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The magazine for harness racing and horse loving kids!! Summer 2012

2012 NZ Trotting Cup winning driver Ricky May presenting the 2012 Kidz Kartz NZ Trotting Cup to winning driver Taitlyn Hanara, with Jacob Dunn holding Harry’s sign

Hay Hay Hay It’s me, your old mate Hopples here for the very last time! That’s right I am off to try my hoof at some new pasture with the New Zealand Racing Board. I am teaming up with a new gelding in town. His name is Stirrup and he will be helping me out with the Kids Go Racing throughout New Zealand. Kids Go Racing is now covering thoroughbred race meetings as well as 17 harness meetings around the country. So with all this extra work I needed a helping hoof to make sure we were able to get to all the meetings in both the North and South Island. You know I can’t wait for my first race meeting, which is at one of my favourite tracks Patterson Park in Westport on December 26 and I’ll get to catch up with me old mate “Reedy”. If you are going to a Kids Go Racing meeting (you can find out where they are by checking the out our map on page 16 of this edition of Hot 2 Trot) make sure you come say hello, give me a high hoof and wish me luck in my new adventures.

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That is enough about me. You will love this edition of Hot 2 Trot. It is filled with lots of articles and pictures and we show case the Kidz Kartz New Zealand Trotting Cup and its Prelude. There is a wonderful story from Taitlyn Hanara about her win in the NZ Kidz Kartz Trotting Cup and just what it meant to her and her pony Harry, as well as a piece from the Prelude winner Anthony Slaney. All the drivers tell us what they thought about both of the races and how their ponies ran in each of them. Speaking of Cup Week we give you a review of the big winners from New Zealand’s biggest race day including Terror to Loves second New Zealand Cup win. Speaking of the New Zealand Cup did you know it was super driver Ricky May’s sixth win in the race. Holy Moly that is some sort of achievement!!! You have got to meet my latest pal. His name is Woody and he is like super cute! He is an orphan foal but he has the best human Mum and Dad in the world who take extra special care of him so he can grow up to be the best racehorse he can! By the way Woody needs a race name - if you have some suggestions make sure you send them in details are on page 13.

Then of course we are continuing our feature on Kidz Kartz graduates and we speak to a man of very few words but who likes to go fast on the back of thoroughbreds. Yes one of Waikato’s Kidz Kartz club former members is apprentice jockey Josh Oliver and he tells us how Kidz Kartz helped him get to where he is today. So that is my lot, I am handing over the reins and heading off to pastures green but make sure you look after the new man who is in need of a name. Check out the competition on page 2. In the meantime don’t forget to slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat to keep yourself protected from the sun as you lie back and enjoy the entertainment at the races, and most importantly this edition of Hot 2 Trot.

Ciao, Hopples

at Kids Go Racing! Competition So you have heard our editor Hopples is on the move to pastures greener and we are looking for a name for our new editor. Some of the suggestions so far include: Murph (Murphy Blind) Shadow (Shadow Roll) Happy (Happy Bit) Ed (Mister Ed, the talking horse)

So as you can see we need help for a new name. If you have an idea send it to us. Hot2Trot Editor Competition PO Box 459 Christchurch 8140 or email

d n a l a e Z w e N z t r a p u K C z Kid Trotting Third was Dimmy and Sheree Tomlinson who, after misbehaving at the start put, in a huge performance to take their placing. The Kidz Kartz New Zealand Trotting Cup sponsored by Kidz Kartz and harness racing enthusiast Reg Storer of Storer Motors, was a wonderful spectacle. Mark McNamara had his work cut out for him as the ponies swung the corner five wide with all those runners having a chance of taking the crown! New Zealand Cup Week has been and gone. It was another thrilling event in the lives of harness enthusiasts all over the country especially two very happy North Island Kidz Kartz drivers who have taken all the spoils home with them. Yes that is right the Kidz Kartz New Zealand Cup and its Prelude have left southern shores and crossed the Cook Strait to their new homes, Counties and Waikato, for the next year. Anthony Slaney and his mare Karapiro Reactor found the grass to their liking and took out the Kidz Kartz New Zealand Cup Prelude for 2012. Sponsored by Templeton Medical Centre, which was held on Couplands Mile Day at Riccarton Park. The victory was the first major win for the relatively new combination and they will be a force to contend with over the summer on the grass tracks in the North. Second was Ricki and driver Taylor Pereira. It was Ricki’s third time competing for the Prelude and Cup but only Taylor’s first time, so the second placing was a fantastic result for the pair.

The crown ended up being won by Taitlyn Hanara and Harry who did not put a hoof out of place on their drive to victory. Harry has competed in each and every Kidz Kartz New Zealand Trotting Cups for the MacKinnon brothers, Jack and Oliver. However, this year was his first taste of success. Taitlyn has had two previous starts and this too was her first success. Dimmy and Sheree Tomlinson improved their third placing in the Prelude to cross the line in second place. Had it not been for a gallop for two strides 50 metres out, it would have been a lot closer margin between first and second. Third placing went to last year’s winner, the ever consistent Frisbee and driver Kerryn Tomlinson. It was a fantastic week for all involved and there are some people we would like to thank as they helped us make the week such a success! Firstly we would like to thank our wonderful sponsors Reg Storer of Storer Motors who sponsored the Kidz Kartz New Zealand Trotting Cup. Reg is a harness racing enthusiast and owner. His daughter Bella is a Kidz Kartz driver herself (pictured above left).

Thank you to Peter Wilkinson of Templeton Medical Centre who sponsored the Kidz Kartz New Zealand Cup Prelude. He and his family are great racing supporters with daughter Emily a Kidz Kartz driver also. We would also like to thank Lindsay Boulton of New Zealand Horse Movers whose generous support has enabled us to get Northern ponies to Canterbury, and home again. We would also like to thank Joy and Fred Morris who gave the Northern ponies such a wonderful home during their stay in Christchurch. This year the drivers asked one of their favourite harness drivers/owners to help sponsor them to compete in Christchurch and there was fantastic support. So a big thank you to all sponsors of our Kidz Kartz competitors and a special thank you to Maurice McKendry for his sponsorship too. So that is a wrap of the biggest week of the year for Kidz Kartz. Check out what each of the drivers had to say about their runs in both the Cup and Prelude. Also take a read on each of our big winners Anthony and Karapiro Reactor and of course Taitlyn and Harry. Driver


Taylor Pereira Ricki Taitlyn Hanara Harry Olivia Montgomery Jelly Jassinta Cooper Betsy Boo Maddy Grayling Lightning Jamie Coyle Bennenbroek Clyde Tarryn Jones TJ’s Gem Sheree Tomlinson Dimmy Kerryn Tomlinson Frisbee Anthony Slaney Karapiro Reactor Johnny Morrison Tiny Tim

t h g u o rs Th

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1st Taitlyn Hanara & Harry

We were slow away from the start so I just let him settle. He worked his way around the field then hit the front coming down the straight. He skipped a few strides so I had to hold him to stop him galloping. But we held out Dimmy, who I could hear coming up fast behind us.

