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Hosting London 2012 Work Skills for Hospitality, Hotels & Tourism

“ I finished school at 16. It’s been 3 years now and I am thinking about the future. I am out of work but I do want a challenging career. I have a lot to give and I feel I need to update my skills to be more ready for the modern workplace. “ Bernard, 19

“ It has been some time since I was in education. I am a parent and need a flexible course in order to meet my responsibilities. I really want to make a contribution. To do this I must improve my basic skills and build some real self-confidence. “ Faye, 43

RBKC Unskilled Employee Percentage

Goldborne Multiple Deprivation

Local Needs & Opportunity The Course Aims To respond to government initiatives for training and recruitment within the employment sector To respond to the needs of the many local people who want to start a career in the Hostel, Hospitality and Tourism Sector To get local people trained and employed in time to host the 2012 Olympics and beyond . To help learners with no formal qualiďŹ cation gain basic functional skills. To enable learners progress through to employment or other academic levels of their choice.

education to make a lasting impact

“ This Hosting course is part of the2012 creation of London Work for Hospitality, legacy Hotels & Tourism a Skills meaningful following the 2012 Olympic Games. London will benefit from increased visitor numbers and tourist commerce, and it will provide training in Work Skills for the Hospitality, Hotels, and Tourism to feed this demand.” Hosting London 2012 - Work Skills for Hospitality, Hotels & Tourism

Course Qualification

NOCN Certificate in Employability Level 2 5 units with 120 GLH • Delivered over 10 weeks, 2 weeks per unit • 4 sessions per unit from 10am till 3pm • Roll-on / roll-off structure •

Summary of Key Points Olympic 2012 Focus • Level 2 Qualification • Roll-on / roll off format • Employer Linked • Functional and employability skills • E-learning inclusion •

a sustainable course looking to 2012 and beyond, a future of education and opportunity

get on track and reach for your personal best


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