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What to consider before choosing a domain name? Domain name is a unique address that locates any entity on the internet. It is an identification string for an entity that is easy to remember by humans. It is formed by DNS (domain name system) When you type any domain name in the URL bar of search engine then this address is translated into its numeric address (IP address) by the domain name system (DNS). Here are some points that you should consider before selecting a domain name. It can help you to select a suitable domain name in according to users and search engines. Long or Short Domain Names? Domain name can be of any length but it is suggested to take short domain name or length up to 67 characters. Short name is easy to remember to users. "The" and "My" Forms of the Domain Name My personnel opinion is that you should not use "the" and "my" sort of words in your domain name. When you promote your website you need to promote your website with the full form of your domain. Or it may be possible that people may forget to use these affix, necessary for your website. Create and Fulfill Expectations You should select for a domain name that reflects your website services. When anyone hears about your domain name for the first time, then they should be easily able to recognize about what your site do.

Keep it universal You should go for a domain name that is not specific or limited. You should think for the future aspects of growth, development about your website that how it might look after some years. The point is not to let your domain name bound your business opportunities that it may get in coming years. Word Separators It is avoided to use word separators like hyphens in the domain name. These separators act as spam indicators. Top-Level Domain (TLD) Top-level domains (like .com) are the extensions associated with domain names. For best ranking results, avoid uncommon top-level domains (TLDs). Like hyphens, TLDs such as .info, .cc, .ws, and .name are also work as spam indicators. These are the some guidelines that you should consider before selecting a domain name. These points may help you to choose a domain name that is more related and useful to your website services. And it can also help you to get better ranked. If you have decided for your suitable domain name, you can go to a domain name registration company and register your domain. You can also search for a web hosting company that provides domain name registration with hosting options.

What to consider before choosing a domain name?  
What to consider before choosing a domain name?  

Some consideration that you should check while looking for a suitable domain name for your Business. Domain name plays a very important part...