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All About VPS Hosting

VPS hosting, also known as Virtual Private Server, is working as the bridge between shared hosting and dedicated server. Typically, in VPS, the main server is segregated into various private server, and each VPS hosting has its own resources and operating system and acts as an entire server.

Top 5 Advantages of VPS Hosting 

Guaranteed Server Resources

Full Control

Better Performance

Better Security and Reliability


Guaranteed Server Resources Cheap vps hosting provides guaranteed resources to each website. Each hosting has its personal Disk Space, Bandwidth, RAM, CPU, IP, and other resources. Even if the neighbored site consumes too many resources, it cannot influence your site resources and performance.

Full Control ď Ź

ď Ź

Full Control is one of the top features of VPS hosting with ideastack, which provides full root access to users. As a result, you can setup the operating systems as you want, install your prefer control panel and software, and do anything you want to manage and configure your server without restrictions.

Better Performance ď Ź

ď Ź

In the shared hosting environment, users always share the same available resources of a single server, which results the hosting performance decreasing. However, with guaranteed resources provided by ideastack, VPS hosting has better performance than shared hosting.

Better Security and Reliability Windows vps is more secure it has the ability to install custom and strict firewalls. In commons, shared hosting has a big risk on security due to the neighbored websites. If one site is backed, all other websites on the same server get serious threads to be influenced.

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All about vps hosting