2nd Sheree Tomlinson & Dimmy

Dimmy missed the start, as we can do, but we worked our way past the other runners. He was trotting really well. I thought I could win but about 25 metres from the line he galloped for two strides, which cost us valuable ground. The leader was trotting too well to catch and it was a gutting second for me. We had a great time and it was wonderful to see the replay and see five ponies come around the final bend together. Thank you to all the people who sponsored and gave their time to make this week happen.

3rd Kerryn Tomlinson & Frisbee

Frisbee and I were really nervous before the race. Frisbee hopped and skipped at the beginning but trotted down the back straight a lot better. Sponsor Tony Herlihy Joshua Dickie Dexter Dunn Blair Orange Steve & Steph Cornwell Todd MacFarlane Mark Jones Natalie Rasmussen Jim Curtin Nicky Chilcott Ricky May

We got past a few ponies going around the final bend. In the home straight we made a really good burst but the finish line came too soon! Frisbee and I got third.

4th Taylor Pereira & Ricki

I was a bit disappointed on Cup Day as Ricki was leading for half of the race but he was being a bit naughty and started putting in a few bad skips after I had an AMAZING START! Ricki did well again with a close placing of fourth. I was very proud of Ricki and we had a really cool time.

5th Tarryn Jones & TJ’s Gem

I was always going to keep her wide early so she trotted in a straight line just to get her settled. She did trot for the first 50 metres but then broke a couple of times which cost us a lot of ground. I kept wide staying out of the other ponies way and I made up a lot of ground in the straight when Gem was finally trotting like I know she can!

6th Olivia Montgomery & Jelly

I was very nervous before the big race as I was number one, so I had to lead everyone else out onto the track. Jelly has a very slow walk so we probably held all the other ponies up. She didn’t gallop in the race and trotted along well which was what I wanted her to do. I have learnt a lot from racing in the New Zealand Cup and I’m very happy that Jelly and I managed to finish in the middle of the field.

7th JamieCoyle Bennenbroek & Clyde

Clyde was quick away again from the start and he was trotting really well along the back straight maintaining his second spot. When we went around the corner for home, we were cut off and we lost a lot of ground, but Clyde still stormed home.

8th Johnny Morrison & Tiny Tim

We began well and stayed wide keeping out of the road of the other runners early. We then eased to the inside down the back straight. We were making ground when he broke in the straight and that was our race. But it was a great thrill to be in the NZ Cup. We got ‘Best Presented’ for the race which was awesome!

9th Anthony Slaney & Karapiro Reactor

I was worried from the time we stepped on the track as she galloped in the warm up. At the start of the race she galloped away but I got her back trotting. She galloped again at the 600m mark then the 400m mark and that was our race.

10th Jassinta Cooper & Betsy Boo

The Cup was a bit like the Prelude except this time she had a tongue tie on. At the start she had to fight against Clyde to get the lead. As she got to the last corner the tongue tie must have broke in her mouth and that set her off a bit. She galloped for four or five strides as a pony came down towards her turning for home and I had to take a hold. She still ended up close to the back of the field and trotted over the line. I was really happy with her because of our achievement together that we set out to accomplish. She has only had about four months racing all up in her career as a Kidz Kartz pony and to get into the Cup was just awesome. I didn’t mind coming 10th as we where both new and we had a lot of fun trying our best and that was all we both cared about.

11th Maddy Grayling & Lightning

He galloped the entire way in the warm up so we put an under check on him to try keep his head down so I could pull him up if he galloped. He packed a sad at the start and started backing up and wouldn’t go forward so we actually started on about the 10m mark. He did step good but when TJ’s Gem came past he broke badly and I had to completely stop him, but he managed to trot well for the last 50m.

Taitlyn & Harry

- Kidz Kartz NZ Trotting Cup Champions!

“I’m actually lost for words still. I’ve been hooked on winning this race since I first came on Teddy”

How does it feel to be the winner of the 2012 Kidz Kartz New Zealand Trotting Cup? It’s really great. I’m actually lost for words on that one still. I’ve been hooked on winning this race since I first came on Teddy. How long have you and Harry been a team? This is my first season with Harry, but I have had him to race over summer or parts of the season for the last 2 years when Oliver or Jack went away on holiday. Our place was his holiday farm basically.

“Mum always said ‘if you don’t believe in them, how do you expect them to try for you?’ I can only blame myself if things go wrong really but all my ponies try really hard for me”

Harry has competed in all four Cups, twice for Jack MacKinnon, once for Oliver MacKinnon and once for you. How was it that you came away with the big win? He’s probably like the good NZ Cup horses, as his body gets fitter things start to basically go ouch on him. So there’s a lot of hard work keeping his body right. Thanks to Clare McGowan and recently Sheridan Phillips who did work on him; his body is the best it has ever been. He’s also just about lived in a magnetic rug this season as well, which has really helped keep his body right. He has some weird niggles that make him go naturally in the shape of a banana so he gets regular visits from the “GG fixers” to stay on top of things. He’s going just about straight now so is having to learn where to put his legs all over again. Farrier John Smith also has done some new work on him, doing what you probably shouldn’t do with trotters by putting aluminium shoes on all round and shortening up his toes. He picks his legs up quicker this season to help speed him up, even though now he sometimes gets a bit too fast and legs can also get in a tangle. It just means I have to do my job to help him, but we just click really. He really likes me and I really like him and that’s important in a team in racing, I think. Mum always said “If you don’t believe in them, how do you expect them to try for you?’ I can only blame myself if things go wrong really but all my ponies try really hard for me. Did you have a plan on how you would drive in the Cup? And did everything go to plan? Yes I had a plan which was not to panic basically. He can be slow at getting away and he can get his legs in a tangle trying too hard to keep up. I just had to make him wait until he settled then we went for it. He has a mean sprint finish and can sprint three or four times if need be for big distances. So being off them turning for home wasn’t really going to be a problem, as long as I was handy enough. Everything went to plan, although he didn’t trot as good as he can as he was trying too hard to get to the front! Were you nervous before the race? No, not this year. I had a lot of faith in Harry and me this year. I stayed completely focused on the job ahead which Mum and I had planned before the season started, as the big aim was the NZ Cup. We actually planned three months beforehand where he needed to be and everything ran like clockwork for us.

