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MEDEC 2017

Largest medical technology conference

in North America coming to Canada T

he Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), MEDEC’s counterpart association in the United States, is bringing its annual MedTech

Conference to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from October 5-7, 2020. With this decision, organizers have chosen Canada to be the first host country for the conference outside the United States.

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The MedTech Conference, which attracts more than 2,600 attendees from around the world each year for three days of educational programming, networking opportunities and more, is the largest medical technology-focused conference in North America. AdvaMed’s decision to bring the conference to Canada was based on multiple factors, but a significant impetus was the positive change taking place in Canada’s medtech environment. “Canada is becoming more and more of a medtech power each year,” says Scott Whitaker, president and CEO, AdvaMed. “The Canadian government’s Innovation Agenda and Ontario’s newly established Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist sent a strong signal that the country is open for business. We look forward to working with our local partners to showcase Toronto’s booming health technology ecosystem at The MedTech Conference in 2020.” Ontario’s Chief Health Innovation Strategist, William Charnetski, says that this decision speaks to the collaboration around innovation that is taking place in the province’s healthcare system. “Awarding The MedTech Conference to the City of Toronto is further evidence that our work, together with

collaborators in the system, is catalyzing and growing a thriving health innovation ecosystem in Ontario. Our office is thrilled to be a key partner welcoming the world’s top leaders in health innovation to Toronto in 2020,” says Charnetski. Ontario Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins believes that this international conference offers a terrific opportunity for the province. “In choosing Ontario, our province will showcase its leadership in the medical technology sector and be recognized as a leading North American hub for health innovation,” says Minister Hoskins. AdvaMed will partner with MEDEC to ensure that the conference reflects and highlights the local Canadian medtech community, which is home to more than 1,500 medical technology companies. “We’re very pleased that the largest medical technology-focused conference in North America has chosen Toronto to be its first host city outside the United States,” says Brian Lewis, President and CEO, MEDEC. “Great things are happening in the Canadian medtech marketplace, and we look forward to working closely with AdvaMed and The MedTech Conference planning team to showcase opportunities for innovators and contributing to this world-class H event.” ■

Hospital News 2017 November Edition  

Focus: Technology in Healthcare, Patient Experience, Hospital Performance Indicators. Special MEDTECH Issue

Hospital News 2017 November Edition  

Focus: Technology in Healthcare, Patient Experience, Hospital Performance Indicators. Special MEDTECH Issue