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Newsletter of the Tourism Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador


Spring 2011

General Rick Hillier, keynote speaker at HNL’s 2011 Annual Conference and Trade Show

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leadership lessons

Carol-Ann Gilliard CEO, Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador

One day in the spring of 2008, not long after I had taken over as the CEO of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador, a co-worker and I had a conversation about leadership. We were discussing our theories on the characteristics of certain leaders that made them either really effective or really disappointing. The analogy that was given to me was such a simple concept but it motivated me to try to understand and appreciate the distinct qualities and

characteristics of effective leaders. My co-worker suggested that an effective leader is not necessarily the person who is given the title or position of leader, but rather is the person in the organization that everyone inherently understands that they can trust to guide them in the right direction. For example, if the office was burning down, the real leader is the one that everyone would follow out of the building because, without thinking, they would already feel secure and confident in that person. The person they follow might not necessarily be the one who is tasked with being ‘in’ charge but rather is the person that everyone knows will ‘take’ charge. In mulling over my co-worker’s analogy, I immediately thought of some of the leaders that I have worked with in my dozen or so years in the tourism industry. The leaders that come to mind for me are people who, in the event of a fire, I would surely follow. They are people who know the way forward and let everyone else know how to get there. They guide people through uncertain territory but always keep them focused on the end goal, reinforcing progress along the way. When they reach the milestones of success, like the first deep inhale of fresh clean air out of the smoke-filled journey, they take time to celebrate and reflect. They are also modest about the great achievements they have directed, probably because they know there is still so much to be done. Having worked with all kinds of leaders over the years, the part of my co-worker’s analogy that speaks to me the most is the fire itself. Leaders can have all the blueprints and strategies and all the learning, experience and talent but there is one other ingredient that determines their level of success.

General Rick Hillier presents as part of HNL’s 2011 Annual Conference and Trade Show

Confidence. Know-how. Trust. Fire. Think about the leaders that have moved you and I think you will agree that my co-worker was on to something. As I write this, Canada is in the midst of a federal election campaign. It is difficult to know who will be the best person to represent us when all that most of us know about the candidates is superficially transmitted to us via the filters of media. Perhaps the only thing we can ever really do is trust our own instincts when choosing a leader to follow. That and perhaps taking a leap of faith that choosing to go in one direction or another, at the very least, is so much better than standing around doing nothing at all or complaining that things are not better. My advice: start building a fire of your own (or depending on where you are in your life, get out of the fire). The worst thing you can do is nothing. Find a leader to help light your fire. Or better yet, become a leader and light the fire in others. I am fortunate in the tourism industry to work with so many great leaders to forward the collective goals of the tourism industry and province. Together, we have established our priorities in Uncommon Potential. We are blazing the trail forward and communicating the directions to our tourism community. Leaders throughout the province have their maps ready and are eager to do their part to ensure that others are equipped to do theirs. Most importantly, we have a fire to make it happen.

Carol-Ann Gilliard

Spring 2011

Fire is not just something that people run from. It is the passionate fire within a leader that can draw people in and incite them to follow. Leaders that yearn to achieve a dream, steadfastly believe in a mission and promote their vision are leaders that can move people to do extraordinary things. These leaders can incite a drive in

others that make them, as General Hillier aptly described at our recent Conference in St. John’s, “bring both their bodies and minds to the mission”. The fire that people see in such leaders, who must also have the skills to deliver, can act as a beacon to light the way for countless others. We have seen such leadership here in Newfoundland and Labrador in both our recent history and past.


