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Welcome to the first edition of The Tech Connection, the once-per-semester Technology e-newsletter that will highlight key accomplishments, upcoming initiatives, important information and other insight relating to the implementation, benefits and use of technology here at Hostos Community College. We hope that you find the information here helpful, and look forward to your suggestions and feedback on topics that you’d like to see included in future editions!

Faculty/staff computers were upgraded to Windows 7 allowing greater security and improved assistance from the Help Desk team. The e-mail servers were upgraded from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, featuring an increased mailbox capacity and enhanced browser support for the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome on the Outlook Web App . Over the Spring/Summer 2012 Hostos went live with two new modules of CUNYfirst: Campus Solutions that replaced e-Sims and was used for Fall 2012 registration; and Procurement which replaced the old eProcurement system for making departmental purchases.

th Lastly, new technologies are here to stay in the 5 floor of the B building. Eight new smart classrooms were designed for students and faculty, including a first of its kind Collaborative Classroom in B-515. These smart classrooms are fully integrated with advanced multimedia equipment including LCD projectors, touchscreen interactive tablets at the podiums, speakers, laptop connections for guest speakers and Wi-Fi. These tech improvements are purposed to enhance teaching and support educational initiatives and interactive learning.

HOW ARE WE DOING ? Your input is very important to us Please complete the IT Job Request Survey (The link is included in every IT Job Request Completion notification). INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: B-115 718-518-6646 On campus EXT. 6646 Visit us online:

DID YOU KNOW? Alt + Tab lets you navigate between open windows

Information security is meant to ensure confidentiality of private information from unauthorized people. All Hostos Community College personnel are responsible for maintaining the privacy and integrity of student, faculty and staff personal information. We strongly advise all employees and students take the free 20 minute security awareness online training that can be found here. It is accessible from anywhere to anyone with an Hostos email. This training will form new work habits that can ensure internet security. It is important to know that legally, the theft and/or loss of data are the responsibility both of the college and of the individual responsible for the security breach.

In addition to the security awareness tutorial, all CUNY students, faculty and staff can also take advantage of the free McAfee anti-virus and anti-malware software that is available for home use via the Citizen CUNY Portal. Just log on to the portal, click on the e-mall logo and under the “Software” section, you can download the free software.

If the Help Desk asks for a “screenshot”, you can press Ctrl + Print Screen (to capture the screen) and Ctrl + V to paste it into your email message body

The e-mall is also a great resource to purchase discounted hardware and software from companies such as Dell, Apple and Microsoft. CUNYFIRST TIPS & TRICKS

Your EMPLID is an 8 digit # that can The Academic Computing Center (ACC) located in C-595 developed the “Quick Learn Sessions” last semester. The sessions cover various technology applications like Microsoft Office, Internet browsing, Blackboard, Hostos email, CUNYfirst and Citizen CUNY Portal. The 20 minute sessions are informative and practical and are offered at different levels for students who wish to advance in their level of technical expertise. Pre-registration is not required, simply a Hostos ID. The Information Technology Department released a useful video training reference webpage called ezLearn. The videos are relevant to all streams of technology used at the Hostos Campus, including how to use Windows7, Office 2010 and CUNYfirst. They allow students to benefit from learning on their own time. To Stay Connected while on campus, there are 35 computer kiosks for students to browse the web. There are two computer labs in C-595/598 with over 90 computers. Also, students are now able to access their Hostos emails from their mobile devices. For mobile active sync setup, click here.

Ariel Martinez joined the Hostos community in 2010 as an IT Support Assistant. He was initially assigned to the Help Desk, primarily providing user support. As time went by, his assigned tasks expanded to include PC Support, handling a variety of hardware, software and other issues that arise on a daily basis. Having earned a B.A. in computer science from Hunter College, Ariel’s educational background proved useful when his assigned tasks began to include projects aimed at improving existing technology services and implementing new initiatives.

New and improved student study areas are on their way to the library! Upgraded with advanced equipment, including 55” LCD monitors, students will have an the ability to organize group projects, prepare presentations and more. Over the summer, IT linked the new Hostos ID cards to student printing. This will make copying/printing more convenient, less time consuming and easier. A student can now swipe their ID card at the Pharos print release stations in the Open Lab (C-595) and the Library. Try it today! Wireless printing from laptops is available for students on campus. Print jobs can be released from the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Library and from the open labs in C-595/598. To install wireless printing there are step-by-step instructions. For windows installation instructions click here for Mac click here. To find information on: Wireless Services and Wireless Printing Pay to Print/Copy Solutions - Copier and Printer Locations — new rates per page — locations of campus Kiosks and Courtesy Phones — click here.

One such project was the implementation of the new encryption software at Hostos, which was one of the first CUNY colleges to accomplish this. And recently, he was part of the team tasked with creating the server infrastructure at the new site for CUNY in the Heights. When not working, Ariel enjoys politics, science, video gaming and of course, keeping up with new technology.

be found on your new Hostos ID, starting with the 7th number from the left

If the CUNYfirst site is taking a while (with the spinning wheel) click the ESC key on your keyboard CUNYFIRST HELP DESK: 718-664-2555 On Campus EXT. 2555 Visit us online:

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The Tech Connection  

The Tech Connection (Fall 2012)