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YOUR LIFE MISSION 2010-2017 The Campaign for HSS: Final Report and Donor Tribute

Table of contents BY THE NUMBERS.................................4 MAJOR CAMPAIGN ACHIEVEMENTS.....................................5 OUR CAMPAIGN DONORS................. 14

Thomas H. Lister..................................30 Caryl and Leonard Marmor, MD.........32 Robert Mercer.......................................33 Stavros Niarchos Foundation...............34 Susan W. Rose........................................35

James M. Benson................................ 15

Katherine and Arnold Snider................36

Herbert Black......................................16

The Starr Foundation............................38

Bloomberg Philanthropies..................18

Robert K. Steel.......................................39

Pete Briger..........................................19

The Tisch Family.................................... 41

Chase and Stephanie Coleman......... 20

The Tow Foundation...............................42

The Derfner Foundation..................... 21

Kendrick R. Wilson III.............................43

James Dinan and Elizabeth Miller..... 22

Ellen Wright............................................44

Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz................. 24 Marina Kellen French......................... 25 Giammaria Giuliani............................ 26 Rita and Gus Hauser............................27 Marylin and Arthur Levitt.....................28 Li Ka Shing Foundation...................... 29

DONOR ROLL.........................................45 HSS LEADERSHIP.................................49 CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE......................50

Letter from our Campaign Co-Chairs

When we launched the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign for Hospital for Special Surgery, we aspired to raise $300 million, with the goal of improving the quality of life for countless patients around the world. Thanks to the generosity of thousands of friends and supporters, we are proud to announce that we have exceeded this goal, raising a record-breaking $324 million. We are thrilled that the overwhelming success of this Campaign–the most successful in the Hospital’s history–will make a real difference for our patients, and to the future of musculoskeletal medicine. As detailed in the following pages, funds raised through the Campaign are supporting new buildings and laboratories, advancing research and innovation, building endowment, and expanding global education and community programming. Together, these diverse initiatives ensure that the world-class physicians, scientists, and staff at HSS have the tools they need to do what they do best­—improve the quality of life for patients, today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime. We are pleased to share the stories of some of the Campaign’s leadership donors, and why they responded so generously to support the Hospital’s efforts to keep patients around the world moving better, and living better. Most importantly, we would like to thank each and every person who contributed to the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, not only for your generosity but for your vision, and for believing what we have always known to be true: that there is nowhere else in the world like Hospital for Special Surgery. Sincerely,

Michael P. Esposito

Jonathan Sobel YOUR LIFE MISSION 3


Other 3



$25.5 Future Initiatives 2



Unrestricted Support



Programs 1

10 M



20 M


Research & Innovation

30 M


Planned Gifts $57.5 Million

$61.7 Buildings & Laboratories

40 M


Grateful Patients $100.6 Million

70 M

50 M


Board $104.5 Million

80 M

60 M


Represents funds raised for clinical, community & education programs. 2 Represents funds raised for next-phase initiatives. Represents funds raised for research and programs complementary to the Hospital’s strategic plan.

Foundations $42.4 Million Corporations $11.8 Million Physicians $7 Million


$324 Million


New Buildings and Laboratories EXTENDING THE REACH OF OUR CARE Creation of the Pavilion is transforming Hospital for Special Surgery’s ability to meet the needs of the growing number of patients who require the care that only HSS can provide. With eight floors of clinical space, this ambulatory care facility will allow unprecedented access to experts in Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement, Spine, and Sports Medicine, and expand the world’s largest “living laboratory” in musculoskeletal medicine.

u Rising above Manhattan’s East River, the Pavilion will

provide an unsurpassed patient experience.


A NEW HOME FOR RESEARCH Hospital for Special Surgery’s stateof-the-art building for basic science research features over 20 laboratories on five full floors of cutting-edge space equipped with the latest in technology. The close proximity of this facility to the main Hospital fosters our culture of collaboration between world-class scientists and clinicians to accelerate the pace of discovery and drive new approaches to care.


The 36,000 square foot Research Building is located on East 71st Street.

Research and Innovation PIONEERING NEW RESEARCH APPROACHES HSS scientists are at the forefront of applying genomics and precision medicine approaches to develop more personalized treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. By identifying the molecules and pathways responsible for disease and unraveling genetic and environmental contributions, the Hospital’s pioneering research leads to breakthroughs that transform the care of patients.

u Left to right: Dr. Lionel Ivashkiv, Chief Scientific

Officer; Dr. Miguel Otero and Dr. Laura Donlin, Co-Directors of the Derfner Foundation Precision Medicine Laboratory.


TACKLING COMPLEX DISEASES HSS is channeling its unique expertise and experience to conquer osteoarthritis (OA) and lupus, two complex and intractable disorders. Advances in research and treatment promise to improve pathways of care and outcomes for OA patients at all stages—including those who require joint replacement surgery. For patients with lupus, landmark studies are transforming our understanding of disease, and promising therapeutic targets are providing new hope for the future. t

Lupus patient Monique Gore-Massy is able to enjoy quality time with her beloved pup, Mr. Chip, thanks to Dr. Doruk Erkan who helped to get her symptoms under control.


Building Endowment TRANSFORMING THE LIVES OF PEDIATRIC PATIENTS Each year, the Lerner Children’s Pavilion provides life-changing treatment for tens of thousands of young patients. The creation of a robust Lerner Children’s Pavilion Endowment is helping to ensure a brighter future for all children treated at HSS—regardless of economic circumstances—as well as for countless pediatric patients around the world who will benefit from advances made at HSS in clinical care, research, and education. t Dr. Roger Widmann, Chief of the Pediatric

Orthopedic Surgery Service, treats a young patient in the Hospital’s Lerner Children’s Pavilion.



ENDOWED CHAIRS Fourteen new endowed chairs­—named in honor of benefactors or outstanding members of the HSS medical staff—were created or pledged during the

Endowed positions at HSS recognize exceptional scientific and academic achievement, and help catalyze research breakthroughs focused on developing new and enhanced treatments. Fourteen new endowed chairs—bringing the total number of chairs, professorships, and fellowships at the institution to 47—will provide vital funding in perpetuity to accelerate discoveries singularly focused on improving the quality of life for patients affected by musculoskeletal conditions.

Campaign. They include: Richard L. Menschel Chair and Chief Scientific Officer Michael R. Bloomberg Chair Coleman Chair in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics Coleman Chair in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Chair in Hand and Upper Extremity Research Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Chair in Perioperative Medicine Allan E. Inglis MD Chair in Surgical Arthritis John N. Insall Chair in Knee Surgery David B. Levine MD Chair in Scoliosis Chitranjan S. Ranawat MD Chair in Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement Susan W. Rose and Jonathan T. Deland Chair for Research in Foot and Ankle Surgery Thomas P. Sculco MD Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery Peter Jay Sharp Chair in Lupus Research

p Left to right: Dr. Thomas Sculco, Thomas P. Sculco MD Chair in

Orthopaedic Surgery; Dr. Alessandra Pernis, Peter Jay Sharp Chair in Lupus Research; and Dr. Hollis Potter, Coleman Chair in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research.

Robert and Gillian Steel Chair


Sustaining a World-Class Hospital PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF MEDICINE The pursuit of “better� at HSS spans every aspect of its mission, including clinical care, research, education, and community programming. By setting new standards in musculoskeletal imaging, nurturing the next generation of clinician-scientists, expanding the reach of global education efforts, and launching an injury prevention program for young athletes, HSS is leading efforts to elevate standards of care and improve the musculoskeletal health of patients worldwide.

t Installation of state-of-the-art technology in operating rooms

as part of the new HSS Telepresence, which was made possible thanks to the support of Rita and Gus Hauser, is enabling surgeons to broadcast live surgeries.


CATALYZING THE FUTURE Transformational gifts that established Hospital for Special Surgery’s David H. Koch Pavilion and the Lerner Children’s Pavilion continue to set a high bar for how philanthropy can help HSS achieve extraordinary outcomes for patients of all ages and remain the global leader in musculoskeletal medicine.

p Entry to the David H. Koch Pavilion.

t Welcoming waiting area in the Lerner

Children’s Pavilion.


