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While exploring the natural wonders of southern Iceland, head to Gaulverjaskóli to enjoy life in the beautiful landscape of the lowlands. Take in the peaceful, agricultural atmosphere while enjoying panoramic views and plentiful bird-watching opportunities. Gaulverjaskóli HI Hostel is in a charming, renovated school building, perfect for relaxing or exploring nearby gems, such as Þórsmörk Nature Reserve, Landmannalaugar, and the Golden Circle area. Also within driving distance are the spectacular Mt. Hekla and Eyjafjallajökull. Open 1/21/10

Gaulverjaskóli 801 Selfoss - rural Tel: (354) 551 0654 Gsm: (354) 767 2654

GPS: 63°59’13.3”N 20°33’00.7”W



GPS: 63° 50,157’N, 20° 53,780’W

A former home for the elderly and now a super cosy South Central HI Hostel is located in a green lush haven in the southwest of Iceland. Close to Iceland´s most popular tourist routes such as the Golden Circle, Þjórsárdalur and Landmannalaugar. The surroundings of the hostel are quiet and beautiful which makes the hostel a perfect base to explore these districts of Iceland. South Central HI Hostel offers a range of accommodation: beds in shared dorm rooms, private rooms with shared bathroom, and a private apartment with up to six available beds. A hot tub is also accessible and breakfast is served throughout the year. Open all year

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How to get there From road no. 1 take road no. 33 east of Selfoss. Coming from Eyrarbakki, you follow road no. 33. It is also possible to get there straight from Keflavik Airport by taking Suðurstrandarvegur, approx. 114 km.

Nearest Hostels Selfoss 14 km • Árnes 54 km

South Central Blesastaðir 801 Selfoss Tel: (354) 663 4666

How to get there South Central HI Hostel is located by road nr. 30, about 7 km away from the ringroad nr. 1.

Nearest Hostels Selfoss 40 km • Gaulverjaskóli 54 km • Árnes 46 km


Eyrarbakki GPS: 63° 56,216’N, 20° 59,631’W

While exploring Iceland’s ring road, don’t miss Selfoss, the south’s largest town and crucial trade centre. While visiting sites such as Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir, recharge your batteries at the lovely Selfoss HI Hostel, conveniently located by the main road in Selfoss. Don’t miss the town’s great geothermal swimming pool with three slides, hot pots and sauna, or the culinary delights of Tryggvaskáli. Take advantage of Selfoss’s plentiful supermarkets if you are heading to more remote areas, or visit the quaint Bobby Fischer Center, especially if you are interested in chess. Open all year

Selfoss Austurvegur 28 • 800 Selfoss Tel: (354) 660 6999/ 482 1600 30

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GPS: 63° 51,759’N, 21° 8,965’W

If you came to Iceland to get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature and authentic Icelandic culture, the quaint coastal village of Eyrarbakki is an ideal place to spend a few days or even longer. Enjoy horseback riding on the beach, kayaking in the lagoons, or exploring a lava-tube cave. See a traditional rowing ship at the Maritime Museum, or journey through time at the Árnessýsla Heritage Museum, located in a beautifully preserved wooden house from 1765. Treat yourself to some of the best seafood in Iceland at Rauða Húsið restaurant, or simply stroll down the seaside path and watch the seabirds. Many of Iceland’s most famous attractions are less than an hour away and the friendly staff at Bakki HI Hostel & Apartments are happy to help you make the most of your visit. Open all year

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How to get there Selfoss is located on road no. 1. Selfoss HI Hostel is located on the main street that runs through the town.

Nearest Hostels Eyrarbakki 12 km • Gaulverjaskóli 14 km

Bakki Hostel & Apartments Eyrargata 51-53 • 820 Eyrarbakki Tel: (354) 788 8200

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How to get there On the main road in the town of Eyrarbakki, 10 minutes from Selfoss and road no. 1.

Nearest Hostels Gaulverjaskóli 16 km • Selfoss 13 km • Laugarvatn 52 km


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Farfuglar - Hostelling International Iceland  

Farfuglar HI Iceland Brochure