How was Harry’s form leading up to the race? Well we didn’t want to race him right handed at all, but we couldn’t get trials left-handed so we had to. (Counties do their racing on the right handed Alexandra Park). He went well in his lead up races with some good placings off huge handicaps. He went extra good in the last time trials against Ricki, who is a really good pony up North who can test Harry for sure. Harry can be really lazy, so it’s nice to have a pony to race against him again and test him without having to be 100 metres in front of him. I was pleased with him coming into the race for sure. He likes to race fresh and doesn’t like a lot of work once he is fit. So getting trials out of the way earlier was always the plan as well so he could freshen up for the trip down. What can you tell us about Harry? He thinks he owns the farm really, but Lightning (also a 2012 NZ Kidz Kartz Trotting Cup contender) has other thoughts on that subject. He thinks he is a real racehorse so he likes to be stabled at night and inside if it rains. He’s got a cool character but does push the limits with humans and horses here. Our ponies are part of our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way. He is a brat when it comes to covers though, he likes to rip the other ponies covers just for fun. He also wants his bandages off as soon as he has finished racing, or he will kick and carry on until you do; as we saw in the winners circle. What did you get up to while in Christchurch? We went to see the Red Zone, visited Lyttleton, swum at Jellie Park, visited Dave and Clare McGowan, Pure Power and Herbie’s Dream, went to NZ Cup Day to watch the big horses and attended the Royal A&P Show. I also caught up with my Nana, Granddad and a few of my aunties, uncles and cousins who live down there as well. Continued on following page

How was the trip from Counties to Christchurch? How did Harry travel? Really good. Mum and Deb Coyle drove him down with three others this year, so he got to get out and have a break, drink and something to eat every three to four hours. He arrived down really well this year which was a big bonus as he doesn’t travel that well cause of his old injuries, he can’t actually stand up like other horses can. In trucks he has to be able to move around to where he likes to stand as while travelling he doesn’t like facing forward, so we don’t use dividers with him. All the North Island ponies stayed at “Yaldy Farm” of Joy and Fred Morris. I understand the hospitality was wonderful. Can you tell us about Harry’s home away from home? He thought it was wonderful. He didn’t quite like his box because he couldn’t put his head out to be nosey as his one at home is really open and he can see everything happening on the farm. But he is pretty good in new places and all his mates were there for him to annoy.

“We have a few kids hang out at our place but Mum loves giving those that don’t get the opportunity to do things like this. Kids seem to adopt my mum and our ponies”

This is your second attempt at the Prelude and Cup. Do you think it helped having competed in two races previously? It definitely helped as I knew the South Island ponies and drivers and just how things are done, which is a lot different to up North. Tell us about your previous starts in Christchurch? First attempt – Kingslea Teddy Bear. Our stallion. Not sure if I can comment, as he left me sitting on the ground at the start at Riccarton and managed to win without me. But he also galloped the whole way. He didn’t start in the Cup as we just weren’t sure why he changed down in Christchurch as he goes so good up home. So after he bolted the year before with my sister, organisers decided to scratch him, which I didn’t mind as the NZ Cup would have been even more hype, and I didn’t want to upset other ponies in the race either.

Second attempt – Lightning. Our old reliable, who for some reason also doesn’t like it down there either. It was a big ask for him as he is a top performing pony over 600 metres or more, but he qualified to go and was going really well before heading down. So I thought we would give it a go. We couldn’t get him 100 percent right so not sure what went on with him as he didn’t want to even be there which isn’t normal for him. Third attempt – Harry. Not such an easy drive compared to the other two as I have to stay awake 24/7 on him unlike some of the others we have. But he definitely has the major talent when it comes to racing. My favourite for sure (just don’t tell Lightning that!) Which do you prefer - grass or all-weather surface? All Weather but I do like Ruakaka grass track as have won five out of the last six races up there in the last three years. Your family have Pony Power Racing Stables and you had two other runners in the race - Betsy Boo and Lightning. That is a fantastic achievement. Our family farm name is really Awatea Farms, but our pony race stable name “Pony Power” is what my brother Bailey came up with one day as a joke last season, but it’s definitely stuck now. It was for all the owners of ponies we had here to sort out, work or sell, so they could see how their ponies were performing. Now it’s for all the kids that either come here to drive the ponies we have or graze their own ponies. They are all part of Pony Power Racing Stables. We have a few kids hang out at our place but Mum loves giving those that don’t get the opportunity to do things like this. Kids seem to adopt my Mum and our ponies. Who did the work with the other two runners? We broke Betsy in but Jassinta Cooper did most of the work with her for the Cup and the start of her career. I only jump on if something isn’t quite working for Jassinta to see if I can help her out. It was a huge achievement for Jassinta with Betsy just making it in the field to be honest. Betsy only started Kidz Kartz racing at the end on January so has only had about four months racing before the NZ Cup. She had only done the 600 metre distance last season. She has major talent so another year under her belt and she will be something to watch in the next few years! I haven’t met anything that can start like she can. She’s just got to learn to start, come back then take a breather so she can go again. She was a rescue pony a friend of Mum’s saved and Counties has now bought her as a club pony but we look after her as she’s very strict about sticking to routines. I do the work at home on Lightning as he is fussy with his drivers and likes to think he’s in full control at all times. He definitely owns the place here. If he could talk he would do nothing but moan I am sure of. He tells us who is annoying him in the paddock and where to massage and brush him. He especially growls when his food is late. He has been a great pony for our whole family and my niece will start driving him in three years time. He loves the learner kids at our fun race days and always wins races with them, as he likes the big cuddles and pats he gets after. His big aim will be the Manukau Cup with me this season which is over the 600 metre distance.

“Mum is the one that has taught me how to be the horse person I am today, I definitely owe a lot to my Mum”

Will you be back next year to defend your title? Mum has said no, but of course I will be back!!! I will work on Mum. I love this race and will keep going until I’m too old. I have Harry to use until I finish Kidz Kartz thanks to Gayleen (MacKinnon) and her family. So we will be back for next season, as long as he qualifies. What other races will you set Harry for this season? Auckland Cup is his next big one for Harry. He will have a few 800 metre races during the season, but that’s his next big aim for sure.