Tourism, Culture and Recreation Minister the Honourable Terry French with Board members and support staff of the NL Tourism Board

spring fever! Okay, so it’s not exactly time for shorts and sandals; yet, I can’t help but feel excited about the season ahead! Spring is a time of year that represents change and rebirth, and to those of us in the tourism industry, a busy time of preparations for the summer tourism season ahead and all the potential it holds! And believe me, there is a great deal to be optimistic about for our upcoming season! John Dicks Chair, Hospitality Newfoundland HNL recently held and Labrador what was arguably, our best conference to date according to many attendees! During the conference we launched a fresh new logo and unveiled our new community-focused website. These new tools will enable HNL and the tourism community at large to reach new heights of collaboration as we work towards achieving Vision 2020 and our industry goal of doubling annual revenues by 2020. With features that now provide the tourism community a platform where they can share and discuss industry news, our new website has not only reenergized HNL but our members as well. This year’s conference saw a significant change from years past. Change can certainly be intimidating and it was a leap of faith for HNL to change the conference program but our delegates embraced the

(L-R) HNL Chair John Dicks, John Gow, Tineke Gow, Marieke Gow and B&B Assoc. President Mary Hayes

changes and have challenged us to raise the bar even higher for next year in Gander! At the conference, many speakers challenged us to think outside the box and shared with us their stories of creativity and perseverance giving us valuable tools to use in our own organizations. It is my hope

Sue Rendell presents at HNL’s 2011 Annual Conference and Trade Show

that all delegates left with valuable knowledge they can apply to their organizations to help make the 2011 season one of their best! Both experienced and emerging leaders were recognized for their efforts and contributions with tourism industry excellence awards. And equally important, our industry as a whole was celebrated for its social and economic contributions to the people and province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Marine Atlantic Service has long been considered a critical issue in the growth of our industry and I am hopeful that a new era has dawned for Marine Atlantic and the tourism industry. I believe new opportunities for partnership and collaboration now exist between us. HNL has very high expectations for the 2011 season and the role Marine Atlantic and their new vessels, the MV Blue Puttees and the MV Highlanders, will play in it. At our conference, Marine Atlantic demonstrated support for our industry and a new understanding of the role they play in it. By working together, I am confident we can sail smoothly in 2011 and beyond. With our fresh new look and re-energized approach to membership and advancing the tourism industry, I am looking forward to embracing 2011 and all it offers! I hope you too catch the ‘spring fever’.

John Dicks

Delegates at HNL’s 2011 Annual Conference and Trade Show

Get to know parsons & sons transportation 2011 Corporate Partner of the Year Hospitality NL posed the following questions to recent Corporate Partner of the Year Award recipient, Parsons & Sons Transportation:

What did you think when you heard you had won the award? My first reaction when I found out about the award was, “What! We won an award!” I couldn’t wait to tell everyone. The staff here work so hard, and are as passionate about this business as we are. I knew everyone would be excited to hear about this. We  announced it  in our next company newsletter to share it with all staff members. Let’s face it, they are the reason we are where we are today.  

Spring 2011

What does this award mean to you? This is the first award our company has received in its 49 year history. Of course we wanted our clients, as well as any associations we are members of, to know about this. I think an award like this elevates our company a little higher in the marketplace. It also shows our staff our efforts are noticed and appreciated. It won’t change anything about the way we are operating. We have been pro-active in the industry with regards to safety, service, and customer satisfaction. We are deeply honored, and very happy to have won. Thank you all so very much for the honor you have bestowed upon us.


What are you most proud of? I guess I’ve been motorcoach crazy since the 1960’s. I remember as a young boy being in front of the garage with a hockey stick and ball taking shots when I saw the first of the Canadian National Roadcruisers coming up the road. I stopped and watched as the driver tooted his horn and waved as he drove by. I said then I would drive one of those machines one day. We now own twelve motorcoaches. Buying the first motorcoach in Montreal, and driving it home was a big thrill. Everyone (except my wife JoAnn) told me I was crazy and would never keep it running. That was twenty years ago. Meeting Mr. Irving at 100 Midland Drive in Diepppe, N.B. and having his group turn over a big tour contract to us was an unbelievable experience. I’ve personally driven the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador around the province while on campaign a few years ago. The last federal election I had the Liberal and NDP leaders (Mr. Stephane Dion and Mr. Jack Layton), as well as Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the coach campaigning (not all at one time, of course). I had my picture taken with each of them. I’ve had Gretzky, Messier, Hextall, Roy, Rod Snow, national team members of hockey and rugby, from the United States,  Sweden, Finland, and  Wales. It has been one thrill after another. I guess I’m most proud of the fact that we are doing it, and doing it well. I never dreamed it would grow to this level. 

