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Best reasons for holidays in Greece

Greece and its islands number among the most popular destinations in Europe. Greece is a mountainous place for the most part in southeastern Europe and it is washed by the Ionian Sea in the west side and by the Aegean Sea in the east side. The reasons why you should visit Greece are endless and they range from the beautiful landscapes and the dreamy beaches to the picturesque villages and the rich archaeological sites. Greece attracts more than sixteen million tourists each year, contributing this way to the Gross Domestic Product by 15-20%. Greece has been the centerpiece for worldwide visitors since antiquity and it is famous for its long history and its coasts and beaches. For instance, the island of Rhode attracts the highest number of tourists in the Mediterranean Sea. Also, the islands of Crete, Santorini, Corfu and Mykonos inundate with tourists every year. At the same time, although Greece has faced censure because the tourist infrastructure is inferior to one in other western countries, the country has considerably improved its infrastructure since the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004. It’s worth noting that most hotels in greece, especially the ones in the islands, are fully equipped with numerous amenities like gym, swimming pool, spa, playgrounds, bar and restaurant. The majority of the hotels have their website where the visitor can make the reservation. There are also Greek and international services for making bookings, which make special offers for specific hotels in greece. Greek island have in store abundant popular destinations that give a warm welcome to the visitor thanks to the lush that their luxury hotels ooze. Greece is a synonym of indulgence, complete care, targeted service, top class gastronomy and fitness. Exclusive hotels all around Greece promise to make every dream and request come true.

The most renowned and famous destinations in Greece shine like precious stones under the splendid Greek sun. Athens, with the Acropolis and historical center, as well as the cosmopolitan capital of entertainment and the culture, is an exemplary urban centre which consists of some of the best hotels in greece. Nothing beats Santorini, an island which can be characterized as a phenomenon because of its impressive caldera and the volcano. It has been denoted as a top romantic destination in the world. Mykonos is identified with Greece and it is a synonym of luxury and nightlife.

The visitor is challenged to unveil the boutique hotels that function in Greece in order to turn their wild dreams into reality. Every hotel boasts its distinct identity advocating a unique philosophy, the same promise and the same top quality of the services provided. Top class gastronomy in premium loungerestaurants with a view of the astounding turquoise waters, unrivalled wine taste experiences with the finest wines, endless hours in swimming pools and refreshing cocktails compose the mosaic of heavenly accommodation in hotels in greece. Greece is magic and lights. A sacred place blessed by Gods and nature. Its location is in a strategic spot between East and West, as if it is the crossroads between two parts of the same world. Tourism is the heavy industry of the country and it is the “products� that it exports to all lengths of the world. Accommodation in Greece comprises hotels, apartments, studios, villas, and bungalows, namely the visitor has endless options at their disposal when spending their holiday in Greece. The main benefit that tourists gain when they book a room in one four or five star hotel in their holiday destination is the access to cost-effective services and privileges that it is not possible to find anywhere else. That is to say the cost of services and amenities is very

low in comparison with the high level of hospitality that hotels in greece ensure for their guests. The World Organization of Tourism has designated Greece as one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. It is an undisputed fact that people are curious to become acquainted with the history and culture of a primeval place that still inspires after so many centuries. It goes without saying that tourism has progressively developed in Greece leading to advancements that just a few years ago were unthinkable. The Olympic Games in 2004 contributed towards this direction and the infrastructure of the most touristic places improved time by time. New hotel units were established and the old one renovated their facilities so that the visitors can enjoy the level of hospitality they seek. Taking into consideration all the above we draw the crucial conclusion that Greece is the ideal holiday destination due to a wide array of reasons that we will try to summarize below.

Initially, hotels in greece are modern and equipped with all the necessary amenities the guest may ask. Among these we detail the swimming pool, the bar-restaurant, the spa centre, the conference rooms etc. Secondly, Greece is the only country in the world with such a wide range of islands to choose from for your holidays. This variety offers the visitor the chance to schedule their holidays beforehand by opting for the island they wish to visit and subsequently choosing one of the world class hotels in greece to stay. Moreover, Greek people are warm, friendly and hospitable. They steal your heart from the beginning to the end and they “urge� you to return back one day leaving with the best impressions every time. Finally, Greece is the land of your destiny. We mean that you should definitely visit Greece at least once in your life. Spending your holidays in Greece is

something that will cherish for a lifetime. Premium hotel units, friendly people, vibrant nightlife and top gastronomy form an “amalgam� of strong reason to visit Greece. Have you booked your flight and your hotel room? What are you waiting for? Live every moment in Greece experiencing the best feelings you can and changing the point of view for many things. Greece is principally a place of timeless values and high ideals.

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