SELECT LEADERSHIP DONORS Includes profiles of select leadership donors who supported the Campaign with generous contributions of $2 million or more. Donors are listed in alphabetical order.

James M. Benson As a longtime sports enthusiast, James Benson appreciates the particular thrill that comes from athletic accomplishment. And over the years, Mr. Benson, a member of Hospital for Special Surgery’s Board of Trustees since 1996, has relied upon HSS to keep him moving, whether he is long-distance running or swinging a golf club. Giving back to the Hospital has enabled Mr. Benson to not only support the institution that has helped him stay active, but also to know that he was making a difference in a field important to him.



It is so gratifying to support HSS and, in doing so, to help others share the joy of physical activity.

Thanks to Mr. Benson’s generous support, HSS transformed its sports rehabilitation facility to create a physical space that matches the excellent level of care for which the Hospital is known. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools including an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill and aquatic therapy pool, the James M. Benson Sports Rehabilitation Center provides the most advanced rehabilitation and performance services available today in order to help both elite athletes and weekend warriors achieve their best performance. Center staff members are also advancing the field of sports medicine by conducting and disseminating leading-edge research on evidencebased rehabilitation practices. Bryan T. Kelly, MD, Chief of the Sports Medicine Service, notes, “Jim understands the importance of research and rehabilitation in preventing and treating injury and returning athletes of all levels back to peak performance.” Mr. Benson is delighted to have had such a profound impact in advancing the Hospital’s mission to provide world-class service to all athletes.


Herbert Black

After learning about the groundbreaking research being conducted by Dr. Deland and the Foot and Ankle Service team, Mr. Black, through his company, American Iron & Metal (USA) Inc., provided extraordinary support to help them construct the most advanced gait simulator in the world—with the ultimate goal of enhancing treatments for patients with foot and ankle pain and disease. Using this state-ofthe-art robotic technology, HSS scientists simulate the intricacies of walking, mimicking the application of forces on bones, muscles, and tendons. They collect data on how HSS patients with a disorder such as ankle arthritis walk, enter the information into the simulator software, and recreate their gaits with the robot in order to answer clinical questions about why some patients do better than others following interventions such as ankle fusions or ankle replacements. “We are transforming foot and ankle research here at HSS, and this was made possible thanks to Mr. Black’s incredible partnership to enable the construction of the gait simulator. His ongoing gift and gifts of others provide critical support,” shares Dr. Deland. “All at HSS deeply appreciate his exceptional commitment to the AIM Laboratory for Foot and Ankle Research, as well as his leadership since 2013 on the Board of Trustees, and dedication to improving patients’ lives.”



I was headed towards life in a wheelchair and on crutches had I not found HSS.


With every step he took, Herbert Black experienced intense foot pain. Seeking out the best local care in Montreal, all of the physicians he consulted told him that they would have to fuse multiple bones in his foot. Mr. Black refused to accept their conclusions, and in 2011 he made an appointment to see the renowned foot and ankle specialist Jonathan T. Deland, MD, HSS Attending Orthopedic Surgeon. “After a seven-hour operation in the miracle hands of Dr. Deland, I’ve been able to return to my activities pain-free. I got my life back,” recounts Mr. Black.

p Dr. Jonathan Deland (center), with Dr. Scott Ellis (left), Dr. Constantine Demetracopoulos (right),

and research engineer Daniel Sturnick (front), using the Hospital’s state-of-the-art gait simulator to improve treatments for patients affected by foot and ankle disorders.

The mission of Bloomberg Philanthropies is to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people. Through its longstanding support of research at HSS, the foundation is helping our scientists advance breakthroughs and translate them into clinical treatments that will improve the lives of patients worldwide. Bloomberg Philanthropies’ commitment to the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, in honor of HSS Chairman Emeritus Richard L. Menschel, established endowed research chairs for two of the Hospital’s distinguished senior investigators: the Richard L. Menschel Chair for the Chief Scientific Officer, which is held by Lionel Ivashkiv, MD; and the Michael R. Bloomberg Chair, which is held by Franck Barrat, PhD. “Supporting the Menschel Chair is a way to honor Richard’s contributions to our city and help the Hospital find new ways to save and improve lives,” says Michael R. Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies. The Menschel Chair supports Dr. Ivashkiv in his leadership role as he pursues long-term research goals, which include broadening the scope and impact of basic science research on musculoskeletal disorders, with a focus on tissue repair, genomics, new treatments, and precision medicine. With the support of the Bloomberg Chair, Dr. Barrat is working toward breakthroughs that, for the first time, would provide patients affected by scleroderma and lupus with effective therapies that target the actual disease-causing mechanisms rather than merely alleviating symptoms. “Endowed chairs are critical to catalyzing research breakthroughs and setting the pace for scientific creativity and excellence,” says Dr. Ivashkiv. “My entire scientific career has been focused on improving treatments for patients affected by autoimmune diseases,” adds Dr. Barrat. “The Bloomberg Chair will be absolutely vital to enabling me to continue this work.”



Hospital for Special Surgery is one of the world’s great medical centers, and the doctors there do incredible, innovative work.


Bloomberg Philanthropies

Pete Briger Like thousands of other children throughout New York City, Pete Briger’s relationship with Hospital for Special Surgery grew out of his respect and affection for the late Leon Root, MD, who was a cornerstone of HSS for nearly 50 years and spent decades as Chief of Pediatric Orthopedics. Prior to his passing in 2015, Dr. Root had been a permanent fixture in Mr. Briger’s life thanks to the friendship between Mr. Briger and Dr. Root’s son, Matthew, which began in preschool. It was because of Dr. Root and his extraordinary contributions to pediatric patient care, medical education, and research, that Mr. Briger’s family first began supporting HSS. Mr. Briger currently sits on the Hospital’s Board of Advisors and previously served as an HSS Trustee. As part of their commitment to the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, Mr. Briger and his wife, Devon, provided generous support to endow the Leon Root, MD Pediatric Outreach Program (POP). Dr. Root founded POP over three decades ago, and the program has provided free on-site musculoskeletal and primary health screenings for tens of thousands of students at schools in diverse communities throughout New York City, connecting them to vital care that they may not have otherwise received. In response to a growing need, POP recently evolved to focus on preventing sports injuries, screening student-athletes at middle and high schools in low-income New York City neighborhoods, giving them the chance to play sports and remain healthy. Without the support of POP, many of these children would not have had this opportunity. “Thanks to Pete and Devon’s support, POP will forever preserve Dr. Root’s legacy of helping medically underserved young patients access the world-renowned care they need to enjoy an active and fulfilling life,” says Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Daniel W. Green, MD, who currently directs the Leon Root, MD Pediatric Outreach Program. “Through POP, Dr. Root’s wonderful reputation for compassionate care endures.”

Preserving an Extraordinary Legacy of Caring for Medically Underserved Children


Charles (Chase) Coleman, a member of the Hospital’s Board of Trustees, got a firsthand patient experience at HSS when he broke his neck in 2009. Having initially received an incorrect diagnosis at another hospital, Mr. Coleman credits Hollis G. Potter, MD, Chairman of the Hospital’s Department of Radiology and Imaging, with correctly diagnosing him and guiding him through the surgery and recovery processes that allowed him to return to skiing, surfing, and playing golf and ice hockey. Chase and his wife, Stephanie, have been enthusiastic supporters of HSS and Dr. Potter’s work. Having previously established the Coleman Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center as well as the Coleman Chair in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research which is held by Dr. Potter, the Colemans have continued their partnership throughout the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign. “Chase and Stephanie’s steadfast generosity and dedication have been instrumental,” says Dr. Potter. “They understand how crucial it is for us to make advances, and their support has enabled us to remain at the forefront of our field.” In order to realize Dr. Potter’s vision and meet her team’s growing research and clinical needs, the Colemans have most recently supported the recruitment of an MRI physicist and the purchase of an additional MRI machine. The new machine helps HSS meet the increasing patient demand for MR imaging, and also functions as the lab bench for the MRI physicist. In addition, they have established the Coleman Chair in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics. “Dr. Potter is world-class in her field,” says Mr. Coleman. “I feel strongly that diagnostics are really important because of my own experience, and we’ve been happy to support her as she continues to push deeper into finding out what’s possible with magnetic resonance imaging.”