Scott Parsons of Parsons & Sons Transportation

Why are you a member of HNL? We joined HNL to learn more about tourism, about what it takes to get visitors to consider Newfoundland and Labrador as a vacation option, and to help in any way we can. We joined a team of people who share the same vision of a vibrant tourism industry for NL. We were mainly a charter coach company when we joined HNL. There is a big difference between the motorcoach charter, and motorcoach tour business. The expectations are much higher in touring. HNL has been very supportive in getting the good news out that NL is open and ready for business, with world class natural attractions like Gros Morne, Western Brook Pond, as well as historical attractions like Red Bay Basques Whaling Station, Castle Hill, Colony of Avalon, the list goes on. Their commitment, dedication and direction has gotten everyone’s attention across Canada and beyond. When I travel, and people find out I’m from NL, they always mention the fantastic TV ads, and ask a lot of questions. I enjoy answering their inquiries and the chance to help to bring them here. A couple of years ago at Rendezvous Canada a tour planner visited our booth and said he only had six seats sold on the ten day tour he had booked with us, and was going to cancel. I looked at him and said “No you’re not”. He said “We got to. We can’t afford the bus with only six people.” I said “Look buddy, I don’t care if I got to carry the six of them on my back, you are not cancelling this tour. We can’t afford to have six people going around Alberta saying the tour to Newfoundland and Labrador was cancelled because of lack of interest. Keep trying, I know it will sell. The worst might happen is you will have six of the most pampered and happy tourists in Canada. I’ll do it for whatever you can afford to pay, but you got to bring them here. Anyway, they’ll go home raving about the tour and next year it will grow.” He eventually sold 23 seats that tour and 36 seats last year. This year he added a second tour. Being an HNL member means doing whatever we can to give our visitors an unbelievable vacation experience. I don’t care if I have to stay up all night to make a motorcoach work properly. I’m willing to do so. I share this commitment with every member of HNL from B&B’s to hotel/motel to tour boat operators to any of a hundred other members who would do the same thing. My daughter Krista summed it up by saying “Dad, we (meaning NL) have the best tourism team in Canada”. I know she is right.

Get to know Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours

2011 Tourism Atlantic Technology Award

Yves Maisonneuve

Simmons Hospitality Group Atlantic Canada: 800.922.1933 x 51204 Québec: 800.361.2994 x 51204 Cell: 506.863.7879 Fax: 506.854.9155

Trust the brand that’s had an extended stay in the hotel business.

e and Carol-Ann Barry RogersIceberg Quest of Hayes Ocean Tours (L-R) HNL Chair John Dicks, Barry Roger, Carol-Anne Hayes and Rick Comerford of ACOA

Hospitality NL posed the following questions to recent Tourism Atlantic Technology Award recipient Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours: Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours: What did you think when you heard you had won the award? When I began to hear John Dicks, the Chair of HNL, announce familiar language from our Iceberg Quest advertisements, I was immediately honoured to have our company recognized. I was very humbled that our peers nominated Iceberg Quest for this substantial award. And for Iceberg Quest to be winner of the Tourism Atlantic Technology Award exceeded our expectations. What does this award mean to you? Receipt of this award demonstrates that the tourism industry has recognized Iceberg Quest’s investment in technology. Our company has set goals to increase our overall exposure into the marketplace, locally, nationally and internationally to ensure long term sustainability and growth within the tourism industry.

Why are you a member of HNL? We recognize the tremendous benefits and opportunities associated to being a member of HNL. Collaborating with colleagues who have a similar passion and entrepreneurial spirit is invaluable to future growth in the tourism industry of Newfoundland and Labrador. The support system offered by the HNL team, to its members, is exceptional.