Congratulations Taitlyn! Check out these photos from the 2012 Storer Motors Kidz Kartz New Zealand Trotting Cup Who would you like to thank? Well where do I start. I would like to thank Gayleen, Courtney, Jack and Oliver MacKinnon (Harry’s owners), John Smith (Farrier) Clare McGowan (Physio) Sheridan Phillips (Another ‘fix-it-man’ we have used when Clare’s busy), Aunty Rachael Hills for her ongoing support and advice, Tim Montgomery and Pukekohe and Waiuku Vets for the team covers, t-shirts and hats, Counties Kidz Kartz for the support they gave us to get down to Christchurch, Joshua Dickie for his driver sponsorship, Tim Vince for team sponsorship and Dave and Clare McGowan for letting me use Special Force’s old Elitlopp colours to race in. Thank you to the Nicholson Family who kept all the other ponies in work while we where away as we have twelve race ponies. A huge thank you goes to Templeton Medical Centre and Storer Motors for their fantastic race sponsorship, also NZ Horse Movers for their help in transporting the ponies. Joy and Fred Morris for letting the ponies stay at their place this year. Thank you Joy for the new halters and everything else she did for us while we were down - we really wanted to take her home with us! Also Yaldhurst Hotel and Robbie’s Restaurant for their sponsorship while we were in Christchurch. I would also like to thank all the organisers of the Kidz Kartz NZ Cup races in Canterbury my family - Dad, Jaeden, Bailey, Dejon and Nana and also Shamrock, Oruarangi and Mare, for letting me take up so much of our family time to do what I like to do. The biggest thank you is to my Mum. She funds everything for me with the ponies and racing, and supports me all the way. She helps a lot with keeping the ponies in one piece so they stay in good shape for me and other drivers to race. Mum is the one that has taught me how to be the horse person I am today. I definitely owe a lot to my Mum. And thank you to everyone that congratulated me. Mum and I were bombarded with congratulatory phone calls after the race!

What the Drivers Thought - Kidz Kartz NZ Trotting Cup Prelude 1st Anthony Slaney & Karapiro Reactor

It was a great day. I started off 30 metres. We trotted away and I got to the front at the 600 and then Ricki came up inside us at the 50 metre mark. My pony galloped for a few strides but she came back down to beat Ricki.

4th Olivia Montgomery & Jelly

Jelly put in a couple of rough strides but settled into a steady trot. I tried to stay close to the inside rail as the track is so big. I didn’t feel she went her best race but I was more worried about her breaking. But she didn’t, so I’m very happy. Jelly and I were awarded ‘Best Presented’. I’m very proud of her.

5th Taitlyn Hanara & Harry

2nd Taylor Pereira & Ricki

I had a bad start as Ricki galloped a bit but I soon got him back into a trot. Ricki and I stuck to the inside for the whole race (except when passing the other ponies) Ricki did me proud and we ran in at a close placing, for second. It could have been the wind but Ricki shied at something just before the finishing post.

3rd Sheree Tomlinson & Dimmy

We were slow away and Dimmy handicapped himself about 30 metres for being naughty. I then chose to stay wide to avoid other runners and Dimmy ran home really well for third.

It was a day to forget being just two days out from the Kidz Kartz NZ Trotting Cup. Harry trotted the roughest he has all season. He just going way too fast and his new under check was too loose, so he just climbed instead of going forward. He settled at around the 100 metre mark and ran home huge.

6th Kerryn Tomlinson & Frisbee

At the start of the race Frisbee took off slowly and trotted roughly for three or four strides and then broke. He came straight back to a trot to finish well.

7th Jamie Coyle Bennenbroek & Clyde

Clyde was quick away from the start but went a bit rough so we lost a little bit of ground. But he picked up the pace and went well the rest of the race.

8th Johnny Morrison & Tiny Tim

We were slow away so I went to the inside of the track to cover less ground around the bend. In the straight he was held up a wee bit.

9th Tarryn Jones & TJ’s Gem

Gem just did not want any part of today. She kept throwing her head and galloping. She never really settled at all, which was so out of character for her after her great lead up trials.

10th Jassinta Cooper & Betsy Boo

Betsy had an awesome start and led for most of the race, but as she rounded the corner to the straight the back mark runners caught her up. Betsy wasn’t so sure on what to do so she galloped a little bit. I pulled her back to a trot after she had lost some ground, but in the end she got back on track. We ended up doing better than I thought she would as she trotted well to the finish.

11th Maddy Grayling & Lightning

Lightning was really good in the preliminary but during the race he managed one stride of trotting and then just went into an uncontrollable gallop. So we will forget that race.

Anthony Slaney & Karapiro Reactor - Kidz Kartz NZ Trotting Cup Prelude Winners How did you feel being selected for the Kidz Kartz NZ Trotting Cup? Excited to qualify as it was a huge effort just to get Karapiro Reactor (Lilly) racing again. How long have you had Karapiro Reactor (Lilly)? Three years on Christmas Day. Lilly has had some trouble with her legs. Tell us about that and about her. She bowed a tendon in her right front leg and spent six weeks in the box. After that I slowly brought her back into work. Lilly had only had five races for two wins before she went to Christchurch. How did Lilly travel on the trip to Christchurch from Waikato? Great, but when she got off the truck her leg was a little swollen, although she was fine. Lindsay from NZ Horse Movers did a great job looking after the ponies on the two day trip. All the North Island ponies stayed at “Yaldy Lodge” of Joy and Fred Morris. I understand the hospitality was wonderful. Can you tell us about Lilly’s home away from home? “Yaldy Lodge” was great. The stables and track were good. Lilly loved staying there! Lilly didn’t seem to mind being so close to the airport. Joy’s miniature horse Billy became her stable and paddock mate. Lilly is used to staying in a box every night and so it was great to have such a nice barn at “Yaldy Lodge” for her.

What did you get up to while in Christchurch? I went to Sumner and the CBD to look at the earthquake damage. It was like a bomb had ripped through the City. We were also given tickets to the A&P Show, which was really cool. What was the schedule like for the week? I enjoyed being first up and out to the stables each morning. The highlights for me were being able to attend NZ Cup Day on the Tuesday, then of course the two Kidz Kartz race days and having BBQs and meals with the other competitors from Christchurch. It was also really good to have some free time in between so we could get some sightseeing in. This is your third attempt at the Prelude and Cup. Do you think it helped having competed in two races previously? I think it definitely helped knowing both the Riccarton and Addington tracks. But because it is Lilly’s first time racing in Christchurch, as a combination it was just like the first year racing against the other drivers in the same situation.

