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H E R O E S — National Nursing Week 2015 N15

all 2015 nominees Angie Coluccio – Trillium Health Partners

Angie supports ongoing education of our students by providing an orientation class for them (often on her own time), to ensure their clinical placement provides them an abundance of learning. Recently a car had crashed into the parking area below our unit and had caught on fire. Angie did not hesitate to assist the driver and passenger, and ensure they received the care they needed. It is truly and honour to work with Angie. She is truly fulfilling her calling each day she is here. To quote a patient; “she is an angel who responds to those in need”.

Donna Lozier – St. Joseph’s Health Care London

Donna is the most calm, compassionate, reliable, quick thinking nurse I know. I have had the opportunity to observe Donna during her day to day work. She always presents herself in a positive manner and all her patients respect her and always tell me how much they love Donna. I have said many times that if Donna retires I don’t know what we’ll do. No matter the day Donna always seems to have a handle on everything and many times I have seen her lend a helping hand to the other nurses on the unit. Whether it be to help a patient to the washroom, help physio with a hard transfer, etc. She never says she is too busy or doesn’t have time. She makes time to attend to everyone of her patients at all times.

Katherine Edwards – McMaster Children’s Hospital

She is an amazing nurse with skills surpassing her years of experience. She is a calm, caring and flexible care giver who always puts her patients first. She stood out from the first time I saw her. She is a strong player on the team. She knows her stuff and she takes on complicated cases willingly. She is an amazing charge nurse with flexibility and knowledge of her team.

Megan Cotrone – Markham Stouffville Hospital

Mr. T. was a complex continuing care patient who was with us on the Uxbridge site’s unit for almost a year. There were several periods over the course of his stay where he became depressed, was refusing to eat and became noticeably weaker. Megan, being the kind-hearted professional Sherrie Maitland Providence Care Mental Health Services Lorraine Martelli Juravinski Cancer Centre (HHS) Jeffrey Maximo William Osler Health Centre Maureen McPhee Juravinski Cancer Centre HHS Laura Micks Trillium Health Partners Darlene Murphy Hamilton Health Sciences

that she is, took it upon herself to improve Mr. T.’s mental and emotional state – and that’s when she started what she likes to call “Spa Day”. At least once a month, she would give Mr. T a manicure, pedicure, shave, hair-wash and hair-cut. She would also take the time to sit with him, help him eat and spend time conversing with him. She would take him out of his room and down to the main lobby – or outside when the weather was nice. We started seeing great improvements in his emotional state. Megan’s care for him went above and beyond her duties as a nurse. If nothing else, she made him look forward to Spa Day!

Sherri Gayle – Hamilton Health Sciences

Nurse Sherri touched our lives with her professionalism, compassion and caring while my father was in hospital with end stage dementia. Her commitment and dedication was routinely demonstrated acting as patient/family educator and advocate – listening to our concerns and taking action. Sherri went above and beyond whether it was providing us with a muchneeded compassionate hug or through a hand written bedside note updating us in the morning on how the night was. Sherri took time out of her busy schedule to ensure that we kept everything in perspective to avoid caregiver burn out as well.

Linda Trozzolo – William Osler Health Centre

Linda is an extraordinary colleague, nurse and leader because she takes the time to listen, guide and mentor other staff in an encouraging way. Her positive approach and cheerful face gives light and encouragement to the staff in our unit. Working in the medical palliative care unit means that many of our patients are dealing with end-of-life sickness and cancer. Linda’s willingness to carefully listen to patients and their families with extra tenderloving care makes a big difference in their experience.

Katherine Armenta – Runnymede Healthcare Centre

Katherine Armenta is a nursing hero whose maturity as a health care practitioner is simply beyond her years. Upon entering the profession three years ago, Katherine quickly earned the respect and admiration of patients, families and peers alike with her compassionate, kind manner. She intuitively grasped the dynamics

of a busy and often demanding hospital environment and rapidly rose to become a charge nurse. Leadership comes naturally to Katherine: she regularly develops innovative new approaches to everyday challenges that allow her unit (and often others) to function more efficiently.

Mary Hague – Trillium Health Partners

Nursing is a caring, client-centered, holistic, and a helping profession. A nurse combines science and technology with people skills like communication, problem solving, teaching, and compassion. Nurses touch people’s lives as well at a time when they need help. It is apt to say that Mary Hague has been blessed, she is humble, honest, loyal, reliable, sincere, friendly, caring, kind, friendly, trustworthy, calm, permissive, respectful, smart and many other qualities.

Patricia Thompson – McMaster Children’s Hospital

Madge Reece Humber River Hospital Tracy Renton Trillium Health Partners Eleanor Reyes Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Lauralee Rombouts St. Joseph’s Health Care London Bonnie Ryder Peterborough Regional Health Centre Mary Sallows Kelowna General Hospital Cheryl Sarra Sunnybrook LTSE Veterans Wing Anne Silk Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital Lee Ann Simpson The Hospital for Sick Children Huguette Siou Alberta Health Services

Patricia Thompson has been a nurse for over 50 years. She has touched the lives of many. She has worked in many areas of the hospital and her last several years have been in the operating room. She has been involved in the biggest and most complex cases in our unit. She organizes, assembles and follows the process through. She amazes us everyday. Her commitment and love for the profession is seen everyday as she delivers her care to the patient and their family. She has the ability to make families feel safe and assured while delivering incredible care to them. You can see them ease as she speaks to them.

Robin Soule Almonte General Hospital

Laura Page – McMaster Children’s Hospital

Shinomon Thakadiyel Runnymede Healthcare Centre

There are so many words to describe Laura. She is dedicated, loving, caring, smart, fun, hard working, easy going but the word we think that describes her best is positive. There is not a single day Laura doesn’t have a smile on her face. Even during the most stressful situations she remains calm and upbeat. In December of 2014 Laura was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, not that you could tell though because she hasn’t missed a single day of work, in fact she has been working even more. During the last two months Laura has been working one on one every morning with a little guy getting radiation treatment at the JCC. Continued on page N16

Mary Srebot Southlake Regional Health Centre Gina Stokes Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Erin Stonehouse Peterborough Regional Health Centre Craig Strivens Alberta Health Services

Tess Thomas William Osler Health System Patricia Thompson McMaster Children’s Hospital Linda Trozzolo William Osler Health Centre Paisley Twigge Almonte General Hospital Jackie Valencia The Hospital for Sick Children Grace Vermeulen Hamilton Health Sciences Mary Wadsworth Trillium Health Partners

Edsel Mutia North York General Hospital

Lisa Pape Alberta Health Services

Massey Nematollahi Southlake Regional Health Centre

Laura Pella Southlake Regional Health Centre

Emma Pace William Osler Health Centre

Dana Pople Kingston General Hospital

Sherry Wettlaufer Mississauga Community Care Access Centre

Seetha Padmanabhan The Hospital for Sick Children

Karen Prine McMaster Children’s Hospital

Leanne White Markham Stouffville Hospital

Laura Page McMaster Children’s Hospital

Sinny Rajasegaram Markham Stouffville Hospital

Bonnie Wilkie Kelowna General Hospital

Susan Pajor Brant Community Healthcare System

Yvonne Ramlall Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Kathy Zajac Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Jen Webster Providence Care


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Focus: Surgical Procedures, Pain Management, Palliative Care & Special Nursing Week Supplement

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