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e-Health 2019:

A conference

re-imagined ith conference season around the corner, there are plenty of reasons to make the e-Health Conference and Tradeshow the ‘must attend’ event of the year. As the largest national digital health event, the conference brings together upwards of 1,500 passionate individuals from across the country to learn from leading digital health professionals and innovators from Canada and around the world. Along with all the great learning and networking opportunities that e-Health


Celebrate, Grow & Inspire Bold Action in Digital Health! 22 HOSPITAL NEWS APRIL 2019

always offers, this year the conference promises a new and modernized experience not to be missed. From a new location to the re-imagination of the conference program, there’s lots to look forward to at this year’s event. Taking place in Toronto, Ontario from May 26 to 29, at the newly renovated Beanfield Centre, the 19th annual event will continue to offer top-quality learning and no shortage of opportunities to Celebrate, Grow and Inspire Bold Action in Canada’s DigiH tal Health Community! ■ www.hospitalnews.com


What’s new at

e-Health 2019 e-Health 2019 is making big changes to its offerings to allow delegates to have a truly unique experience and make the most of their time at the conference. Here are some of the new features to look forward to: OPEN CONCEPT FLOORPLAN: e-Health is literally breaking down walls and moving toward a completely open concept space will provide delegates with the opportunity to move freely between the tradeshow floor, exhibits and plenary rooms, to ensure they do not miss a thing.

HEADSETS: The open-concept floor plan allows delegates to tune-into the speakers and sessions they are most interested in. To support this, all attendees will receive a headsets as part of their conference package. Not only will it give delegates control over which speakers they engage with, it will also mitigate any noise concerns.

WHITE SPACE: Delegates can take advantage of this new feature to create intentional free time. Need to check-in with the office, just relax, or a few minutes to create a viral tweet? This new feature is designed for delegates to create intentional free time between and during sessions to maximize learning and make the most out of their e-Health experience More features will be announced closer to the conference dates. Visit www.e-healthconference.com/conference-info/whats-new-at-e-health-2019 for updates.

CONNECTING MINDS: These brand new sessions offer delegates the chance to create their own brainstorming and meaningful networking opportunities in one of the educational areas set up on the show floor. Attendees are encouraged to step away from the hustle of the exhibit floor to share stories and insights of their daily issues in digital healthcare, either in a one-on-on setting, or with a group. Simply log into the e-Health 2019 mobile app (Available April 2019) and list topics you are interested in learning about or sharing knowledge on. The sessions will be held daily from 11:45-12:15 p.m. in H the dedicated areas. â– www.hospitalnews.com



Sunday Workshop – Design Thinking with patients As a Patient Included accredited event, e-Health is also re-imagining its hallmark Sunday Workshop by inviting the team from Hacking Health to lead – PARTNERING TO DESIGN TOGETHER – An Innovative Workshop with Patients. This workshop will connect patients with digital health innovators to get their hands dirty and explore new techniques and resources through ‘design thinking’.

For those unfamiliar, design thinking approaches complex problems with the philosophy that solutions should be created with, and not just for, end-users. In this full day workshop, participants will adopt a design thinking mindset, as they identify problems, create innovative solutions and present ideas to the Hacking Health panel to be developed.

WORKSHOP KEY FEATURES @;1ঞˆ;1omঞm†b|‹o=1-u;7;l-m7v-1Ѵ;-uuo-7l-r b]b|-Ѵ_;-Ѵ|_-7orঞom-m7bmmoˆ-ঞˆ; ru-1ঞ1;v_-ˆ;v|u;m]|_;m;7-11;vv|o1Ѵbmb1-Ѵ 7-|-ķ-m7-u;h;‹v|;rvbm|_;fo†um;‹|o‰-u7 ;@;1ঞˆ;1omঞm†b|‹o=1-u;-m7blruoˆ;7 _;-Ѵ|_o†|1ol;vĺ