Being at HSS, you realize that you’re dealing with people who are absolutely the best in the world at what they do, and that’s confidence-inspiring.


Chase and Stephanie Coleman

The Derfner Foundation With nearly fifty years of experience building and managing properties, Jay Lieberman knows the value of real estate. “I’ve watched New York change and grow tremendously over the years,” he says. “When there was an opportunity to help HSS expand its facilities, it was natural for me to want to be part of it.” Through The Derfner Foundation, which Mr. Lieberman founded with his late business partner Harold Derfner and Mr. Derfner’s late wife Helen, Mr. Lieberman provided extraordinary support to help establish the new Pavilion and name The Derfner Foundation Imaging Center. Located on the second floor, the Center will serve as the leading-edge imaging headquarters for the services in the building, including Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement, Spine, and Sports Medicine. Mr. Lieberman made the gift in honor of HSS orthopedic surgeon, Paul M. Pellicci, MD. “The Derfner Foundation Imaging Center will provide our radiologists with access to the equipment and technology that allows us to create customized diagnostic images to guide the best treatment,” says Hollis G. Potter, MD, Chairman of the Department of Radiology and Imaging. “We are thrilled to have The Derfner Foundation’s name associated with our efforts.”

p Jay Lieberman, Trustee and CEO of The Derfner Foundation.

Mr. Lieberman also provided support to help establish the Hospital’s new Research Building. In recognition of his generosity, the Precision Medicine Laboratory was named in honor of the Foundation. Today, scientists in the Derfner Foundation Precision Medicine Laboratory are working to better understand musculoskeletal disease mechanisms and develop more effective therapies. “As an HSS patient, I know that providing state-of-the-art imaging and advancing cutting-edge research are vital to providing the best care for patients, now and in the future,” says Mr. Lieberman. “By supporting the Hospital’s Pavilion and Research Building, I feel as though I’m helping patients live their healthiest lives, and that’s very rewarding.”

p An x-ray room in the new Derfner Foundation Imaging Center.


James Dinan and Elizabeth Miller What could possibly be more important than providing the world’s best patient care for children who suffer from sports injuries? To HSS Trustee James Dinan and his wife, Elizabeth Miller, the answer was clear: preventing the injuries from happening in the first place. Young athletes experience over 3.5 million sports-related injuries each year, more than half of which are preventable. Through the Dinan Family Foundation, Mr. Dinan and Ms. Miller awarded a grant to establish the HSS Sports Safety Program, which offers educational programs and tools to young athletes, athletic directors, coaches, school-based physical educators, and parents. “The sports medicine team at HSS is world-class,” says Mr. Dinan. “We are pleased to be partnering with the institution to apply their expertise to help young athletes remain active through effective preventative conditioning,” continues Ms. Miller. Co-directed by James Kinderknecht, MD, and Robert Marx, MD, the HSS Sports Safety Program is currently focused on reducing injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee. Since its launch in 2016, the program has reached over 4,000 coaches, parents, and young athletes through workshops, sports camps, instructional clinics, community presentations, and health expositions. Participants report improved knowledge, confidence, and self-management skills. The program impact promises to be further multiplied by expanding reach with partner organizations that represent 1.2 million athletes. “We are very grateful to Jamie and Elizabeth for their visionary support, which has enabled us to address what has become an important public health issue,” says Dr. Kinderknecht. “It’s quite clear that there are a lot of things that we can do—and that we can teach athletes to do themselves—to really reduce injuries.”


Keeping Young Athletes in the Game

p Young athletes participating in an HSS Sports Safety Program

workshop at the NY Giants Quest Diagnostics Training Center.

Anne Ehrenkranz has had a long-standing commitment to advancing medical science and enhancing the health of diverse communities in New York and beyond. Her special connection to HSS began during childhood when her father, orthopedic surgeon Edgar M. Bick, MD, did his early training at HSS when it was the Hospital for the Ruptured and Crippled. As a member of the HSS Board of Trustees since 2010 and Chair of the Community Benefits and Services Committee­—a Committee she was instrumental in establishing­—Mrs. Ehrenkranz has made profound contributions to advancing the Hospital’s mission to improve the quality of life for all those affected by musculoskeletal disease and injury. Through their support of the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, Mrs. Ehrenkranz and her husband, Joel, have established two endowed chairs that promise to drive improvements in patient care: the Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Chair in Hand and Upper Extremity Research and the Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Chair in Perioperative Medicine. The Ehrenkranz Chair in Hand and Upper Extremity Research is held by Robert N. Hotchkiss, MD, Medical Director of the HSS Innovation Center, Director of Clinical Research, and Director of Research for the Hand and Upper Extremity Service. The Chair supports Dr. Hotchkiss’ efforts to address unsolved challenges in joint replacement in the hand, wrist, and elbow. The Ehrenkranz Chair in Perioperative Medicine is held by Linda A. Russell, MD, Director of Perioperative Services, and supports research to optimize the health of patients before and after surgery. “My husband Joel and I have experienced first-hand the compassionate care for which HSS is known, and deeply value the outstanding work that physicians and scientists are engaged in every day to improve treatments and change people’s lives,” says Mrs. Ehrenkranz. YOUR LIFE MISSION 24


We believe in the great work that HSS does, and that’s why we are honored to partner with the institution.


Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz

Marina Kellen French Scientific advances made at HSS improve musculoskeletal medicine for patients worldwide. HSS Trustee Marina Kellen French, Vice President of the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation, understands the impact this research has on countless people suffering from orthopedic and rheumatic conditions. Through her visionary support of the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, Ms. Kellen French and her family’s Foundation have supported several initiatives to accelerate medical breakthroughs. Most recently, the Kellen Foundation awarded a grant to initiate a partnership between HSS and the Mayo Clinic to study arthrofibrosis, a complication following total knee replacement that causes pain and stiffness. The Foundation also supported the creation of the Hospital’s Complex Joint Reconstruction Center, which is led by Thomas P. Sculco, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus. Ms. Kellen French’s commitment to research at HSS began when she and the Kellen Foundation provided support to launch the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Physician-Scientist Career Development Award Program, which provides crucial funding for promising young physicians who aspire to advance medicine through research as well as patient care. “I have always had a great interest in supporting medical research, including fostering innovative collaborations between leading institutions as well as the development of young clinicians who would like to dedicate part of their careers to scientific endeavors,” says Ms. Kellen French. “I am especially pleased that my partnership in advancing the Hospital’s research mission allows me to fulfill my lifetime interest in this area.” “All research efforts that take place at HSS are focused on a singular goal: improving the lives of patients affected by musculoskeletal disease and injury,” says Dr. Sculco. “We are so honored to have the partnership of Marina and the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation in this vital work. Her support has been transformative for research at HSS.”

Fostering Innovative Research Collaborations and the Development of Clinician-Scientists


Eight years ago, the day after Giammaria Giuliani was injured in an accident, he was unable to walk due to the side effects of a therapy. Seeking care locally in Italy, Mr. Giuliani continued to experience persistent hip pain, and doctors were unable to determine the cause. After undergoing what seemed to be endless rounds of tests, Mr. Giuliani consulted his good friend (and now HSS Trustee) Pablo Legorreta, who ultimately advised him to travel to New York and entrust his orthopedic care to HSS. From the person who greeted him at the door, to the nurses and surgeons, everyone who Mr. Giuliani met treated him with compassion, professionalism, and excellent care. “I received such great treatment that when I woke up from surgery, I decided that I wanted to give back and to help HSS so that others could also receive this wonderful care,” recounts Mr. Giuliani. The best way to help future patients, as he saw it, would be to support the innovative research investigations at HSS focused on helping people regain their mobility and quality of life. Mr. Giuliani, who leads his family’s pharmaceutical company, Giuliani S.P.A., has been an extraordinary champion of science at HSS, serving as Vice Chair of the Research Council. He and his wife, Sabrina, have established the Giammaria Giuliani Immunohistology Laboratory, and generously supported the Precision Medicine Laboratory and novel research to better understand avascular necrosis and advance the development of new treatments. Recently, he affirmed his commitment to the Hospital further by joining the Board of Trustees. “Giammaria’s exceptional partnership has played an integral role in accelerating our research efforts that promise to lead to improved and personalized treatments,” says Lionel Ivashkiv, MD, Chief Scientific Officer. “We are truly grateful for Giammaria’s leadership and dedication to HSS.”



