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HOSTGATOR – HIGH QUALITY BUSINESS WEB HOSTING Each business would have quality standards that are measurable. This is to ensure that the kind of product and service they provide is something clients will smile about. Because word of mouth can take the form of online ranting, more people will know of another’s non-quality experience than before. At Hostgator, their goal is to eat up the competition in a way it leaves them standing on top alone. The success it enjoyed over the years since it was incepted is an attestation to its commitment to quality in the web hosting business. Here is a quick look on what makes their company the home of high quality business web hosting. Support Competence. The staff it employs is a pool of highly-skilled technical professionals. This means that problems can be addressed efficiently and inquires are answered directly. The communication channels the company uses are diverse permitting the possibility of resolution provided as soon as possible with a minimal wait time. Toll-free phone numbers are present, a live chat is possible, and even email contact is activated. Added support tools for clients are their forums and video tutorials. All these are accessible 24/7 around the globe. Customer Loyalty. The last count says that Hostgator has over 7 million customers. This year, it expanded its business operations in India. A company cannot advance when customers leave for various reasons including experiencing a low quality service. Somehow, the number of customers is adding up each year. This means that the company is able to exceed the quality expectations customers have in consonance to what they have seen in the offerings. In reviews posted online, it is rare for a company’s client to make exclamations about a bad experience. The consensus is the company customer service is exceptional shedding a good light on the overall quality of the business experience. Plans Pricing and Structure. In recognition of the types and number of clients out there, the plans the company offers are tailored to needs more than the demand. This way, starters in the web hosting experience can move about seamlessly without too much worry on monthly charges. The highly-skilled person in web hosting also is given the chance to expand by taking advantage of the hosting products the company offers. All these are reasonable price tiers and specified terms. Awards and Accolades. The indicators of a good performance come with recognition. When consistent, recognition becomes a platform in driving performance to new heights. Across the years, high quality business web hosting has reflected on Hostgator’s track records: Best Budget Hosting - HostReview, 2011 Editor’s Choice Award – FindMyHost, 2011 Top 10 Fastest Growing Company, HostReview, 2011

Best Reseller Web Hosting –, 2011 Best Windows Web Hosting –, 2011 Best Small Business Hosting –, 2011 #1 Recommended Most Popular Host,, 2011 Code of Conduct Award by Web Hosting Search – Web Hosting Search, 2011 Best Free Website Transfer Service –, 2011 There is definitely a promise holding this company. Eventually, their slogan will be fulfilled in having eaten out the competition.

HOSTGATOR – A GOOD WEB HOSTING EVER Good, better, best. These adjectives describe the levels of impression a client has for every company he deals with. It may be suitable to say ‘good’ but the description’s qualification is often followed up with a question: ‘how good?’ With the goal of singling out who eats the competition among web hosting service providers, here’s a quick look at how Hostgator comes to offer more than the experience of good web hosting ever. Customer Support Good: The Company hires people with a high proficiency in the technical profession. This leads to a pool of workforce who provides accurate and knowledgeable assistance to their clients. Better: The customer experience can be facilitated over the phone, live chat or email. The verbal component of communication allows discussion on a real-time basis and eliminates the need for a call back. The written part allows a minimal wait time in email and an immediate resolution in live chat. Best: The Company website contains the Support Portal where self-service functions are feasible. In consideration of time, it eliminates the necessity of calling and can save utilization of client business resources. Products and Services Good: Hostgator offers an array of products dealing with the types of web hosting. This is a good way to attract and keep diverse customer types. Better: The products come in plans where each feature and unlimited offerings is geared towards the kind of user who exactly takes it for a purpose. Under the web hosting product

