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The General concept We are creating a haven of peace and quiet within the large city. It will be a resort with a strong focus on families with children. Excellent facilities for children including activities, nursery and baby sitting services. If the children are happy, the parents are happy. The resort has attractive restaurant, spa and bar concepts to attract the local community. Banquet rooms for private and business functions. This in a perfect combination with sportive and wellness activities. All facilities are offered within the resort, so there is no need for the guest to go outside the resort. A safehaven for the local community and the overseas guest.

The Luxury rooms


The Family Suites


The Executive room


The Meeting Studio’s

Family Dining

Fine Dining

Sushi Dining


Wine Bar

Evening Bar


Body & Mind Salon

Indoor agility


Rooftop pool

Serenity Garden

Aksis City Resorts concept  
Aksis City Resorts concept