When I woke up from surgery, I decided that I wanted to give back and to help HSS so that others could also receive this wonderful care.


Giammaria Giuliani

Rita and Gus Hauser “I don’t know what the better surgical technique is or what the latest research is—I leave that to others,” says Rita Hauser, an international lawyer. “But we know about communication.” Drawing on her husband Gus’ experience as a pioneer in the cable industry, the Hausers spearheaded an initiative to establish the HSS Telepresence. Using internet-based video technology to create an immersive operating room experience and to enable face-to-face meetings across global locations, the Telepresence allows HSS surgeons to collaborate with and train physicians from all over the world while remaining within the walls of the Hospital.



We have always followed one rule in our philanthropy: we only do what we understand, and we understand communication.

Key project components include the integration of six state-of-the-art operating rooms, as well as enhancement of the Richard L. Menschel Education Center. “We are deeply grateful to the Hausers for their visionary support,” says Steven B. Haas, MD, Chief of the HSS Knee Service. “This has been revolutionary for our surgeons, who now have the ability to broadcast live via video conferencing from our operating rooms, the Menschel Center, and other locations within the Hospital to the rest of the world, enabling them to avoid prolonged and costly travel and maximize their productivity at home.” As the premier musculoskeletal hospital in the world, HSS surgeons receive over 400 annual requests for training from experts in over 50 countries. “Our interest at HSS was to enhance the Hospital’s educational and teaching aspects and to make it easier to connect with people all over the world,” says Rita Hauser. Since being introduced, the HSS Telepresence has facilitated exchanges with over 125 different countries. “This groundbreaking technology enables us to share our expertise and research breakthroughs with top universities and medical centers around the world, literally transforming the Hospital’s education and training program and making possible exciting new international partnerships,” says HSS Surgeon-in-Chief Todd J. Albert, MD.


Marylin and Arthur Levitt Like many other people, Marylin and Arthur Levitt’s lives changed the first time they walked through the front door of Hospital for Special Surgery. Over 40 years ago, the Levitts were terrified when their 13-year-old son Arthur became very sick nearly two weeks after sustaining a football injury. The Levitts called their friend the late Leon Root, MD, who admitted Arthur to HSS. It turned out that he had contracted a staph infection, which had consequently developed into an infection of the bone. Arthur remained hospitalized for four months, under the constant care of a dedicated team of physicians and nurses. “If it hadn’t been for that pediatric group, Arthur might not be walking today,” says Mrs. Levitt. “We owe them our lives.” Since then, the Levitts have had a special place in their hearts for HSS, with a particular focus on pediatrics. Years after his recovery, Arthur returned every Christmas with treats for the children who were staying at the Hospital to brighten their day. Mr. and Mrs. Levitt have generously supported HSS, and Mrs. Levitt has served as a member of the HSS Board of Trustees for nearly 20 years. Through their commitment to the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, the Levitts have provided vital funding for the Leon Root MD Chair in Pediatric Orthopaedics as well as the Lerner Children’s Pavilion, where they are thrilled for children to be able to receive the same stellar care that their son received years ago in a state-of-the-art environment.

p A young patient in the Levitt Family Gymnasium with Magdalena Oledzka,

Director of Pediatric Rehabilitation.


The Pavilion’s pediatric physical therapy gym has been named for the Levitt family in recognition of their extraordinary generosity. Equipped with specialized treadmills, bicycles, and therapeutic balance equipment, the Levitt Family Gymnasium provides a place for a wide range of young patients to participate in therapy sessions in order to help improve their mobility. The centerpiece of the Pavilion’s outpatient waiting room, a floor-to-ceiling virtual aquarium, will be named in the Levitts’ honor as well.

Li Ka Shing Foundation Founded by Li Ka-shing, one of the most prominent businessmen and philanthropists in Asia, the Li Ka Shing Foundation’s aim is to improve society by supporting education and healthcare initiatives. The Foundation’s focus on healthcare is rooted in Mr. Li’s deeply personal understanding of the difference that world-class medical care can make in one’s life. Through its commitment to the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, the Li Ka Shing Foundation has provided generous support for two endeavors critical to the Hospital’s efforts to improve the quality of life for patients affected by joint disease and injury: the Osteoarthritis (OA) Initiative and the Thomas P. Sculco MD Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery. “Dr. Sculco and his tireless efforts have helped improve the quality of life for those with musculoskeletal afflictions,” says Mr. Li. “We are very pleased that our partnership has enabled him and others at Hospital for Special Surgery to push the boundaries of critical research in the quest for better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of these debilitating disorders.”

Pushing the Boundaries of Musculoskeletal Research

By supporting the Hospital’s OA Initiative, the Foundation played a vital role in advancing research focused on eradicating or slowing the progression of this serious and painful joint disease that affects hundreds of millions of patients worldwide. Most recently, the Foundation’s generosity helped establish the Thomas P. Sculco MD Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery. Support provided by the Chair has enabled Dr. Sculco to establish the Complex Joint Reconstruction Center, which aims to provide the best care for complex primary joint replacement and revision surgery patients while pioneering research that will transform treatment standards for patients around the world. “Li Ka-shing is a truly amazing individual whose commitment to improving global health is incredible,” says Dr. Sculco. “We are fortunate to partner with him in our research endeavors.”


For 30 years, Hospital for Special Surgery has helped to keep Thomas Lister and his family healthy and active. And thankfully for HSS, Mr. Lister, a co-managing partner at Permira, wanted to return the favor. As an HSS Board Member, Mr. Lister has been dedicated to applying his business expertise to help ensure that the Hospital is able to sustain its leadership position in musculoskeletal medicine and continue to advance the field for the benefit of patients. Appreciative of the exceptional care they received over the years, Mr. Lister and his wife, Amanda, joined the Hospital’s Board of Advisors in 2009. Elected to the Board of Trustees in 2011 and appointed as Co-Chair of the Board effective April 2018, Mr. Lister plays an active role in providing financial oversight and helping to guide the institution’s future. “We are grateful to have the benefit of Tom’s insight and wise counsel,” says HSS President and CEO Louis A. Shapiro. “His many contributions have been particularly helpful as HSS expands to meet the increased demand for our services and endeavors to transform musculoskeletal health ideas into novel solutions that improve people’s lives.” As part of the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, Mr. and Mrs. Lister have generously supported the Hospital’s capital expansion, including the creation of the new Pavilion that will serve as home to the Hospital’s centers of excellence in joint replacement, spine, and sports medicine. “My family and I have experienced firsthand the extraordinary care that Hospital for Special Surgery’s worldclass team provides,” says Mr. Lister. “Through our support and involvement, our goal is to help HSS extend the reach of its care to help more patients and continue to pioneer innovations in the field.”



Our goal is to help HSS extend the reach of its care and continue to pioneer innovations in the field.


Thomas Lister

p The HSS leadership team standing on the second floor bridge between the main Hospital and the new Pavillion. Left to right: Dr. Peggy Crow,

Physician-in-Chief; Dr. Todd J. Albert, Surgeon-in-Chief; Louis A. Shapiro, President and CEO; Kendrick R. Wilson III, Board Chair; and Dr. Lionel Ivashkiv, Chief Scientific Officer.