offering, a novice can follow the progression of being a hatchling, a baby, and eventually, a businessman. Best: The product offerings run on both Linux and Windows operating systems. Prices and Billing System Good: All prices are tiered in a plan and often do not require a client to pay the add-ons. Because ample features come about free, basic needs are met. Payments are also flexible according to the term of the plan. Better: Hostgator has the billing software, ModernBill, in order to organize credits and debits. In terms of usage problems, the customer support team can be readily contacted for help. Best: All plans come at coupon discounts and an automatic 20% off on the starting month’s fee. The recurring charges are low but offer unlimited and free features that meet the basics of each plan. Reliability and Uptime Good: Customer support is 24/7/365. This means clients can call anytime and on frequencies as needed. Server response is efficient. Better: Hostgator has partnered with a datacenter company in order to streamline their employees’ job functions. This way, the business goal is focused on server functionality and customer support and quality assurance. Best: The efforts of closely monitoring system statuses by the company have helped a lot in reducing their downtime. The company currently boasts an uptime rating of 99.9% which was backed by verifiable research in 2009. Green Initiative and Company Merit Good: HostGator is famous for receiving positive reviews and being ranked on top of web hosting service providers. Better: With good reviews came good revenues. The company continues to expand did so overseas in India. Best: The company has embraced the green initiative where business tools run on wind energy. In a sense, the company started out good, provides a better experience yet still tries to exceed to be the best. That is more than good web hosting ever.

HOSTGATOR – BEST WAY CAN CUT OPERATING EXPENSES Operating expenses are simply liabilities. These are payables to ensure business needs are met and operations are continued. With the rule to minimize costs and maximize gains, companies are looking for options to save. At Hostgator,businesses may realize that they have what the best way can cut operating expenses. Bundled Pricing Structure. Regardless of you being an individual who is still starting to build your website or a private company who seeks online exposure, you can get the best costcutting mechanisms by paying one low fee. Since the pricing per product is tiered per plan, your web hosting needs are met and all of the features that go with it will be utilized. The features available in the web hosting products and services they offer are pretty much what you need with respect to what you want to accomplish. Website Management. The Control Panel functions like your virtual assistant manager. When it comes to website management, different tools are provided to you. Because the website is designed intuitively, you will be able to move about your business transactions seamlessly. This includes your transition from your website to your email account and vice versa. It does not directly indicate you savings money on this. What it means to you is more productivity in accomplishing those things you wanted done is a shorter time. This will equate to more revenue opportunities and added savings without the expense of time. Promotions. Advertisements are expensive these days. With the goal of establishing online presence, and with the millions of web pages available, marketing strategies should be well-placed in order to save money on fees. This means that your advertisements or promotions should be found where demand is high. With the stat information Hostgator offers, you will be able to identify where to run your marketing tools and earn from it. The stats it offers you are lifted from verifiable data as a result of knowing how your website is being accessed, the search expression used, and the results ranking. This gives you indicators on where to insert yourself. Save on Updates. HostGator does not collect fees from the updates you perform. Yes, fees may be involved on some needed updates but the price allotment is reasonable. In terms of upgrading your website’s visual impact, the company is making about 4,500 free templates available for you. The difficult process is selecting the best one to meet your needs. Email Management. If you work by yourself or are employing other people, you may help save time and focus on other revenue-generating activities by taking advantage of the free email service the Hostgator offers. This tool sorts, prioritizes, and manages. Creating several email accounts that fulfill different functions is possible as well as forwarding correspondence to separate distribution lists. Speedy communication gets word around fast and this may mean using the remaining time to catch up on market revenues.

When finally within a plan, clients will realize more options are available to them which provide the best way can cut operating expenses. Use the various communication lines to get in touch an you will not be left behind.

MORE OPTIONS FROM USING HOSTGATOR Competition characterizes business strivings in order to lead. In customer perspective, it means endowment of options to maximize business potential. Hostgator through their array of business options, can rightfully claim to be eating up the competition. Here are their services and basic plan offerings. Web Hosting Service. For clients who want to build or have their website known. All plans come with a 45-day money back guarantee and an uptime record of 99.9%. The plans provide for unlimited disk space and bandwidth. a. Hatchling Plan – for a single domain and a shared SSL Certificate, a customer can enjoy low rates starting at $3.96 per month or for a 3-year plan, $4.76 for a 2-year plan, and $5.56 for a 1 year plan and $7.16 monthly. b. Baby Plan – provides unlimited domain and a shared SSL Certificate at $6.36 per month (starting and for a 3-year plan), $7.16 (2 years), and $7.96 (1 year and monthly plans). c. Business Plan – offers unlimited domains and a private SSL Certificate, IP, and toll-free number starting at $10.36 (starting and a 3-year plan), $11.16 (2 years), $11.96 (1 year, 6 months, and monthly). Reseller Hosting. For clients who intend to host third party websites, the profit is all yours. Unlimited: Domains, sub-domains, email accounts, and FTP accounts. Free: The reseller account, the SiteBuilder Software, Control Panel, and Billing Systems. Plans: a. Aluminum: 50 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth; first month: $19.96, recurring: $24.95. b. Copper: 80 GB disk space, 700 GB bandwidth; first month: $27.96, recurring $34.95. c. Silver: 120GB disk space, 1000 GB bandwidth; first month: $39.96, recurring: $49.94. d. Gold: 160GB disk space, 1200 GB bandwidth; first month: $59.96, recurring: $74.95. e. Diamond: 200GB disk space, 1400 GB bandwidth; first month: $79.96, recurring: $99.95. VPS Hosting. Virtual Private Servers allows each client website to function independently from the others he owns.