Which do you prefer grass or allweather surface? I prefer the all-weather surface as a driver but Lilly must like the grass. Tell us about Nicky Chilcott, your sponsor for travelling to Christchurch. Nicky is a member of the Waikato Kidz Kartz and is really well liked by all the kids. Nicky gives so much to the Club and is always willing to spend her own time sharing her driving knowledge to the drivers on Club nights. I asked Nicky to sponsor me for my trip and was rapt when she said yes. I hope I did the White Star Stables proud. What are your future plans? In regards to Kidz Kartz the plan will be to win the Kidz Kartz NZ Trotting Cup, the Auckland Cup, the Waikato Cup, the Tokoroa Greyhound Racing South Waikato Kids Kartz Cup for the third time and the Shery Tafft Memorial Cup. I would like to become a junior driver in the future and race for the big trophies around the world. I would like to thank Canterbury Kidz Kartz and Pony Trust for holding the event. I would also like to thank Peter and Wendy (Ferguson) and all the team at Waikato Kidz Kartz. Thank you to Joy and Fred Morris, Andrew and Lynn Neal, Ross Paynter, Phillip Butcher, Nicky Chilcott, Lindsay Boulton, my family, Mrs Cannon, Dunstan Feeds and Dr Peter Wilkinson and his family (Templeton Medical Centre). And I would like to congratulate Taitlyn and Harry for their big win.

Terror To Love

Franco Nelson

f o s r a t S e h T d n a l a e Z New W e ek Cup

Not only were the Kidz Kartz ponies and drivers on show during Cup Week, so too were the big racehorses. Over two days at Addington Raceway, thousands of people witnessed history being made on the track while enjoying the festivities and activities off track. These days are known as New Zealand Cup Day, which is held on the second Tuesday in November and Christchurch Show Day, which is on that Friday. NZ Cup Day is the biggest day for harness racing and the whole week is celebrated by Cantabrians with thoroughbred races, greyhound races, the Canterbury A&P Show and the region’s Anniversary holiday.

ay D p u C

On NZ Cup Day there are three Group One races held, with the NZ Trotting Cup the most exciting of them all. This race is for the very best standardbreds. Horses from Australia even travel to Christchurch to race in it! Last year a young four-year-old called Terror To Love won his first NZ Trotting Cup and this year he was back to defend his title. And that is exactly what he did! The star pacer ran a tough race to charge home through a wall of top-class horses to win his second NZ Trotting Cup for a very proud owner Terry McDonald – did you know he lost a tooth the night before NZ Cup Day? So he put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy to bring him and Terror To Love good luck! It was also a wonderful win for his trainers, the father and son team of Graham and Paul Court. Terror To Love’s driver Ricky May was very happy with the win – he became only the second person to win six NZ Trotting Cups! Wow! For the young horses, the Group One race is the NZ Sires Stakes for the three-year-old colts and geldings (boys).

It was an action-packed race which had everyone at Addington Raceway on the edge of their seats. The majority of people thought Franco Nelson would win but nothing was going his way. However with a confident Craig Thornley in the sulky and a mistake from another horse, Franco Nelson seized an opportunity then ran his heart out to cross the line first for his very happy owners, Clive and Rona McKay. It was his first Group One win and a very proud moment for Spreydon Lodge. I Can Doosit is NZ’s top trotter right now, however he wants to prove he is NZ’s top trotter – ever. This path to glory includes the two NZ Cup Week races with the first held on NZ Cup Day -the NZ Trotting Free-For-All. Everyone loves the extremely talented I Can Doosit, so with thousands of people cheering for him, the pressure was on. Not that you would ever know that. I Can Doosit was cool, calm and collected – he won the race by over three lengths and broke the NZ record by four seconds! But the week was not over, Christchurch Show Day was still to come….

I Can Doosit

y a D w o Anniversary Day is h also known as Show Day, and S Canterbury is held three days

after NZ Cup Day on the Friday. Addington Raceway once again plays host to a premier day of fabulous racing. Many horses race for a second time including I Can Doosit who was aiming for the Dominion, a race his trainer Mark Purdon was yet to win. Could I Can Doosit beat them again? Of course he could ‘doosit’, but they didn’t make it easy. He had some tough competition, however the horse known as ‘Lucky’ around the stables was very lucky for his owners Ken and Karen Breckon. This was his 17th win in a row, and the 34th of his career – he is well and truly on the way to becoming NZ’s greatest trotter. Many of the NZ Trotting Cup horses were also back on Show Day for the NZ Free-For-All, a short mile race for the top pacers. Terror To Love was hoping to go back-toback after Tuesday’s win, but his arch-rival Gold Ace would not let that happen. The five-year-olds have been racing

Gold Ace

against each other since they were two-years-old and it is always a close battle on the racetrack. But just like Tuesday was Terror To Love’s day in the sun, Friday was meant for Gold Ace. The Steven-Reid trained pacer took charge of the race early on, leading right through to the finish and in blistering speed too – he set a track record for Addington Raceway of 1.52.6, while that also beat Auckland Reactor’s NZ Record. There were 21 winning horses over NZ Cup Week, with hundreds of thrilled owners, happy spectators and proud trainers, drivers and stable staff. Look out for these winners from NZ Cup Week, they may even be at the races you are attending – how exciting! Adore Me, All Star Man, Christen Me, Democracy, Easy On The Eye, Elusive Chick, Franco Nelson, Gold Ace, Highview Teejay, I Can Doosit, Jivin Cullen, Kabet, Master Lavros , Mossdale Conner, Smiling Star, Smolda, Springbank Sam, Stingray, Stunin Cullen, Terror To Love, Theycallmesam.