Caryl and Leonard Marmor, MD The largest gift of the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign was left as a bequest from Dr. Leonard Marmor, an orthopedic surgeon in California, and his wife, Caryl. Their support is remarkable for two reasons. At over $40 million, it is the largest gift in HSS history. Perhaps equally significant, though, is that neither of the Marmors had ever been a patient at the Hospital. During his lifetime, Dr. Marmor developed a close professional relationship with the late Dr. Richard Laskin, who served as Chief of the Division of Arthroplasty at HSS and founding Editor-in-Chief of the HSS Journal. One of the Marmors’ first gifts to HSS was in support of the establishment of the Chair in Musculoskeletal Education in Dr. Laskin’s name. At the time, Mrs. Marmor described the Chair as “a most worthwhile cause that will most certainly outlast us all.” Thomas P. Sculco, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus, had a great friendship with the Marmors and encouraged their philanthropy to support the educational and research efforts at HSS in the area of joint replacement. “They were an amazing couple and wanted the establishment of HSS as a unique center in joint replacement to be their legacy here,” reflects Dr. Sculco. The Marmors’ bequest has provided support for the creation of the new Pavilion, as well as both expendable and endowed funds for the Complex Joint Reconstruction Center. “It is vital that our physicians and scientists have the tools and facilities they need to remain at the forefront of research and patient care,” says Kendrick R. Wilson III, HSS Board Chair from 2013 to April 2018 and a Board member since 1998. “It would be impossible to overstate the impact that this transformational bequest will have on the Hospital’s future.”


A Transformational Bequest, An Extraordinary Legacy

Robert Mercer A brilliant computer scientist, Robert Mercer knew that the statistics left no doubt where he should go for the highest quality of musculoskeletal care in the country: Hospital for Special Surgery. Impressed by the unmatched expertise found nowhere else and the surgical volume handled at HSS, Mr. Mercer expected nothing less than expert care, and found that HSS delivered exceptional experiences over and over. “Each and every time I saw an HSS doctor or physical therapist, I felt a great level of personal attention and care to get me back to moving pain-free.”

p Dr. Andrew Weiland, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus, at the dedication of the

Andrew J. Weiland, MD Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy Center.

With deep gratitude for the outstanding care he and his family have received over the years, Mr. Mercer and his wife, Diana, made a generous commitment through the Mercer Family Foundation to support the Hospital’s future capital expansion and name the Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy Center in honor of Andrew J. Weiland, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus and Attending Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Weiland, a true visionary in the field of orthopedic hand and microsurgery for the past 28 years, has a deep commitment to partnering with hand therapists to achieve the best outcomes for patients. The extraordinary gift from Mr. Mercer and his family will also establish permanent endowed funds to support the continued professional education of hand therapists and their participation in humanitarian missions to help those affected by hand conditions and injuries in underserved areas of the world. Remarks Dr. Weiland, “It is only with the incredible support of philanthropists such as Bob Mercer and his family that HSS can continue to provide the world-class care all of our patients need and deserve. We are grateful for their wonderful partnership and friendship.”

p The treatment area of the Andrew J. Weiland, MD Hand and Upper

Extremity Therapy Center.


Stavros Niarchos Foundation As one of the world’s leading private, international philanthropic organizations, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) funds projects that aim to achieve a broad, lasting, and positive impact on society. Over a decade ago, the SNF first partnered with HSS to establish fellowships and seminars for Greek surgeons with the ultimate goal of improving healthcare in Greece. To date, over 100 orthopedic surgeons have participated in the annual HSSStavros Niarchos Foundation Orthopaedic Seminar Program, and the new HSS-Stavros Niarchos Foundation Academic Visitor Program for junior faculty was launched last year. Moreover, seven Greek orthopedic surgeons have completed one or two year Stavros Niarchos Foundation – Thomas P. Sculco, MD International Orthopaedic Fellowships.

at the Hospital’s Complex Joint Reconstruction Center (CJRC). Founded and directed by Dr. Sculco, the CJRC—the first of its kind in the world—provides the best care for complex primary joint replacement and revision surgery patients, while leading research to transform the prevention and treatment of these cases.

Shaping the Future of Health Around the World

These professional education programs allow Greek orthopedic surgeons at various points in their careers to be fully immersed in the HSS environment. In addition to taking part in courses and lectures, research, live surgery observations, and hands-on cadaveric training, orthopedic surgeons from HSS and Greece build enduring relationships. “HSS-Stavros Niarchos Foundation Orthopaedic Seminar and Academic Visitor Programs have been models for global training programs at HSS,” says Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus Thomas P. Sculco, MD. “The Foundation is an incredible influence in improving the life and health of global humanity.” Most recently, the SNF provided major support to help establish the Thomas P. Sculco MD Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery, which is held by Dr. Sculco. “All of us at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation— and I personally—are truly honored to have contributed towards establishing the Sculco Chair, for all that Dr. Sculco is, and for all that he has offered to HSS and medicine at large,” says SNF copresident Andreas Dracopoulos. The Chair funds efforts underway


p Left to right: Dr. Panagiotis Koulouvaris, SNF Advisor and inaugural

SNF – Thomas P. Sculco, MD International Orthopaedic Fellow; Andreas Dracopoulos, SNF Co-President; Dr. Thomas Sculco; and Dr. Lazaros Poultsides, past SNF – Thomas P. Sculco, MD International Orthopaedic Fellow.

Susan W. Rose When Susan Rose was 19 years old, she was in a near-fatal car accident and suffered severe injuries. Receiving initial treatment at a local hospital, she was then taken to HSS, where she was cared for by the late Surgeon-in-Chief Emeriti Philip D. Wilson, Sr., MD and his son Philip D. Wilson, Jr., MD. “I was lucky to be alive, and even more fortunate to be in the hands of the wonderful doctors at HSS,” says Mrs. Rose.

After nine months of treatment, I was able to walk again—and pain-free. HSS gave me my life back.



Over the years, Mrs. Rose would return to HSS for several surgeries related to that accident when she was in college. In 2001, she sought the expertise of Jonathan T. Deland, MD, Attending Orthopedic Surgeon in the Foot and Ankle Service, for treatment of osteoarthritis in her right ankle. Not only was Mrs. Rose impressed with the caliber of care she received, but also with the innovative research that Dr. Deland was pioneering to relieve pain and help patients regain their mobility. As a result, Mrs. Rose and her husband Elihu established the Rose Center for Foot and Ankle Research and with Dr. Deland, created the Susan W. Rose and Jonathan T. Deland Chair for Research in Foot and Ankle Surgery to further advance these groundbreaking efforts. Joining the HSS Board of Trustees in 2005, Mrs. Rose has been one of the Hospital’s most dedicated benefactors and advocates, championing rheumatology research as Co-Chair of the Rheumatology Council, and providing generous support for other important initiatives, such as the Quality Research Center led by Steven K. Magid, MD. Mrs. Rose reflects, “I am deeply grateful to the physicians and scientists at HSS, who restore the gift of motion for people like me, every single day. Through my giving, I am proud to be part of an incredible institution that brings hope and health to all we serve.”


Katherine and Arnold Snider

The Mary Kirkland Center for Lupus Research at HSS was established and funded by the Sniders’ family foundation, Rheuminations, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to advancing research leading to the treatment and cure of lupus, and to the support, education, and empowerment of lupus patients. Founded in 2001, the Kirkland Center was named in memory of Mrs. Snider’s mother, who suffered with lupus. The Sniders’ transformative gift not only shaped the trajectory of lupus research at HSS, but has also, by uniting the lupus medical community worldwide, had a global impact on accelerating progress towards the development of more effective therapies, and ultimately, a cure. “We supported the programs HSS developed that resulted in greatly enhanced collaboration among researchers throughout the lupus community,” says Mrs. Snider. Fostering an environment of engagement between basic scientists, clinical researchers, and patients, the Center exemplifies the power of collaboration. “Through the generous support of Katherine and Arnold Snider, we have created a unique investigative environment that has had a profound impact upon the science of lupus and upon those who live with it,” says Stephen A. Paget, MD, Physician-in-Chief Emeritus. To date, the Center has generated preliminary data resulting in more than $60 million in grants from the NIH and private foundations, and continues to work on translating discoveries into potential new drugs. “The Sniders were true partners in developing the Kirkland Center and charting its future,” explains Peggy Crow, MD, Physician-in-Chief and Kirkland Center Co-Director. “The Center would not have reached its level of achievement without their extraordinary engagement and guidance.”



HSS shared our vision of the importance of collaboration in solving the riddle of lupus, and invited us to partner with them.


A highly complex autoimmune disease, lupus affects each patient differently, making it challenging to diagnose and treat. Thanks to the partnership of Katherine and the late Arnold Snider, however, lupus patients have hope for a brighter future.

p Lupus patient Vicki Berman

with her daughter.