Spring 2011

What are you most proud of? We started this company, Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours, more than a decade ago in Twillingate, NL. Through hard work and dedication, our company has continued to grow and prosper expanding to St. John’s more than five years ago. To this day, we continue to operate with the same drive, enthusiasm and vigor as we did on our maiden voyage. I am proud that Iceberg Quest plays an integral role in our province’s tourism offerings.


Make work for you HNL Front Page Our brand. Our pride. Learn more about the new HNL, and the meaning behind the brand.

Featured sectors Updated weekly with a new sector, this is a great way to showcase your business through the use of photos and up-to-date information.

Member news Showcasing news items from our members, this area is another way in which HNL works to promote your business.



Spring 2011



HNL Directory


Easy search function Our member directory makes it easy for people to find your business.

Intelligent organization Complete with instant search capabilities and auto-complete, member profiles are organized in terms of their respective sector.

Customizable views Members can also be viewed in several different ways (logo, list and detail), depending on the user’s preference.


MyHNL Profile management Through this section of the site you are also able to edit and manage your own profile, create news items, post event listings and advertise career opportunities.

Member interactions This members-only section also allows you to Interact with other members by following them. This allows you to choose who shows up in your activity feed.

Customized experience MyHNL allows you to customize your experience with us. You decide the weather you’re interested in, as well as the news and events you wish to know more about.

Profile One page summary


The HNL business profile provides you with a space to showcase your business, as well as the tools needed to inform customers and other members about your products and services.

Direct contact If you provide an email address within your profile, anyone can submit a message directly to it using the “Email Us” button located on your page.

Social network integration Your business profile is capable of incorporating your Twitter feed, so users can learn more about your company in one simple page.

Spring 2011

Activity feed Within your profile, a user will also be able to see your latest activities. This area displays when you’ve last updated your profile, as well as any news and events you’ve posted to the site, which helps to illustrate that you are an active and interesting business.


new brand The Clothesline A traditional icon of Newfoundland and Labrador, the clothesline signifies many things to both the people who live here and the tourists who visit. First and foremost, the clothesline evokes thoughts of fresh air and open spaces. However, on a deeper level, the clothesline also represents the connection of all five regions, and to some degree the development of a network through the use of technology.

After leading the tourism industry for 28 years, we needed to revisit and update our brand. Our active presence within such areas as advocacy, education and technology was not properly represented by our outdated logo and surrounding materials. The industry itself had undergone important changes. For these, and numerous other reasons, steps were taken to revitalize the brand of the industry leader.

Spring 2011

HNL enlisted the help of John Atkins & Co. to develop our new brand and website and we are very proud and excited about it! Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador’s new brand celebrates and highlights the numerous elements of the province, and our members, that draw people here year after year. It builds upon the reputation of both the province and us as leaders in our own right, and creates an interest and excitement in each.


Hospitality The word “Hospitality” dominates the logo. Continuing on the legacy of the organization, and the reputation of the province, the new brand acknowledges one of the key reasons HNL continues to prosper and flourish. Green: Our rugged coastlines and wide open spaces are what make Newfoundland and Labrador a traveller’s paradise. Our new brand salutes our natural environment and the people who deliver our outdoor experiences Member quote: “Just want to say that the new HNL logo is fantastic... really love it. And you must be having fun being able to launch it! Congrats on the brand”.

The Quilts Together the quilts create a varied and colourful logo that is indicative of the experience one would have within the province. Filled with iconic images from both Newfoundland and Labrador, the panels are both unique and yet familiar upon the first glance. Separately, each panel has a story to tell that helps to create the overall piece. Red: Roads less travelled lead to gems well hidden in Newfoundland and Labrador. We’re off the beaten track, and our travellers like it that way. Our new brand celebrates our unique setting and the critical influence transportation plays in our industry. Member quote: “Congratulations! It looks great”! Orange: A province rich in landmarks and a place so often admired for its distinct way of life, Newfoundland and Labrador is full of unique dining experiences, distinctive accommodations, historical attractions and cultural offerings. Our new brand celebrates all experiences, urban and rural.