• Learn from and network with industry-leading experts, health enthusiasts and patients • Collaborate with colleagues from dif-

ferent disciplines to develop healthcare innovation • Increase knowledge and awareness of design thinking and patient-centred design • Develop and own a refined statement about a health innovation need and desired outcome for a specific patient The workshop will be an intense, collaborative, hands-on learning experience, that will enhance participants and spectators understanding of the design thinking process and definitely worth planning for an early arrival at the conference. Register today: www.e-healthH conference.com/register-now ■

$_;†mu;Ѵ;mঞm]ru;vv†u;|ou;7†1;1ov|Ѵ‹ ;l;u];m1‹7;r-u|l;m|-7lbvvbomv-m7Ѵ;m]|_‹ _ovrb|-Ѵv|-‹vbvom;7ubˆ;uĸblruoˆbm]|_; r-ঞ;m|;Šr;ub;m1;ķ;-vbm]ru;vv†u;vom1-u; ruoˆb7;uv-m77;Ѵbˆ;ubm]0;‚;uo†|1ol;v-u;f†v|-vblrou|-m|ĺ$o-1_b;ˆ;|_;v; ]o-Ѵvķ‰;l†v||u-mv=oul‰_-|ŋ-m7_o‰‰;|_bmh-0o†|‰_-|ŋ‰;7oĺ $_bv|u-mv=oul-ঞomu;t†bu;vm;‰r-ঞ;m|Ŋruoˆb7;ur-u|m;uv_brv|o;m1o†u-]; -m7v†rrou|v;Ѵ=Ŋl-m-];l;m|ķu;7†1;u;-7lbvvbomvķblruoˆ;1_uomb17bv;-v; l-m-];l;m|ķ-m7_;Ѵrr-ঞ;m|vl-bm|-bmbm7;r;m7;m1;ĺ;-mbm]=†Ѵ1oѴѴ-0ou-ঞom bv;vv;mঞ-Ѵķ†m7;urbmm;70‹-v;-lѴ;vvYo‰o=bm=oul-ঞom-Ѵom]|_;1omঞm††l o=1-u;ĺ&m=ou|†m-|;Ѵ‹ķ|o7-‹ķ|_;v;Yo‰v-u;=-u=uolv;-lѴ;vvķѴ;-ˆbm]]-rv=ou r-ঞ;m|vķruoˆb7;uv-m7-7lbmbv|u-|ouvĺ );0;Ѵb;ˆ;-1oѴѴ;1ঞˆ;1-ѴѴ|o-1ঞombvm;;7;7ķom;|_-|‰bѴѴu;v†Ѵ|bm-uo-7l-r |o-Ѵb]m-ѴѴr-u|vo=|_;_;-Ѵ|_v‹v|;l‰b|_-mbm|;]u-|;7v;uˆb1;7;Ѵbˆ;u‹ˆbvbomĺ );-rrѴ-†7u;1;m|;@ou|v|o7;ˆ;Ѵor7b]b|-Ѵv|u-|;]b;v-m7bm=oul-ঞomv_-ubm] ruo|o1oѴv|_-|0;]bm|oѴ-‹o†|1olrom;m|vo=|_bvuo-7l-rĺ)_;|_;u|o7;ˆ;Ѵor |_;ˆbvbomķ=-1bѴb|-|;1oѴѴ-0ou-ঞomķ-7ˆbv;om0;v|ru-1ঞ1;vķl-r1-u;r-|_‰-‹v ou7ubˆ;ruof;1|v|o|_;Cmbv_Ѵbm;ķo†u|;-lv|-m7vu;-7‹|ov†rrou||_;v; blrou|-m|bmbঞ-ঞˆ;vĺ gevityinc.com





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André Picard

Meet the Speakers espite the numerous change and upgrades promised at e-Health 2019, the conference will continue to deliver on its commitment to providing one-of-a-kind learning opportunities from some of the top leaders and minds of the digital health community from Canada and abroad. The conference has started to announce a stellar line-up of accomplished speakers that are not be missed.