The Starr Foundation has supported Hospital for Special Surgery’s work for more than 30 years, providing extraordinary funding for numerous research initiatives that have been instrumental to the Hospital’s ability to remain at the forefront of musculoskeletal medicine. “The quality of the leadership and the quality of the Hospital’s scientists have always been very important to us,” says Maurice R. Greenberg, Chairman of the Foundation. With its commitment to the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, the Foundation established the Integrated Osteoarthritis (OA) Diagnostic, Treatment and Research Program to advance research and optimize clinical care for this complex and debilitating disorder that affects hundreds of millions of patients around the globe, including 27 million adults in the United States. “We believe in supporting cutting-edge research that really matters—not just to New Yorkers, but to people all over the world,” explains Mr. Greenberg. Launched in 2014, the Integrated OA Diagnostic, Treatment and Research Program has expanded high priority registries related to the disease; supported basic research to elucidate its underlying mechanisms and identify potential therapeutic targets; and advanced clinical research to drive improvements in care. Moreover, The Starr Foundation’s support catalyzed the creation of the Hospital’s Primary Care Rheumatology Clinic, where patients with OA receive recommended medication and procedures and are counseled regarding nutrition, dietary supplements, medications, and exercises to slow the disease progression. “The Starr Foundation has been an extraordinary and long-standing partner in advancing the Hospital’s research mission,” says Lionel Ivashkiv, MD, Chief Scientific Officer. “Thanks to the Foundation’s support, leading HSS scientists and clinicians have accelerated their efforts to prevent OA and pioneer better treatments.”



HSS has incredibly fine scientists—both those who are well-established and those who are up-and-coming.


The Starr Foundation

Robert K. Steel For nearly a decade, Robert K. Steel has applied his dedication to civic life and business acumen to his leadership role as a member of Hospital for Special Surgery’s Board of Trustees. As former Deputy Mayor for Economic Development for The City of New York in the administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, and Co-Chair of the HSS Board effective April 2018, Mr. Steel is committed to ensuring that HSS continues to advance the field of medicine for the benefit of New Yorkers as well as patients around the world. Through their commitment to the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, Mr. Steel and his wife, Gillian, have supported the creation of an endowed research chair to continue building the Hospital’s robust research program, ensuring that our tradition of excellence in research and innovation continues for future generations. They had previously established the Robert and Gillian Steel Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Research, which is currently advancing research to improve the function of glucocorticoid steroids, frontline drugs used to combat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Ensuring Excellence in Research and Innovation

“Bob has been an enormous asset to our Board of Trustees, not only because of his generous support of our critical research activities, but because of the unique expertise that he brings to the table,” says Kendrick R. Wilson III, HSS Board Chair from 2013 to April 2018. “His experience and foresight are instrumental as we look ahead to the future of HSS.”


The Tisch Family “When I first heard about Hospital for Special Surgery, there were several key words which were consistently used to describe this institution: world-leader, caring, highest quality,” says Steve Tisch. “I found this to be completely accurate, especially when it came to having my own personal experience here.” Steve, along with his late mother, Joan, and family members Laurie, Jonathan, and Lizzie, have been longtime supporters of HSS. Through their commitment to the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, they supported construction of the new Pavilion, where the Tisch Family Center for Sports Medicine will be located on the courtyard-level and first floor. Staffed by the Hospital’s world-renowned sports medicine doctors, the Tisch Family Center will be the destination of choice for athletes, providing patients with greater access to life-changing care.

p The late Joan and Preston Robert Tisch, beloved parents of Jonathan,

Laurie, and Steve Tisch.

Elevating Care for Athletes

“As co-owners of the New York Giants, a passion for sports is in our DNA,” explains Laurie Tisch. “HSS physicians have served as team physicians for the Giants for over three decades, and we’re delighted to help make the excellent care they provide available to athletes at all levels,” adds Jonathan Tisch. The Tisch family also provided generous support for research to improve and accelerate tendon and ligament healing being led by Scott A. Rodeo, MD, Co-Chief Emeritus of the Hospital’s Sports Medicine Service and the Head Team Physician for the New York Giants. In addition, they provided funding to expand the Hospital’s partnership with the Public School Athletic League (PSAL), which enables HSS to bring its expertise in sports medicine to student athletes in underserved public schools in New York City’s outer boroughs. “The Tisch family, in its many philanthropic initiatives, is committed to improving lives and transforming institutions,” says Louis A. Shapiro, HSS President and CEO. “They share our passion for sports and understand the importance of providing exceptional care over the course of an athlete’s life.” YOUR LIFE MISSION 41

The Tow Foundation Founded 30 years ago by Leonard and the late Claire Tow, The Tow Foundation prides itself on strategically investing in initiatives that enrich the lives of others. With an eye to the future of medical research, and in keeping with The Foundation’s goal of investing in positive outcomes, support from The Tow Foundation established Hospital for Special Surgery’s David Z. Rosensweig Genomics Research Center, which is named in honor of a long-time trustee of The Tow Foundation.

Applying the Power of Genomics to Change Lives

“We wanted to develop a Center at HSS that would partner with the New York Genome Center to make breakthrough discoveries that can lead to new treatments for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and lupus,” says Dr. Tow, Chairman of The Foundation. The Center applies genomic approaches to understand the causes and mechanisms of these autoimmune diseases. Under the leadership of Chief Scientific Officer and Center Director Lionel Ivashkiv, MD, the goal is to identify personalized and more effective therapeutic approaches that will lead to the eventual cure of these illnesses. One exciting Rosensweig Center project being conducted in collaboration with the New York Genome Center has incorporated the new Drop-seq genomic technology that has enabled analysis of gene expression in single cells obtained from specimens of RA patients. This approach has identified new subtypes of cells in the joints of these patients, thus suggesting novel therapeutic approaches. In keeping with the pioneering spirit that guides The Tow Foundation, the Rosensweig Center’s team of interdisciplinary scientists has developed a leadership position in functional genomics of autoimmune diseases. “Genomics is allowing us to take a big leap forward in our ability to study individual patients,” says Dr. Ivashkiv. “We are deeply grateful to The Tow Foundation for their visionary partnership that has made this work possible.” p Leonard Tow, PhD, Founder and Chairman, and Emily Tow Jackson,


Executive Director and President.

Kendrick R. Wilson III As a member of Hospital for Special Surgery’s Board of Trustees for two decades and Board Chairman from 2013 to April 2018, Kendrick R. Wilson’s dedication to HSS has left an indelible—and invaluable—imprint on the organization. Through his leadership and generosity, he has played an instrumental role in advancing the Hospital’s mission to improve the mobility and quality of life for as many people as possible. During the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, Mr. Wilson provided exceptional support for the Hospital’s future capital expansion, ensuring that HSS is able to significantly extend its reach and enhance access to care for more people than ever before. In recognition of his generosity, the Wilson Family Hand and Foot Center, located on the ground floor of the main Hospital, was named for Mr. Wilson’s family. The Center’s physicians provide expert care for a growing number of patients seeking treatment for debilitating hand and foot injuries, and also conduct research aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of patients with hand and foot disorders at HSS and around the world.

Leading HSS to New Heights

“Ken has been one of Hospital for Special Surgery’s most loyal friends for many years, and has played a significant role in the Hospital’s growth and success,” says Louis A. Shapiro, HSS President and CEO. “We are deeply grateful for Ken’s outstanding leadership and remarkable commitment to ensuring that HSS continues to deliver an unsurpassed level of care and service to all of our patients.”


Ellen Wright has been a reliable supporter of Hospital for Special Surgery for more than two decades. As a member of the HSS Board since 2008, she says that meeting patients and hearing their stories is what inspires her to give. “These patients have had their lives changed forever at HSS. There’s no describing how rewarding it is for me and how wonderful it makes me feel to contribute to a place that is making such a measurable difference in people’s lives.” Through the Your Life, Our Mission Campaign, Mrs. Wright and her husband, Joe, have generously supported a range of HSS programs and initiatives. They gave a pediatric inpatient wing in their name and more recently, they helped to fund the Hospital’s capital expansion, as well as autoimmune and genomics research being conducted by Senior Scientist Franck Barrat, PhD. With family members who are battling the disabling pain associated with arthritis, Mrs. Wright has a personal interest in research progress. “Ellen is passionate about advancing research at HSS and also about understanding it,” says Lionel Ivashkiv, MD, Chief Scientific Officer. “Her thoughtful questions inspire our work, and her generosity is vital to accelerating it.” Mr. and Mrs. Wright also contribute annually to a fund they established at HSS in 2007 to help cover the costs of prosthetics and orthotics for patients who otherwise cannot afford these custom devices. “Ellen’s dedication to patients whose lives have taken them down a path that is further challenged by a lack of resources is awe-inspiring,” says JeMe Cioppa-Mosca, Senior Vice President of Rehabilitation.