Teal: Newfoundland and Labrador welcomes everyone on a grand scale with iconic attractions including icebergs, whales and lighthouses. Our new brand stitches together a tapestry of these impressive figures along with our fantastic spirit and culture. Member quote: “Of equal importance, I wanted to pass along kudos from my full team on an excellent job designing HNL’s new look. The logo is a really nice tie-in to provincial branding and the pillars of our creativity relating to people, culture, and the natural environment”.   Blue: To this day, Newfoundland and Labrador remains an unspoiled land. A source of energy to some and unique experiences to others, our new brand highlights the province’s untouched, rugged history. Member quote: “The branding of the new website looks wonderful and we agree that it is more representative of HNL overall”.

We brought change to hnL, and noW We can heLp you.

Spring 2011

We’ve been expecting you.

at John atkins & co. we're working to change the tourism industry for the better. With past clients such as hospitality newfoundland and Labrador, downtown development commission and Iceberg Quest, isn't it about time you made a change?


2011 annual conference and trade show highlights

Delegates enjoy Casino Night at Club One

Award recipient Harold Pennell of Northwest Lodge B&B

Honourable Terry French, Minister of Tourism, Culture & Recreation

Survey results: 79.1% of delegates found the presentation by keynote speaker, General Rick Hillier, to be excellent! The top three reasons for attending the conference and trade show were: 1. Networking opportunities 2. Information sessions 3. Keynote speaker session

Delegates enjoy Fun Night at The Rooms

Spring 2011

100% of survey respondents indicated the conference and trade show either met or exceeded their expectations with 51.2% saying it exceeded their expectations.


College of the North Atlantic students enjoy Casino Night at Club One

David Adams, owner/operator of Tickle Inn at Cape Onion: “At the recent HNL Conference I had the opportunity to tour one of Marine Atlantic’s new vessels, the MV Blue Puttees. I feel that she is a splendid vessel with pleasing décor, menu options, and a large number of comfortable reclining seats. I was especially impressed with the pride displayed by the ship’s crew towards their new vessel. With increased physical capacity and the positive attitude of the crew, guests to this province should be able to look forward to much better service this year. At the conference I also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Wayne Follett, CEO of Marine Atlantic. He was very approachable and I really appreciated his down-to-earth and open-minded attitude to solving some of the perennial problems that visitors to this province have experienced. I really believe we can look forward to much better service in the future from Marine Atlantic”. ____________________________________

Marine Atlantic presentation

Susan Godfrey, Sales and Group Services Manager, Comfort Inn St. John’s Airport:

Wayne Parsons and Reg Williams entertain delegates during the Official Kick-Off

Luncheon speakers Dale Cameron and Todd Warren

“I’m excited about the new opportunity Marine Atlantic had provided for travelers coming to and from our province and I am looking forward to travelling this summer on the MV Blue Puttees”. ____________________________________ Anonymous Survey Quote:

Marine Atlantic’s Cyber Café

HNL Chair John Dicks and Minister Terry French

“Thanks for the incredible leadership that your entire staff provided to the membership over the weekend. It was wonderful to witness the reaction of the delegates and the creative thinking that was generated from the sessions.  Indeed, the revised format was well received. 2011 will be a challenging and exciting year for many operators, let’s hope everyone incorporates a little something from the Conference and gets others thinking about cooperatively doing things better”. ____________________________________ Anonymous Survey Quote:

Anonymous Survey Quote: Trade Show exhibitor Greg Hillier speaking with delegate

“Best one yet”!