In this edition we caught up with Woody, a very special foal who lives at Twisted Stick Lodge. We asked his human parents Blair and Lyn O’Connell about taking care of him. Meet Woody the Orphan Foal Woody was born on the 14th of October 2012, and his Mum died on the 23rd of October. Being left with a ten day old foal was not much fun. Scary for us, and I’m sure scary for him. Given that Woody was born fairly early in the season, there were not any surrogate mares around at the time that were available to us that we could try and foster him on to. Therefore it left us with only one option – we had to raise him ourselves. For those that are not sure what a surrogate mare is – it means another mare that has lost her own foal that still has plenty of milk and could look after another foal that had lost their mum. So where do you live and how has it been caring for Woody? We are based in Canterbury approximately half an hour on the outskirts of Christchurch, just past Motukarara in McQueens Valley. We breed on average six foals a year with the intention of selling them through the Yearling Sales. When Woody became an orphan foal, we were in this position for the first time and realised we would have to raise Woody. It has definitely been a learning curve, and now a specialised skill I think we can add to our CV, among many other things. Who are his parents? Sire (his father) “The Pres” and Dam (his mother) “Just A Moment”. His mother is a half sister to one of NZ’s champion trotters in recent years called “Take A Moment” and had been trained by Tim Butt. Stable Name – Woody. It really was by pure chance that we came up with this name. It was a matter of us thinking “would he” survive? Would we be able to take care of him if we couldn’t find him a surrogate mother? There were so many times we had said “would he”, that it just sounded like Woody and that is how his name came to fruition. What about a race name? No not as yet – all suggestions would be welcome!

“He arches his neck and stands there in front of you as if to say ‘well hurry up I’m waiting for my massage’ ”

How about we give Lyn and Blair a helping hand to name Woody for racing. Remember his Dad (Sire) is The Pres and his Mum (Dam) is Just a Moment.. Send your suggestions to us here at Hot 2 Trot, C/- Po Box 459, Christchurch 8140 or, and we will pass them on.

How do you feed Woody? We were fortunate enough that although he had lost his Mum, he had received the most important thing, colostrum from her that would help him grow into a nice strong foal, and also provide him with some immunity. We feed him with milk powder (similar to that of baby formula). Right from the word go, Woody refused to take a bottle it was just not his thing and being a colt he was not going to be seen drinking from a bottle. So along came a bucket! We had noticed he was quite happy to have a sip of water from a bucket, so decided rather than try to keep persevering with the bottle he could just have his milk in a bucket. He was quite happy with this! As he is still a foal (baby horse), do you have to get up during the night to feed him? Yes – we get up during the night to feed him and take turns so it makes it a bit easier. Although it sounds tiring it’s not as bad as it seems. We just make up his milk powder in the bucket and take it out to him and he is quite happy to drink by himself. As a general rule we feed him every three to four hours, and he can easily drink three litres at a time. He is going to be a big boy and will mature to at least 16 hands high. Both his parents were big horses. He definitely consumes a lot of milk which he needs to keep up with his growing body. He would drink more than the average foal that has a mother. This is due to it being easy for him drinking from a bucket, he doesn’t have to work as hard as other foals do when they are trying to drink from their mothers as it is hard work having to suckle milk from a mare. So does Woody live in a stable like other horses? For the first week Woody spent all of his time in the haybarn as he needed to get used to us handling him, and also used to a feeding routine. He would also wear a wee rug at nights to keep him from catching a chill as the weather wasn’t the best. Once we had a routine established, we were then able to put him out in the paddock each day for a couple of hours, and bring him in again at nights. We did this for a further couple of days until such time he was happy to be left out and of course the weather had improved. It was important for his growth and development to be in the paddock so he could stretch his legs, and also for his general well-being.

Does Woody have any horsey friends? We were very fortunate that we had another mare that had foaled a week earlier before Woody came along. That mare’s name is Lyn Chiola, and she had a filly foal we named Kate. Lyn was quite happy to take Woody under her wing and look after him as her own, he just couldn’t drink from her. He did try, but she let him know that he wasn’t allowed. Lyn keeps him in line and tells him off when he steps out of line, but also teaches him the important things in life, how a horse eats grass, drinks from a trough, and most importantly how to learn to eat hard feed. He watches her eat her dinner. When Kate has a nibble, Woody gets to also have his own little feed. This is very important as Woody will need to know how to eat properly once it is weaning time where we don’t have to provide his milk anymore. Woody and Kate both love to play. Kate is very playful and loves to jump on him for fun when he is trying to drink his milk from a bucket. Kate needs to realise that Woody is going to be much bigger than her in several weeks, and perhaps she shouldn’t bully him so much. But at the moment he doesn’t seem to mind, so he puts up with her. So why does Woody need Kate and Lyn Chiola? How come you and Blair don’t look after him all the time? When we realised we were going to have to look after Woody ourselves, and given this is something we have never done before, we sought advice from those that had. The most important piece of advice we were given was “don’t spoil him” he could end up being dangerous. As they get bigger, they become so attached to you then they lose all respect and can become more difficult to control. So we have endeavoured to make sure we follow this advice. While we love him to bits, it’s in his best interest and ours that he spends his time in the paddock with other horses, and especially our other foal so they can socialise together and do what foals do. Feeding him from a bucket has also meant that he is not dependant on us staying there to feed him. We just give him his bucket of milk and walk way. Continued on following page

He has certainly received his fair share of cuddles when he was little just to make sure he felt safe when we were around. But he now needs to learn to respect us as humans and that he does not become too familiar with us so that we can educate him as a racehorse without any problems when the times comes. He is a horse and needs to learn to behave like one. Did you try to find another Mum to adopt him? Yes – we did try him with a adoptive mum also known as a surrogate mare and it would have worked as Woody was quite happy to drink from her when he could. But she didn’t want anything to do with him. She knew Woody was not hers. She actually attacked Woody a couple of times and he received a couple of bites on his back, and Woody ended up getting quite stressed by it all. We didn’t think he would take to another mare after that so we decided not to bother as we were already a couple of weeks down the track anyway. Woody was six weeks on the 25 November 2012. So does Woody have any funny habits or characteristics? Yes – he most definitely has some funny habits and he is quite adorable. At night-time when we go to feed him, even though we can’t see him, he is already at the gate waiting for his milk and always whinnies out to us. He literally tries to get his head in the bucket when we are only halfway through the gate. When we first started feeding him he was only 10 days old, I would give him a cuddle and a wee massage up and down his neck and around his chest. This was more to gain his confidence so he would let us look after him so he had a better chance of survival. However now that he is bigger he still looks for his massage so he arches his neck and stands there in front of you as if to say ‘well hurry up I’m waiting for my massage’. He also pulls a lot of funny faces, and loves to yawn a lot. To date we are very happy with how Woody is progressing. Our vet was very surprised last time she saw him and said he was developing quite nicely and had grown a lot. So all in all, I guess we must be doing ok!

