the current new forms of dance, but there are numerous dance classes up and down the country. Or you can just put on your favourite music and just freestyle.

6. Create something, in times of austerity, many of us start to think about making things rather than buying, but start with something small, again your local library will have a crafts section. If you have been inspired by the growth in vintage finds, there are many ways that you can develop new skills and find that this not only gives you new things for your home, or to wear, it is also relaxing. 7. Spend time properly catching up with old friends, in this social networking age, it is very easy to reduce conversations to short messages, why not arrange to meet, or have a longer conversation on the telephone. 8. Spring clean, it’s a form of exercise, and by clearing out clutter, or spending time making your home feel more welcoming, or even just buying a bunch of fresh flowers, means that you can enjoy the space you live in more. 9. Find out what is happening in your local area, we often spend so much time working that when the weekend comes we are too tired to think about visiting somewhere, but in most towns and cities there are always events happening, imagine you are a tourist visiting what would you want to see or do? 10. Give something back, there is so much that you can do for others, from helping local elderly neighbours to more organised volunteering, or sponsorship. Most charities are desperately in need of help in a variety of ways. In helping others, you are effectively also helping yourself.

ELEGANT RESORTS Elegant Resorts promise a holiday experience ‘beyond luxury’, as experts in providing tailormade luxury travel. For over twenty-three years this British company has been providing bespoke holidays to the world’s finest hotels and resorts worldwide, from luxury ski chalets to tropical island retreats.

TEN PILATES TenPilates ( the leaders in Dynamic Pilates, have the ultimate fitness package to help get you back into shape and looking amazing for 2012. They offer complete fitness experience combining Physio and a full body MOT, personal training, Dynamic Pilates classes and a rewarding massage. The TenPilates team ensure that they’re with you every step of the way on the journey to the new improved YOU!


Make 2012 A Year of Well-Being and Fitness

Whether you are an aspiring athlete, or not, 2012 is a great year to try and increase your feeling of well-being and general fitness level. There will be many events to inspire you, particularly in the UK. Here are a selection of books designed to help you get started, or to give you more information. The Fitness Book DK Publishing Synopsis: The Fitness Book will help you find a workout that fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle. From stretching to strength-training and yoga to Pilates, over 500 exercises are covered plus questionnaires and tests help you identify the perfect workout for you. Tips on motivation and advice on healthy eating will keep you on the right track when the going gets tough. Easy to follow, enjoyable and achievable, The Fitness Book is your own gym membership for life, to help you find a routine that really works for you. Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict This book is an all-round fitness book, examining walking, running, cycling, swimming, aerobics, dance, resistance training, stretching, Pilates, yoga and sharing more than 200 exercises and home workouts. Each discipline has a breakdown of the fundamentals, ‘how to..’ and getting the most from each activity. In addition there are tips on getting started, motivation and healthy eating. Strength Training DK Publishing Synopsis: Build a better body with this essential handbook to strength training for men and women of all abilities. Stepby-step instructions and tailor-made programmes will help you reach individual goals. Find over 150 exercises, with invaluable advice on preparation, nutrition and preventing injury. Each exercise is illustrated so you can perfect your technique, plus anatomical artworks give an at-a-glance guide to targeted muscle groups. Written by strength training experts this is ideal for free and fixed weights, in the gym or at home. The ultimate guide to improving your muscle tone, strength and endurance.

Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict If you are more experienced in using gym equipment, this book will help you become stronger and increase your muscle tone, providing you with the opportunity to work on specific parts of your body. It includes a variety of exercises that you can incorporate in your existing gym routine, working on both compound muscles and isolation muscles. Get Fit for the Games-Peta Bee Synopsis: The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are not just events for athletes hoping to win medals, they are also realsitic dates by which we can all improve our fitness. Get fit for for the Games is the official London 2012 book for anyone wishing to improve their levels of exercise and general well-being in the run up to the Games. Written by leading fitness journalist, Peta Bee, and featuring a forward by gold medallist Victoria Pendleton MBE, the 70 exercises in the book are illustrated with step-by-step photographs. The book is for sale at: You can also purchase the ebook version on the iBook store and for any Kindle Hot Brands Cool Places As highlighted in the book, the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are not just events for athletes hoping to win medals, the Games themselves can act as motivation for the rest of us. The content covers everything from health and safety tips and warming up to the exercises that are right for you. The exercises are divided into divided into Bronze(Beginner) Silver (Intermediate) Gold(Advanced) There are also cool down exercises and why it is so important and the practicalities of staying fit and healthy, as well as guidance on nutrition, motivation and equipment. Special Note: As the authors and publishers recommend it is always important to read the disclaimer information at the front of the books, and consult with your doctor before undertaking any of the activities particularly if you have any health problems, or medical conditions, and you should always consider your own safety and that of others when undertaking any activity. This also applles to the two books below, always seek medical advice about any nutritional and dietary concerns. As well as becoming fitter through exercise it is possible to improve your wellness by looking at your lifestyle and what you eat. Below are two books which examine some of the underlying causes of why we may not be operating at peak fitness.