Spring 2011

“We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate you all on an awesome trade show. The buzz was VERY positive. Everyone I spoke to was super impressed with the presenters, the layout and the overall organization of the event itself”. ____________________________________


what does our labour force look like? Recently a pilot study of the tourism industry in Newfoundland and Labrador was completed by Statistics Canada, using the Human Resource Module of the Tourism Satellite Account from 1997 to 2009. The pilot study provides detailed information on employment related to tourism in Newfoundland and Labrador. Information on wages and salaries, number of jobs and hours worked by occupation was also included. The research revealed interesting statistics about the demographics of the tourism labour force in the province. The report concluded that in 2009, the tourism sector in Newfoundland and Labrador accounted for 19,346 jobs or 9.4% of all jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador. The food and beverage services industry group was the largest employer with 10,107 jobs. The second largest employer was transportation, with 3,698 jobs, followed by accommodation, with 3,218 jobs. The recreation and entertainment industry group was responsible for 1,916 jobs while travel services provided 407 jobs. The adjacent chart highlights the number of jobs per sector by percentage.

Spring 2011

According to the report, compensation reached $527 million in 2009 for the tourism industry in the province, up 3.3% from the previous year. The increase was mostly the result of higher average hourly compensation. Total compensation in the tourism industry has gained an average of 5.3% annually since 1997. The adjacent chart shows the average hourly wage rate by sector in 2009.


Similar to the tourism industry Canada-wide, there were proportionately more women than men working in Newfoundland and Labrador tourism in 2009. Women held a total of 10,190 employee jobs, 1,808 more than men. The report also highlighted the fact that immigrants are found in all of the tourism industries holding 4.1% or 763 tourism jobs. Most of these jobs were in food and beverage services (74%), followed by transportation (17%).

Tourism, Culture and Recreation of Newfoundland and Labrador and Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador.

This study was prepared by the Research and Development Projects and Analysis Section, Income and Expenditure Accounts Division, Statistics Canada. The study was a joint project among the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, the Department of

For more information or to receive a copy of the report, please contact Juanita Ford at or 1-800563-0700 ext. 226.

newly certified HNL congratulates the following newly certified individuals: Department of Tourism, Culture & Recreation Provincial Historic Sites: • John Cheeseman, Heritage Interpreter • Timothy Greene, Heritage Interpreter • Margo Verge, Heritage Interpreter • Joan Kane, Supervisor • Sheila Vokey, Tourism Visitor Information Counsellor • Donald Johnson, Tourism Visitor Information Counsellor Department of Tourism, Culture & Recreation Visitor Information Centres: • Janice Sooley, Tourism Visitor Information Counsellor

St. Jude Hotel, Clarenville: • Jalyssa Paul, Front Desk Agent • Nancy Marsh, Front Desk Agent • Dianna Offrey-Clarke, Front Desk Agent • Penny Puddester, Front Desk Agent • Sherry Coulter, Housekeeping Room Attendant The Delta St. John’s Hotel and Conference Centre: • Mike Keating, Food and Beverage Manager

Dept. of Tourism, Culture and Recreation Provincial Historic Sites staff

For more information on how emerit® professional certification can boost confidence among your staff and enhance service delivery at your organization, please contact Jordan Dicks at jdicks@

St. Jude Hotel staff

At the start of my career, I was shy and not confident about my abilities, but St. Jude Hotel provided me with the atmosphere to gain the confidence required to service the general public at a professional level. I’ve had the opportunity to take part in a number of training sessions including SuperHost and emerit® professional certification. These courses have given me the capability to provide much better customer service. I now hold my head a little higher, walk a little straighter and speak with much more confidence and authority. I feel like I really am part of the team. I don’t second guess myself anymore on the decisions I make and I take great pride in a job well done! Jalyssa Paul, Front Desk Agent, St. Jude Hotel

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Spring 2011

709.722.3282 •


email: an important touch point in the hospitality business Submitted by: Gina Pecore, Myx Meetings Last summer my family, along with a slew of friends, planned a vacation to a favourite destination.

