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Why to Choose Hotels in Istanbul

Moving towards the slopes of the Golden Horn and gazing the charming Bosporus, the city of Istanbul is the home of the legacy of the Byzantine Empire, ranging from the majestic Hagia Sophia to the TopKapi Palace of the sultans, creating a longstanding and breathtaking impression on the visitors. Nowadays, the modern city of Istanbul boasts about its superior hotel units, its restaurants and nightclubs. Also, it stands between Europe and Asia offering shops of western fashion and cuisine of the east. Are you eager to take a trip to a destination where the customs of the West and the East are combined to create a unique result? We are sure you are and that’s why you should choose to stay at the best hotels in istanbul. The luxury hotels of reflect the history and the mentality of Istanbul. Situated at the centre of the modern urban centre, the hotels are a step away from the famous Taksim Square and the popular streets with all the shopping centres and the entertainment units. Needless to say those hotels in istanbul live up to everybody’s expectations thanks to their elegant architecture, their stylish decoration and the luxurious rooms and suites with breathtaking views of Istanbul. Opt for a hotel which is only a few minutes away from the landmarks and attractions of the Old City, like Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque. You will find out that the walking distance between your hotel and the business or shopping centre is very short, so a fabulous four or five star hotel has countless advantages as it facilitates your tour in the city. Selecting the best hotels in istanbul you enjoy the chance to taste genuine eastern cuisine signed by the best chefs in the city. The hotels take pride in their lounge bars and restaurants, serving anything the guest imagines, from Italian pizzas to special cocktails next to the pool. Exclusive hotels in istanbul provide a wide variety of eating options, which promise a delightful experience for the customer. Opulent hotels in istanbul consist of contemporary spa facilities and genuine Hammam baths where the visitor can relax and rest. Moreover, if you have

dreamt of getting married in Istanbul and spending your honeymoon in a premium hotel of the city, then planners and caterers will help you realize all your wishes. Everything can be organized in a jiffy in a five star hotel in Istanbul.

No matter if you visit Istanbul for holidays or on business, the quest of locating a top quality hotel in the city is really exciting as the city includes perfect hotel units which were built recently or renovated in the near past. Istanbul seems to be split in half because of the Bosporus Strait and its grandeur stems from the great Empires of the Past, the Byzantium and the Ottoman. Actually, it is a city that lies between Europe and Asia, a rather rare feature for a city. Sultanahmet is the place where the tourist can detect the majority of the monuments and sights of Istanbul. Galata is a great destination for nightlife seekers and the New City very near is the home to the business activity of the city and the place you find the shops. Bohemian Bosporus is the area where you notice stylish palaces, amazing mansions and generally buildings with traditional Ottoman architecture. The good news is that the visitor will find lots of affordable hotels in istanbul. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a fortune as there are budget selections in satisfying hotels equipped with all modern amenities. However, if you are willing to spend more money, in case you wish to stay next to the Bosporus, you will definitely be rewarded by the services. Hotels in Bosporus have the edge of being close to the public transport network of the city. When you know that the means of transport are always at your disposal, you can get around easily taking in the sights without worrying about how you will get a destination. What is more, the underground makes the access to the airport of Istanbul very easy. Istanbul is the city of scents, colours and tastes. It is the city of the imams, in the heart of Eurasia. You will discover mosques, flea markets and of course the renowned Bosporus. Istanbul belongs to a group of cities that you should definitely visit once in your life. As for the best season to visit Istanbul, the city

is lovely in the spring and autumn. In summer it is very hot and humid and in winter the cold is moderate. If you feel like going on a shopping, then Taksim Square is your place. Walking along the square you will feel like you are in the heart of metropolitan centre of European standards. There are famous shop chains everywhere, modern stores and a lifestyle that reminds the one of the West. Also, after you book your rooms in the marvelous hotels in istanbul and arrive at the city, you should start taking in the sights. Don’t omit taking a close look at the bridge of Galata, which is one of the longest bridges in the world and it also includes a railway line. Below the bridge there are lovely cafés and restaurants, from where you may enjoy the splendid view and have fun until late. Finally, if you opt for one of the luxury hotels in istanbul by the Bosporus, our advice is to walk until the Egypt market, get on the boat and indulge in a magnificent tour of the Bosporus. The picture of the city while being aboard is breathtaking and cinematic. All in all, Istanbul is a city that will cherish as long as you choose the ideal hotel based on your personal requirements. The rest lies on you as the city provides a wealth of monuments and sights to visit. Experience the magic that only a city with a “dual personality” can offer so generously.

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