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High School Tutorial Prep


REGENTS REVIEW A high school diploma expands career and education opportunities for high school graduates. In New York City, high school students must successfully complete Regents exams to graduate. When they pass these exams, they earn a local, Regents or Advanced Regents Diploma. High school students begin to fulfill their graduation requirements in the 9th grade. They must receive a minimum score of 65 on all five of the required exams: English Language Arts, Global History, U.S. History, Science and Algebra. Students who earn scores of 90 or better on their exams will receive an Advanced Regents Diploma. Our High School Tutorial Prep courses present a review of course curriculum for each of the above disciplines. Emphasis will be placed on strategies for answering multiple-choice and essay questions, as well as open-ended critical thinking questions. In addition, our small class setting allows us to address diverse learning styles.


$249 EACH

Integrated Algebra I

Global History

Sat 9:00am to 11:00am 10/19/13-1/4/14 CE8401-F01 20 hrs. 10 sessions

Sat 11:15am to 1:15pm 10/19/13-1/4/14 CE8406-F01 20 hrs. 10 sessions

Integrated Algebra II

English Language Arts (ELA)

Sat 1:30pm to 3:30pm 10/19/13-1/4/14 CE8402-F01 20 hrs. 10 sessions

Sat 9:00am to 11:00am 10/19/13-1/4/14 CE8404-F01 20 hrs. 10 sessions


The SAT Preparation Course

Sat 11:15am to 1:15pm 10/19/13-1/4/14 CE8403-F01 20 hrs. 10 sessions

Sat 9:30am to 3:00pm 9/14-10/19/13 CE8408-F01 30 hrs. 6 sessions

Living Enviroment: Biology

Textbook $20. Exam date: Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sat 1:30pm to 3:30pm 10/19/13-1/4/14 CE8405-F01 20 hrs. 10 sessions

Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) Our course is designed to prepare 8th and 9th graders to sit the New York City Specialized High School Admissions Test on October 26 & 27, 2013. The focus will be on verbal and logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and math skills concentrating on computational and word questions that require arithmetic, algebra, probability, statistics, geometry, and trigonometry (for Grade 9 only).

M & W 3:30pm to 5:30pm 9/23-10/21/13 CE8409-F01 16 hrs. 8 sessions


c e d u @ h o s t o s . c u n y. e d u

Sat 9:30am to 3:00pm 11/16-12/21/13 CE8408-F02 30 hrs. 6 sessions Textbook $20. Exam date: Saturday, December 7, 2013

ENROLL NOW! Special group rates are available for schools! Seats are Limited.

Call to Register 718 518-6656 w w w. h o s t o s . c u n y. e d u / c o n t e d u


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