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Patient advices after coronary intervention – stent implantation

you consult your doctor) because there is a danger of closure of the blood vessel under the stent area Artery stenosis can be successfully treated with bal- once again. That results in a dangerous heart attack afterwards. You should not stop taking these 2 mediloon catheter (PTCA). As a final step of successful treatment is stent im- cations while going to dentist or extracting a tooth! plantation as a support of a vessel wall. In a few weeks the stent will be totally connected The coronary artery that was cured with the stent device may become narrowed once again in about with a vessel. In order to avoid formation of blood clothes in the 25% of the cases (that usually happen in the first 6 stent the patient should take following medications months) and than new treatment is required. in the period after intervention: Sign for new narrowing of the arteries is angina pec• Tbl. Plavix or Zylt (Clopidogrel) of 75mg, toris (sense of constriction or pressure of the chest, • Tbl.Aspirin protect a 100 mg and • Tbl. Atorvastatin a 40 up to 80 mg a day. eventually that sense can appear with stretching your hand or both hands, you may feel pain in the back, The patient should take these medications regularly jaw, or around your stomach.) without any interruptions or breaks, it is recommended always to consult your doctor or the team that You can feel angina pectoris symptoms usually while you are physically active, when climbing the has performed the intervention for your therapy. stairs, excitement and on low temperatures. Pains Aspirin and Plavix or Zylt are medicaments that can resemble on those that you had before first stent can cause black stool or red urine. In that case you implantation. should immediately call the doctor even if it happens on weekend because black stool indicates stomach Diet: Healthy food is highly recommended. You bleeding and red urine = urine with blood (bleeding should include different types of fruits and vegetables, fish and white meet, in one word food rich of from urinary tract). vitamins, minerals and low quantity of carbohydraAspirin and Plavix or Zylt should be taken regu- tes and fat. larly (you should not interrupt your therapy without Dear patient,

Recommendation: Daily intake of boiled or semi boiled food in a water in addition of fresh vegetables (tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, green salads, beetroot, onion etc..); leguminous vegetables (beans, soya, string beans, peas); sea fish or lake or river fish (2-3 times weekly), cold pressed oil (sunflower, olive); low fat milk and low fat dairy products. You should avoid: Bread and buns (they are rich in carbohydrates and poor in vitamins). Replace them with brown bread that has B vitamins. Avoid all kind of oil cooked food, can food (fat meet, sausages) mayonnaise, pasta, pie, pizza, puff pastries, cookies, dry and fast food, sandwiches. Alcohol: Recommendations on taking alcohol are individual. Alcohol dependants are allowed to take 2dl wine per day (for man) and 1dl wine per day (women). It has been proven that red wine has protective role in heart diseases.


Coffee: if there are no contraindications you can consume 1-2 coffees per day. Smoking: It is recommended to stop smoking and avoid closed rooms with many smokers. Intimate life: You can proceed with your sexual activities once you feel ready to do it. Physical activity: physical activity is necessary after coronary intervention. During your recovery everyday walking should be your routine. Start with slow walk on flat surface with continuous increase of the force. If you feel tired you should stay for a rest. Walk as much as you can while you feels comfortable. It is recommended your walks to last from 30-60 minutes per day.



The team from Special hospital for surgery diseases “FILIP VTORI� Wish you a Soon and successful recovery The team from cathetrisation laboratory is available 24 hours day or night. Contact telephone from 07:00-22:00 h +389 2 3091- 484 Contact telephone after 22:00 h +389 2 3091 -490

Patient advices after coronary intervention  

Patient advices after coronary intervention

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