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A Look at the Cheap Web Hosting Hostmonster Offers A free hosted blog is fine if you just want your own journal space in the net or an online counterpart of your small starting business. But once your blog draws huge traffic, you better rethink your options. You can just buy a domain that can mask the URL of your current blog, or you can choose to buy the services of a web host, through which you can create a site that’s more interactive than your current one. If you’re thinking it might cost too much, take a look at the cheap web hosting Hostmonster offers. Priced at $7.95 or as low as $5.95 if you go for a two-year contract, Hostmonster’s web hosting service is cheap yet enough to cover more than just the basics. It’s not costly, so you know you won’t be cheated out of your money. It’s not too cheap, so you know its services are premium. The cheap web hosting Hostmonster offers gives you unlimited disk space, so you can upload your real audio and video, flash and other heavy files on it. It also gives you unlimited bandwidth so every visitor on your website will be able to view all the graphics on your website. The higher your bandwidth, the easier your website will load, especially when it’s getting a lot of traffic. Also, if you host your website on Hostmonster, it’s guaranteed to have 99.9% uptime. This means that it will only be down or out of service for 6.91 hours in a year. This length of downtime is at par with those of other web hosts, so it’s not bad at all. If you plan to have two different websites hosted, you can get an unlimited number of domains hosted by Hostmonster. This way you can get your own personal website and a separate website for your business, for example. However, although you can get a free domain name for an entire year, you’ll have to pay for it for your succeeding years of using it. You can also create an unlimited number of e-mail accounts through Hostmonster. Your emails from those account may even be forwarded to your old e-mail accounts if you’re comfortable reading your e-mails there. If you only have basic knowledge about HTML and other web codes, you can take advantage of Hostmonster’s free drag and drop site builder. You’ll also find controlling your accounts and databases easy because the control panel Hostmonster uses is cPanel. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you can try it out via a free demo. Another great thing about cPanel is that you can monitor the traffic statistics of your website through it.

For your blogging needs, WordPress installation is a trouble-free task when using Hostmonster. If you want to sell your products online, you’ll love that either an OS Commerce or Agora shopping cart can easily be installed on your website for free. You can also assure your online customers that their transaction data are secured via an SSL Secure Server.

Hostmonster -- Something You Need to Know About this Top Web Host Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth are two of the most common selling points of many commercial web hosts. Because of their many freebies and unlimited offers, it’s hard to distinguish them. So what exactly differentiates Hostmonster -- something you need to know to be sure it really is the best choice for you? Hostmonster offers excellent tech support from within the company’s own office in Provo, Utah. These days, many companies are outsourcing their tech support through offshore call centers. While it may save them on costs, they lose the chance to have a more personalized communication with their clients. Hence, Hostmonster chooses to handle its clients’ problems through its own support engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact them on their phone number, through chat or via e-mail, so they’re very accessible. You can also join in Hostmonster’s customer forums and its friendly staff will reply to you directly there. Hostmonster is also disaster-ready. With its back-up generators on standby, your website will continue to run in spite of power outages. Its courtesy site backup is also a great feature, especially if you’re having many files hosted. You won’t need to worry about losing any of your files because of this feature. You can even restore your files to their older versions if you need to. Hostmonster offers $75 worth of Google Adwords Credit. To increase hits to your website, you have to advertise. One of the ways to do this is to buy advertising space on Google AdSense. The $75 Google Adwords credit Hostmonster offers can pay for your Google AdSense, which will put up ads to your site in blogs and websites whose contents are related to your site. It’s easy to install a variety of programs on a Hostmonster-hosted website. If you want to interact with your website visitors on a wide scale, you can install a bulletin board on your website. It will act as a forum that you can organize according to general topics you think your online visitors will be interested in. You can also install a poll and survey software on your website. Hence, if your website is for business purposes, you’ll get to know your online visitors’ taste a lot better and attune your product offerings to it.

You can also install a Coppermine photo gallery on your website. For a business website, a Coppermine gallery is a great way for customers to browse your products. The photo gallery can act as your product catalogue. For your customers’ online shopping needs, the installation of a shopping cart program like Agora or OS Commerce is easy. Security for the credit card information of your online customers is also ensured because Hostmonster also offers an SSL Secure Server. There’s more to the unlimited offers of Hostmonster -- something you need to know about this web host is that it also gives its clients excellent customer service, disaster preparedness, advertising, and ease installation for great programs. Hence, if you a reliable web host, pick Hostmonster.