Hopples will be travelling all over New Zealand having lots of fun at all 17 Interislander Summer Festival harness racing events! Kids Go Racing provides heaps of great games and activities all with a horse or horse racing theme. The games are especially designed for kids under 12, and include classics like “Pin the Tail on the Horse” and the “Horse Shoe Toss”. There will also be colouring-in competitions, memory games, quizzes and more! There’s lots of prizes to be won, and great Kids Go Racing goodie bags for lucky kids.

As well as Kids Go Racing, each Interislander Summer Festival event will be offering other exciting children’s activities, which might include things like bouncy castles, face painting or pony rides!

te aroha 6 Jan 2013 tauranga 27 Jan 2013

All the kids’ entertainment is free, and it is also free entry for everyone under 18. So ask an adult if they can take you along to an Interislander Summer Festival event near you – it will be an awesome day.

otaki 20 Jan 2013

nelson westport 4 & 6 Jan 2013blenheim 26 & 28 Dec 2012 13 Jan 2013 reefton 30 Dec 2012 Rangiora 6 Feb 2013 geraldine 2 Feb 2013

omakau 2 Jan 2013 cromwell 6 Jan 2013 roxburgh 4 Jan 2013 gore 27 Dec 2012

motukarara 29 Dec 2012 27 Jan 2013

Jess Davidson

- Trackside Presenter - Harness Enthusiast - Owner and Breeder - Kidz Kartz Supporter

First of all Jess can you tell our readers what is involved in your role? We see you on our TV screens, but I am sure there is more to it than sitting in front of the camera? My main job is to inform the people at home about each race that is on. But before I even reach the studio I spend a lot of time studying each horse or dog and try and bring as much information to the audience as possible. This includes watching trials and workout races, reading the Stipendiary Steward reports to see if any horses were unlucky or had excuses, and keeping up to date with all of the news! This usually means a long day in the office before we even make it on air. Can you remember your first time on TV for Trackside how was it? Were you nervous? I was very, very nervous. I still remember I was shaking like a leaf. I still get like that every time, but I think it is a good thing as it keeps you alert and encourages you to do the best you can. What is the best part of your job? Meeting all of the wonderful people involved in the sport. And getting to watch Kidz Kartz grow bigger and bigger each year. What sort of qualifications and/or training did you need to gain your job? I was very lucky that I had a job in radio writing adverts not long after I left school, so I didn’t have any qualifications except for hands on experience working with trotters and pacers as a stablehand. Harness Racing New Zealand taught me a lot when I worked there also. What advice would you give our readers who would like to get into TV work like you? I would definitely recommend doing a degree or course in broadcasting, not that it is required in my job. However it does provide a secure future if you found other work in the media. The main thing is to really love racing, and to be willing to dedicate your life to it. Which I’m sure is no problem for many Kidz Kartz fans! Cam Jones has been doing a little bit of presenting for Trackside for the Kidz Kartz New Zealand Trotting Cup. Does he have a future in front of the camera? I was really worried I was going to lose my job to Cam! He did an amazing job both last year and this year, and I really liked his suit too! He has a bright future ahead of him.

Speaking of Kidz Kartz you were very much involved with the establishment of Kidz Kartz in Canterbury how did you get involved and what are your own thoughts on Kidz Kartz? I was involved in setting up the Trust in Canterbury with the help of Kristie Hill. It took us a lot of long hours but to see how far it has come is something that makes me very proud. I love Kidz Kartz! And I think it is a huge part of promoting the future of harness racing and racing in general. I also would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the volunteers around New Zealand for their help with Kidz Kartz; you are contributing so much to harness racing and doing a wonderful job! You have a great enthusiasm for Harness Racing how did that come about? Do you have a family background in racing? I had a little exposure to harness racing as a kid, but nothing that full on. I just remember reading the race pages every day and then one thing led to another and I got the bug when working horses in the cart on the farm. I went to my first NZ Trotting Cup in 1994 when Bee Bee Cee won and never looked back! I’m in it for life now. You worked for a period for HRNZ what was your role? I was with HRNZ for three years and worked for Andrew Morris in the Marketing and Information Department. That was a big part of my career and helped me get where I am today, I’m very thankful to the team at HRNZ for their support and guidance. You are a huge harness racing enthusiast. Tell us what you like so much about the industry. I love the fact that harness racing is a big family. It brings people together in good times and bad. Winning a race is such a hard thing to do that when you finally get a win it’s the biggest thrill in the world. I also like the fact you can get your friends involved in a horse and enjoy the buzz with them too. I have a lot of wonderful friends in this industry and that is what keeps me going. You are a breeder and owner tell us about your horses where are they at now? I have a three-year-old filly that is not too far away from hitting the tracks, her name is Gorjess as she has a big white blaze and two white socks. Her mother was named Waihemo Jessie (completely by fluke when I leased her) so I have played on her name. I also have a two-year-old named The Shizz. He is being broken in now and doing really well. I can’t wait until they race as I have a lot of my friends involved with them who are new to the racing game. You really loved your time in the USA covering the World Drivers Championship. Tell us about that and what is so special about the racing over there? They go so fast! It’s all about how fast you can run over the mile in the States and Canada. The racing style is so different and chaotic at times. But I love watching our future stallions race there before they stand at stud here.

You do a piece on Trackside called Who Are You – So Jess Davidson Who Are You?

Jess with her mare Waihemo Jessie at Motukarara before a race.

Who is your favourite racehorse? That has to be my first winner, Waihemo Jessie. But most recently Big Jim, who I saw race in the United States, he was a gentle giant but such a mighty racehorse on the track. Who is your favourite Kidz Kartz pony? That’s easy! Keegan - Although he did try and tip me out of the cart a few times. I think he likes to eat more than he likes to run. Which is your favourite race track? I love the grass track racing at Motukarara, especially on a hot summer day. I also love going to Kaikoura to work once a year.

Jess with Big Jim when she filmed a story on him at Alabar.

What are your interests outside of harness racing? When I get time I love to hit the road and go on a trip somewhere. I also love live music and going to watch any band perform live. What horse past or present would you like to be involved with? Courage Under Fire. He had a heart as big as himself and was just such a pleasure to watch. What do you think is the best thing to happen in recent years to racing? In all seriousness, and without being biased, Kidz Kartz. I applaud the team in the North Island who set the ball rolling. We have a unique opportunity to promote harness racing hands on to the next generation, and we have an edge that we are using well! Which do you prefer, trotters or pacers? I like both, but at the moment I own pacers. What is your favourite TV show? The Big Bang Theory

Jess with her colt, The Shizz as a foal.