The De-Stress Diet The Revolutionary Lifestyle Plan for a Calmer, Slimmer You – By Anna Magee and Charlotte Watts Synopsis: Slim and calm. Those short words are two of the most sought-after results many people - especially women - hope for from a new health regime. Yet in reality what they often get is irritability and weight that refuses to stay off. The De-Stress Diet turns the powerful - now well-proven - connection between stress and excess weight to your advantage, showing you how you can eat, relax and gently exercise your way to a better body for life. It will: • help you release excess weight and free yourself from the physical and mental effects of stress without starving, counting calories or overexercising • bring you the new science of smart, not hard, fitness that calms, energises and sculpts the body Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict This book examines lifestyle and helps you to identify where stress is impacting on your daily life. This is followed by a six week plan to help you de-stress your eating and finally how to create a de-stress lifestyle, including a section on Calm for Life. Are You Tired and Wired? Your Proven 30-day Program for Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue and Feeling Fantastic Again – By Marcelle Pick Synopsis: Do you wake up every morning feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed? Are you constantly reaching for coffee, soft drinks or some other promise of energy just to keep yourself going? Do you struggle through the day - tired, irritable, forgetful, depressed and craving sweets - only to have trouble sleeping at night? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions - you’re not alone. In fact, hundreds of thousands of women are fighting these same feelings as they strive to live the lives they want. • Discover the hidden epidemic of adrenal dysfunction that is the root cause of major health problems • Find out why the modern world causes our adrenal glands to become overloaded and the simple plan that breaks free from this dangerous pattern Hot Brands Cool Places Verdict This book looks specifically at Adrenal Dysfunction and discusses how you can recognize the symptoms and creates a 30-day plan of diet and lifestyle changes to help you overcome them. There is also a helpful section on Exercise and Lifestyle.

DISCOVER THE WORLD Discover the World have been creating inspiring tailor-made holidays to Iceland for 30 years. Whether you’re into the northern lights, volcanoes, waterfalls, wildlife, romance or adventure, we can create the perfect holiday for you, from independent self drives to small group touring.

CONDÉ NAST JOHANSENS Kick start the New Year with a luxurious getaway to a Condé Nast Johansens recommended property. Featuring a unique collection of the very best luxury hotels, spas and villas from around the world, with some fantastic offers to be had, whether you fancy a beach escape, spa break or ski holiday you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Jump into Spring with these fabulous new beauty products! As we come out of winter and into spring, our hands and bodies are often in extra need of nourishment, here are a fabulous collection of products to help moisturise and nourish. Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream has been specially formulated with a combination of lipid-rich oils including Omega 7, Avellana seed oil, Macademia seed oil, virgin plum oil and camellia seed oil delivered in a unique silicon-free balm textured cream It is designed to stay on the skin’s surface and condition at a deeper level, without leaving an ‘oily’ or ‘tacky’ after-feel. Skin is left protected, nourished and smooth and nails look distinctly stronger. The aromatic of white flowers: magnolia and jasmine combine to make this a true delight to use, daily. Available from, nationwide spas/salons, selected John Lewis, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols stores or mail order via Elemis Customer Care on 0117 316 1888 Aveeno Skin Relief - £4.99 for 200ml or £6.99 for 300ml £6.99 The dry skin experts from Aveeno® have spent years harnessing the power of Active Naturals™ such as oats. Aveeno® Skin Relief Lotion contains a triple oat complex to help skin stay hydrated and moisturised. Combining naturally-active, finelymilled oats, rich emollients and Shea Butter, it instantly and intensely soothes and nourishes very dry, sensitive skin. Plus, it’s proven to relieve all symptoms of winter skin – dryness, flakiness, roughness and irritation – in just one day. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream £3.99 Developed with dermatologists, the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream (Scented and Unscented) is a rich formulation containing nearly 40% glycerine and is ideal for sufferers of dry skin. The Norwegian Formula Hand Cream instantly relieves dry and chapped hands by restoring and protecting the skin barrier – just a dab provides lasting 24 hour moisture so there are over 200 applications in every tube! Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Body Lotion £4.99 for 250ml or £6.99 for 400ml - The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Deep Moisture Body Lotion has a unique formulation which has been clinically proven to deliver active moisture up to 10 layers deep into the skin thanks to its key ingredient, glycerine. It also contains a humectant sugar derivative complex which attracts water and helps hold it into the skin, to create your perfect winter base. Available from Boots or via the stockist: 01628 82 2222

Hot Brands Cool Places Travel & Lifestyle Magazine 2012  

Welcome to our first issue of 2012! In this issue we have different ways of making this year the year when we get fitter and focus more on o...

Hot Brands Cool Places Travel & Lifestyle Magazine 2012  

Welcome to our first issue of 2012! In this issue we have different ways of making this year the year when we get fitter and focus more on o...