Hostmonster - Top Web Hosting Sites of Today are No Match to It Hostmonster has been providing web hosting services since 1996. For its over a decade of existence, it has continuously upgraded its services while making sure they’re still as affordable as ever. Hence, that its number of clients has grown to thousands is not at all surprising. These are the characteristics that act as selling points of Hostmonster - top web hosting sites of today struggle to match these. It’s affordably priced. When it comes to web hosting services, anything priced over $10 would be asking you to pay for too much. Anything priced $5 or less would be too good to be true. If you plan to have Hostmonster as your web host just for a trial, you’ll only have to pay $7.95 monthly for the minimum period of three months. But if you’re willing to take the risk, something you won’t regret, you can opt to pay 24 months or 2 years in advance. This way, you’ll only have to pay $5.95 per month, which will save you $2 per month or $48 for two years. For its low price, it gives you valuable 24/7 support. Hostmonster stresses - that it never outsources. While there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing, Hostmonster wants to be on top of its tech support service. The company wants to personally give you customer satisfaction. You can contact the company through a variety of means. You can call their number and speak directly with one of Hostmonster’s support engineers. The average hold time Hostmonster has for a call is just two minutes, so you can expect almost

instant answers to your queries. You can also chat with a Hostmonster support engineer, or email one and expect a reply soon. To know if your question has been asked before and answered, look up the customer forums of Hostmonster. You may also post your questions there. Hostmonster’s connection is fast. The bandwidth you can get by getting the web hosting services of Hostmonster is unlimited. Because of this unlimited amount of bandwidth, you’ll be able to get graphics, videos and pictures load fast for every visitor to your website. High amounts of traffic won’t affect your website’s loading speed, because your bandwidth can handle it. Hostmonster gives you no limits for your disk space. While you only need about one-fifth more than the space you know you’ll be using for your website, an unlimited disk space can give your website a wide room for growth, especially for expansive upgrades to its graphics and additions to its features. Hostmonster makes building, maintaining and monitoring your website easy for you. If you’re no web programming genius, you can easily make your own website with Hostmonster’s free drag and drop site builder. This way you won’t need to pay a website designer to create your own website. Also, for monitoring your site, you won’t need to pay for analytics tools off-site. The cPanel control panel of your website will allow you to check how much traffic or how many visitors have gone to your site within any specific period. These are just some of the great features that define Hostmonster - top web hosting sites of today are envious of these.

Hostmonster -- Web Hosting to Consider for Your Freelance Portfolio As a freelancer, you have to show your resume and your portfolio to almost every one of your prospective clients. Through a free-hosted website, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of e-mailing these files to every company or person you want to apply to. You just have to upload them on your website and anyone can view them there. But if you’ve already established a good reputation as a freelancer and want to take your freelance career further, you must get your very own website. Get the services of Hostmonster for your freelance career to take flight.

Dispel the notion that the only freelancers who need their own websites are web programmers. No matter what freelance services you offer-- writing, graphic design, modelling, photography, PHP/MySQL development, among others-- once you’ve earned a good freelance status and satisfied a huge number of clients, you must take steps to strengthen your reputation. Having your own website will make you appear more professional and will probably draw more traffic for you. The services of Hostmonster -- web hosting to consider for your needs as a freelancer-- are cheap. You can opt to have your own website hosted by Hostmonster for just three months and you’ll only have to shell out $7.95 monthly. That’s only an insignificant fraction of your monthly salary as a freelancer, so it’s very affordable for you. If you’re going to extend those three months to two years, you’ll only have to shell out $5.95 for every month of service. For only $7.95 a month at most, you’ll be getting unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Hence, you can upload your biggest files on your website and they’ll load fast even when they’re being viewed by thousands of people. Hence, your entire portfolio will be very accessible to anyone who wants to see it. If you want to post updates on your jobs, share tips for fellow freelancers, or have an outlet for your thoughts, you can just install WordPress on your website and blog there. If you want your current and future clients to just flip through photos of your projects, you can just install a Coppermine photo gallery in your Hostmonster website. This way, future clients can have a quick preview of your capabilities as a freelancer. If you have projects that were not commissioned but you still want to sell, you can install an Agora shopping cart in your website. This way, anyone from any part of the world can buy from you. Assure your online buyers that their identities and credit card data will be protected because you’re making use of an SSL Secure Server for the transfer of their sensitive information. If you encounter any problems with Hostmonster, you can just contact its support engineers located in Provo, Utah. They have a phone they answer at any time of day. You can also contact them via chat, or you can just e-mail them your questions, complaints, or suggestions. Then, they’ll respond to you promptly.