Michael B. Decter


Michael B. Decter President & Chief Executive Officer LDIC Inc. Michael B. Decter, a Harvard trained economist is the President and CEO of LDIC Inc. He served as Deputy Minister of Health for Ontario and Cabinet Secretary in Manitoba. Michael is a well-recognized expert on health care policy. He was the founding Chair of the Health Council of Canada. He continues to serve as the Chair of Medavie Inc. and Patients Canada. He is also a Trustee of Auto Sector Health Care Trust and Chair of its Finance, Audit and Investment Committee. He has authored Healing Medicare: Managing Health System Change – The Canadian Way

(1994). Four Strong Winds – Understanding the Growing Challenges to Health Care, (2000). and Navigating Canada’s Health Care, co-authored by Francesca Grosso, (2006). In 2004, Michael was awarded The Order of Canada

CLOSING KEYNOTE ADDRESS André Picard Award winning Health Columnist at The Globe and Mail André will be closing the Conference with the Lunch Closing Keynote Address, From Paper to Pixels – and Beyond. He is one of Canada’s top health and public policy observers and commentators, with a career spanning over three decades. He has received much acclaim for his writing, including the Michener Award for Meritorious Public Service Journalism and the Centennial Prize of the Pan-American Health Association, awarded to the top health journalist in the Americas. He is also an eight-time finalist for the National Newspaper Awards – Canada’s version of the H Pulitzer Prize. ■



Conference Program With about 50 sessions and 250+ presenters spread out over the 4-day event, e-Health 2019 offers an abundance of learning opportunities on a range of topics, and opportunities for all attendees. Here is a selection of some of the planned sessions -- created from the hundreds of abstracts submitted from across Canada and internationally. MONDAY, MAY 27 10:30 A.M.–11:30 A.M. OS01 – It’s All About the Patient Outcomes • OS01.01 – Implementing a Patient Portal in a Paediatric World; Sarah Lee • OS01.02 – Virtual Emergency Support Service. “I’ve Got Eyes on the Patient”; Orpah Mackenzie • OS01.03 – Patient-Reported Outcomes for Hip and Knee Replacements in Ontario; Nicole De Guia • OS01.04 – Sex Workers’ Preferences for ICT Tools for Health and Safety OS04 – Cool Tools for Digital Health • OS04.01 – Streamlining communications for better patient outcomes #securemessagingworks; Mona Mattei • OS04.02 – Building an e-mental health toolbox: An implementation toolkit for clinicians; Danielle Impey

• OS04.03 – Usage of Kiosks to Improve Patient Registration Workflow; Dhara Hemant Desai • OS03.04 – Surviving big bang digital disruption: rapid problem solving and innovation; Bahdan Sadovy

MONDAY, MAY 27 12:30 P.M.–2:00 P.M. Plenary Session The Impact of Virtual Primary Care Visits on Continuity of Care, Friend or Foe? This panel will spotlight the increasingly active virtual primary care visit landscape both in Canada and internationally, and will discuss what we know about virtual primary care visits and their impact on continuity of care. This session will touch on the way in which provincial governments historically strived to ensure their populations were attached to a primary care physician for the sake of improved health outcomes and experience for patients, and how we can reconcile this approach with the inevitable technologies that change how primary care is delivered, by making available, physicians on demand.

TUESDAY, MAY 28 12:30 P.M.–2:00 P.M. Plenary Session Artificial Intelligence in Today’s Health System Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the buzzword bingo term in healthcare today. www.hospitalnews.com

Everywhere from health care conferences to organizational strategic plans tout the benefits of AI for addressing health outcomes, efficiencies, and cost barriers we face today in health systems. Exciting as it may be, how do we square this with the current state of health care in Canada? Do we have the quality and quantity of data required to optimize clinical care? Can we implement these tools into existing systems? What are some instances of AI being used today in Canada and what impact is it having? And importantly, where do our policy and regulatory frameworks stand in terms of readiness for AI tools in medical practice. Today’s panel hopes to spark a conversation about what’s required to make the most of AI, and be realistic about the practical approaches we need to take to implement these tools.