Unlimited: domains, sub-domains, MySQL Databases, email and FTP accounts. Free: SiteBuilder Software Plans: a. Levels 1-2: 0.56 – 0.84 GHZ CPU, 384 – 576 MB RAM, 10 – 22 GB Disk Space, and a 250 – 375 GB bandwidth b. Levels 3-9: 1.13 – 5.94 GHZ CPU, 768 – 4435 MB RAM, 30 – 231 GB Disk Space, and a 500 – 3150 GB bandwidth Dedicated Servers. These run on Linux and Windows Operating Systems. Plans: a. Basic and Standard – customers will enjoy 2 – 4 GB of DDR3 Memory, 2x250 GB hard drive, 10 TB Bandwidth, 5 Dedicated IPs, and a free Control Panel or Plesk. b. Elite and Pro – clients can opt to this plan for a 4 – 8 GB DDR3 Memory, 2x500 GB hard drive, 10 TB Bandwidth, 5 Dedicated IPs, and a free Control Panel or Plesk. Domain Names. Domain names at Hostgator get six servers to back it up which results to more online presence for you. A prospect customer has the option to transfer domain names. Free: Control Panel, Domain Forwarding, Sub-Domains, and Registrar Lock. Price ranges: $15.00 to $19.95 annually depending on the appropriate domain name. Application Hosting. Customers can take advantage of this service to serve their own purposes: WordPress Hosting for blogs, Joomla and Drupal Hosting for forums, Magento Hosting for online retailing, Wiki Hosting for information sharing, and phBB Hosting. Windows Hosting. Customers can opt for two plans that come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. In contrast, the Personal Plan provides for a shared SSL whereas the Enterprise Plan offers a private SSL and IP. Plans: Personal – for a single domain, customers can follow these pricing bundles: $4.76 per month (3 years), $5.56 per month (2 years), $6.36 per month (1 year), $7.96 per month (6 months and monthly). Enterprise – for a maximum of five domains, the pricing bundle is as follows: $14.36 (3 years), $15.16 (2 years), and $15.96 (1 year, 6 months, and monthly). Now that the Hostgator options are laid out, it is your choice to make the most out of your selection.

THE TRUTH OF HOSTGATOR WEB HOSTING Reviews fulfill the function of disseminating information to the masses about the quality of experience one has had. Its usefulness can contribute to consumer decisions and company innovations. While some reviews put on a destructive image on a company, others filter the good stuff. Ideally, providing both of the pros and the cons can lead to an informed decision and fair play. The truths about Hostgator Web Hosting as presented below looks into the things beneficial and opportunities alike. Pros Support Excellence. With highly credible technical support staff, clients are ensured of quality service on their inquiries, problems, and account management. With its operation ongoing 24/7, clients are never left in the dark. The variety of direct and indirect communication lines available permits fast resolution: email, toll-free phone, live chat, forums, blogs and video tutorials. Extensive Services. A lot of web hosting services are offered by the company. With each service, various plans exist. Under each plan, unlimited features are specified and the pricing is tiered for short and long-term clients. Freebies are common for new users and a 20% percent off are automatic to their price offerings. The features offered in each service are also relevant based on perceived client needs. This means that a client can move flexibly while within the plan. Top-notch Efficiency. HostGator servers have a high response time this means high productivity for clients. The 99.9% uptime means reliability. Hostgator exemplifies a great example of high efficiency without the expense of quality. Diverse Customers. In terms of proficiency, HostGator offers products and services that cater to both the web hosting novice and the complex users. In terms of customer type, it allows for both personal and business users. It is a great help to starters and experts alike where their level of competence is supported at different levels. The simplicity of their website is also a remarkable way of eliminating unnecessary confusion and the use of technical jargons are minimized to the basics. Cons Expensive Domain Registration. Online advertisements offer a dollar for a domain. In this case, more customers are enticed by the low price and complain of the high ones but most end up with the company who is tried and tested in their business niche. High Basic Plan. Basic would exude the expectation of a lower price simply because it’s basic. However, in HostGator’s case, the basic plan offerings across its services are justified by