Hostmonster -- High Quality Web Hosting for a Website for Your High Quality Business The internet offers many possibilities for struggling small business owners, especially those selling niche products. They may earn just enough to cover their personal and business expenses but for their businesses to go beyond their potential, they must expand. But businesses selling niche products have very little room for expansion if their owners want to stick to their niche category. Fortunately, they can just go ahead and sell online to a global market that’s hungry for their products. For your web hosting needs, try Hostmonster - high quality web hosting at a low price. Test their services for three months and pay only $7.95 for each month. Once you’re satisfied, gun for a two-year advance payment. Then, you’ll only be paying $5.95 for every month of Hostmonster’s web hosting service, $142.80 in total, $48 less than if you stick to the $7.95 monthly plan. Of course, you’ll want a web host that you can fully rely on in terms of tech support. Hostmonster’s headquarters is in Provo, Utah and the employees who work there include support engineers who assist customers on the phone, via chat or through e-mail anytime. Hence, it’s easy to contact Hostmonster directly and ask them for help regarding your website. The package Hostmonster offers includes a lot of unlimited stuff and freebies. The unlimited bandwidth you get from it ensures speed of connection to your website from any area no matter how high your website’s traffic gets. On the other hand, the unlimited disk space you get from it ensures enough online storage for all the product data you want to display on your website. You can also have as many e-mail accounts that you can handle, though, usually, businesses have just one. For your domain name, you’ll own the one you register with Hostmonster for free during its first year. After that, you’ll have to pay for it to keep it, which is a standard when it comes to domain hosting. The services of Hostmonster can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with them. If you’re a newbie or know nothing when it comes to programming languages like PERL 5, among others, you can still build your own website through Hostmonster. Hostmonster’s free drag and drop site builder will help you create your website the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) way. Also, you won’t find website administration hard with cPanel, which you’ll be using to manage your e-mail and databases as well as monitor your site stats.

The most useful thing Hostmonster offers that you can install on your website is the Agora shopping cart. This shopping cart enables you to turn your website into a full-fledged online store. Put a price tag, a description and a set of photos for every product you have and categorize them according to Agora. You can get all these for just a few bucks a month through Hostmonster -- high quality web hosting that helps your business reach out to consumers globally without making you sacrifice financially.

Hostmonster -- The Best of the Best for a Bargain Price After thinking of a catchy domain name and an attractive web design concept, you have to make up your mind as to what web host you’re going to get for your website. When choosing your web host, don’t use price as the sole measure. A web host service priced at $3 is hardly a bargain. For that price, your bandwidth and web storage will be so limited; you’d rather switch to a free web host. If you want to keep price as your top consideration, choose Hostmonster - the best of the best for a bargain price. Hostmonster’s web hosting service is worth $5.95 for every month for a two-year advance payment. But if you’re not ready to take the plunge, you can still get its services for a low price-$7.95 for every month. If you still think it’s expensive, take a look at some of its features, all of which you cannot get unless you pay a higher price. Hostmonster guarantees a speedy connection for anyone accessing your website. Because its web hosting services include an unlimited bandwidth, Hostmonster ensures that every kilobytes of your website’s every page can be accessed by your online visitors within seconds. An unlimited bandwidth allows your site to be accessed by thousands of people at the same time. So if you have a hunch that your website will attract thousands of followers, apply to become one of Hostmonster’s clients. Hostmonster guarantees that you get an unlimited space for data storage. If you’re planning to put up streaming video and audio, flash and other huge media files on your website, the unlimited space Hostmonster offers can hold all of these files together. Interactive media files help websites lure more traffic. So if you want your website to be as attractive to online visitors as possible, add graphics, videos and other multimedia on it. Hostmonster’s offer of unlimited space will help you store all of your files online without any problem. Hostmonster guarantees 99.9% uptime for your website and grants you a bonus of courtesy site backups. Your website will only be down for 6.91 hours in a year. That’s not bad since

websites hosted by other web hosts experience longer downtime. For your data storage, there may be times when you fail to save changes to your website. Thankfully, Hostmonster backs up changes you make to your site just like a handy auto-save feature. Hostmonster supports various programming languages and online programs. Hostmonster - the best of the best web hosts -- does not underestimate its clients in terms of web development. It supports basic languages like HTML but also goes as far as supporting more advanced languages like PHP 5, Perl 5 and Ruby/Ruby on Rails. Hence, those who love tinkering and developing designs based on these languages will be pleased with Hostmonster. For those who want to use programs like Wordpress, the program may be installed in a website hosted by Hostmonster easily. Apart from Wordpress, Hostmonster also supports programs like Moodle, Agora shopping cart and Drupal, among other programs that help enhance your website.

A Look at the Cheap Web Hosting Hostmonster Offers  

A Look at the Cheap Web Hosting Hostmonster Offers

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