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GPS: 63° 26,439’N, 20° 16,095’W

You haven’t seen Iceland until you have visited Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands). One of Iceland’s best kept secrets, Vestmannaeyjar is composed of 14 small islands, of which only Heimaey is inhabited. Take the ferry Herjólfur from the mainland to explore this archipelago filled with volcanoes, magical birdlife, and out-of-this-world landscapes. This is the largest puffin colony in the world; go to Stórhöfði viewpoint to enjoy a fantastic view of the birds and landscape alike - a sight not to be missed. Visit Eldheimar, an award winning exhibition on the dramatic eruption that took place in 1973. Vestmannaeyjar HI Hostel has excellent facilities and a relaxed vibe.

Sunnuhóll Vestmannabraut 28 900 Vestmannaeyjar Tel: (354) 481 2900 Fax: (354) 481 1696

Open all year


How to get there There are daily flights between Reykjavík and the Westman Islands. A ferry runs scheduled trips between Landeyjahöfn and the Westman Islands every day.

Located close to major attractions on the south coast, Árnes HI Hostel is an excellent basecamp for travellers. Þjórsárdalur valley, dominated by the staggering volcano Hekla, is nearby. The landscape in this valley includes striking volcanic fields with smooth foothills and jagged rock formations and the beautiful lava-formed Hjálparfoss and Háifoss waterfalls. Also close by Árnes is the reconstructed Viking-era farmstead, Þjóðveldisbærinn, based on the excavated farm of Stöng. Landmannalaugar is a popular attraction, just 80 km from the hostel; the area is a nature reserve in the highlands on the edge of Laugahraun lava field, known for its geothermal hot springs, colourful mountains, and geological formations. Open 1/41/10

Árnes 801 Selfoss Tel: (354) 486 6048 • 861 2645 Fax: (354) 486 6091

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How to get there Árnes is located about 22 km from road no. 1. You need to take road no. 30 and then road no 32.

Nearest Hostels Laugarvatn 47 km • Selfoss 42 km


Laugarvatn GPS: 63° 42,886’N, 19° 43,950’W

Fljótsdalur Fljótshlíð • 861 Hvolsvöllur Tel: (354) 487 8498 • 487 8497

28 Nearest Hostels Skógar 53 km • Selfoss 75 km

Open 1/431/10

How to get there Fljótsdalur is at the end of road no. 261, 27 km from Hvolsvöllur. The last 8 km is a gravel road; it is suitable for two-wheel drive cars except for the last 100m up the hill.

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At the heart of the Golden Circle area, with its highlights Þingvellir, Gullfoss, and Geysir, lies the village of Laugarvatn. This is a prime location for exploring the many nearby attractions. Of the same name, Laugarvatn is also a hot spring lake. Visit the geothermal baths Laugarvatn Fontana down by the lake and relax in the steam rooms built over natural hot springs and seize the opportunity to swim where the hots spring water flows into the cold lake. Laugarvatn HI Hostel offers a great variety of rooms, excellent facilities, and lovely views. Also, be sure to bring your hiking boots for the many nearby trails, for example in the lovely birch forest by the roots of Mt. Laugarvatnsfjall.

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Head to Fljótsdalur HI Hostel for a glimpse of the simpler life in Iceland and stay in the renovated, century-old, turf-roofed farmhouse. Being here is like stepping back in time to a life before smartphones and tablets - even the shower is out in the garden! From the house, you can admire the beauty of Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers. There are a number of hiking opportunities for all levels; the most popular path is the four hour roundtrip up Þórólfsfell mountain. The hostel has an impressive library of books in English on all things Icelandic, a proper haven for bookworms.

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GPS: 64° 13,086’N, 20° 43,982’W

Laugarvatn Dalsel • Dalbraut 10 840 Laugarvatn Tel: (354) 899 5409 • 486 1215 Nearest Hostels Selfoss 40 km • Árnes 47 km

Open 1/230/11

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How to get there Laugarvatn HI Hostel is situated on road no. 37, approx. 50 km from road no. 1. Take route 36 past Þingvellir and then road 365 to Laugarvatn.


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Farfuglar HI Iceland Brochure

Farfuglar - Hostelling International Iceland  

Farfuglar HI Iceland Brochure