I’m very fortunate to be in a position to be able to give back to HSS. I’ve seen the good work that is being done there, and I’m proud to support it.


Ellen Wright

Donor Roll The Your Life, Our Mission Campaign was launched on April 1, 2010 and ended on December 31, 2017. Donors are listed at the cumulative amount of their giving during this period. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to this historic Campaign. $5,000,000 and above

$1,000,000 - $4,999,999

Stavros Niarchos Foundation

American Iron & Metal (USA) Inc.

Dr. Todd J. and Barbara M. Albert

Kathleen and Dean R.* O’Hare

Bloomberg Philanthropies

James M. Benson

The O’Toole Family Foundation

The Charina Endowment Fund, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Briger

Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Papone

Chase and Stephanie Coleman

Estate of H. James Caulkins III

Nelson and Claudia Peltz

The Derfner Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Chenault

Estate of Philip W. Pfeifer

James G. Dinan and Elizabeth Miller

Bernard and Cynthia Curry III

Price Family Foundation

Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz

Estate of Valerie H. Delacorte

Rheuminations, Inc.

Marina Kellen French

Michael P. Esposito

Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Rose

Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation

Estate of Cecile Fox

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Koch

Gabelli Funds/Mario J. Gabelli

The William R. and Virginia F. Salomon Family Foundation Inc.

The Lauder Foundation- Leonard & Evelyn Lauder Fund

The Gerstner Family Foundation

Estate of Caryl and Leonard Marmor, MD Richard and Ronay Menschel Robert and Diana Mercer through the Mercer Family Foundation The Starr Foundation Joan H. Tisch* Lizzie and Jonathan M. Tisch Laurie M. Tisch Steven E. Tisch The Tow Foundation Kendrick R. Wilson III Anonymous (1)

Giammaria and Sabrina Giuliani Estate of Joan Shirley Goldman Kathryn O. Greenberg Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund Rita E. and Gustave M. Hauser The John N. Insall Foundation for Orthopaedics, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Sculco The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation Lynn Shostack and Terry Moore Katherine and Arnold* Snider Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Snyder Jonathan Sobel and Marcia J. Dunn, MD St. Giles Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Steel

Allison and Warren Kanders

Estate of Susan and William Vavroch

Pierre and Laurie Lapeyre

Joan and Sanford I. Weill

Marylin and Arthur Levitt

Ellen and Joe Wright

Li Ka Shing Foundation

Anonymous (2)

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lister Sandra and Edward Meyer

$500,000 - $999,999

Estate of Gertrude A. Mills

The ALS Association, Greater New York Chapter

The Ambrose Monell Foundation

Estate of Hugo Andriesse YOUR LIFE MISSION 45

Dan Benton

Estate of Herbert I. and Minnie Puller

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Block

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Brooks

Richard and Nancy Rogers


Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Carson

Richard Serra

Edith C. Blum Foundation, Inc.

Cedar Hill Foundation

Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation

Stanley M. and Roberta Bogen

Michele and Martin Cohen

Patricia G. Warner

Dr. and Mrs. Mathias P. Bostrom

Mr. and Mrs. Barrie M. Damson

Anonymous (4)

Nicholas F. Brady

Mr. and Mrs. Francis O. Day III Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Deland Mrs. Jacqueline Desmarais* Katharine B. and Robert M. Devlin E&SS Foundation Emerald Foundation, Inc. Stephan Feldgoise and Rachel E. Grodzinsky Renee and Sy Flug David I. and Sheila Fuente Estate of Barbara S. Gitelman Faith Golding Foundation, Inc. Eddie Gould Mimi and Peter Haas Fund The William Randolph Hearst Foundation Charles B. and Ann L. Johnson Thomas L. Kempner, Jr. and Katheryn C. Patterson F.M. Kirby Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Koch Estate of Cyrilla Langeais Kathy and Richard Leventhal S&L Marx Foundation Inc. Robert B. Menschel MetLife Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Niehaus


$100,000 - $499,999 Abbott Laboratories, Inc. The Ezra Abraham To Life Foundation Advanced Laboratory Services, Inc. Al Fayed Charitable Foundation Abdulla Al Futtaim Estate of Shepard L. and Mildred P. Alexander Herbert A. Allen, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. David W. Altchek Roger C. Altman American Express Company Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Balmuth Bank of America Estate of Florence Barrack Estate of David Barrett Estate of Doris Williams Barth Bartlett, McDonough & Monaghan, LLP F. Harlan Batrus Dr. April A. Benasich and Mr. James Melcher Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Benenson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Berman BlackRock, Inc. Estate of Anne Blatt

Dr. and Mrs. Barry D. Brause Stephen B. and Gretchen Burke William K. Caler Kimberly and Matthew Cantor Dr. Michelle G. Carlson Centocor, Inc. Charina Foundation, Inc. The Chubb Corporation Citi Rona and Jeffrey Citrin The Clark Foundation Rhoda W. Cohen Jacques & Emy Cohenca Foundation, Inc. Karen Cook Estate of Morris Coppersmith Leslie Cornfeld Mr. and Mrs. George S.* Coumantaros Mary K. Crow, MD Margaret and Peter P. D’Angelo Annette de la Renta Mr. and Mrs. David E. De Leeuw Christie and Tony de Nicola Estate of Robert DeBlasio Mary Ann Deignan Esther Diamond

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Dines

Genzyme Biosurgery

Johnson & Johnson

Kate and Chad Doerge

Mr. and Mrs. Fredric B. Gershon

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Suzy Donohue Design, LTD

S. Parker Gilbert*

Monica Keany and Daniel B. Zwirn

Estate of Joan Minnette Dorfman

Howard J. and Sharon Golden

Bryan T. Kelly, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Dorr

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Golub

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kesten

Fiona and Stanley Druckenmiller

Good Samaritan, Inc.

J.W. Kieckhefer Foundation

Willis H. du Pont

Lorna B. Goodman

Sandra L. Kozlowski and Eduard Reiter

Estate of Anne M. Duerden

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gosnell

James and Marjorie Kuhn

Jessie Ball duPont Fund

Donald E. Graham

Dale J. Lange, MD

John B. and Andra Ehrenkranz

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Grau

A Lasting Mark

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford B. Ehrenkranz

Greater New York Hospital Association

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. LeBaron

Israel A. Englander

Ellen and Efraim Grinberg

Almudena and Pablo Legorreta

Estate of William Entenmann

Audrey & Martin Gruss Foundation

Michael J. Levitt

Raymond L. and Jane Epstein

The Marc Haas Foundation

Steven and Michelle Lichtman

The Charles Evans Foundation

Steven B. Haas, MD

Marilyn and Gregory Liguori, MD

Charles Evans, Jr.

Kenneth V. Handal and Mary Francina Golden

Dr. and Mrs. John P. Lyden

The Fanwood Foundation

Henry U. Harris III

Christina and Alan MacDonald

Eileen Farbman

Eugenie C. and Horace* Havemeyer

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Madden

Estate of Mary Kay Farley

Josephine K. Hennelly

Madison Square Garden, L.P.

Dr. and Mrs. Mark P. Figgie

Kilian Hennessy and Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy

Anthony E. and Shelly Malkin

Estate of Rita Hertzig

Marmot Foundation

Hess Foundation, Inc.

