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Child Development Teacher Assistant Certificate Program The Teacher Assistant Certificate program will enable you to work in educational settings under the supervision and direction of a teacher, providing support to students who require assistance in developmental, behavioral, and/or learning tasks. Textbook required: Educational Psychology Theory and Practice, 8th Edition, Robert E. Slavin.

Total Cost: $715

54 hours

10% Discount when classes are paid in full (save over $50.00) Payment Plan available no discount (classes must be paid in full by start date) $25.00 Registration fee applies Sat 9:00am to 4:00pm M & W 6:00pm to 9:00pm

10/19-12/21/13 10/21-12/18/13

CE4021-F01 CE4021-F02

9 sessions 9 sessions

54 hrs. 54 hrs.

$715 $715

NYC Board of Education Requirements: 1. High School Diploma or GED® 2. CPR certification 3. Training in the Recognition & Reporting of Child Abuse (see page 40) Teacher Assistant Certificate Program Required Courses:

Functions of the Teacher Assistant

Strategies for Supporting and Managing Behavior

Learn the skills to effectively support students and teachers in diverse educational setting.

An introduction to theories, models and skills required to guide and respond positively to the behavior of children, individually and in group settings.

Child Development and Learning Explore basic theories, principles, research findings and concepts regarding learning and development from a psychological, sociological and physiological perspective.

Best Practices An overview of the best practices needed by teacher assistants in special education classrooms.

Language Arts and Math Curricula Theories & Practices A blend of theory and practice set within the framework of the New York City Board of Education’s Language Arts and Mathematics curricula.

Enrichment Classes

Basic Writing for Adults Designed as a pathway for students to focus on developing life skills that are needed to become effective and efficient communicators. Build knowledge and fluency in the writing process associated with today’s technology. Instruction will review basic writing skills needed to work in the business and education sector. T & Th 6:00pm to 9:00pm 11/5-12/17/13 CE4028 F01 36 hrs. 12 sessions $229

Teacher Assistant Test Prep – NYSATAS This course is for individuals who have completed the requisite course work and are interested in taking the New York State Assessment of Teacher Assistant Skills Test. Core areas of the NYSATAS (reading, writing, math and instructional support) will be reviewed and multiple-choice questions similar to those presented in the examination will be practiced. Wed 6:00pm to 8:00pm 1/3-1/31/14 CE6014-SP01 10 hrs. 5 sessions $125


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