Josh Oliver

Up and coming Apprentice Jockey, Josh Oliver, took some time out of his busy schedule to have a chat with us about how he went from driving the Kidz Kartz ponies to riding thoroughbreds at 60km per hour on race day. Josh, how and why did you did you get into horses? My mum emailed Graeme Rogerson about a stable job so I had something to do in my spare time. Your background in racing and horses came from where? I had never followed racing before and it wasn’t until my Mum emailed about the stable job at Mr Rogerson’s, and I got the job, that I became involved in the racing.

Your employer Graeme Rogerson sent you along to Kidz Kartz. Why was this? I went to Kidz Kartz with Graeme’s granddaughter Bailey. Graeme said it would help me to learn about horses and the general care of them. On the Kidz Kartz course the Horse Dentist, Vet and Farrier came, along with many others speak to us. What did you learn? I learnt about the general health and care of a horse. I also learnt the parts of a horse which is also very helpful.

How long did you do Kidz Kartz for? I did Kidz Kartz for about a year before I gained my Apprentice Jockey licence. How did Kidz Kartz give you a better understanding of horses and why do you think this has made you a better Jockey? What I learnt from Kidz Kartz has been amazing. It has given me a better understanding of the horse. I met some wonderful people, like Peter Ferguson, who have been a huge help to me. Meeting all these people has also lead to me getting outside rides, which I’m very grateful for. Do you still drive the standardbreds? I am lucky enough that Graeme has a barn of standardbreds on the property so I still drive the odd one, which I really enjoy. What is your goal for next season? I’d like to ride 40 winners. What is your long-term racing goal? My goal is to try and be the best jockey in New Zealand. Also I’d like to be involved with the younger jockeys coming through when the time comes. What is a good piece of advice you have been given? Who by? Everyone tells me to stay away from alcohol. Also to stay humble no matter how successful you are. Both very good pieces of advice. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why? I would like to go to Fiji, because it is hot and far away from work!! Who would you like to invite for dinner and why? Rhys Darby- because he’s so funny What weight do you need to be to be a jockey? I think 54kgs would be a good weight- at the moment I’m lucky and weigh 46kgs!! Do you do anything in particular to maintain your weight? I don’t need to worry about that at the moment but I think it is a good idea to eat little amounts and more often and to make sure that it is good foods you are eating. It is also a good idea to stay away from lollies, fizzy drinks and alcohol. If some of our readers wanted to get involved with thoroughbred racing, what would you advise them to do? Apply to Graeme Rogerson’s barn, everyone you talk to has at some stage has worked for him. I think he gives you a great grounding and teaches you a lot, including discipline.


On 24 November 2012 the Oamaru Harness Racing Club held its Annual Brothers-In-Arms series, on their grass track. The series consisted of six teams of brothers from all over the country. This year’s teams were made up of David and Philip Butcher, Barry and Mark Purdon, John and Dexter Dunn, Nathan and Matthew Williamson, Ken and Clark Barron and Gerard and Leo O’Reilly.

For the three years the series has been running, the Butcher brothers have dominated by winning each and every year. I was there to see if this dynamic duo could go four years on the trot. With a passing lane added to the Oamaru grass track it really was anyone’s competition for the taking as everyone was going to get their run in the home straight. After David Butcher took out the first heat on Cullen’s Spirit it looked like the Butcher brothers were on target for another series title. John Dunn and Clark Barron set out to dispel that idea and were out to spoil the Butcher’s reign by winning the next two heats. Mark Purdon then got in on the action with a fast finish on Kid Galahad to win the second to last heat. Of course it wouldn’t be an Oamaru meeting without one of the Williamson brothers winning a race on their home track, so Matty stepped up to the plate and won the last heat with an all the way in front win to score by over six lengths, with Trips on Me. With the wins being shared around the brothers, it came down to the most consistent performers, which turned out to be the Barron bothers with Clark earning the majority of the points for his team.

Final Standings: Ken & Clark Barron Nathan & Matty Williamson John & Dexter Dunn David & Phillip Butcher Barry & Mark Purdon Gerard & Leo O’Reilly

12 10 9 8 6 5

So the Butcher’s run at the top has come to an end and the Barron brothers can now claim the title as the best brothers in the sulky …….until next year at least.

Dunns - 3rd Williamsons

- 2nd

Barrons - 1st


O’Reillys - 6 Purdons - 5th th

Butchers - 4

Santa’s Reindeer come early

Santa’s reindeer came to Oamaru Raceway a little earlier than planned this year when they stopped in to have a charity race to raise money for the Cancer Foundation and CanTeen work in North Otago. So on 24 November 2012 Santa arrived with his team of Reindeer - there was Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Donner, Cupid, Blitzen and of course Rudolph. They were all there along with a couple of new Reindeer in training. As this special race took place on the same day as the Brothers In Arms series, it seemed only fitting that Santa handed over the reins to the competing drivers and that he did. The brothers who took up the challenge were Mark and Barry Purdon, Gerard and Leo O’Reilly, Nathan and Matty Williamson, Ken and Clark Barron, John and Dexter Dunn and David and Phillip Butcher.

The brothers were each allocated a Reindeer to drive then they headed out onto the track. Rudolph was the early favourite to win the race with that big red nose of his and we all know how Rudolph likes to lead up. As the lined up at the top of the straight to complete a round of the track, the crowd was up along the fence to see just which of Santa’s Reindeers would take out this charity event. After the field made a safe beginning it was anyone’s race and as the Reindeer swung in to the home straight for the final time Cupid went to the lead and she wasn’t going to let any other Reindeer get passed her. Cupid had decided this was her time to shine out in front! You see she is normally the sixth Reindeer back, in the third row on the left hand side, of Santa’s sleigh! - no wonder Cupid wanted to win. Matthew Williamson, who is known as a bit of a Romeo, was perfectly suited to drive Cupid into first place. In second place was Dasher for Waikato horseman Philip Butcher and brother David was third on Dancer. An auction held before the charity race made $4,000 for the Cancer Foundation and CanTeen in North Otago. A fantastic result, for each organisation to help those in need in the North Otago region!

For more information on Kidz Kartz and to find a Club near you, visit

Hot2Trot Summer 2012  

In this issue we talk to the stars of the Kidz Kartz NZ Trotting Cup and meet Woody, Jess Davidson and Josh Oliver.

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