Robert Marx, MD and Rena G. Krasnow, MD

Helen S. and Edward R. Hintz

MasterCard International Incorporated

Drs. Robert and Stephanie Hotchkiss

David H. McCormick

Henry H. Hoyt

Michael and Valerie McKeever

Estate of Elbert E. Husted III

Susan Merinoff

Jill and Ken Iscol

Ann and Alan Mintz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Israel

The Monteforte Foundation

Estate of Adrian H. Jackson

Bruce and Wendy Mosler

Sharon L. Jennette

Mr. and Mrs. George K. Moss

Estate of Kathryn G. Fischer Dr. and Mrs. Alberto Foglia Estate of John D. Folsom Estate of Trudi Frank Frey Family Foundation, Inc. Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson Estate of Bella Frutkin Marc Gabelli and Family Judie and Howard Ganek Genentech, Inc. General Electric Company

Estelle A. Manning Residuary Trust


The Moss Family Foundation

Drs. Hollis and William Potter

Vlad and Sandra Torgovnik

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Mott

Proskauer Rose LLP

William Townsend Trust

Donald R. Mullen

Dr. and Mrs. Chitranjan S. Ranawat

The Honorable Maryanne Trump Barry

William and Nancy Mutterperl

Salvatore and Mary Louise Ranieri

Donald Trump

John H. and JoAnn B. Myers

Bruce Ratner

Robert Trump

National Basketball Association

The Reiss Family Foundation/ Bonnie and Richard Reiss

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Tully

Rick M. and Debbie Rieder

Dr. and Mrs. P. Roy Vagelos

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rojek

Hope H. van Beuren

Edwin G. Roos

Sigrid Van Eck

Miles L. Rubin

Raymond and Lucille Viault

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Sacks

The Walt Disney Corporation

Emilia A. Saint-Amand

Stephen D. and Laura Wehrle

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Salisbury

Mr. Robert F. Weinberg

Oscar and Didi Schafer

Mrs. Sue Ann Weinberg

The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund

Scott and Sara Weiner

Howard D. Schultz

Mr. W. Hall Wendel, Jr.

Harvey M. Schwartz

Elizabeth G. Weymouth

The Beatrice and Samuel A. Seaver Foundation

The Widgeon Point Charitable Foundation

Mary Kathryn and Alex Navab NBC Universal Mr. and Mrs. Stuart K. Nelson The New York Community Trust New York Football Giants, Inc. The New York Mets Foundation Estate of Toufick Nicola, MD William R. Nuti Carin M. Ohnell Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Ohnell Patrick F. O’Leary, MD Dr. and Mrs. Martin J. O’Malley Family of Anne Kennedy O’Neil Mr. and Mrs. George D. O’Neill Timothy and Linda O’Neill Ossur Americas, Inc. Martin S. Paine Foundation Stephen and Violeta Paluszek The Cissy Patterson Foundation Drs. Helene Pavlov and Harvey Zeichner Pepsico, Inc. Michael and Marlene Perlmutter Estate of John J. Phelan Connie Anne Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Neil Postighone


Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Shapiro Smith & Nephew Endoscopy Division Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Smith Anne Solbraekke and Lew Coleman Martin & Toni Sosnoff Foundation The Honorable Joyce L. Sparrow Deirdre Stanley Donald* and Jean Stone Edwin P. Su, MD and Karen Lin, MD J.T. Tai & Co. Foundation, Inc. Fern Tessler Robert & Jane Toll Foundation

Estate of Ernest Tyrrasch

Joel Wilkenfeld Philip D. Wilson, Jr., MD* Judith and Harold Winters Elaine J. Wold Hansjoerg Wyss Robert D. Yaffa Drs. Victor M. Zayas and Kelly Downey Cecile* and Ezra Zilkha Anonymous (7) The Your Life, Our Mission Campaign was launched on April 1, 2010 and ended on December 31, 2017. Donors are listed at the cumulative amount of their giving during this period. *In fond memory

HSS Leadership

Board of Trustees

Thomas Lister

Todd J. Albert, MD James M. Benson

Katherine Doerge

Alan S. MacDonald

Russell F. Warren, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus

David H. McCormick

Torsten N. Wiesel, MD

Sanford B. Ehrenkranz

Daniel C. Benton

Mary Kathryn Navab

In Memoriam

Stephan Feldgoise

Herbert Black

Terry O’Toole


Michael L. Parks, MD

Howard B. Dean

Jonathan Flint

Michael C. Brooks


Kathryn Chenault

Gordon Pattee

Kendrick R. Wilson III

Charles P. Coleman III

Joel Press, MD

Leslie Cornfeld

Steven Rattner

Mary K. Crow, MD

William M. Ricci, MD

Cynthia Foster Curry

Susan W. Rose

Barrie M. Damson

Thomas P. Sculco, MD

James G. Dinan

Louis A. Shapiro

Dean R. O’Hare, Chairman Emeritus

Anne Ehrenkranz

Jonathan Sobel

John J. Phelan, Jr.

Kurt Johnson

Michael P. Esposito

Deirdre Stanley

William R. Salomon

Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy

Marina Kellen French

Robert K. Steel

Donald Stone

Maria Ines Kavamura, MD, PhD

Giammaria Giuliani

Patricia G. Warner

Todd J. Albert, MD

Sanford I. Weill

Philip D. Wilson, Jr., MD, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus

Sandra Kozlowski

Steven B. Haas, MD

Executive Vice President

David L. Helfet, MD

Kendrick R. Wilson III

Mrs. Ezra Zilkha

David M. Madden

Robert N. Hotchkiss, MD

Ellen M. Wright

Board of Advisors

Celene Menschel

Lionel Ivashkiv, MD

Robert D. Yaffa

Stephen C. Mills

Craig S. Ivey


Life Trustees

Robert D. Yaffa

Warren B. Kanders

Loring Catlin, Chairman Emeritus

Vice Chair

Scott Kapnick

Kathryn O. Greenberg

Monica Keany

Irene Koch, Esq.

James R. Houghton

Thomas J. Kelly, MD, PhD

Chairmen Emeriti

Carl B. Menges

David H. Koch

Winfield P. Jones

Sacha Lainovic

Richard L. Menschel

Laurie Hodges Lapeyre

Aldo Papone

Pablo Legorreta

Vice Chair Michael P. Esposito Thomas Lister Deirdre Stanley President and Chief Executive Officer Louis A. Shapiro Surgeon-in-Chief and Medical Director

Lisa A. Goldstein Executive Vice President and Treasurer Stacey L. Malakoff Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Winfield P. Jones

Lara R. Lerner Kathy Leventhal Marylin B. Levitt

Mrs. James D. Farley Mrs. Beverly Sills Greenough J. Peter Hoguet Norton W. Mailman David Mixter Mrs. Emil Mosbacher, Jr.

Katherine Doerge Founding Member Kenneth V. Handal

John B. Ehrenkranz

Marc Gabelli Rob Goldstein Cynthia Golub Lorna B. Goodman Rachel Grodzinsky Kenneth V. Handal Henry U. Harris III Holly Johnson, MD

Matthew F. LeBaron

David G. Nason Connie Anne Phillips Rick Rieder Douglas L. Sacks Kenneth Shubin Stein, MD Tad Smith

Richard L. Menschel, Chairman Emeritus

Bradley Amoils

Robert D. Yaffa

Barry L. Bloom

Advisor Emeritus

Aldo Papone, Chairman Emeritus

Pete Briger

Earl G. Graves, Sr.

Samuel S. Polk

Jeffrey B. Citrin

Charlton Reynders, Jr. Katherine O. Roberts

Amanda Taylor Brokaw Alexander Crisses Mary Ann Deignan

Represents HSS Leadership during the Campaign. As of March 15, 2018


Campaign Committee

Co-Chairs Michael P. Esposito Jonathan Sobel Honorary Chair Richard L. Menschel Members Kathryn Chenault Cynthia Foster Curry Thomas Lister Robert K. Steel Patricia G. Warner Kendrick R. Wilson III Ellen M. Wright Advisory Members Todd J. Albert, MD Frank P. Cammisa Jr., MD Jonathan T. Deland, MD Steven B. Haas, MD Lionel Ivashkiv, MD Louis A. Shapiro


2018 Your Life Mission  

2010-2017 The Campaign for HSS: Final Report and Donor Tribute

2018 Your Life Mission  

2010-2017 The Campaign for HSS: Final Report and Donor Tribute