TUESDAY MAY 28 1:15 P.M.–2:15 P.M. OS18 – Increasing Digital Access for Patients • OS18.01 – Patient-facing Health Information Technology for Decision-making: Evidence/ Implications for Design; Selena Davis • OS18.02 – Patient Empowerment: A Review of Current and Emerging Approaches; Brian Lefebvre • OS18.03 – Engaged and Empowered: SK Citizen Health Portal; Lillian Ly • OS18.04 – Selling a No-Brainer; Stewart Cameron OS20 – Integrating Circle of Care • OS20.01 – Community Paramedics and Remote Monitoring in BCs Rural /Remote Communities; Jeff Kingdon • OS20.02 – Expanded ClinicalConnect Data Integrations Create a Powerful Patient Care Tool; Dale Anderson • OS20.03 – Increased patient engagement and team continuity in Community-based care; Jeff Mackay

• OS20.04 – Videoconferencing to Support Intraoperative Surgical Coaching: Are We Ready Yet?; Caterina Masino

WEDNESDAY, MAY 29 10:30 A.M.–12:00 P.M. OS29 – Virtual Care in Mental Health • OS29.01 – TELEPROM-Y: Mental Healthcare for Youth Through Virtual Models Of Care; Cheryl Forchuk • OS29.02 – Innovative Approaches to Leverage Technology to Build Mental Health Capacity; Anne Kirvan • OS29.03 – A Mobile Early Stimulation Program Supporting Children with Developmental Delays; Raquel Dias • OS29.04 – Embedding Virtual Care in the Delivery of Mental Health Services; Laura Prado • OS29.05 – Video-based Usability Testing for Healthcare IT: Making it Practical; Andre Kushniruk • OS29.06 – Gathering Perspectives: Strategy for emental Health Services in Atlantic Canada; Krista Balenko OS31 – Interoperability; When Will We Get There? • OS31.01 – An Innovative eOrdering Solution With Real-time Triage-based Scheduling; Danielle Porter • OS31.02 – Improving Information Flow to Support Continuity of Care: EMR Interoperability; Lillian Ly • OS31.03 – Impact Through Reach: Improving Follow-Up for Mental Health Patients; Elizabeth Keller • OS31.04 – Is e-Medication Reconciliation Capability a Missing Link to Improving Interoperability?; Gerald Elysee • OS31.05 – VIRTUES: Towards Interoperability in Arrhythmia Care Using Blockchain And FHIR; Dimitri Popolov • OS31.06 – Partnering our HIS for Better Outcomes for Kids in Ontario; Mari Teirelbaum, Sarah Muttitt APRIL 2019 HOSPITAL NEWS 27


Social events ne of the greatest perks of the e-Health experience is the opportunity to share a room with some of the biggest talent in the digital health business. With networking a major priority for many attendees, the conference is peppered with a number of events geared towards just that. The social events include the Welcome Reception, the e-Health Happy Hour, the Pre-Gala reception and Canadian Health Informatics Award (CHIA) Gala. Networking breaks are also weaved into the Conference program to make sure everyone has an opportunity to mingle with peers and make new connections.


Register now to save! Register by April 10 to take advantage of reduced rates. 28 HOSPITAL NEWS APRIL 2019

CHIA GALA Every year, the conference hosts the Canadian Health Informatics Awards (CHIA) Gala, where participants can dust off their fancy frocks for a special

evening dedicated to celebrating and rewarding excellence in the digital health community. These awards pay tribute to individuals, projects, teams and companies. Categories include: • Clinician Leadership • Corporate Citizenship • Emerging Leader in Health Informatics • Canadian Telehealth • Innovation in the Adoption of Health Informatics • Leadership in the Field of Health Informatics • Project Team: Implementation • Project Team: Innovation & Care Delivery • Project Team: Patient Care Innovation • Steven Huesing Scholarship Taking place on Monday, May 28 from 6:15 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the evening will start with a reception followed by dinner and the awards H presentation ■ www.hospitalnews.com




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2019 eHealth Conference Supplement  

2019 eHealth Conference Supplement