the features they offer. Oftentimes, add-ons are taken for an added value which is outside of the plan. Usage Limitations. For a client, the current email ratio is 500:1:1. That is 500 emails per hour per domain. The role of communication in mobilizing a business means that this is possible and when reached, you will see bounced emails. In addition, emails are also counted as inodes. Inodes store data information and file directories where the limit is 50,000 inodes. Lastly, the cPanel does not allow changes in DNS entries. Generally, a prospective customer will read more positive truths about Hostgator Web Hosting more than its shortcomings. With these honest feedbacks, the company is constantly implementing changes in order to continue their business and gain more customers who are loyal to them.

TOP REASONS TO CHOOSE HOSTGATOR WEB HOSTING Web hosting is an Internet mechanism that allows individual or groups to have their websites accessible through the World Wide Web. There are a lot of lists filling up web hosting companies on the web but there are major reasons why people should opt to Hostgator Web Hosting. Background 2002: Brent Oxley found Hostgator in while still a student at Florida Atlantic University. 2006: HostGator surpassed the 200,000 count in registered domains. 2008: HostgGator was ranked 21st among the fastest-growing web hosting solution providers by Inc. Magazine. The same year marked the company’s participation in green hosting. 2009: It was ranked 239th among the list of fastest-growing private companies in the US by Inc. Magazine. 2010: It expanded its domain listing when it registered more than 2 million domains. 2011: In May, it recorded 5 million domain registrations and it saw business expansion in India. At this time, the company is already immense popularity and top rankings from various online sources and is enjoying over 7 million domain listings. Top Reasons A company can only receive such feat because of their business offerings found satisfying by customers. The following lists the points that make HostGator a winner in business.

Pricing and freebies. By comparison consensus, Hostgator Web Hosting offers the low prices in their services. Their current plans reflect an automatic 20% discount off the first invoice and new users can even get another discount through a coupon at registration. a. Hatchling Plan: ideal for single domain hosting. The starting fee is $3.96 per month. b. Baby Plan: it offers unlimited domain hosting starting at $6.36 per month. c. Business Plan: with unlimited domain hosting, customers pay $10.36 per month. The plans come in bundles for pricing in a monthly, 6 months, 1 year, 2-year, and 3-year packages and have a 45-day money back guarantee. Freebies include SiteBuilder, $100.00 Google Adwords credit, domain transfer, and templates. Unlimited Deals. All aforementioned plans offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Clients will never have to worry about exceeding any bandwidth allotments because this is not limited. Green Initiative. The green appeal is a trend of most industries today. Going green holds more credibility for a company who wants to impart care for the environment. In doing so, it acts as a model to its clients to follow suit. HostGator is among those purchased Renewable Energy Credits. Service. A Lot of customers would want assistance round-the-clock through various mediums. Hostgator provides assistance to its clients 24/7 with presence over the phone, email, and live chat. With an uptime record of 99%, customer care is all throughout no matter where you are in the world. Reliability. The revenues generated by websites are affected by its accessibility online. Hostgator technical experts are on the more 24/7 to ensure that down time is minimized and when it happens, it gets resolved quickly. Client Education. A quick visit to the HostGator website shows web hosting resources in various media like videos, interactive forums, live chat, and a support section. This enables client self-sufficiency in terms of site navigation, knowledge on web hosting, and optimization of the web hosting plans. Merit. HostGator has proven its credibility in the web market by earning top reviews and grabbing the top spots in rankings. This means quality in terms of support and services and most of all, trust.

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