Gina Pecore Myx meetings

Our accommodations of choice came well recommended. The website featured inviting photos and clear descriptions. The phone call to inquire linked us to a lovely, warm voice. It was shaping up to be the ideal holiday. But then we received an email confirming our booking, and it was that email that nearly unraveled the whole adventure.

Email is a funny thing. As email senders, we write quickly, paying little attention to grammar, sentence structure, layout or how the receiver might “feel”. As email receivers, we worry about tone, puzzle over missing or unclear information, and feel annoyed when things are written, say for example, in all upper case letters. The email we received last summer made all these mistakes, offending the families involved. In fact, we were ready to call the whole thing off.

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Spring 2011

A Subsidiary of Distribution Group Incorporated Operating from St. John’s, Grand Falls-Windsor, Corner Brook


HEAD OFFICE 99 Blackmarsh Road P.O. Box 6090 St. John’s, NL A1C 5X8 TEL: 709-579-2151 FAX: 709-576-6866


Had we not phoned and learned it was simply a case of an overworked business owner sending emails out too quickly, we probably never would have made the trip and enjoyed the fabulous holiday. There are three simple rules to follow to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. 1. Create the right tone. Email replaces a conversation, and in the hospitality industry, we know every conversation is a marketing moment. In your emails, start with a warm opening, clearly state your message, and close on a friendly, forward-looking note. 2. Be correct. Use proper sentence structure, punctuation and grammar, and double-check to be sure your message and tone are correct. A potential visitor will assume a poorly written email is a sign of a poorly run hospitality operation. 3. Make a good visual impression. Use short paragraphs, bullet points if appropriate, and a nice font. And add a useful signature line. These things make the right impression. For the sake of an extra minute or two, don’t allow your emails to go out and create the wrong impression. And remember, emails are easily forwarded to others. Make sure that if your email gets passed on, the intention is to attract more business for you. Gina Pecore owns Myx Meetings. Myx works with people and organizations to help them connect better and improve their bottom line.

new members

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(Full board contact information available at

Staff Listing Carol-Ann Gilliard Chief Executive Officer Juanita Ford Leslie Thomas

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Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador is the tourism industry association representing individuals and businesses involved both directly and indirectly in the tourism industry of Newfoundland and Labrador. The association offers training resources, support and communications for its members as well as a comprehensive benefits package. In addition, HNL acts as the voice of the private-sector tourism industry, both as an advocate and as a liaison. For information on membership, please contact one of our offices listed on this page. Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador is supported by the tourism industry and

Spring 2011

Tourism Times is a quarterly publication of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador (HNL). Opinions expressed by contributers and advertisers do not necessarily represent those of HNL.

Whitsha Inn Bed & Breakfast 12 Long Road, Durrell Twillingate, NL A0G 1Y0 Contact: Deborah Sharpe (709) 884-2755


Congratulates the 2011 Tourism Excellence Award Recipients! H. Clayton Sparkes Accommodator of the Year Award Riverwood Inn, Springdale, NL Corporate Partner of the Year Award Parsons and Sons Transportation, Conception Bay South, NL Innovator of the Year Award French Shore Historical Society, Conche, NL Tourism Business of the Year Award Northland Discovery Boat Tours, St. Anthony, NL The Cruise Vision Award Labrador Straits Cruise Committee Restaurateur of the Year Award Twine Loft, Trinity, Trinity Bay, NL PRIDE Award Artisan Inn, Trinity, Trinity Bay, NL The Norman Parsons Memorial Award Northwest Lodge Bed and Breakfast, Trepassey, NL Cultural Tourism Award Mummers Parade and Festival, St. John’s, NL The Doug Wheeler Award Fred Parsons, General Manager, Environment Resources Management Association, Grand Falls-Windsor The Tourism Atlantic Technology Award Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours, St. John’s and Twillingate, NL The Sustainable Tourism Award MUN Botanical Garden, St. John’s, NL

For more information on the Tourism Excellence Awards, please contact Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador at

Tourism Times Spring 2011  

Newsletter of the tourism industry association of NL

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